Will of Donald Dewar Sr. of Prince Edward Island (- 1868, Montague)


Liber 7 Folio 453

In the name of God Amen. I Donald Dewar Sr. of Montague Lot 59 in King's County P. E. Island Farmer, being of sound mind & judgement knowing also how uncertain is mortal life. I make this my last will and Testament as follows

After the lawful debts are paid & my funeral expences discharged as hereinafter directed. I bequeath the Fifty acres of land owned by me to my Son Joseph with all Buildings erected hereon with all the articles of Husbandry as also all the horses and horned cattle sheep & Pigs as besides all the household furniture beds and bed clothes subject to the hereinafter mentioned conditions to my beloved & respected wife I bequeath a comfortable livelihood and maintenance & a home in the room I now occupy not confining her to this room alone & I insist on this part of my will being carried out by my said Son Joseph & I trust that the Executors will see this clause will be carried out faithfully out of the property named above should it please God she survive me To my son James I bequeath a home here as long as he chooses to remain or till he gets a house of his own I bequeath the lot of land at Montague Bridge equally between my two sons James & Joseph provided they contribute equally to mine their Mothers & sister Mary's funeral expences as also the erection or putting a respectable tombstone at our graves. but if either of them refuse to contribute his share then I bequeath the Lot to the party who will comply with the above conditions. To my son Donald I bequeath one shilling sterling & no more. To my son John one shilling sterling & no more. To my Daughter Elizabeth one shilling sterling & no more. To my daughter Margaret one shilling sterling & no more when she call for it and I further appoint Donald D. Campbell & Joseph D. Campbell Executors to see that this my last will & Testament is faithfully carried out. To which I have set my hand & seal this sixth day of November one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven in the presence of

The errased words were blotted out after this signature was attached?

Sgd. Donald Dewar Senr. (seal)

sgd. Robert Dewar
Daniel C. Campbell


I further bequeath to my beloved wife the amount of money In Montague Murph's hands/ subject to the discretion of the Executors.

(signed) Witness

Robert Dewar
Daniel C. Campbell

The above will and codicil were proved on the 8th July 1868 on the oath of Daniel C. Campbell a Subscribing Witness before Comr.? Sanderson

--was? Filed on 30th July and on same day Probate was granted to the Executors

Charles Young
Judge of Probate

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