Passenger List of the "Falmouth"

Sailed in 1770.

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This list is an aggregate list from several sources, perhaps the best is the article "The Falmouth Passengers" by Andrew B.W. MacEwen, published in "The Island Magazine", Number 10, Fall-Winter, 1981, pages 12-19. It is not our desire to go into the detail that Mr. MacEwen provided in his wonderful article, but to present only the passengers identified. Please refer to Mr. MacEwen's article for further information. This issue should still be available from the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation (PEIMHF). Click on the link to our info page about the Foundation and their publications.

Note that this is, by necessity, a reconstructed list, as no passenger list, per say is extant for the Falmouth, and is based in large part upon the Rev. Drummond's Journals, and P.E.I. Family Histories.

Departed: Greenock, Scotland.
Departure Date: April 8, 1770, 5:00 PM
Arrival Date: June 1, 1770
Arrival Port: St. Peters Bay, P.E.I., 9 AM, then moved on to Stanhope, P.E.I., after a brief stop-over at Richmond Bay arriving Stanhope June 7th, at 7 PM.
Owners: Messrs. Buchanan, Morrison & co., Greenock merchants.
Master: Captain McWhae

Rev. William Drummond
David Lawson, b. ca. 1715
Helen Lawson, b. ca. 1720, wife of David Lawson
William Lawson, b. ca. 1744, son of David Lawson
John Lawson, son of David Lawson
Name Unknown, wife of John Lawson
Isabella Lawson, b. ca. 1744, daughter of David Lawson
Elizabeth Lawson, b. 1756, daughter of David Lawson
James Lawson, b. ca. 1760, son of David Lawson
Robert Auld, b. ca. 1735, Blacksmith
Jean (Fissett) Auld, b. ca. 1745, wife of Robert Auld
John Auld, b. ca. 1766, son of Robert Auld
Jean Auld, b. ca. 1768, daughter of Robert Auld
William Auld, possibly son of Robert Auld
William Dewar, with his wife and family
John Jamieson, wife, and family
Alexander Jamieson, drowned Tracadie harbour April 11, 1771
Jean Jamieson b. ca. 1750 married 21 Dec. 1770
Lawrence Brown listed below
Catherine Jamieson, b. ca. 1755
Duncan McLaren and wife and family
Jean McLaren, b. ca. 1750, daughter of Duncan McLaren
Alexander McNab and his wife
John Miller, b. ca. 1730
Catherine McIvor, possible John's wife, though there is
some question
Catherine (Kitty) Millar b. ca. 1758, daughter of John Millar
Isabella (Bella) Miller b. ca. 1765, daughter of John Millar
Mary Miller, b. ca. 1767, daughter of John Millar
Possibly another child of John Millar's
William Robbins, bap. ca. 1738 and his wife
Jane Robbins, b. ca. 1767, daughter of William Robbins
Margaret Robbins, b. ca. 1769, daughter of William Robbins
Lawrence Brown b. ca. 1745 Weaver, married Jean Jamieson above
on 21 Dec 1770.
Samuel Brown (believed to be a brother of Lawrence)
Peter Leitch
D?? McCallum, possibly Dugald
Duncan McEwen, b. ca. 1745
William McEwen
John McGregor, b. ca. 1746, Weaver
John McLauchlan, drowned Tracadie Harbour April 11, 1771
Ebeneezer Taylor, and possibly wife to be
married in double ceremony with his brother
Nov 2, 1770 by Rev. Drummond
William Taylor, brother of Ebeneezer and
possibly wife to be (See note under Ebeneezer)

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