P. E. Islanders in the Sask. (Assiniboia W., NWT) 1891 Census Database Search!

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P. E. Islanders in the Sask. (Assiniboia W., NWT) 1891 Census Database Search!

Note: Christina Klarenbeek, [email protected] sent me a typed list made from notes she took of Prince Edward Islander's she found while viewing the microfilm (T6426) of the Sask. 1891 Census. (Actually more properly called Assiniboia W., NWT, as Sask. did not become a province till 1904. Assiniboia E., NWT will be found on the Alberta 1891 census extract here on the Register). Thank you, Christina, for going to so much effort in our behalf.

I have taken these notes, and put them into database format. As is often the case in censuses, there may be some individuals missed due to incomplete information in the census, a notable example; those listed as being from Canada rather than their province of origin.

Note: One interesting family in this document is that of Hugh Montgomery, the father of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Following the second marriage of Hugh, Lucy visited them at the age of 16. She showed up in this census, while on that visit, along with the two half-siblings born by census taking time.

Please note, due to the dual transcription of this information, first from notes to typewritten form, then to database format, there will be some errors and omissions. Use this database as a finding aid only, and please view the census film to verify information found herein. Every attempt has been made to keep this document true to the original. However, transcription/translation errors do occur, and in any case where there is any question, the original document should always be checked. Name spellings are as in the original document.

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