Muster Rolls, Soldiers and Loyalists, 26 July 1784

Muster Rolls of the following Disbanded and Discharged Soldiers & Loyalists who with their families arrived from Shelburne at Charlotte Town, Island of St. John, 26th July 1784.

Note: The following table is very wide. Use your scroll bars to scroll to see the entire table.

Where Land
To what time had
drawn Provisions
LoyalistsJohn McDonald11 1Bedequeto 24th May 1784
17 Reg, Lt. Drag.George Mabey11 24th July 1784
LoyalistsWill'm Wright113 24th May 1784
d.o.Jacob Silliker1123d.o.d.o.
d.o.Nat Wetherell11 1d.o.d.o.
d.o.John Murray1121d.o.d.o.
d.o.David Staggs111 d.o.d.o.
17 Lt Drag.Rich Moorfield11 1d.o.24 July 1784
Refugee LoyalistsSarah Palmer 111d.o.d.o.
LoyalistsJohn Brecken1   d.o.d.o.
d.o.Rob Elmar1   d.o.24 May 1784
d.o.William Schurman1123d.o.d.o.
17 Lt Drag.Jon Shelfox1   d.o.24 July 1784
17 Lt Drag.Dudley Watts1   d.o.d.o.
LoyalistsRobt Hancock1   d.o.? May 1784
17 Lt Drag.Thomas Gould1   d.o.24 July 1784
17 th Reg'tJohn Chambers1   d.o.d.o.
LoyalistsLawrence Berry?1   d.o.24 May 1784
d.o.John Murray1   d.o.d.o.
d.o.And'w Eastman1   d.o.d.o.
d.o.Jas Wharf1   d.o.d.o.
17 Lt Drag
William Sanchaback [Sensabaugh]
1 24 July 1784
LoyalistsJessey [Jesse] Strang1 24 May 1784
d.o.Nath Wright1   d.o.d.o.
d.o.Stephen Wright1   d.o.d.o.
7 Reg FootRichard Price1 24 July 1784
d.o.Joseph Wood1   d.o.d.o.
17 Lt Drag.Richard Garret1   d.o.d.o.

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