Will of John Gillies Sr. of Prince Edward Island (1755-1825, Richmond Bay)

Last Will and Testament of John Gillies Sr. Born Barra, Scotland about 1755 Died 1825 in Lot 14, PEI

Liber 2 Folio 49

I John Gillies, farmer, of Lot or township No. 14, Richmond Bay, Prince Edward Island, North America, thinking of the uncertainty of life, and now being in sound judgment, do this day being the eleventh of March Anno Domini Eighteen Hundred and Twenty five make this my last Will and Testament, my soul I command to the Almighty God, and my body to the silent grave, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection, and my worldly goods in manners following - my wife Ann Gillies, (alias) McNeil I leave in full possession of all my lands, tenements and other property as long as it please the Almighty God to have her in this uncertain world, and at the death of said Ann Gillies, fifty acres of my land to become the property of my son Archibald Gillies his Heirs and Asigns forever, Seventy five acres to my daughter Ann Morrison (Alias) Gillies, her Heirs and Assigns foever, making 125 acres in all, to be divided by a line from front to rear, according to the plan of my deed - likewise my son Archibald Gillies to have one third of the hay annually growing in said 125 acres till the time of division of said land. In witness whereof I sign my hand the day and year above written.

John + Gillies
(his mark)

In presence of

Sam Robertson
Neil + Maclelland
(his mark)

Probate granted to John Morrison son in law to the deceased and husband to Ann Morrison (alias Gillies) therin named, on the oath of Sam Robertson one of the Subcribing Witnesses - Dated the 30th day of June 1825.

Signature illegible

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