The Descendants of Jean Nicholle and Marguerite (Margaret) Pullem

Of Guernsey

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The Descendants of Jean Nicholle and Marguerite (Margaret) Pullem

In May, 1806, a group of families from St. Peter Port, Guernsey, arrived in Prince Edward Island, where they settled near Murray Harbour. Of this group, at least three of the families were already closely related. Elizabeth Pullem, the wife of Henry Brehaut, and Frances (Francoise) Pullem, the wife of Daniel Machon were sisters. A third sister, Marguerite Pullem, was the widow of Jean Nicolle; her son John Thomas Nicolle seems to have been part of the immigrant group.

Click on the family name to see four generations of each of these related families.

For additional reading on these families, newsletters #60,61,62, 63, and 64 of PEIGS contain an excellent series of articles by Sally Lomas.

Generation One

1. Marguerite (Margaret) Pullem b. 27-DEC-1774, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, bapt: 06-JAN-1775, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, m. (1) 17-MAR-1794, in St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Town Church), Jean Nicole, b. 19-APR-1773, Castel, Guernsey, C.I., bapt: 25-APR-1773, (son of Hellier Nicolle and Marie Ingroville) m. (2) 17-DEC-1808, in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Jean Sullivan.

Children by Jean Nicole:

i Marguerite Nicolle b. 26-JUN-1794, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, bapt: 29-JUN-1794, buried: 28-OCT-1796, St.Peter Port, Guernsey (Town Church Cm).

2. ii John Thomas b. 08-JUN-1796.

Second Generation

2. John Thomas Nicolle (1.Marguerite1 ) b. 08-JUN-1796, Guernsey, bapt: 12-JUN-1796, m. (1) 1821, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Elizabeth Machon, b. 07-DEC-1804, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, bapt: 24-DEC-1804, (daughter of Daniel Machon and Francoise (Frances) Pullem) d. 23-DEC-1838, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) Margaret Irving, b. 1803, P.E.I., d. 01-APR-1885, buried: Murray Harbour SO. John died 26-JUL-1856, White Sands, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour SO.

Children by Elizabeth Machon:

3. i Margaret b. 22-SEP-1822.

ii Mary Ann Nicolle b. 04-SEP-1824, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: ??-MAR-1825, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Charles Cupps.

iii John Nicolle b. 08-DEC-1826, bapt: 05-MAR-1827, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

iv Frances Nicolle b. 30-DEC-1828, bapt: 13-SEP-1829, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

4. v John Thomas b. 16-FEB-1833.

5. vi William Pullem b. 06-JAN-1835.

6. vii Elizabeth Catharine Cowan b. 21-NOV-1838.

Children by Margaret Irving:

viii James Henry Nicolle b. 1844, P.E.I., m. Mary Harris, b. 1845, (daughter of George Harris and Jane MacLeod) d. 1930, buried: Murray Harbour SO. James died 1927, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

Third Generation

3. Margaret Nicolle (2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 22-SEP-1822, P.E.I., bapt: Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 1842, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Thomas Jackson Henry, b. 1815, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, d. 09-JAN-1899, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (United Church Cem.). Margaret died 17-MAY-1902, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (United Church Cem.).


i John Sullivan Henry b. 13-SEP-1843, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: ??-NOV-1843, d. 20-JAN-1921, Calgary, AB, buried: 22-JAN-1921, Calgary, AB (Union Cemetery).

ii Elizabeth Henry b. 14-AUG-1845, bapt: 14-DEC-1845.

7. iii Thomas b. 23-NOV-1847.

iv Charles Copp Henry b. 14-NOV-1849, bapt: 26-MAY-1850.

8. v Elkanah James b. 07-AUG-1851.

vi Margaret Ann Henry b. 18-AUG-1853, bapt: 18-JUN-1854.

vii Benjamin Henry b. 05-DEC-1855, bapt: 08-MAY-1856.

viii Mark Watson Henry b. 15-DEC-1857, bapt: 27-JUN-1858.

ix William Nicolle Henry b. 13-NOV-1859, bapt: 03-JUN-1860.

9. x Ezra Matthew b. 24-JUL-1862.

10. xi Mary Ella Jane b. 24-NOV-1865.

4. John Thomas Nicolle (2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 16-FEB-1833, bapt: 24-MAR-1833, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. 09-MAR-1857, Elizabeth Horton Clements, b. 27-SEP-1837, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., bapt: 21-OCT-1838, (daughter of William Clements and Mary Ann Sencabaugh) d. 16-JAN-1925. John died 24-MAY-1914, White Sands, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


11. i Mary Ann (Mae) Clements b. 24-DEC-1857.

12. ii Jane Elizabeth b. 21-DEC-1859.

iii Louisa Margaret Nicolle b. 29-FEB-1862, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 24-AUG-1862, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., d. 25-JUL-1955, Guernsey Cove, P.E.I.

13. iv William John (Red Will) b. 28-MAY-1864.

14. v Oliver Cromwell b. 15-MAY-1867.

15. vi Herbert Howard b. 03-OCT-1871.

16. vii Laura Cecilia b. ??-MAR-1874.

17. viii Lucius James b. 24-FEB-1877.

ix Albert Windsor Nicolle b. 19-APR-1879, White Sands, P.E.I., d. 08-MAY-1880, White Sands, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

x Alberta Maria Nicolle b. 19-APR-1879, White Sands, P.E.I., d. 12-MAY-1880, White Sands, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

5. William Pullem Nicolle (2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 06-JAN-1835, bapt: 13-SEP-1835, m. Janet Eliza (Jane) Arnett, b. 1837, Kings Co., PEI, d. 17-MAR-1871, buried: Crapaud Cemetery, PEI.


i William Henry Nicolle b. ca. 1857, m. (1) Unknown, b. New Brunswick, m. (2) Anna Rossiter. William died ca. 1950, Providence, RI.

18. ii John Thomas b. 1859.

19. iii Hammond Johnston b. 03-FEB-1868.

iv Oliver Nicolle.

20. v Emma.

vi Jane Nicolle.

vii James Nicolle.

viii Gertrude Nicolle.

ix William Nicolle.

6. Elizabeth Catharine Cowan Nicolle (2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 21-NOV-1838, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 26-JAN-1840, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. (1) Neil Penny, b. ??-SEP-1842, bapt: 06-MAR-1843, (son of James Penny and Isabella MacKay) d. bef. 1879, m. (2) 20-AUG-1879, James Clark, b. ca. 1847, P.E.I. Elizabeth died 1930, Forest Hills, Boston, MA.

Children by Neil Penny:

i Elizabeth Catherine McLane Penny b. 18-JAN-1865, bapt: 06-SEP-1865.

ii Samuel Penny b. 17-JUN-1867, bapt: 19-JUN-1867.

iii Eliza Mary Penny b. 17-MAY-1871, bapt: 31-AUG-1873, m. 20-APR-1892(L), David Sanders, b. 06-APR-1870, Murray River, P.E.I., bapt: 05-JUN-1870, (son of Robert Sanders and Elizabeth McLeod) d. 29-JAN-1899, buried: Gladstone Pioneer Cemetery, Murray River.

iv Isabella Jane Penny b. 26-APR-1873, bapt: 31-AUG-1873.

Children by James Clark:

v Eldridge N. Clark b. 1881.

Fourth Generation

7. Thomas Henry (3.Margaret3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 23-NOV-1847, bapt: 07-MAY-1845, m. Kate Marie Hadley, b. ca. 1858, d. 09-OCT-1887, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (United Church Cem.). Thomas died 23-APR-1935, Georgetown, P.E.I., buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (United Church Cem.).


i Albert Henry d. young.

ii Calveny Henry d. young.

8. Elkanah James Henry (3.Margaret3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 07-AUG-1851, P.E.I., bapt: 02-MAY-1852, m. Mary Porter, d. 1921. Elkanah died 1935.


i Margaret (Maud?) Henry b. 1875.

ii Clara Medlar Henry b. ??-DEC-1875, m. Andrew J. F. Lavers, b. ??-JUN-1870, (son of John Lavers and Margaret __________) d. ??-MAR-1953, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (Anglican Cemetery). Clara died ??-DEC-1944, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (Anglican Cemetery).

iii Bessie Henry b. ca. 1877.

iv Ethel Henry b. ca. 1879.

v Beatrice Henry b. ca. 1882.

vi Sullivan Henry b. ca. 1884, P.E.I., m. Lillian Publicover.

vii Ida Henry b. ca. 1887, P.E.I., d. 1910.

viii Percy James Henry b. ca. 1889, P.E.I., m. Agnes Solomon, d. 1962, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (R.C. Cemetery).

ix Maude Ann Henry b. 1891, m. William Charles Hobbs, b. 1869, (son of Arthur P. Hobbs and Eliza Broadwell) d. 1954, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (United Church Cem.). Maude died 1975, buried: Georgetown, P.E.I. (United Church Cem.).

x Winnie Henry.

9. Ezra Matthew Henry (3.Margaret3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 24-JUL-1862, bapt: 17-AUG-1862, m. 1888, Elizabeth Ann Bears, b. 1869, (daughter of Henry Alline Bears and Priscilla Jane Hawkins). Ezra died 1950, Boston, MA.


i Chester Henry b. 1889, m. Sarah Cole Beadle, b. 1892, Saint John's, NB. Chester died 1962, Swampscott, MA.

ii Elsie Louise Henry b. 1892, P.E.I., m. 1912, Arthur Joseph Hardy, buried: Forest Hills, Jamaica Plain, Ma. Elsie buried: Forest Hills, Jamaica Plain, Ma.

iii Mary Inez Henry b. 1893, P.E.I.

iv Frank Irving Henry b. 1895, P.E.I., m. (1) 1913, in Boston, MA, Bertha Wandelear, m. (2) Lulu Mae (Dewar) MacDonald.

v Harold Alline Henry b. 1898, East Boston, MA, m. 1925, Clara Eunice Farrar, b. 1906, d. 1979.

vi Vinton Carl Henry b. 1900, South Boston, MA, m. 1930, Annie C. Suirane, b. 1910, Pictou, NS.

10. Mary Ella Jane Henry (3.Margaret3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 24-NOV-1865, bapt: 01-JUL-1866, m. John MacDonald, Capt..


i Edna MacDonald b. 1897, Georgetown, P.E.I.

ii Vivian Margaret MacDonald b. 1907, m. Elmer McDonald.

11. Mary Ann (Mae) Clements Nicolle (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 24-DEC-1857, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 25-JUL-1858, m. (1) 04-OCT-1881, John R. Bailey, Capt. (changed his name from John Bull), b. 31-JUL-1857, Newfoundland, m. (2) John Daniel VanIderstine, b. 28-JUL-1858, bapt: 29-NOV-1858, (son of Alexander VanIderstine and Elizabeth Machon) buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Mary died aft. 1930.

Children by John R. Bailey, Capt.:

i Hattie Laura Bailey b. 03-DEC-1885, P.E.I., m. Henry Melville Coffyne, b. 08-SEP-1877, Savage Harbour, P.E.I., (son of William S. Coffin and Susannah __________) d. 01-SEP-1946, Regina, Sask. Hattie died ??-OCT-1920, Saskatchewan.

ii Minnie Machon Bailey b. 10-AUG-1886, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Oliver Edwards. Minnie died ??-OCT-1919.

iii Lois Bailey b. 03-JAN-1890.

iv Ida M. Bailey b. 10-OCT-1892, d. 27-SEP-1893, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

v (boy) Bailey d. age 3.

vi Nina Maud Bailey b. 30-AUG-1895, m. (1) in Saskatchewan, William Colbow, m. (2) __________ Ployart. Nina died 16-DEC-1980, B.C.

12. Jane Elizabeth Nicolle (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 21-DEC-1859, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 24-JUN-1860, m. 07-NOV-1885(L), Alexander D. (Sandy) MacDonald, b. 19-MAR-1862, (son of Hugh MacDonald and Mary Clow) d. 1942, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Jane died 01-JUN-1905, buried: Murray Harbour SO.


i Loren MacDonald b. ,3-JUN-1887, d. young, drowned.

ii Clifford MacDonald.

iii John Milton MacDonald b. 27-MAY-1889, d. 09-FEB-1973, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

iv Edna M. MacDonald b. ca. 1892, d. 13-JAN-1899, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

v Percy L. MacDonald b. 29-JAN-1897, d. 23-APR-1969, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

13. William John (Red Will) Nicolle (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 28-MAY-1864, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 19-DEC-1866, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. (1) 01-OCT-1891(L), Elizabeth Jane Bull, b. 1869, (daughter of David Bull and Elizabeth White) d. 1899, buried: Murray Harbour SO, m. (2) 26-NOV-1900, Margaret Jane Philips, b. 29-MAY-1880, (daughter of John Lemuel Phillips and Margaret Ann (Annie) Ferguson) d. 1927. William died 17-JUL-1942, White Sands, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

Children by Elizabeth Jane Bull:

i Florence (Florrie) Edith Nicolle b. 06-JUL-1892, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 09-APR-1894, m. Elmon Bradford Grover, b. 1889, Massachusetts, d. ??-NOV-1928, Massachusetts, buried: Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA. Florence died 30-AUG-1964, Massachusetts, buried: Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA.

ii Ella May Spargo Nicolle b. 08-DEC-1893, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 09-APR-1894, m. 29-APR-1914, in Medford, MA, James Arnold Denton, b. 15-MAR-1885, Westport, NS, (son of Charles Whitfield Denton and Emily Laura Julia Frost) d. 22-DEC-1971, Fridley, MN, buried: St. Anthony Village, MN. Ella died 25-MAR-1971, New Brighton, MN, buried: St. Anthony Village, MN.

iii Ethel Elizabeth Nicolle b. 03-NOV-1895, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 16-MAR-1899, m. 09-MAR-1921, William Spencer Sharam, b. 25-JAN-1891, (son of James Major Sharam and Charlotte Elizabeth Bell) d. 19-JUL-1977, Charlottetown, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Ethel died 31-MAR-1979, Charlottetown, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

iv Jeremiah (Jerry) Nicolle b. 19-MAR-1897, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 16-MAR-1899, m. Ethel B. MacNeill, b. 1903, (daughter of Lauchlin MacNeill and Eliza Penny) d. 01-APR-1966, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Jeremiah died 13-FEB-1973, Charlottetown, P.E.I., buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

v William Earle Nicolle b. 11-FEB-1899, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 16-MAR-1899, d. 1900, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

Children by Margaret Jane Philips:

vi William Earl Nicolle b. 15-MAY-1901, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 14-JAN-1902, m. 04-DEC-1929, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Lucy May White, b. 21-JAN-1911, Abney, P.E.I., bapt: 11-SEP-1918, (daughter of William Parker White and Harriet ("Hattie") May Roberts) d. 09-FEB-2000, Montague, P.E.I., buried: 11-FEB-2000, Murray Harbour, P.E.I. William died 07-FEB-1969, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Middle name spelled "Earle" on his baptismal record.

vii Lulu Sarah Nicolle b. White Sands, P.E.I., d. 1906 (ae. 3).

viii Irene Chapman Nicolle b. 1906, White Sands, P.E.I., d. 1925.

ix Laura Cecilia Nicolle b. 08-JUL-1908, White Sands, P.E.I., m. Samuel (Sam) John Beck, b. 23-APR-1898, (son of Henry Phillips Vere Beck and Mary Ann P. Buell) d. 27-JUL-1978, Montague, P.E.I., buried: Murray River Cemetery. Laura buried: Murray River Cemetery.

x Roy Nicolle b. 1910, d. in infancy.

xi Roy Nicolle b. 17-SEP-1913, White Sands, P.E.I., m. 08-AUG-1936, in Murray Harbour, P.E.I., Helen Margaret LeLacheur, b. 13-DEC-19??, (daughter of Percy McLeod LeLacheur and Minnie Elsie Bell). Roy died 08-MAR-1993.

xii Arnold Denton Nicolle b. 16-SEP-1915, White Sands, P.E.I., m. Jemima MacFarlane, (daughter of David MacFarlane and Agnes MacLennan). Arnold died 17-NOV-1993, Charlottetown, P.E.I., buried: 19-NOV-1993, Murray Harbour SO.

xiii Violet Annie Nicolle b. White Sands, P.E.I., d. in infancy.

14. Oliver Cromwell Nicoll (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 15-MAY-1867, White Sands, P.E.I., bapt: 19-APR-1868, Murray Harbour, P.E.I., m. Dora Augusta Joudrey, b. 1874, Nova Scotia, d. 1955. Oliver died 14-JUN-1949, Boston, MA, buried: 18-JUN-1949, Puritan Lawn, Peabody, MA.


i Albert Earl Nicoll b. 05-MAR-1899, m. (1) Louise __________, m. (2) Doris __________, d. ??-JUN-1973. Albert died 26-JUL-1962, Medford, MA.

ii Elsie Laura Nicoll b. 10-NOV-1900, Kings Co., PEI, m. (1) Warren Raymond French, m. (2) John Stanley, d. ??-JUN-1973.

iii Elva Louise Nicoll b. 03-MAR-1904, Medford, MA, m. Malcolm Gilson.

iv Arnold Oliver Nicoll b. 21-JUL-1906, Medford, MA, m. ca. 1945, Thelma Wheeler. Arnold died 1980, Medford, MA.

v Gladys Dora Nicoll b. 11-JAN-1914, Medford, MA, m. Michael DiPesa. Gladys died 17-MAR-1971.

15. Herbert Howard Nicolle (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 03-OCT-1871, White Sands, P.E.I., m. Margaret M. (Maggie) Campbell, b. Bonshaw, P.E.I. Herbert died 02-NOV-1952, Providence, RI, buried: Warwick, RI (Highland Cemetery).


i Etta M. Nicoll b. PEI?, d. 1979.

ii Eathon John Nicoll b. PEI?, m. Muriel __________, b. P.E.I.

iii Ivan Melbourne Nicoll b. ca. 1909, m. Lillian Hames, b. ca. 1908, d. 22-SEP-1967. Ivan died 04-JUL-1957, Rhode Island.

iv Kathryn Nicoll b. Providence, RI.

v Marion J. Nicoll b. Providence, RI, m. Axel J. Carlson.

vi Elizabeth C. (Lizzie) Nicoll b. Providence, RI?.

vii Glenn Herbert Nicoll b. Providence, RI?, m. Virginia Miller, b. ca. 1923, d. 1944. Glenn died 15-FEB-1980.

viii Edna Nicoll.

16. Laura Cecilia Nicolle (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. ??-MAR-1874, White Sands, P.E.I., m. 27-MAR-1895, in White Sands, P.E.I., Reuben Willard Penny, Capt., b. 14-DEC-1872, (son of Vere Beck Penny and Mary Ellen Cahoon) d. 02-SEP-1939, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Laura died 20-SEP-1896, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.


i Alonzo Willard Penny b. 05-SEP-1895, d. 29-NOV-1921, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

ii Baby Boy Penny b. 04-SEP-1896, d. 10-DEC-1896, buried: Murray Harbour, P.E.I.

17. Lucius James Nicoll (4.John3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 24-FEB-1877, White Sands, P.E.I., m. Elizabeth J. (Ida) Philpot, d. 18-JUN-1947, Melrose, MA, buried: Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA. Lucius died 22-JUL-1961, Maryland.


i Lester J. Nicoll d. 07-JAN-1972, Melrose, MA, buried: Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA.

ii Audrey Nicoll b. Melrose, MA, m. J. Paul Bateman, d. 1962.

18. John Thomas Nicolle (5.William3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 1859, m. (1) 11-JAN-1886(L), Catherine E. (Inez?) Kennedy, b. ca. 1866, (daughter of Robert Kennedy and Mary __________) d. 03-DEC-1888, buried: Murray Harbour No., PEI, m. (2) Catherine (Katie) A. MacKay, b. 1870, (daughter of Hugh MacKay and Mary __________) d. 1933, buried: Murray Harbour SO. John died 1939, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

Children by Catherine E. (Inez?) Kennedy:

i Inez Nicolle.

Children by Catherine (Katie) A. MacKay:

ii Mamie (Mary A.) W. Nicolle b. 23-AUG-1891, m. Ezra Beck, b. 02-DEC-1884, (son of Richard T.F. Ford Beck and Catherine Penny) d. 15-JUL-1946, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Mamie died 21-JUL-1913, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iii Lulu Nicolle b. 1893, m. (1) Joseph Livingstone, d. 1919, m. (2) Bert Lumsden. Lulu died 1976.

iv Margaret Elizabeth Nicolle b. 28-MAR-1894, m. George Seymour Cooper, b. 06-MAY-1895, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Margaret died 06-JUN-1968, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

v Harry Gladstone Nicolle b. 1897, m. Ann Davey. Harry died 1978.

vi Lillian Beatrice Nicolle b. 06-JUL-1899, m. George Ivan MacKenzie, b. 07-JUL-1901, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Lillian died 05-JUL-1973, buried: Murray River Cemetery.

vii Eda L. Nicolle b. 1903, d. 1916, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

viii Charlotte Nicolle.

19. Hammond Johnston Nicolle (5.William3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) b. 03-FEB-1868, m. 11-FEB-1892(L), Mary Ann MacLeod, b. 09-FEB-1872, d. 1954, buried: Murray Harbour SO. Hammond died 1958.


i Leland (Lea) Sanford Nicolle b. 06-MAY-1892, m. 19-OCT-1921, Pearl Evelyn MacKinnon, b. 1903. Leland died 09-JUL-1988, buried: Murray River Cemetery.

ii Clarence Oliver Nicolle b. 10-FEB-1894, m. Ella J. Bears, b. 27-JUL-1896, (daughter of Lemuel Bears and Frances __________) d. 1975, buried: Murray River Cemetery. Clarence died 1988, buried: Murray River Cemetery.

iii James William Nicolle b. 03-JUN-1897, d. 1910, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

iv Arnett Lowell Nicolle b. 09-FEB-1899, m. Sara Isabelle Stewart, b. 1911, White Sands, P.E.I.

v Audrey Alexandra Nicolle b. 1902, d. 1923, buried: Murray Harbour SO.

vi Emma Isabelle Nicolle b. 21-OCT-1904, m. Ray Stewart, (son of John E. Stewart and Alfreda Schurman Jordan). Emma died 11-MAR-1982.

vii Hammond Floyd Nicolle b. 1911, m. Kaye Stewart.

20. Emma Nicolle (5.William3 , 2.John2 , 1.Marguerite1 ) m. James Shaw.


i James Shaw b. bef. 1885.

ii Arnett Shaw b. ca. 1886, d. 1976.

iii Edward Shaw d. 1975.

iv Hooper Shaw.

v Pansy Shaw.

vi Janet Shaw m. Jack MacLure. Janet died 1976.

vii Nellie Shaw d. 1976.

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