PE Islanders in the 1891 Alberta and NWT Census - An Extract

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Submitted by - Robert E. Pierce - [email protected]

Another wonderful Census extract by Bob Pierce! Bob has taken the Alberta and NWT (Assiniboia E.) 1891 and 1901 censuses and extracted all families with PEI connections, and we present it here for you. Please be aware that there may be transcription errors, and that once you have found your relatives, you should check the original census for accuracy and more information. This is intended as a finding aid only. To assist you in finding names within the census, please use your Browser's "find" function. You will find it under Edit/Find. This page is very wide- use your scroll bars to scroll across the table. It is also very large.... Please give time for the table to load. The area known as Assiniboia West was also part of the 1891 and 1901 census for the Northwest Territories. Most of it encompasses what is now Saskatchewan which became a province only in 1904, but it includes Medicine Hat as well. You may access it by clicking on the Assiniboia West link above.

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H- Head SSon- Step Son
SDau- Step Daughter GSon - Grand Son
GDau - Grand Daughter Bdr - Boarder
Lod - Lodger BLaw - Br. in law
Bro - Brother Sis - Sister
Dom - Domestic Nep - Nephew
Serv - Servant Bapt - Baptist
Presb - Presbyterian R C - Roman Catholic
Meth - Methodist C E - Church of England/Anglican
Breth - Bretheren Cong - Congregational

PEIers in Alberta in 1891 Census

Alberta and Assiniboine East (NWT)

Surname, GivennameAgeRelationP.of B. #PlaceReligionOccupationNotes
Ings, J Walter36HeadPEIT6425CalgaryC E Cattle Breeder 
Ings, Francis J29WifeOntT6425CalgaryCE  
Ings, Fred Wm30BroPEIT6425CalgaryCECattle Breeder  
Riley, Daniel E31HeadPEIT6425CalgaryPresbHotel keeper 
Riley, Edith C28WifePEIT6425CalgaryPresb  
Thompson,Fulton E22LodPEIT6425CalgaryPresbLabourer 
Henry, John47HeadPEI T6425CalgaryMethFarmer 
Henry, Maryann45WifePEIT6425CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Louise Jane23DauPEIT6433CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Matilda Alice22DauPEIT6434CalgaryMeth  
Henry, William20SonPEIT6435CalgaryMeth  
Henry, John Herbert19SonPEIT6436CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Millicent M17DauPEIT6437CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Alma Addie Drucilla11DauPEIT6438CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Benjamin F10SonPEIT6439CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Clifford Rice6SonPEIT6441CalgaryMeth  
Henry, Reginald3SonPEIT6442CalgaryMeth  
Saunders, Isac [sic]18BorPEIT6443CalgaryMethHarness maker 
McCalister, Robert24DomPEIT6444CalgaryPresbFarm Lab 
Matthews, Malcolm46 PEIT6445CalgaryPresbBlacksmith 
McRae, Thomas38 PEIT6446CalgaryPresbTeamster  
Bruce, J J40 PEIT6447CalgaryC ESection Foreman 
Clark, M G46HeadPEIT6448CalgaryMethCarpenter 
Clark, Emma [sic]36WifePEIT6449CalgaryMeth  
Clark, Louise18DauPEIT6450CalgaryMeth  
Clark, Edmond [sic]13SonPEIT6451CalgaryMeth  
Clark, Ingham12SonPEIT6452CalgaryMeth  
Clark, Hattie8DauNWTT6453CalgaryMeth  
Tupman, [sic] James36 NWTT6454CalgaryMeth[?]  
Mansfield, William22 PEIT6455CalgaryMethTeamster 
Mansfield, Jessie18 PEIT6456CalgaryMeth  
Mansfield, Prescilla20 PEIT6457CalgaryMethSchoolteacher 
McDonald, Donald56BorPEIT6458CalgaryPresbFarmerParents b. US
Bue, Flora34WifePEIT6459CalgaryPresbHusb.Archie 
McNeil, Duncan29BorPEIT6460CalgaryPresbFarm Labsame house
Smith, Fred. Stanley25HeadPEIT6461DavisburgC EFarmer 
Smith, Alex H23BroPEI T6462DavisburgC EFarmer 
Smith, Francis18BroOntT6463DavisburgC EFarmer 
McNeil, Hugh73HeadScotT6464DavisburgPresbFarmer 
McNeil, Catherine70WifeScotT6465DavisburgPresb  
McNeil, Hector25SonPEIT6466DavisburgPresbFarmer 
McNeil, Duncan27SonPEIT6467DavisburgPresbFarmer 
Harris, C F24HeadPEIT6468CalgaryC EClerk 
Harris, W H22LodPEIT6469CalgaryC EClerk 
Higgs, F F25LodPEIT6470CalgaryC Ecabinet maker 
Stumbles, S R38LodPEI T6471CalgaryMethNWMP constable 
McLean, James N30HeadPEIT6472Battle RiverPresbFarmer  
Hopgood, William18 PEIT6473Battle RiverMethAsst Cook  
Ross, Catherine45WifePEIT6474EdmontonPresb  
Burns, William J41HeadScotT6475EdmontonPresbFarmer 
Burns, Mary40WifePEIT6476EdmontonPresb  
Burns, Ellen C0.5DauNWTT6477EdmontonPresb  
McDonald, Sarah5LodNWTT6478EdmontonPresb  
McDonald, Christina3LodNWTT6479EdmontonPresb  
Squarebriggs, James32 PEIT6480EdmontonPresbMiller 
McKinley, Daniel42 PEIT6481Fort SaskPresbFarmer 
McDonald, D J32LodPEIT6482MacLeodR CPlasterer 
McDonald, Kenneth26HeadN ST6483MacLeodPresbMiner 
McDonald, Biltich [sic]23WifePEIT6484MacLeodPresb  
McDonald, Jane5DauN ST6485MacLeodPresb  
McDonald, Christie3DauN ST6486MacLeodPresb  
Kinlay, P W23LodPEIT6487MacleodC ELabourer 
Milburn, Frank33HeadOntT6488LethbridgeC EDoctor 
Milburn, Louise32WifePEIT6489LethbridgeC E  
Milburn, Frank2SonABT6490LethbridgeC E  
Milburn, Helen1DauABT6491LethbridgeC E  
Gay, William32HeadPEIT6492LethbridgeR CCarpenter 
Gay, Ann26WifeN BT6493LethbridgeR C  
Gay, Florence2DauABT6494LethbridgeR C  
Gay, Albert0.6SonABT6495LethbridgeR C  
Cody, George29HeadPEIT6496LethbridgeR CCarpenter 
Cody, Catherine23WifeOntT6497LethbridgeR C  
Cody, Duncan3SonABT6498LethbridgeR C  
Cody, Catherine0.5DauABT6499LethbridgeR C  
Cotton, Albert27HeadEngT6500LethbridgeMethClerkA R & C Co.
Cotton, Susie28WifePEIT6501LethbridgeMeth  
Cotton, Annie1DauNWTT6502LethbridgeMeth  
Cotton, Sarah0.3DauNWTT6503LethbridgeMeth  
Jenkins, Harold27 PEIT6504Pincher CreekC EVeterinary Doc. 
Murray, John57HeadIreT6505E AssiniboiaR CFarmer 
Murray, Sarah50WifePEIT6506E AssiniboiaR C  
Murray, Kate20DauPEIT6507E AssiniboiaR C  
Murray, Jenny17DauNBT6508E AssiniboiaR C  
McCleod, Malcum S27HeadPEIT6509E AssiniboiaPresbFarmer 
McCleod, Isabella30WifeABT6510E AssiniboiaPresb  
McCleod, Dougald3SonNWTT6511E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Joseph37HeadPEIT6512E AssiniboiaPresbCarpenterWidower
Ballison, Florence6DauMANT6513E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Richard60LodPEIT6514E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Hannah56WifePEIT6515E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Harvey26HeadABT6516E AssiniboiaPresbFarmer 
Ballison, Laura23WifeABT6517E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Joseph2SonMANT6518E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Verona1DauMANT6519E AssiniboiaPresb  
Ballison, Mary30LodPEIT6520E AssiniboiaPresb  
Bell, James63HeadPEIT6521E AssiniboiaMethCarpenter 
Bell, Jennet60WifeABT6522E AssiniboiaMeth  
Simpson, David37HeadN BT6523E AssiniboiaPresbFarmer 
Simpson, Mary37WifePEIT6524E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Revia19DauN BT6525E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Adella17DauN BT6526E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Nellie13DauN BT6527E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Frank11SonN BT6528E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Bessie8DauN BT6529E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Fred6SonN BT6530E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Cassie4DauN BT6531E AssiniboiaPresb  
Simpson, Eva2DauN BT6532E AssiniboiaPresb  
Taylor, David24HeadN BT6533E AssiniboiaPresbFarmerParents b. PEI
Taylor, Archibald21BroN BT6534E AssiniboiaPresb  
Johnson, George30HeadN BT6535E AssiniboiaMethFarmerFather b.PEI
Powell, James33HeadABT6536E AssiniboiaMethMinister 
Powell, Margaret23WifeManT6537E AssiniboiaMeth  
Powell, Winnifred3DauPEIT6538E AssiniboiaMeth  
Powell, Eva1DauNWTT6539E AssiniboiaMeth  
McNeill, Daniel67HeadPEIT6540E AssiniboiaBrethFarmer  
McNeil, Euphemia56WifeScotT6541E AssiniboiaBreth  
McNeil, Margaret20DauABT6542E AssiniboiaBreth  
McNeil, Eliza18DauABT6543E AssiniboiaBreth  
McNeil, Mary16DauABT6544E AssiniboiaBreth  
McNeil, Nellie11DauABT6545E AssiniboiaBreth  
Campbell, Archibald39HeadPEIT6546E AssiniboiaPresbFarmer 
Campbell, Jennet32WifePEIT6547E AssiniboiaPresb  
Campbell, William8SonMANT6548E AssiniboiaPresb  
Campbell, Margaret6DauNWTT6549E AssiniboiaPresb  
Campbell, Florence4DauNWTT6550E AssiniboiaPresb  
Campbell, Grace2DauNWTT6551E AssiniboiaPresb  
Campbell, Elizabeth0.5DauNWTT6552E AssiniboiaPresb  
Matheson, John23 PEIT6553E AssiniboiaMethNWMPConstable

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