The Descendants of Henry Brehaut and Elizabeth Pullem

Of Guernsey

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For Additional Information, See "The Brehaut's and Murray Harbour"

The Descendants of Henry Brehaut and Elizabeth Pullem

In May, 1806, a group of families from St. Peter Port, Guernsey, arrived in Prince Edward Island, where they settled near Murray Harbour. Of this group, at least three of the families were already closely related. Elizabeth Pullem, the wife of Henry Brehaut, and Frances (Francoise) Pullem, the wife of Daniel Machon were sisters. A third sister, Marguerite Pullem, was the widow of Jean Nicolle; her son John Thomas Nicolle seems to have been part of the immigrant group.

Click on the family name to see four generations of each of these related families.

For additional reading on these families, newsletters #60,61,62, 63, and 64 of PEIGS contain an excellent series of articles by Sally Lomas.

Generation One

1. Elizabeth Pullem b. 11-DEC-1768, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, bapt: 16-DEC-1768, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, m. 10-NOV-1791, in Guernsey, Henry Matthew Brehaut, b. ??-___-1767, Guernsey, (son of Henry Brehaut and Elizabeth Nicholas Brehaut) d. 03-APR-1848, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Elizabeth died 12-MAY-1864, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


2. i Henry b. cir 1792.

3. ii Daniel b. 1795.

4. iii Thomas Smith b. cir 1796.

5. iv Elizabeth b. 1798.

6. v Matthew b. 1802.

7. vi James b. 1804.

8. vii Margaret b. ca 1808.

9. viii Joseph b. ca. 1809.

10. ix Charlotte b. ??-___-1810.

Second Generation

2. Henry Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. cir 1792, Isle of Guernsey, m. 1821, Frances Thorne, b. ca. 1801, d. 31-OCT-1889, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Henry died 24-MAR-1883, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


11. i Thomas Smith b. 18-APR-1821.

12. ii Henry b. 04-FEB-1823.

13. iii Eliza Sarah b. 02-APR-1824.

14. iv Daniel b. 14-APR-1827.

15. v Charles Thorne b. 12-APR-1829.

16. vi William John b. 27-JUN-1831.

17. vii Anne Ammon b. 31-OCT-1833.

18. viii Maria b. 11-FEB-1837.

ix Mary Ann Brehaut b. 05-JAN-1840, bapt: ??-JAN-1840, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., d. 01-AUG-1893, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

19. x George Hammond b. 06-MAY-1845.

3. Daniel Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1795, Guernsey, m. 21-MAR-1839, Isabella Bell, b. 19-JUL-1821, (daughter of James Bell and Mary Watson) d. 1892. Daniel died 1857.


i Mary D. Brehaut b. 15-FEB-1840, d. 1923.

ii Elizabeth Brehaut b. 01-OCT-1841, d. 29-JUN-1880, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

20. iii James b. 21-DEC-1844.

21. iv Henry Thomas b. 1846.

v Daniel Brehaut b. 1850, d. 1935.

22. vi Joseph Watson b. 06-MAY-1853.

23. vii Benjamin Noble b. 10-JUL-1855.

4. Thomas Smith Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. cir 1796, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, m. Sarah Noble.


i Elizabeth Brehaut.

ii Phoebe Brehaut.

iii Louise Brehaut.

iv Charlotte M. Brehaut m. 09-APR-1881(L), James N. Brooks.

v James Brehaut.

vi Henry Brehaut.

24. vii Thomas b. 1833/39.

5. Elizabeth Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1798, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, m. James Laird, (son of James Laird and Margaret Ainslie). Elizabeth died 1866.


25. i Charlotte Elizabeth b. 13-JAN-1819.

ii Henry A. Laird.

iii John Laird.

iv James Laird.

v Benjamin A. Laird.

vi David Laird.

6. Matthew Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1802, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, m. 03-JAN-1834, Ann Bishop, b. 05-APR-1813, (daughter of William Bishop and Marcia __________) d. 28-OCT-1893, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Matthew died 30-MAR-1875, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


26. i Henry James b. 05-JAN-1835.

27. ii William Bishop b. 01-JUN-1836.

28. iii Joseph b. 25-OCT-1837.

29. iv Martha b. 02-JUL-1839.

30. v Elizabeth Pullem.

31. vi Matthew b. 30-JUN-1851.

vii David Sencabaugh Brehaut b. 03-SEP-1853, bapt: 09-JUL-1854, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

32. viii Charlotte Ann b. 29-NOV-1855.

33. ix Thomas b. ca. 1847.

7. James Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1804, m. 27-NOV-1830, Elizabeth Bell, b. 1809, Scotland, d. 1866. James died 13-DEC-1889, Summerside, P.E.I.


34. i William b. 1831.

35. ii Thomas b. 1834.

iii Elizabeth Brehaut b. 1835, P.E.I., m. 12-MAY-1886, in Georgetown, P.E.I., Thomas Henry Clements, b. 10-JUL-1842, bapt: 06-MAR-1843, (son of William Clements and Mary Ann Sencabaugh). Elizabeth died 1923.

36. iv Henry Matthew b. 20-JAN-1836.

37. v Mary.

vi Charlotte Brehaut b. 1839, d. in infancy.

38. vii James b. 14-OCT-1840.

viii Charlotte (ii) Brehaut b. 1843, d. in infancy.

39. ix Daniel.

x Jane Brehaut b. 1846, d. 1915.

40. xi Agnes b. 1849.

xii John George Brehaut b. 02-NOV-1852, d. died young.

8. Margaret Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca 1808, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 26-DEC-1832, Henry Sencabaugh, b. 13-MAY-1807, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (son of William Sencabaugh and Ruhamah Hugh(es)) d. ??-OCT-1871, lunatic asylum, PEI. Margaret died aft 1881.


41. i Elizabeth b. 06-NOV-1833.

ii Mary Ann Sencabaugh b. 01-MAR-1835, bapt: 13-SEP-1835.

42. iii Charlotte Jane b. 29-MAR-1837.

iv Ruhamah Horton Sencabaugh b. 08-JUL-1839, bapt: 27-JAN-1840.

v Margaret Brehaut Sencabaugh b. ??-FEB-1841, bapt: 11-JUL-1841.

vi Sarah Sencabaugh b. bef 1845.

43. vii Jane b. 01-OCT-1848.

9. Joseph Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1809, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 19-NOV-1840, Susanna (Susan) White, b. ca. 1822, England.


i Mary Brehaut b. ca. 1843, P.E.I.

ii Elizabeth (Betsy) Brehaut b. ca. 1844, d. 1919.

iii Henry Brehaut b. ca. 1844.

44. iv Joseph b. ca. 1849.

45. v Charlotte b. ca. 1851.

vi David Brehaut b. ca. 1855, P.E.I., d. ca. 1912.

vii Susanna Marie (Susan) Brehaut b. ca. 1857, P.E.I., d. 10-JUL-1931.

viii Caroline Matilda Brehaut b. ca. 1859, P.E.I.

ix Jessie Brehaut b. ca. 1862, P.E.I., m. 16-APR-1919, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Henry Frederick Sencabaugh, b. 06-FEB-1877, (son of Benjamin Horton Sencabaugh and Margaret Wightman Clements) d. 01-JUN-1957, Riverside Hospital, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Jessie died 17-MAY-1931.

46. x William Hedley b. ca. 1864.

xi Agnes Brehaut b. ca. 1867, P.E.I.

47. xii Maggie.

10. Charlotte Brehaut (1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ??-___-1810, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 30-DEC-1830, James Sencabaugh, b. 07-OCT-1804, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (son of William Sencabaugh and Ruhamah Hugh(es)) d. 08-JUL-1898, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Charlotte died 19-JUL-1895, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


i Henry Sencabaugh b. 24-APR-1834, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 24-APR-1834, m. (1) 08-AUG-1860, Margaret McKeeman, m. (2) 15-FEB-1882, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Mary F. Hissett, b. ??-FEB-1849, England, d. 02-OCT-1935, buried: 05-OCT-1935. Henry died 1921, Cleveland, OH, buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Chagrin Falls, OH.

ii William Sencabaugh b. 24-APR-1834, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 24-APR-1834.

48. iii Sarah Margaret b. ca 1838.

49. iv John Thomas b. 10-DEC-1839.

50. v James R. b. 07-FEB-1843.

51. vi Benjamin Horton b. 17-FEB-1845.

vii David Sencabaugh b. 02-FEB-1849, bapt: 05-APR-1849.

Third Generation

11. Thomas Smith Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 18-APR-1821, m. (1) 16-MAR-1849, Janet Clow, b. 08-SEP-1826, bapt: 04-NOV-1826, (daughter of Benjamin Clow and Mary Irving) d. 28-MAY-1877, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) 11-NOV-1878, Mary Bell, b. 1841, P.E.I., d. 08-OCT-1892, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Thomas died 02-JUL-1905, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO.

Children by Janet Clow:

i Benjamin Clow Brehaut b. 1850.

52. ii Mary Jane Irving b. 1852.

iii Lemuel Brehaut b. 1854, d. 11-JUL-1861, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iv Eliza Sarah Brehaut b. 11-AUG-1856, m. Lorin Southard.

v Henry Alexander Brehaut b. 1859, m. Margaret __________. Henry died 1943.

53. vi Frances Thorne b. 1861.

54. vii James William b. 1866.

Children by Mary Bell:

55. viii Herbert George b. 02-NOV-1879.

12. Henry Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 04-FEB-1823, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 02-AUG-1826, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 03-FEB-1853, Maria Jane Machon, b. 22-DEC-1831, bapt: 07-OCT-1832, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (daughter of William Machon and Charlotte Reid) d. 1912, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Henry died 1911, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Alexander Brehaut b. 15-JUN-1854, d. 18-NOV-1856, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

56. ii Frances Ann b. 1857.

57. iii Charlotte b. 22-AUG-1860.

iv Priscilla Brehaut b. ca.1865.

v Bessie Hawklns Brehaut b. ca. 1868, m. James Reid.

58. vi Peter James b. 11-MAR-1870.

13. Eliza Sarah Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 02-APR-1824, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 02-AUG-1826, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 10-OCT-1856, Duncan Munn, b. 04-SEP-1820, Woods Island, P.E.I.


59. i Angus b. 28-NOV-1858.

ii Henry Alexander Munn b. 27-FEB-1860, d. 11-OCT-1939.

iii Daniel James Munn b. 07-JAN-1862.

iv Lemuel George Munn b. 19-OCT-1864, d. 15-NOV-1930.

v Duncan Munn b. 26-JUN-1867, d. 01-OCT-1967.

vi William Bismarck Munn b. 29-DEC-1869, d. 1906.

14. Daniel Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 14-APR-1827, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 20-APR-1828, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Elizabeth Machon, b. 01-MAR-1832, (daughter of William Machon and Charlotte Reid) d. 14-MAY-1909, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Daniel died 23-JUL-1908, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Albert Brehaut b. ca. 1860.

ii Henry F. Creighton Brehaut b. 1861, d. 04-DEC-1865, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iii Lucy Brehaut b. ca. 1864, m. Ambrose Gordon.

iv Maria Jane Brehaut b. 27-JUN-1869.

15. Charles Thorne Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 12-APR-1829, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 13-SEP-1829, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. (1) 02-APR-1858, Charlotte Machon, b. 19-NOV-1833, bapt: 26-JAN-1834, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (daughter of William Machon and Charlotte Reid) d. 29-JUL-1858, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) Henrietta Jean Bears, b. 05-SEP-1838, Nova Scotia?, (daughter of David Bears and Dorcas Whitman) d. 10-JAN-1907, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Charles died 21-JUN-1919, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

Children by Henrietta Jean Bears:

60. i Charlotte M. b. 22-MAR-1861.

ii Evaline Brehaut b. 03-JUN-1862.

iii Eustina Frances Brehaut b. 09-MAR-1864, d. young.

iv Sarah Ann Brehaut b. 07-MAY-1869.

v Howard George Brehaut b. 24-JAN-1872, bapt: 15-MAY-1872, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., d. 1942.

61. vi Julia Whitman b. 25-MAR-1874.

vii Leslie Charles Brehaut b. 16-DEC-1877, bapt: 15-MAR-1878, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., d. 1907, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

viii Alva Brehaut b. 01-JUL-1883, d. 01-SEP-1973, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

16. William John Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 27-JUN-1831, m. Elizabeth Hannah Brooks, b. 17-OCT-1835, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 28-AUG-1836, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (daughter of John Brooks and Frances Brown (?)) d. 29-MAY-1922, buried: Winn, ME. William died 07-JUL-1886.


i Artemus Brehaut b. 1860, m. Bina Budge.

ii Headley John Brehaut b. 1863, d. 1935.

iii Albert William Brehaut b. 24-JUL-1866, bapt: 04-AUG-1866, d. 1866.

62. iv Ada Frances b. 1868.

63. v George Herbert b. 22-APR-1872.

vi Annie Elizabeth Brehaut b. 1876, d. 1882.

64. vii Catherine Alma b. 1878.

17. Anne Ammon Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 31-OCT-1833, bapt: 02-FEB-1834, m. 28-JAN-1864, James Glover, b. 03-OCT-1834, (son of Thomas Glover and Sarah Hugh) d. 26-SEP-1916.


i Kimble Glover b. ca. 1864.

ii Herbert Glover b. ca. 1865.

iii Robert Glover b. ca. 1867.

iv Fanny Glover b. ca. 1869.

v Etta Glover b. ca. 1871.

vi Sarah Glover b. ca. 1873.

18. Maria Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 11-FEB-1837, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 17-SEP-1837, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 18-JAN-1865, John LeLacheur Hawkins, b. 06-NOV-1839, bapt: 11-JUL-1841, (son of Giles Nicholas Hawkins and Henriette (Harriet) Narcomb LeLacheur) d. 1923, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Maria died 1874, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Elisha Maynard Hawkins b. 03-OCT-1865, bapt: 13-JAN-1869.

ii Charlotte Hawkins b. ca. 1869.

iii Eliza Maggie Hawkins b. 20-APR-1871, bapt: 14-FEB-1872.

19. George Hammond Brehaut (2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 06-MAY-1845, m. 24-JAN-1872, Margaret McKinnon, b. 05-FEB-1852, Uigg, PEI, d. 1919, buried: Murray Harbour SO. George died 19-JAN-1936, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Earnest Brehaut b. 23-MAY-1873, bapt: 14-SEP-1873, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Margaret Upton, b. 1877. Earnest died 1953.

65. ii Alder b. 13-AUG-1874.

iii Lester Brehaut b. 22-APR-1876, bapt: 20-APR-1877, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 29-MAR-1905, Annie Laurie MacRae, b. 19-JUN-1881, d. 22-NOV-1966, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Lester died 04-DEC-1960, buried: Murray River Cemetery.

iv Elsie Brehaut b. 1879.

v Louis Brehaut b. 24-JUL-1881, d. 30-APR-1933, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

vi Cora Brehaut b. 29-OCT-1884.

vii Lorin Brehaut b. 15-DEC-1886, m. Bessie Serena LeLacheur, b. 11-DEC-1878, (daughter of Charles LeLacheur and Maria MacLeod) d. 22-NOV-1947, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Lorin died 1936, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

66. viii John b. 09-JUL-1888.

ix Hammond Brehaut b. 02-NOV-1894, m. Caroline Ella Acorn. Hammond died 1971.

x Lloyd Brehaut.

20. James Brehaut (3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 21-DEC-1844, m. 07-FEB-1874, Sarah Howe, b. 08-FEB-1849, bapt: 26-MAY-1850, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (daughter of James Howe and Catherine (Kitty) Roberts) d. 1909. James died 1909.


67. i Ida May b. 18-MAY-1874.

68. ii William b. 25-OCT-1877.

69. iii Frederick D. b. 1880.

70. iv Lemuel Howe b. 22-AUG-1888.

71. v Henry James b. 15-JUN-1889.

21. Henry Thomas Brehaut (3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1846, m. (1) Viney Bell, m. (2) Ann Isabelle Brooks, b. 1863, (daughter of John Brooks and Ann Bell) d. 1939, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Henry died 1938.

Children by Viney Bell:

72. i Marjorie Fustin b. 13-MAY-1894.

73. ii Ethel Frances b. 01-JUN-1897.

Children by Ann Isabelle Brooks:

iii Ruth Isabel Brehaut m. (1) 23-OCT-1928, Thomas Edward Furnald, m. (2) Charles Furnald.

22. Joseph Watson Brehaut (3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 06-MAY-1853, bapt: 28-DEC-1856, m. Katherine E. Owen(s), b. 06-FEB-1872, d. 22-DEC-1957. Joseph died 1907.


i Joseph Brehaut b. 1894, d. 1894.

ii Mary Isabel Brehaut b. 18-MAY-1896.

iii Bertha Florence B. Brehaut b. 30-JAN-1898, m. ca. 1930, Leslie Winslow Burnham, b. 1905, d. 1980. Bertha died 14-MAY-1879.

74. iv Joseph James b. 23-FEB-1900.

75. v Katherine Mary G. b. 31-JAN-1903.

76. vi Owen Francis b. 08-JAN-1905.

23. Benjamin Noble Brehaut (3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 10-JUL-1855, bapt: 28-DEC-1856, m. (1) 18-OCT-1979, Matilda McLeod, b. ca. 1850, d. 03-FEB-1888, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) 10-OCT-1888, Barbara McFayden. Benjamin died 1888.

Children by Matilda McLeod:

77. i Barbara Ella b. 11-OCT-1880.

ii Clarence Brehaut b. ca. 1895, d. ca. 1974.

24. Thomas Brehaut (4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1833/39, m. Genevieve McLean. Thomas died 1929/35.


i Ira Brehaut.

78. ii Edwin.

79. iii Viola.

80. iv Louise.

81. v Charles.

82. vi John.

83. vii Lillian.

84. viii Mabel.

85. ix Earl Evert.

25. Charlotte Elizabeth Laird (5.Elizabeth2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 13-JAN-1819, m. 1839, David Crichton, b. 12-SEP-1805, Dumfries, Scotland, d. 18-OCT-1885, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO. Charlotte died 08-JUN-1854, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Alex Crichton b. 12-APR-1840, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

ii Henry Frederick Crichton b. 02-MAR-1842, m. Annie __________. Henry died 10-NOV-1885.

86. iii Catherine M. b. 27-JAN-1844.

87. iv John Robert b. 15-MAY-1846.

88. v James b. 24-MAY-1848.

vi Elizabeth Brehaut Crichton b. 25-AUG-1850, d. 04-APR-1853, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

vii David Crichton b. 20-SEP-1852, d. 04-APR-1853, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

26. Henry James Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 05-JAN-1835, P.E.I., bapt: 13-OCT-1835, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 18-MAR-1861, Mary Summers (Young), b. 30-JUN-1837, P.E.I., d. 12-JAN-1923, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Henry died 02-JUN-1914, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


89. i Lemuel b. 1862.

ii James Matthew Brehaut b. 13-NOV-1863, bapt: 09-JUN-1864, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

iii John Edward Brehaut b. 1865.

iv William Warren Brehaut b. 03-OCT-1867, P.E.I., d. 02-JUL-1960, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

v Arthur Brehaut b. 06-FEB-1870, d. 20-NOV-1930.

vi Infant Brehaut b. 06-FEB-1870, d. 26-FEB-1870, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

90. vii Henry Summers b. 1872.

91. viii Ernest Samuel B. b. 1873.

92. ix Sarah Ann b. 1881.

27. William Bishop Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 01-JUN-1836, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 28-AUG-1836, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 01-FEB-1864, Margaret (Maggie) Burke, b. 25-FEB-1841, d. 26-JAN-1929. William died 1928.


i Richard Brehaut b. ca. 1865.

ii Annie M. Brehaut b. ca. 1866, m. __________ MacEachern.

iii Laura Ellen Brehaut b. 23-DEC-1867, Montague, P.E.I., bapt: 19-APR-1870, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. __________ Spurling.

iv Charlotte Elizabeth Brehaut b. 05-SEP-1869, Montague, P.E.I., bapt: 19-APR-1870, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. __________ Snyder.

93. v William Melville b. 22-AUG-1872.

vi Helen May Brehaut b. 01-MAR-1876.

94. vii Henry (Harry) J. b. 10-OCT-1877.

viii Frederick D. Brehaut b. 22-SEP-1879, m. Bertha McLure, b. 1889, d. 1966, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Frederick died 1959.

28. Joseph Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 25-OCT-1837, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 21-OCT-1838, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. (1) Rebecca MacLeod, b. 1847, (daughter of John MacLeod and Elizabeth Ross) d. 1892, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) 25-SEP-1894, Deborah Ann Acorn, b. 02-SEP-1857. Joseph died 1901, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

Children by Rebecca MacLeod:

i Wellington Whitfield Brehaut b. 30-DEC-1870, m. Florence Morrison. Wellington died 11-MAY-1915.

95. ii John Russell b. 01-MAY-1872.

iii Emily Bertha Brehaut b. 27-DEC-1876, bapt: 20-APR-1877, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 15-FEB-1896, John Arbing Richards. Emily died 25-OCT-1965.

iv Warren Haddon Brehaut b. 25-SEP-1879, m. 20-NOV-1912, Euphemia (Effie) MacInnis, b. 1886, d. 1976. Warren died 02-APR-1943, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

v David Brehaut b. 03-JUL-1886, d. 12-JAN-1968.

Children by Deborah Ann Acorn:

vi Earl Brehaut b. 19-MAR-1897, m. Sue Markovich. Earl died 02-MAR-1972.

29. Martha Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 02-JUL-1839, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 26-JAN-1840, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 09-FEB-1865, Duncan Joseph Campbell, b. 1828, d. 1900, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. Martha died 1933, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


96. i James Nelson b. 1865.

ii M. Wallace Campbell b. ca. 1867.

iii A. Margaret Campbell b. ca. 1869.

iv May Etta Campbell b. ca. 1877.

v John Milton Campbell b. 1878, d. 1893, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.

vi Elizabeth Florence (Lottie) Campbell b. ca. 1880.

30. Elizabeth Pullem Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) bapt: 26-MAY-1850, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. William Campbell. Elizabeth died 26-SEP-1878, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


i Annie Campbell.

ii Bessie Campbell.

31. Matthew Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 30-JUN-1851, bapt: 08-SEP-1851, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 20-APR-1874, Elizabeth Forbes, b. 22-JUN-1856. Matthew died 1939.


97. i Maynard Elijah b. 1876.

98. ii Alexander b. 1879.

iii Garfield Brehaut b. 24-FEB-1882.

99. iv Reginald b. 03-JAN-1886.

100. v Winnifred b. 23-MAR-1888.

vi Warren Brehaut b. ca. 1889, d. young.

101. vii Harry B. b. 20-MAY-1897.

32. Charlotte Ann Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 29-NOV-1855, bapt: 03-AUG-1856, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. William Campbell.


102. i Charlotte b. 1887.

33. Thomas Brehaut (6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1847, m. Maggie Campbell, b. 11-JAN-1857.


i Kate Brehaut.

ii Margaret Brehaut.

iii Mary Brehaut.

iv Phoebe Brehaut.

v Arthur Brehaut b. 15-FEB-1885.

34. William Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1831, m. 28-MAY-1861, Nancy (Ann) Cannon, b. 1830/1835, d. 1909. William died 27-AUG-1914.


i Henry Havelock Brehaut b. ca. 1870, d. 1875.

ii Ida Brehaut b. ca. 1864.

iii Elizabeth (Bess) Brehaut b. ca. 1866.

iv Annie Laura Brehaut b. ca. 1871, d. 1872.

103. v Frances Enman b. 1874.

vi Willie Brehaut d. 1892.

35. Thomas Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1834, m. 19-JUL-1864, Margaret Susanna Alley, b. 19-MAY-1848, (daughter of William Alley and Margaret Lowden Aitken) d. 1912. Thomas died 20-MAR-1887.


104. i Charlotte Ellen b. ca. 1865.

ii Jesson Brehaut b. 1867, d. 1869.

iii Lizzie Brehaut b. 1868, d. 1869.

105. iv Harry b. ca. 1871.

106. v Mabel Alfreda b. 1872.

vi Margaret L. (Leddie) Brehaut b. ca. 1875, m. Harry Lager.

107. vii James Douglas b. 31-DEC-1877.

108. viii Bertha M. b. ca. 1879.

ix Gertrude A. Brehaut b. 19-MAY-1881, m. Alex Robertson.

x Marion L. Brehaut b. 22-JUL-1885, m. Edward Linehan.

36. Henry Matthew Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 20-JAN-1836, m. 27-AUG-1861, Sarah Sencabaugh, b. 09-MAR-1841, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 11-JUL-1841, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (daughter of Benjamin Sencabaugh and Elizabeth LeLacheur) d. 14-APR-1920. Henry died 02-JUN-1870.


i Benjamin J. Brehaut b. 02-NOV-1862, d. 02-MAR-1863.

109. ii James Hedley b. 1863/64.

iii Elizabeth Fannie Brehaut b. 30-APR-1866, d. 08-AUG-1867.

iv William A. Brehaut b. 1868, d. 1905.

v Henry (Henifar) Brehaut b. 1870/71.

vi Jane (Tot) Brehaut m. 1891, Edwin C. Buffington. Jane died 02-NOV-1928.

37. Mary Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. David Brown.


i Daniel Brown.

ii Hattie Brown.

iii Will Brown.

iv Lydia Brown.

38. James Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 14-OCT-1840, m. 19-OCT-1863, Martha Schurman, b. 16-JUN-1835, Sherbrooke, (daughter of William Schurman and Mary Maxfield) d. 01-SEP-1916, Edmondton, Alberta. James died 31-MAY-1918, buried: Edmonton, Alberta?.


i Mary Ellen (Powie) Brehaut b. 31-JUL-1864, d. 27-FEB-1952.

110. ii Lucy b. 14-JUL-1867.

iii Eva Eliza Brehaut b. 04-JUN-1870, d. 11-JUN-1944.

111. iv Alice Elizabeth b. 26-MAY-1873.

112. v Annie E. (Buddie) b. 11-NOV-1877.

39. Daniel Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. Jennie Quinlan.


i Harold Brehaut.

ii Lloyd Brehaut.

iii Gladys Brehaut.

iv Helen Brehaut.

40. Agnes Brehaut (7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1849, m. William McMurdo, b. 1849, d. 09-AUG-1932. Agnes died 30-DEC-1939.


113. i James Archibald b. 1878.

ii May B. McMurdo b. 1881, d. 16-JUN-1900.

114. iii Charles b. ca. 1883.

115. iv William b. ca. 1885.

41. Elizabeth Sencabaugh (8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 06-NOV-1833, bapt: 02-FEB-1834, m. 12-MAR-1857(B), Thomas Kinley Crossman. Elizabeth died 20-SEP-1919, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI.


116. i Jotham Fletcher b. 04-FEB-1859.

117. ii Lemuel b. ??-SEP-1861.

118. iii Mary Ellen (Nellie) b. 23-MAY-1864.

iv Sara Jane Crossman b. 19-JUN-1867, P.E.I., bapt: 27-FEB-1870, United Church, Alberton, PEI.

v Alfred Ernest Crossman b. 18-JUN-1870, P.E.I., bapt: 09-JUN-1872, United Church, Alberton, PEI.

vi Arthur Lucas Crossman b. 13-MAY-1877, P.E.I., bapt: 12-AUG-1877, United Church, Alberton, PEI.

vii Ira Delton Crossman b. 18-APR-1880, Cape Wolfe, P.E.I., bapt: 30-OCT-1882, m. 03-JUL-1923, in Bloomfield, Greene Co., Indiana, Agnes Schrantz. Ira died 01-JUL-1966, Bloomfield, Greene Co., Indiana, buried: Bloomfield, Greene Co., Indiana.

42. Charlotte Jane Sencabaugh (8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 29-MAR-1837, bapt: 17-SEP-1837, m. 28-JAN-1863, Charles LeLacheur, b. 02-SEP-1841, Guernsey Cove, P.E.I., bapt: 05-JUN-1842, (son of James LeLacheur and Anne Dorey) d. 03-JUL-1902, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Charlotte died 18-MAY-1877, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


119. i Maria Ann b. 09-NOV-1863.

120. ii Embert Windsor b. 05-JUL-1866.

121. iii Margaret Jane b. 07-OCT-1869.

iv Clara Elizabeth LeLacheur b. 29-AUG-1871, bapt: 07-JUL-1872, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

v Charles Wesley LeLacheur b. 05-DEC-1873, bapt: ??-FEB-1874, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., d. bef.1881.

122. vi Frederick Charles b. 13-DEC-1875.

43. Jane Sencabaugh (8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 01-OCT-1848, bapt: 07-MAY-1848, m. 24-MAY-1870, William Darby Penny, b. 16-OCT-1841, bapt: 06-MAR-1843, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (son of John Penny and Caroline Beck) d. 15-OCT-1877.


i John Penny b. ca. 1871, P.E.I.

ii Henry Frederick Penny b. 21-NOV-1872, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 31-NOV-1873, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

iii William Embert Penny b. 21-OCT-1875, bapt: 05-APR-1876, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

44. Joseph Brehaut (9.Joseph2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1849, m. Charlotte Ramsey, b. ca. 1851, d. 19-SEP-1929. Joseph died ??-MAR-1938.


i D. Albert Brehaut b. ca. 1878.

ii H. Frederick Brehaut b. ca. 1882.

iii Sarah Eliza Brehaut b. ca. 1885.

iv Susan Maria Brehaut b. ca. 1888.

v Lottie Brehaut.

45. Charlotte Brehaut (9.Joseph2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1851, P.E.I., m. 10-AUG-1881, Duncan Campbell Murray, b. 1850, d. 1936. Charlotte died 1926.


i Henry (Harry) Murray b. 1883, d. 1940.

ii Robert (Bert) Murray b. 1885, d. 1899, drowned.

123. iii Charlotte Agnes b. 1888.

iv Margaret Susan (Rita) Murray____________ b. 1891, m. 1915, James Fleming Muir, b. 1882, d. 1974. Margaret died 1989.

46. William Hedley Brehaut (9.Joseph2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1864, P.E.I., m. 1892, Lillian McCormack.


i Earl Brehaut m. Cora Irving.

ii Pauline Brehaut m. V.B. Cressman.

iii Ruth Brehaut m. Lester Wilson.

iv Jean Brehaut m. C.B. Moore.

v Grace Brehaut m. Don Glynn.

47. Maggie Brehaut (9.Joseph2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. John Bears.


i John Atwood Bears b. 05-AUG-1876, bapt: 02-JUN-1877.

48. Sarah Margaret Sencabaugh (10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca 1838, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 09-OCT-1855, David Crichton, b. 12-SEP-1805, Dumfries, Scotland, d. 18-OCT-1885, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO. Sarah died 23-JAN-1880, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO.


124. i Alexander b. 30-JUL-1856.

ii Charlotte Crichton b. 28-DEC-1858, d. 08-FEB-1864, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iii William Hedley Crichton b. 07-JAN-1861, d. 12-FEB-1864, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iv Mary Jane (Mollie) Crichton b. 15-JUL-1865, m. 20-JUN-1906, Lawrence Harvey.

125. v Louise Ann Barkwell (Lucy) b. 29-OCT-1868.

126. vi Henrietta Maria b. 18-SEP-1871.

49. John Thomas Sencabaugh (10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 10-DEC-1839, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 26-JAN-1840, m. (1) 08-SEP-1868, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Lucy Jane Burkwell, b. ca. 1849, Germany, d. 18-MAR-1872, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, m. (2) 08-OCT-1874, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Christine Mary Stoddard, b. ca 1852, Canada, d. 13-DEC-1928, Cleveland, OH, buried: 14-DEC-1928. John died 05-MAY-1934, Cleveland, OH, buried: 08-MAY-1934, Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, OH.

Children by Lucy Jane Burkwell:

i Laura B. Sencabaugh b. ca. 1871, m. __________ Sawyer.

ii Lucy J. Sencabaugh b. 1872, d. 02-AUG-1972.

Children by Christine Mary Stoddard:

127. iii Mary b. 21-OCT-1875.

iv Charlotte Sencabaugh b. ca 1877, Ohio.

128. v Lucy Evelyn b. 21-SEP-1881.

50. James R. Sencabaugh (10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 07-FEB-1843, bapt: 12-APR-1843, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. ca. 1870, Georgianna Fiedler, b. ??-JUL-1850, New Brunswick, d. ??-DEC-1932, buried: 07-DEC-1932. James died 02-NOV-1924, Cleveland, OH, buried: 06-NOV-1924.


129. i Lillian May b. 02-SEP-1871.

130. ii Sarah (Sadie) Margaret b. ca. 1873.

131. iii George Henry b. ??-MAR-1875.

iv Florence Sencabaugh b. 25-FEB-1877, Cleveland, OH.

v Morton R. Sencabaugh b. 30-MAR-1879, Cleveland, OH, m. 14-JUN-1902, Josephine C. Fisk, b. ca. 1883, Garrettsville, OH. Morton died 26-MAR-1906, buried: 28-MAR-1906.

vi Charles Sencabaugh b. ??-APR-1881, Ohio, d. 1933, buried: Knolland Cemetery, Cleveland, OH.

vii Dorcas I. Sencabaugh b. ??-JUN-1884, Cleveland, OH, m. 20-SEP-1907, in East Cleveland, OH, Harold N. Anderson, b. ca. 1883, Cleveland, OH.

viii Ruth Sencabaugh b. 24-DEC-1885, Cleveland, OH.

ix Dwight Sencabaugh b. ??-MAR-1888, Ohio, m. Irene A. __________, d. 03-JUN-1934.

x (Son) Sencabaugh b. 01-MAY-1892.

51. Benjamin Horton Sencabaugh (10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 17-FEB-1845, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 21-APR-1845, m. 13-NOV-1872, in Murray Harbour SO, Margaret Wightman Clements, b. 20-JUN-1849, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 02-DEC-1850, (daughter of William Clements and Mary Ann Sencabaugh) d. 06-DEC-1926, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO. Benjamin died 28-APR-1928, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


132. i Albert Franklin b. 06-DEC-1873.

133. ii Charlotte Olivia b. 01-APR-1875.

iii Henry Frederick Sencabaugh b. 06-FEB-1877, m. (1) 1908, Miriam (Millie) Derby, b. ??-JAN-1878, P.E.I., (daughter of James Derby and Ann Giddings) d. 1915, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) 16-APR-1919, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Jessie Brehaut, b. ca. 1862, P.E.I., (daughter of Joseph Brehaut and Susanna (Susan) White) d. 17-MAY-1931. Henry died 01-JUN-1957, Riverside Hospital, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

134. iv Mary Jane (Jennie) b. 12-NOV-1878.

v Harold Dewitt Sencabaugh b. 20-APR-1880, m. Mary __________. Harold died 26-JUL-1964, Winchester, MA.

vi Sarah Millie Sencabaugh b. 13-AUG-1882, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. ca. 1944, Benjamin Weiland, d. ca. 1950. Sarah died 20-MAY-1970, Tampa. FL, buried: cremated, ashes scattered in Tampa Bay.

135. vii William Clements b. 01-MAY-1885.

136. viii Alberta Irene b. 28-APR-1888.

ix Benjamin Fletcher Sencabaugh b. 13-NOV-1890, d. in WWI.

137. x Laura Henrietta Keough b. 03-JUL-1892.

Fourth Generation

52. Mary Jane Irving Brehaut (11.Thomas3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1852, m. 16-AUG-1872, John L. Higgins. Mary died 08-FEB-1878, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Edith Isabella Higgins b. 25-MAY-1873, bapt: 05-DEC-1873.

ii Minnie Jane Higgins b. 18-APR-1875, bapt: 07-OCT-1875.

53. Frances Thorne Brehaut (11.Thomas3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1861, m. 16-NOV-1900, David Albert Horton, b. 26-JAN-1853, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 13-MAR-1853, (son of John William Horton, Capt. and Mercy Caroline Bears) d. 1933, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. Frances died 1928, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


i Cyril Horton b. adopted.

54. James William Brehaut (11.Thomas3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1866, m. 1892, Annabell Hawkins, b. 07-JUL-1859, (daughter of Charles Augustus Hawkins and Charlotte Simpson) d. 1942. James died 1928.


i Wilfred Hawkins Brehaut b. 1895, m. 1919, Olive Johnson Payne, b. 1899, d. 1981. Wilfred died 1958.

ii Ellerton James Brehaut b. 06-APR-1897, m. 1926, Catherine Hortense Farrell, b. 14-APR-1902, d. 10-OCT-1992. Ellerton died 11-FEB-1985.

55. Herbert George Brehaut (11.Thomas3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 02-NOV-1879, m. 03-JAN-1903(L), Isabelle Derby, b. 22-MAR-1882, (daughter of James Derby and Ann Giddings) d. 1952, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Herbert died 1950, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Thomas Whitney Brehaut b. 08-JUL-1906, m. 08-SEP-1930, Elizabeth Isobel MacPhee, b. 23-FEB-1910, Hopefield, PEi, (daughter of Murdock A. MacPhee and Ida Mildred Ferguson) d. 08-JUL-1978, buried: 07-OCT-1978, Murray Harbour SO. Thomas died 13-APR-1977, buried: 15-APR-1977, Murray Harbour SO.

56. Frances Ann Brehaut (12.Henry3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1857, m. 19-MAR-1877, John Hill, b. 1852, d. 1939, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Frances died 1929, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Wallace Hill b. ca. 1880.

ii Margaret Ella Hill b. 09-SEP-1882, m. Ernest George Bell, b. 27-JAN-1876, (son of James W. Bell and Elizabeth Ann LeLacheur) d. 12-APR-1961, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Margaret died 26-MAY-1963, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iii Henry Hill b. 11-JUL-1884.

iv Melville Hill b. 25-JUL-1890.

v Elsie Hill b. 21-AUG-1893.

vi Wilbert Hill b. 12-APR-1896.

vii Lorne Hill b. 08-MAY-1899.

57. Charlotte Brehaut (12.Henry3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 22-AUG-1860, m. 30-DEC-1885, Andrew K. Millar, b. 12-APR-1861, (son of William Millar and Mary Kennedy) d. 12-DEC-1950, buried: Murray Harbour No., PEI. Charlotte died 09-APR-1937, buried: Murray Harbour No., PEI.


i Bessie Millar b. 20-NOV-1886, m. __________ Spaulding. Bessie died 1991.

ii Edith Millar b. 14-AUG-1889, m. __________ Moore.

iii Edward William Millar b. 12-DEC-1893, m. 14-SEP-1929, Leah Z. Collings, b. 05-JUL-1901. Edward died 1991, buried: Murray Harbour No., PEI.

iv Harry Downing Millar b. 16-MAY-1903, m. Mabel Barbara Llewellyn, b. 15-OCT-1904, (daughter of James Llewellyn and Alice H. Mutlow) d. 15-JUL-1934, buried: Murray Harbour No., PEI. Harry died 25-NOV-1987, buried: Murray Harbour No., PEI.

58. Peter James Brehaut (12.Henry3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 11-MAR-1870, m. 06-MAR-1899(L), Elizabeth Charlotte Ferguson, b. 28-JAN-1875, (daughter of Mungo Ferguson and Jane Beck) d. 08-MAR-1943, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Peter died 1954, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Roy Clarence Brehaut b. 28-APR-1900, m. Ella Hanson. Roy died 05-AUG-1964.

ii Cecil Henry Brehaut b. 10-DEC-1901, m. Joan Pack. Cecil died 14-JAN-1956.

iii Ethelbert Brehaut b. 18-FEB-1904, m. Jean E. MacWhirter.

iv Leonard James Brehaut b. ??-AUG-1906, m. 18-DEC-1930, in Murray Harbour SO, Lillian Louise Herring, b. 20-JUL-1905, (daughter of James Francis Herring and Mary Jane Gordon) buried: Murray Harbour SO. Leonard died 14-OCT-1989, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

59. Angus Munn (13.Eliza3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 28-NOV-1858, Woods Island, P.E.I., bapt: 15-MAY-1859, m. 03-SEP-1884, Sarah Agnes Bell, b. ca. 1862, (daughter of Donald Bell and __________ __________). Angus died 26-APR-1935, Vancouver, BC, buried: 29-APR-1935.


i Eliza Clara Alvina Munn b. 05-OCT-1885.

ii Daniel Elsworth Munn b. 30-MAY-1887.

iii Henry Archibald Munn b. 09-AUG-1891.

iv Nina V. B. Munn.

v Lyle E. Munn____________________________.

vi Mary Dollina (Dolly) Munn.

60. Charlotte M. Brehaut (15.Charles3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 22-MAR-1861, m. 09-APR-1881, James Henry Brooks, b. 04-JUN-1855, bapt: 25-MAY-1856, (son of John Brooks and Ann Bell) d. 1933, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Millicent Brooks.

61. Julia Whitman Brehaut (15.Charles3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 25-MAR-1874, bapt: 15-JUL-1874, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 04-JAN-1900(L), Leith Cowan, b. 19-AUG-1875, (son of John Cowan and Mathilda LeLacheur) d. 1937, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. Julia died 1915, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


i Louis William Cowan b. 05-DEC-1900.

ii Matilda (May) Jean Cowan b. 1902.

iii Eva Thorne Cowan b. 1905, m. __________ Spoor.

iv John Pringle Cowan b. 1907, m. Dorothy A. Dickerson, b. 1909, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. John died 1974, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.

v Lucy Ada Cowan b. 1909.

vi Vera Margaret Cowan b. 1911, m. 1935, Harry Eugene Walker, b. 1907, d. 1989. Vera died 1988.

vii Leith Whitman Cowan b. 1915, d. 1915.

62. Ada Frances Brehaut (16.William3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1868, m. B. Frank Wyman.


i Harold Wyman m. Winnifred __________.

ii Ivan Wyman.

iii Ellison Wyman.

63. George Herbert Brehaut (16.William3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 22-APR-1872, bapt: 22-JUN-1872, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Elva Breen, b. 18-SEP-1894, d. 1979. George died 1929.


i Stanley Harold Brehaut b. 1918, m. Shirley Blake, b. 1926. Stanley died 06-MAR-1993.

ii William Charles Brehaut b. 1921, m. 18-FEB-1956, Josephine Kimball.

iii Grace Elizabeth Brehaut b. 1924, d. young.

iv Herbert Junior Brehaut b. 1928, m. Hannah May Dicker, b. 1928.

64. Catherine Alma Brehaut (16.William3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1878, Rockland, NB, m. 01-JAN-1910, Frederick Lewis Church, b. 1878, Shirley, ME, d. 1964, Alexandria, VA. Catherine died 1934, Washington, DC.


i Ruth Elizabeth Church b. 1912, Brewer, ME, d. young.

ii Catherine Edith Church b. 1914, Bangor, ME, m. Edward Porter. Catherine died 1964, Bethesda, MD.

iii Frederick Lewis Church, Jr. b. 1915, Washington, DC, m. Alma Bessie White, b. 1915, d. 1993.

65. Alder Brehaut (19.George3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 13-AUG-1874, bapt: 05-JAN-1875, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Mae Owen, b. ca. 1876, (daughter of Charles Owen and Annie __________).


i Elizabeth Brehaut.

ii Louisa Brehaut.

66. John Brehaut (19.George3 , 2.Henry2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 09-JUL-1888, m. 08-JUN-1921, Beatrice Livingston, b. 06-JUN-1896, (daughter of George W. Livingstone and Catherine Murdock) d. 13-FEB-1983, buried: Murray Harbour SO. John died 19-JUL-1972, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Margaret Brehaut m. (1) Stewart MacMillan, b. 15-OCT-1918, Woods Island, P.E.I., (son of Alexander S. MacMillan and Matilda Matheson) d. 25-FEB-1957, Charlottetown, P.E.I., m. (2) Malcolm (Buster) MacMillan.

ii Willard Brehaut m. Carol Johnston.

iii George Brehaut b. 12-APR-1922, d. 06-JAN-1944, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

67. Ida May Brehaut (20.James3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 18-MAY-1874, bapt: 12-MAR-1875, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 26-MAR-1897(L), Frederick Henry White, b. 13-DEC-1865, P.E.I., (son of George White and Catherine Machon) d. 19-FEB-1957, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Ida died 29-SEP-1956, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Alma White b. 08-SEP-1897, d. 11-MAY-1900, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

ii Mildred White b. 08-MAR-1899.

iii Harry Frederick White b. 21-APR-1909, m. 29-NOV-1934, Helen Dorothy MacLeod, b. 19-NOV-1915, (daughter of Allan Alexander MacLeod and Salome Rosella Williams). Harry died 23-FEB-1984, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

68. William Brehaut (20.James3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 25-OCT-1877, m. Margaret Jordan, b. 1884, (daughter of Edward M. Jordan and Jane Buell) d. 1973, buried: Murray Harbour SO. William died 1966, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Ina M. Brehaut b. 1904, d. 1949, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

ii James D. Brehaut b. 1913, d. 1964, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iii Freeman Brehaut b. 1918, m. 1946, Ellen D. __________.

69. Frederick D. Brehaut (20.James3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1880, m. Bertha McLure, b. 1889, d. 1966, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Frederick died 1959, buried: Murray River Cemetery.


i Claire Brehaut.

ii Shirley Brehaut.

70. Lemuel Howe Brehaut (20.James3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 22-AUG-1888, m. 23-OCT-1916, Frances Louise (Fanny) Lowe, b. 17-JUL-1884, bapt: 10-OCT-1884, (daughter of John Lowe and Elizabeth White) d. 1965, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Lemuel died 1978, buried: Murray River Cemetery.


i Joseph Eric Brehaut d. in infancy.

71. Henry James Brehaut (20.James3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 15-JUN-1889, m. 02-FEB-1909, Lena Maude Dunn, b. 15-JUL-1889, (daughter of George B. Dunn and Jessie Ruhama Beck) d. 23-JUN-1982, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Henry died 19-NOV-1969, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i James Clarence Brehaut b. 20-AUG-1909, d. 1990.

ii Elmer Richard Brehaut b. 06-AUG-1911.

iii Vernon Brehaut b. 24-OCT-1913.

iv Frank Brehaut b. 26-OCT-1915.

v Sarah Louise Brehaut b. 28-OCT-1917, m. George Serafin.

vi Helen May Brehaut b. 20-JUL-1920, m. George Hirschfield.

vii Ethel Blanch Brehaut b. 01-OCT-1923, m. Roy Fleming.

viii Amy Brehaut b. 28-AUG-1926, m. 1946, John James MacNeill, b. 31-JAN-1919, (son of Harry MacNeill and Elizabeth Ann (Annie) Jordan) d. 02-FEB-1986.

72. Marjorie Fustin Brehaut (21.Henry3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 13-MAY-1894, m. William Derby, b. 25-MAR-1880, (son of James Derby and Ann Giddings) d. 09-JAN-1950, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Marjorie died 14-AUG-1956, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Dorothy Jean Derby b. 09-SEP-1929, m. 1962, Jack Tamblyn, b. 1929.

ii William Fustin Derby b. 08-DEC-1930.

iii Morris Brehaut Derby b. 06-DEC-1932, m. Constance Herbert.

iv June Kathleen Derby b. 14-JUN-1934, m. 29-APR-1955, Errol Frank Lund, b. 10-AUG-1927.

v Ralph Derby b. 1936.

73. Ethel Frances Brehaut (21.Henry3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 01-JUN-1897, m. 1917, William Milton Howe, b. 12-MAR-1890, (son of William Augustus Howe and Maria Jane Machon) d. 1964, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Ethel buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Beryl Frances Howe b. 1920, m. 1943, R. Sterling Wood.

ii William Brodie Howe b. 1922.

iii Henry Maurice Howe b. 1925.

iv Lila Louise Howe b. 1930.

v Rene Ruth Howe b. 1944.

74. Joseph James Brehaut (22.Joseph3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 23-FEB-1900, m. 31-DEC-1933, Doris Anne E. Nickerson, b. 04-JUN-1911, d. 25-FEB-1991. Joseph died 18-JUL-1983.


i Joseph Watson Brehaut, II b. 21-JUN-1935, m. 24-AUG-1958, Janet Elaine Nilsen, b. 1937.

ii Donna Therese Brehaut b. 25-JUL-1939.

iii Paul Edward Brehaut b. 08-SEP-1951, m. (1) Margaret Rice, m. (2) Donna Marques.

75. Katherine Mary G. Brehaut (22.Joseph3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 31-JAN-1903, m. 24-OCT-1931, Morton Vernon Griffin, b. 23-APR-1900, d. 04-APR-1976. Katherine died 05-JAN-1992.


i Claire Louise Griffin b. 27-JUL-1932, m. 23-AUG-1952, William Hennings.

ii Robert Arthur Griffin b. 14-JUN-1934, m. 09-SEP-1959, Patricia Coolidge. Robert died 02-FEB-1976.

iii Leslie Owen Griffin b. 14-DEC-1935, m. 29-SEP-1956, Jane Cook.

76. Owen Francis Brehaut (22.Joseph3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 08-JAN-1905, m. Jean C. Bartnick, b. 02-FEB-1912, d. 05-AUG-1991. Owen died 1989.


i Lawrence Brehaut b. 1941.

77. Barbara Ella Brehaut (23.Benjamin3 , 3.Daniel2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 11-OCT-1880, m. ??-JUL-1901, Charles William Reid. Barbara died ??-DEC-1906.


i Charles Henry Reid b. 1902, d. 1983.

ii Benjamin Brehaut Reid b. 1904.

78. Edwin Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ).


i Harold Brehaut.

ii Wesley Brehaut.

79. Viola Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. John Dick.


i Eldon Dick.

ii Eileen Dick.

80. Louise Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. Charles McDowell.


i Ethel McDowell.

81. Charles Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ).


i Olive Brehaut.

ii Doris Brehaut.

82. John Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ).


i Audry Brehaut.

ii Marjorie Brehaut.

iii Gloria Brehaut.

iv Muriel Brehaut.

v Beverly Brehaut.

vi Stanley Brehaut.

83. Lillian Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. Thomas Buckley.


i Doris Buckley.

84. Mabel Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. __________ Trevors.


i Daughter.

85. Earl Evert Brehaut (24.Thomas3 , 4.Thomas2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) m. Julia Cummings.


i Barbara Earl Brehaut m. __________ Carder.

ii Henry Brehaut.

iii Thomas Brehaut.

iv David Edward Brehaut.

v Harold Brehaut.

86. Catherine M. Crichton (25.Charlotte3 , 5.Elizabeth2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 27-JAN-1844, m. 12-JUL-1865, in Charlottetown, P.E.I., David Glover, b. 03-NOV-1832, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (son of Thomas Glover and Sarah Hugh) d. 24-JAN-1911, Providence, RI, buried: Providence, RI (Pocasset Cemetery).


i Frederick K. Glover.

ii Thomas Glover.

iii Lottie Glover.

iv Robert Glover.

v George Glover.

vi Millie Glover.

87. John Robert Crichton (25.Charlotte3 , 5.Elizabeth2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 15-MAY-1846, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 01-JAN-1873, in Fairfield, CA, Aramanda Adilue Cockern, b. 1851, Carthage, IL. John died 18-DEC-1929, Redding, CA, buried: MacArthur, CA.


i Herbert Frederick Crichton b. 1874, Suisun, CA, m. 1898, Leona May Scott. Herbert died 1964.

ii Cora Belle Creighton b. 1877, m. 1909, Martin D. Fitzwater. Cora died 1960.

iii John Henry Creighton b. 1879, Glenburn, CA, m. 1906, Minnie Grace Whipple. John died 1934.

iv Mabel Belle Creighton b. 21-JUN-1882, Glenburn, CA, m. 26-DEC-1905, Crawford Calvin Clarke, b. 1868, Grass Valley, CA, d. 1942. Mabel died 13-DEC-1964, Modoc Co, CA, buried: Alturas, CA.

v James Percy Creighton b. 1888, Glenburn, CA, m. (1) Mabel Guthrie, m. (2) Elizabeth Smith.

88. James Crichton (25.Charlotte3 , 5.Elizabeth2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 24-MAY-1848, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Mary __________. James died 12-JAN-1916, San Francisco, CA.


i Charlotte B. Crichton m. __________ Meier.

89. Lemuel Brehaut (26.Henry3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1862, m. 13-JUN-1888(L), Mary Jane Murdock, b. 1867, d. 1935, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Lemuel died 1945, buried: Murray River Cemetery.


i Florence Brehaut b. 1888, d. 1954, buried: Murray River Cemetery.

ii Ethel Brehaut.

iii Nina Brehaut b. 20-JUN-1897.

iv Minnie Brehaut m. H. C. Schneider.

90. Henry Summers Brehaut (26.Henry3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1872, m. 1899, Jessie DeNoon. Henry died 30-JAN-1949.


i Earl Bancroft Brehaut m. Elvira Armbrust.

91. Ernest Samuel B. Brehaut (26.Henry3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1873, m. Marguerite V. __________, b. 1877, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Ernest died 1953, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Ernest Brehaut.

ii Arthur Brehaut.

iii William Brehaut.

92. Sarah Ann Brehaut (26.Henry3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1881, m. John Murdock Stewart, b. 1865, d. 1953, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Sarah died 1958, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Laura Stewart.

ii William Murdock Stewart b. 11-MAY-1911, d. 28-DEC-1973, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iii Gladys Janet Stewart b. 1912, High Bank, P.E.I., m. James Albert Harris, b. 19-DEC-1911, Cape Bear, P.E.I., (son of Louis Davis Harris and Zettie Effie Beck) d. 05-JUN-1987, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Gladys died 04-SEP-1989.

iv Margaret Stewart.

v Virginia Stewart.

vi Dorothy Stewart.

93. William Melville Brehaut (27.William3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 22-AUG-1872, m. 09-JUL-1912, Mary Elizabeth Cornfoot, b. 07-FEB-1887, d. 28-FEB-1975. William died 05-JAN-1942.


i Euphemia M. (Effie) Brehaut b. 18-JUN-1913, m. 18-SEP-1939, Stewart Gordon Ives, b. 15-SEP-1915, d. 16-JUL-1992.

ii Mary Cuyler (Sandy) Brehaut b. 1921, m. Bob Wilson.

iii John William Brehaut b. 1924, m. (1) Lyle Glover Farquharson, b. 1928, (daughter of Ernest William Farquharson and Frances Dorenda Pigott) m. (2) Annabelle Bruce. John died 27-DEC-1990.

94. Henry (Harry) J. Brehaut (27.William3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 10-OCT-1877, m. Amy McLean.


i Mary Brehaut.

95. John Russell Brehaut (28.Joseph3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 01-MAY-1872, Guernsey Cove, P.E.I., m. 26-JAN-1901, Emma Victoria MacMillan, b. 09-JUN-1968, d. 17-MAR-1948, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. John died 21-APR-1854, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


i Hazel Glen Brehaut b. 01-SEP-1905, m. John James Stewart, b. 08-APR-1900, d. 11-MAR-1970, buried: Montague, P.E.I. (Community Park Cem.). Hazel died 06-MAY-1992, buried: Montague, P.E.I. (Community Park Cem.).

96. James Nelson Campbell (29.Martha3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1865, m. 1891, Sarah Alice Folgate, b. 1859, d. 1945. James died 1970.


i Spencer Leroy Campbell b. 1892, m. (1) 1921, Mildred Eatherton, d. 1944, m. (2) 1951, Andree Fangeaux, b. 1894, d. 1973.

ii Ethel May Campbell b. 1895.

iii Earl Folgate Campbell b. 1896, m. 1922, Dorothy Edith Marshall, b. 1899.

iv Mildred Vera Campbell b. 1900, m. 1920, Joseph Samuel Whiting, b. 1895, d. 1966.

97. Maynard Elijah Brehaut (31.Matthew3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1876, m. Ada France Judd, b. 1885, d. 1935.


i Benjamin Hubert Reginald Brehaut b. 1902, m. Maude Boiley, b. 1901, d. 1988. Benjamin died 1975.

ii Constance Ada Brehaut b. 1906, m. (1) 1940, C. Quirouet, d. 1949, m. (2) 1962, William Hindle. Constance died 1978.

iii Judd Warren Brehaut b. 1915, m. 1940, Betty Rutherford. Judd died 1980.

98. Alexander Brehaut (31.Matthew3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1879, m. (1) Mary McKinnon, m. (2) Elsie __________.

Children by Mary McKinnon:

i Winnifred Brehaut d. ca. 1991.

ii Harold Brehaut m. Valeda __________.

iii Arletta Brehaut.

iv Muriel Brehaut b. 1905.

v Elmer Brehaut b. 1910, m. 1940?, Lee. S. __________. Elmer died 1991.

99. Reginald Brehaut (31.Matthew3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 03-JAN-1886.


i Fern Brehaut b. 1913.

ii Reginald Brehaut, Jr. b. 1917, m. Unknown.

100. Winnifred Brehaut (31.Matthew3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 23-MAR-1888, m. F.J. McInnis. Winnifred died ca.1991.


i Robert McInnis b. 1913, m. Doreen Poole.

ii Beth McInnis b. 1913, m. __________ Farquarson. Beth died ca.1989.

101. Harry B. Brehaut (31.Matthew3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 20-MAY-1897, m. 1930, Marie __________.


i Don Brehaut.

ii Ruth Brehaut b. 1939.

102. Charlotte Campbell (32.Charlotte3 , 6.Matthew2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1887, m. Harvey Campbell Fraser, b. 1896, d. 08-AUG-1974, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. Charlotte died 1962, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


i Charlotte Anna Fraser b. 1920, m. Howard Stewart, b. 1902, d. 1980, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. Charlotte died 26-DEC-1976, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.

103. Frances Enman Brehaut (34.William3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1874, m. (1) William Baker, m. (2) Norman Edward MacPhail, b. 1873, d. 1930, m. (3) ca.1930, __________ Lederer. Frances died 1966.

Children by William Baker:

i William Baker, Jr..

Children by Norman Edward MacPhail:

ii Donald Brehaut MacPhail b. 1910, m. (1) 1938, Elinor Glidden, d. 1952, m. (2) 1954, Joan Magee. Donald died 1976.

104. Charlotte Ellen Brehaut (35.Thomas3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1865, m. Cory W. Steeves.


i Helen Douglas Steeves.

ii Hattie Catherine Steeves m. Albert Desson.

iii Greta Steeves m. Andrew Allison.

iv Arthur Steeves m. Bereth Wright.

v Mabel Steeves m. Fred Veale.

105. Harry Brehaut (35.Thomas3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1871, m. Lillian Hart.


i Grace Brehaut.

ii Edith Harriet Brehaut.

106. Mabel Alfreda Brehaut (35.Thomas3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1872, m. David Adam Patullo, b. 1867, d. 1934. Mabel died 1953.


i David Smith Patullo b. 1903, m. Hariet Layman Carter, b. 1906. David died 1989.

ii Marion Emily Patullo b. 1908.

107. James Douglas Brehaut (35.Thomas3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 31-DEC-1877, m. Anna Deitch.


i James Douglas Brehaut, Jr..

108. Bertha M. Brehaut (35.Thomas3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1879, m. Harry Floyd.


i Lois Morgan Floyd m. Edward Shelley.

109. James Hedley Brehaut (36.Henry3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1863/64, m. Gertrude Nourse. James died ??-FEB-1915.


i Henry Nourse Brehaut b. ca. 1890.

110. Lucy Brehaut (38.James3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 14-JUL-1867, m. 21-DEC-1894, John Archibald Ramsay, b. ca. 1868, d. 03-AUG-1943. Lucy died 18-SEP-1952.


i Ralph Levitt Ramsay b. 11-AUG-1901, m. 28-JAN-1933, Esther Christine Dahl, b. 16-OCT-1912. Ralph died 19-JUN-1966.

111. Alice Elizabeth Brehaut (38.James3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 26-MAY-1873, m. 07-OCT-1903, William Ralph. Alice died 22-SEP-1937.


i George Brehaut Ralph b. 14-JUN-1906, m. 10-APR-1935, Dorothy Elizabeth Foster, b. 10-JUL-1907. George died 04-JUL-1963.

112. Annie E. (Buddie) Brehaut (38.James3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 11-NOV-1877, m. 02-OCT-1901, John Cowan MacDonald, b. 14-JAN-1884, d. 20-DEC-1940. Annie died 22-OCT-1964.


i Jean Maxfield MacDonald b. 28-SEP-1902, m. ??-DEC-1932, Hector MacDonald Stinson, b. 21-AUG-1900. Jean died 04-SEP-1953.

ii James E. (Ted) MacDonald b. 10-OCT-1911, m. 02-AUG-1941, Daisy Rebecca W.R. Moreland, b. 02-OCT-1910.

113. James Archibald McMurdo (40.Agnes3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1878, m. Genevieve McLeod.


i Hildred McMurdo.

ii William Archibald McMurdo m. 27-JUL-1955, Marion Luella Ellis, b. 05-OCT-1929, d. 18-OCT-1986.

iii Betty McMurdo.

114. Charles McMurdo (40.Agnes3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1883, m. Grace Spencer, d. 1972.


i Kells McMurdo.

ii Jean McMurdo.

iii Douglas McMurdo.

115. William McMurdo (40.Agnes3 , 7.James2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1885, m. Mary Haywood, b. 1888.


i Rhoda McMurdo m. R. D. Stevenson.

ii William McMurdo.

iii Jeannine McMurdo m. W. H. Gleeson.

116. Jotham Fletcher Crossman (41.Elizabeth3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 04-FEB-1859, P.E.I., m. 20-NOV-1889, Augusta Dorothy Trieloff. Jotham died 14-MAY-1938, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI.


i Arthur Willis Crossman b. 06-SEP-1890, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, m. ca. 1922, Erna Estelle Korth. Arthur died 16-NOV-1985, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI.

ii Charles Crossman b. 11-NOV-1891, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, m. ??-OCT-1919, Meta (May) Lewis. Charles died 01-APR-1981, Veterans Hospital, Madison, WI, buried: Lake Mills Cemetery, Jefferson Co., WI.

iii Etta Crossman b. 11-JAN-1893, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, d. ??-SEP-1933.

iv Harry Crossman b. 71-JAN-1895, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, d. 29-MAY-1988, Jefferson County Home, WI.

v Walter Richard Crossman b. 16-NOV-1897, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, m. 09-DEC-1922, in Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, Ruth Rachel Strasburg.

117. Lemuel Crosman (41.Elizabeth3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ??-SEP-1861, P.E.I., m. Ida Nemitz. Lemuel died 30-NOV-1931, Stevens Pt., Portage Co., Wisconsin.


i Elsie Crosman m. George Johnson. Elsie died ca. 1965.

ii Lee Crossman d. Veterans Home, King, WI.

118. Mary Ellen (Nellie) Crosman (41.Elizabeth3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 23-MAY-1864, Cape Wolfe, P.E.I., bapt: 27-FEB-1870, m. 12-JUL-1993, in Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI, John Thomas Robbins. Mary died 22-MAY-1954, Altadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, buried: Altadena, Los Angeles Co., CA.


i Della Ruth Robbins b. 10-MAR-1895, Albion, Boone Co., NE, d. 09-OCT-1965, Altadena, Los Angeles Co., CA.

ii Clara Etta (Claretta) Robbins b. 23-NOV-1897, Albion, Boone Co., NE, m. 06-NOV-1919, in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, Harold H. Hahn.

iii Willis Thomas Robbins b. 17-APR-1900, Albion, Boone Co., NE, m. 15-OCT-1923, in Milwaukee, WI, Ina May (Mae) Hughes. Willis died 30-APR-1971, Vista, San Diego Co, CA, buried: Oceanside, San Diego Co., CA.

iv Helen Crossman Robbins b. 22-JUN-1903, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI, m. (1) 29-OCT-1923, in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, Robert L. Sterett, m. (2) Alva J. Lloyd. Helen died 26-AUG-1944, Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, buried: Altadena, Los Angeles Co., CA.

v Jeanette R. Robbins b. 20-MAY-1906, Jefferson, Jefferson Co., WI, m. 23-JUL-1925, in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, Edwin B. Wood.

vi Ethel Mary Robbins b. 22-SEP-1908, Jefferson, Jefferson Co., WI, m. 14-JAN-1930, in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, Leonard Leroy Snyder. Ethel died 01-MAY-1983, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.

119. Maria Ann LeLacheur (42.Charlotte3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 09-NOV-1863, m. 1885, William Keeping, b. 17-OCT-1855, Newfoundland, (son of __________ Keeping and Mary __________) d. 1938, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Maria died 1953, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Kimball Fletcher Keeping b. 30-AUG-1886, d. 1917, Armentieres, France, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

ii Olive Charlotte Keep[ng b. 31-MAY-1888, d. 1976.

iii Benjamin Charles (Fritz) Keeping b. 01-APR-1891, m. 11-AUG-1921, Doris Emily Stickings, b. 23-JAN-1892, d. 01-MAR-1980. Benjamin died 17-FEB-1950.

iv Minter Frederick Keeping b. 26-NOV-1893, m. 1928, Margaret MacWilliams.

v Ewart Allan Keeping b. 07-NOV-1896, m. (1) 1919, Florence Mae Jordan, b. 05-AUG-1897, (daughter of Martin Luther Jordan and Ada Margaret Beck) d. 23-OCT-1962, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) Elsie Strickland, b. 1912, d. 02-MAR-1991. Ewart died 11-NOV-1983, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

vi Mary Florence Keeping b. 1898, m. 25-JUN-1920, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Francis Drake, b. 1909, Millview, PEI, d. 07-DEC-1991, Charlottetown, P.E.I., buried: 10-DEC-1991, Birch Hill Cemetery, P.E.I. Mary died 16-AUG-1938, Charlottetown, P.E.I., buried: 18-AUG-1938, Birch Hill Cemetery, P.E.I.

vii Bessie LeLacheur Keeping b. 1903, d. 1925.

120. Embert Windsor LeLacheur (42.Charlotte3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 05-JUL-1866, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Euphemia Jean Beaton, b. 20-MAY-1865, Montague, P.E.I., d. 26-SEP-1935, Boston, MA. Embert died 1921, Boston, MA.


i Embert Alexander LeLacheur b. 29-MAR-1893, Boston, MA, m. Gertrude Westwood.

ii Jessie LeLacheur m. James G. Barry.

iii Gladys LeLacheur m. Leslie M. Hubert.

iv Lewis LeLacheur.

v Edith LeLacheur m. Walter B. Scott.

121. Margaret Jane LeLacheur (42.Charlotte3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 07-OCT-1869, m. Elisha Thomas Beck, b. 13-OCT-1869, bapt: 30-MAR-1870, (son of Thomas Marfleet Beck and Mary Margaret Hawkins) d. 10-MAY-1944. Margaret died 1916, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Lillian Marfleet Beck b. 05-JAN-1894, m. William J. Rogers, Jr.. Lillian died 01-OCT-1980.

ii Grace Florence Beck b. 16-NOV-1895, m. Carmon M. Elliot.

iii Harriet Margaret Beck b. 1897, d. ??-AUG-1900.

iv Chester Lyman Beck b. 26-DEC-1900, m. Ethel M. Sentner. Chester died ??-MAY-1954.

122. Frederick Charles LeLacheur (42.Charlotte3 , 8.Margaret2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 13-DEC-1875, bapt: 05-APR-1876, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 09-MAY-1903, Etta Blanche Howe, b. 1881, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., (daughter of William Augustus Howe and Maria Jane Machon) d. 1974, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Frederick died 09-APR-1926, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Chester Charles LeLacheur b. 04-JUN-1904, m. Margaret (Marjorie) Jennings Machon, b. 20-JUL-1910, (daughter of William Lebert Machon and Elsie Louise Penny) d. 04-DEC-1990. Chester died 31-OCT-1985.

ii Ruth Howe LeLacheur b. 04-MAY-1906, m. Ray Brooks.

iii William Cecil LeLacheur b. 04-DEC-1910, m. Catherine Margaret (Kay) McPherson, b. 1914, d. 07-JUL-1994, Montague, P.E.I., buried: 10-JUL-1994, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

iv Kimball Frederick LeLacheur b. 30-MAR-1919, m. 01-NOV-1945, Florence Harriet Gosbee, b. 23-OCT-1923, (daughter of Thomas Osborne Gosbee and Harriet Caroline Penny).

123. Charlotte Agnes Murray (45.Charlotte3 , 9.Joseph2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 1888, m. 17-JUN-1913, Ferdinand G. Turner, b. 14-AUG-1887, d. 1972. Charlotte died 1990.


i Charlotte Lois Turner b. 1914, d. 1956.

ii Margaret Pauline Turner b. 1917, m. 1940, Stephen B. Achter, b. 1915.

iii Elizabeth Murray Turner b. 1921, m. 29-APR-1946, Collin Edison Ostrander, b. 1920.

124. Alexander Crichton (48.Sarah3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 30-JUL-1856, m. 11-AUG-1886, in Murray Harbour No., PEI, Adelaide Louise MacKay, b. 1863, P.E.I., d. 15-SEP-1939. Alexander died 14-DEC-1942.


i Gail Crichton m. __________ Staumbaugh.

125. Louise Ann Barkwell (Lucy) Crichton (48.Sarah3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 29-OCT-1868, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 20-JAN-1894, Wellington Alexander Johnston(e), Capt., b. 1870, (son of __________ Johnstone and Flora __________) d. 1949, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm. Louise died 1962, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.


i Muriel Anita Johnston(e) b. 1902, d. 1976, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.

ii Harry Crichton Johnston(e) b. 1904, d. 1963, buried: Lower Montague, PEI, United Methodist Cm.

126. Henrietta Maria Crichton (48.Sarah3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 18-SEP-1871, m. 12-OCT-1895, Oliver Orman Reynolds, b. 16-SEP-1866, d. 01-MAY-1910. Henrietta died 1962.


i Emery Tristram Reynolds b. 30-JUL-1896, m. 15-APR-1916, Unknown.

127. Mary Sencabaugh (49.John3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 21-OCT-1875, Cleveland, OH, m. (1) 23-SEP-1896, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Edward G. Boltz, m. (2) __________ Speicher.

Children by Edward G. Boltz:

i Stanley Boltz b. 01-FEB-1897, Cleveland, OH.

128. Lucy Evelyn Sencabaugh (49.John3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 21-SEP-1881, Cleveland, OH, m. 23-OCT-1901, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, William I. Dorn, b. ca. 1880, Cleveland, OH.


i (Son) Dorn b. 21-DEC-1902.

129. Lillian May Sencabaugh (50.James3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 02-SEP-1871, Clifton, PEI, bapt: 13-OCT-1872, Kensington, PEI (United Church), m. 11-AUG-1896, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Stephen G. Rusk.


i Georgiana Rusk b. 01-MAR-1901, Cleveland, OH.

130. Sarah (Sadie) Margaret Sencabaugh (50.James3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ca. 1873, Nova Scotia, m. 29-NOV-1899, Walker Edwin Benfield, b. ca. 1870, England.


i James K. Benfield b. 07-APR-1901, Cleveland, OH.

ii William H. Benfield b. 27-MAR-1903, Cleveland, OH.

iii (Son) Benfield b. 17-APR-1906.

iv (Son) Benfield b. 05-MAR-1908, Cleveland, OH.

131. George Henry Sencabaugh (50.James3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. ??-MAR-1875, Cleveland, OH, m. 30-OCT-1900, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Jeanette Florence Siegrist, b. ca. 1875, Cleveland, OH, d. 1950, buried: 17-MAY-1950.


i Jean Sencabaugh m. __________ Kraus.

132. Albert Franklin Sencabaugh (51.Benjamin3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 06-DEC-1873, Murray River, P.E.I., m. 14-DEC-1898, in Charlestown, MA, Mary Ann McLellan, b. 10-OCT-1878, Five Islands, Colchester Co., NS, (daughter of George McLellan and Hannah McAloney) d. 29-OCT-1959, Parrsboro, NS, buried: Parrsboro, NS. Albert died 07-APR-1953, Springhill Hosp., Cumberland Co., NS, buried: Parrsboro, NS.


i Myrtle Irene Sencabaugh b. 15-NOV-1900, Massachusetts, m. 01-JUL-1918, Arnold Halliday. Myrtle died 30-SEP-1978, Springhill, NS, buried: Parrsboro, NS (United Church Cemetery).

ii George Horton Sencabaugh b. 03-JUN-1903, Everett, MA, m. 05-NOV-1926, in Waltham, MA, Gladys Snellgrove, b. 23-JUL-1906, Lore Island Cove, Newfoundland, d. ??-OCT-1983. George died ??-DEC-1968, buried: Gethsemane, W.Roxbury, MA.

iii Gerald Sencabaugh b. 01-JUL-1905, Everett, MA, m. (1) Zita Emmond, m. (2) Frances __________, m. (3) Doris Howe, b. 16-AUG-1907, d. 15-FEB-1991. Gerald died 17-JAN-1993, Worcester, MA, buried: 19-JAN-1993, Auburn, MA (Hillside Cemetery.

iv Albert Llewelyn Sencabaugh b. 06-JUN-1907, Parrsboro, NS, m. 16-AUG-1930, in Rumford, ME, Helen Lengwin, b. 12-JAN-1910, d. 10-OCT-1992, Attleboro, MA. Albert died 17-MAY-1989, Attleboro, MA.

v Margaret Hanna Sencabaugh b. 13-JUL-1909, Parrsboro, NS, m. 17-AUG-1927, Russell Spencer.

vi Harold Lawson Sencabaugh b. 18-SEP-1912, Parrsboro, NS, m. Josephine Brown, b. 09-DEC-19??. Harold died ??-OCT-1985, Amherst, NS, buried: Parrsboro, NS (United Church Cemetery).

vii Laura Henrietta Sencabaugh b. 09-JAN-1915, Parrsboro, NS, m. 20-MAY-1978, in Sackville, NB, Stewart Coffey, b. 13-JUN-1916, Saint John, NB, d. 17-JUN-1989, Sackville, NB, buried: 23-JUN-1989, Parrsboro, NS (United Church Cemetery).

viii Ethel Rose Sencabaugh b. 27-JUL-1918, Parrsboro, NS, bapt: 1940, Parrsboro, NS, m. 09-AUG-1941, in Parrsboro, NS, Carlos Ripley, b. 12-MAY-1918, Oxford, NS, d. 05-FEB-1989, Dartmouth, NS, buried: 02-JUL-1989, Parrsboro, NS (United Church Cemetery).

133. Charlotte Olivia Sencabaugh (51.Benjamin3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 01-APR-1875, m. Herbert Atherton, d. ??-MAY-1962. Charlotte died 04-SEP-1961, Providence, RI.


i Mildred Atherton.

134. Mary Jane (Jennie) Sencabaugh (51.Benjamin3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 12-NOV-1878, m. 17-SEP-1902, George Munroe MacLeod. Mary died 07-NOV-1943, Medford, MA, buried: Oak Grove Cemetery.


i Geraldine Catherine MacLeod b. 12-SEP-1904, d. 07-JUL-1972, Medford, MA.

ii Clifford MacLeod b. 13-SEP-1905, d. 17-NOV-1905.

iii Marguerite MacLeod b. 24-OCT-1906, m. 27-SEP-1933, Arthur Lord Spofford, b. 12-JAN-1907, Charlestown, MA.

iv George Munroe MacLeod, Jr. b. 07-AUG-1912, m. Dorothy Crosby. George died 24-MAY-1985, buried: 28-MAY-1985, Wadsworth, KS (Fort Leavenworth Cem.).

v Barbara MacLeod b. 11-OCT-1922, m. (1) 06-OCT-1945, Robert Miles York, m. (2) 14-FEB-1974, Peter Hodshon.

135. William Clements Sencabaugh (51.Benjamin3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 01-MAY-1885, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 30-MAR-1910, in Medford, MA, Jessie Ann MacLeod, b. 15-JUN-1887, Beach Point, P.E.I., bapt: 27-JAN-1890, (daughter of George Amos MacLeod and Ann Matheson) d. 20-AUG-1963, Medford, MA, buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA. William died 24-MAY-1956, Boston, MA, buried: Medford, MA.


i William Elmer Sencabaugh b. 28-SEP-1910, Medford, MA, m. 29-NOV-????, Lillian Marguerite Reinold, b. 26-DEC-1917, d. 1987, Medford, MA, buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA. William died 02-DEC-1975, Medford, MA, buried: 05-DEC-1975, Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA.

ii Jenny Doris Sencabaugh b. 05-JUL-1913, Medford, MA, bapt: 1931, Medford, MA (First Baptist Church), m. 13-APR-1936, in Plaistow, NH, Walter Murray MacCully, b. 10-JUN-1911, Medford, MA, (son of Shervington Vance MacCully and Mabel Bertha Cook) d. 08-NOV-1981, Medford, MA.

iii Albert MacLeod Sencabaugh b. 29-AUG-1915, Medford, MA, m. 23-OCT-1943, Elsa Anderson, b. 09-FEB-1917.

iv Hazel Orpah Sencabaugh b. 31-OCT-1917, Medford, MA, m. Roger Woodcock. Hazel died 22-JUN-1937, Lynn, MA, buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA.

v John Alden Sencabaugh b. 04-JAN-1922, Medford, MA, m. 18-NOV-1944, in Memphis, TN, Jean Copeman, b. 14-JUL-1921, Kingwood, WV, (daughter of John Frederick Augustus Copeman and Otta Ethel Schaeffer). John died 11-NOV-1993, Medford, MA, buried: 15-NOV-1993, Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA.

vi Jean Grace Sencabaugh b. 28-AUG-1927, Medford, MA, m. 29-JAN-1949, in Medford, MA, Arthur Gilman Fraser, b. 11-AUG-1920, Medford, MA.

136. Alberta Irene Sencabaugh (51.Benjamin3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 28-APR-1888, m. Brad Woodward, d. 30-OCT-1961. Alberta died 10-DEC-1957.


i Nancy Irene Woodward b. 23-JUN-1934, Cranston, RI, m. 08-AUG-1953, Kenneth Overwood Bosworth, b. 05-AUG-1932, Fall River, MA.

137. Laura Henrietta Keough Sencabaugh (51.Benjamin3 , 10.Charlotte2 , 1.Elizabeth1 ) b. 03-JUL-1892, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. (1) 01-DEC-1920, Lemuel Gordon Prowse, b. 1893, (son of Albert P. Prowse and Willimina A. Kirkland) d. 07-OCT-1984, m. (2) Norbert Tremblay, b. 24-FEB-1888, Emqui, Quebec, d. 04-NOV-1976, Tampa. FL, buried: Garden of Memories, Tampa, FL. Laura died ??-APR-1980, Tampa. FL, buried: Garden of Memories, Tampa, F:.

Children by Norbert Tremblay:

i Lucille Tremblay b. 20-AUG-1934, Providence, RI, m. 15-AUG-1953, in Providence, RI, Edward Greist Grimsey, b. 28-APR-1930, Peach Bottom, PA.

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