The Abegweit Branch, U.E.L. Assn. and PEI Muster Rolls - 1784

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Abegweit Branch, U. E. L. Association of Canada

The Abegweit Branch is the local branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada on Prince Edward Island. The Abegweit Branch, has existed for many years, meeting 4 times annually, and is looking for new members to carry on the traditions of the association, and to help us remember our UEL ancestors. If your ancestor appears on the rolls at the bottom of the page, chances are, that you can qualify for full membership.

What is the UELAC?

There are thousands of people descended from United Empire Loyalists across Canada and the U.S.A. Many of them are not aware of their heritage.

The mission of the United Empire Loyalist Association from "An Act to incorporate The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.", 4 - 5 George V, Chapter 146, an Act assented to on 27th May, 1914:

Clause 3:"The purposes of the Association shall be:

(a) to unite together, irrespective of creed or political party, the descendants of those families who, during the American revolutionary war of 1775 to 1783, sacrificed their homes in retaining their loyalty to the British Crown; and to perpetuate this spirit of loyalty to the Empire;

(b) to preserve the history and traditions of that important epoch in Canadian history by rescuing from oblivion the history and traditions of the loyalist families before it is too late"

The entire transcript of the Act may be seen on the UELAC National Page.

There are a number of classes of membership; Regular, Affiliate or Associate Memberships. Affiliate or Associate Members must support the Association's aims and objectives, and Regular members must document their lineal descent from a Loyalist. The local branch genealogist can advise in this endeavour, which can be a fun and educational challenge.

A Loyalist is further defined as:

"(a) Either male or female, as of 19 April 1775, a resident of the American colonies, and joined the Royal Standard prior to the Treaty of Separation of 1783, or otherwise demonstrated loyalty to the Crown, and settled in territory remaining under the rule of the Crown; or

(b) a soldier who served in an American Loyalist Regiment and was disbanded in Canada; or

(c) a member of the Six Nations of either the Grand River or the Bay of Quinte Reserve who is descended from one whose migration was similar to that of other Loyalists."

This information may be seen in its entirety on the UELAC National Page.


For more information on joining the Abegweit Branch, UEL Association, please write:

Abegweit Branch, UEL Assn. of Canada,, Please Contact Dave Hunter, [email protected] See mailing address below under "An Island Refuge".

Due to the recent death of our former genealogist, Mary Bradshaw of Summerside, as of July 10, 2012, I have inherited the position of genealogist for the Branch. It will take some time to clear up any backlog and to learn the ropes insofar as needed paperwork, but I hope to be able to provide at least as good service as Mary did over her many years.

Application forms for joining the UELA may be requested from me by emailing Dave Hunter, [email protected] - application forms will be sent in PDF format attached to an email. You must have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed in order to read and print these files. The reader may be downloaded from

To view instructions or filling out the forms, click on "Completing the Abegweit Branch, UELAC Membership forms".

These files are very large and will not be made directly downloadable. Please click on the appropriate link to receive the form you want: Associate Membership Application, or the Full Membership Application . When you receive the file, you may view it in the Acrobat reader and print a copy on your ink jet or laser printer for your use.

. When completed, the forms should be mailed to the branch genealogist listed above. Please include copies of all supporting documentation if applying for full membership - this will speed up your application and approval of membership.

The Muster Rolls

Regimental Lists:

Miscellaneous Lists:

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