Will of Angus McKenzie of Prince Edward Island (Lot 63)

Last Will and Testament of Angus McKenzie, L.10, F.563

I Angus McKenzie leave and bequeath to my son Neil one half of the farm with all the buildings that I now possess, with houses and all the stock.

Angus and Laughlin to own the other half provided they help and support their mother and sister Eliza. Money at McDonald Brother's to my wife. Iff left where it is the interest off it as long as she lives. The principal to go to Neil and 100 dollars to Eliza any time that she wants it. To my son John I order one cow and two sheep to be given to him. Iff Angus and Laughlin don't take the support of their mother and sister then my son Neil to support them and have the whole of the land. Iff Eliza should go to a home of her own she to have two cows and some sheep. Neil to have the best side of the farm.

(signed) Angus (his X mark) McKenzie


(signed) William McDonald

(signed) William McKenzie

This will was proved on the 15th. October 1883, on the oath of William McDonald, a subscribing witness and was registered on the 19th November 1883.

(Signed) Charles Young

Judge of Probate.

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