Muster Rolls, Soldiers and Loyalists, 15 Sept 1784

Muster Rolls of the following Discharged & Disbanded Soldiers and other Loyalists with their respective families who arrived on the 13th day of September and are preparing to settle at the Island of Saint John, Taken the 15th Sept 1784.

Note: The following table is very wide. Use your scroll bars to scroll to see the entire table.

MenWomenChild10+Child-10ServantsWhere Land GrantedAcresHow HeldAge
To what time had
drawn Provisions
General Remarks
James Fraser113 2Pinette River, Lot 58300By Patent3519 June 1784At Shelbourne
Hugh Fraser113  d.o.d.o.d.o.4024 may 1784
John Kingston1121 d.o.d.o.d.o.42 no certificate produced
to draw weekly until then
John Brown Young1112 d.o.d.o.d.o.34d.o.d.o.
John Smith11 1 d.o.d.o.d.o.28d.o.d.o.
Sam Jamison11   d.o.d.o.d.o.3124 May 1784d.o.
Alex Boyce1    d.o.d.o.d.o.3024 June 1784d.o.
Arch Gillers?1    d.o.d.o.d.o.32 no certificate produced
Sago Potter [Seago Porter?]1    d.o.d.o.d.o.4613 Aug 1784d.o.
Benj Farrar1    d.o.d.o.d.o.30 no certificate produced
Mich'l Jeffers [Jeffries?]1    d.o.d.o.d.o.37d.o.d.o.
Peter Gervais?11   d.o.d.o.d.o.5824 May 1784at Shelbourne
John Templeton1      d.o.29 none since discharged
And'w Martin1      d.o.26 none since discharged
Hugh Malloy1      d.o.33 none since discharged
Pat'k Callaghan1      d.o.25 none since discharged
Pat'k Oneil1      d.o.24 none since discharged
Daniel Wood1      d.o.256 months 
Henry Seaman1      d.o.22d.o. 
Thomas Page1      d.o.32 none since discharged
Don McFarlain1      d.o.28 none since discharged
Owen Murphy1      d.o.29 none since discharged
Pat'k Gallaghar [Gallagher]1      d.o.30 none since discharged
John McWilliam1      d.o.27none 
Stukely Burnes1      d.o.13d.o. 
William Green [Greenan?]1      d.o.35d.o. 

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