Muster Rolls, Soldiers and Loyalists, 25 Sept 1784

Muster Rolls of the following Discharged and Disbanded Soldiers and other Loyalists with their respective families who arrived from Shelburne Nova Scotia on the 25th day of Sept 1784, and are preparing to become actual settlers at the Island of St. John taken by order of Maj. Gen. Campbell.

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Where Land Granted
How Held
To what time had
drawn Provisions
LoyalistsJohn Kitson?1    Town and pasture lot
in the Royalty of
George Town
Grant from
His Majesty
3627 Mar 1783 to 24 Mar 1784
LoyalistsJames J Cooke?1121 d.o.d.o.42no Certificate produced
LoyalistsJohn Stonehouse1    d.o.d.o.28d.o.
LoyalistsDaniel Grant1    d.o.d.o.3517 Sep 1783 to 24 May 1784
LoyalistsBayne Smallwood1111 d.o.d.o.3724 Jul 1783 to 24 Jul 1784
LoyalistsLeonard Wisener1    d.o.d.o.3024 Jul 1783 to 24 Jul 1784
LoyalistsDavid Anderson1    d.o.d.o.2924 Jul 1783 to 24 Jul 1784
LoyalistsWilliam Bottle [Bethel?]11   d.o.d.o.418 Oct 1783 to 24 Jul 1784
LoyalistsJohn Hudson1    d.o.d.o.386 months by Mr Brimley's?
Royal Art.John Hench1    d.o.d.o.3225 days lately discharged
from the Royal Artillery
57th Reg.Wm Allen11 1 d.o.d.o.2625 Oct 1783 to 25 Oct 1784
60th Reg.Richard Wells1    d.o.d.o.29no Certificate - was mustered
at Chedebucto

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