The Descendants of John Jardine and Isabella Meldream

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It is with deep regret that we must pass along the news of Carol's death which occured on March 22, 2002. Please see above link for Carol's Obituary.

The Descendants of John Jardine and Isabella Meldream

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 JARDINE was born Abt. 1680 in Scotland. He married ISABELLA MELDREAM/MELDRUM.


2. i. ALEXANDER2 JARDINE, b. 1728, Scotland; d. 1800.

Generation No. 2

2. ALEXANDER2 JARDINE (JOHN1) was born 1728 in Scotland, and died 1800. He married ISOBEL NICHOLE.


3. i. THOMAS JOSEPH3 JARDINE, b. December 14, 1757, Lockerbie, Scotland; d. November 15, 1818, Sandyford, Scotland.

ii. ALEX JARDINE, b. December 8, 1769, Scotland.

Generation No. 3

3. THOMAS JOSEPH3 JARDINE (ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born December 14, 1757 in Lockerbie, Scotland, and died November 15, 1818 in Sandyford, Scotland. He married JEAN DODD.

Notes for JEAN DODD: Jean was born 1767 and died 1837.

Children of THOMAS JARDINE and JEAN DODD are:

4. i. DR. JOHN4 JARDINE, b. May 15, 1796, Croftheads, Scotland; d. June 3, 1881, Morrell Stn, P.E.I.

ii. ANDREW JARDINE, b. March 20, 1791, Croftheads, Scotland; d. July 10, 1867; m. MARY IRVING.

Notes for MARY IRVING: Mary was born 1803 and died 1874.

iii. JOSEPH JARDINE, b. May 5, 1793, Croftheads, Scotland.

5. iv. WILLIAM JARDINE, b. 1799, Croftheads, Scotland; d. September 12, 1864, Morell, P.E.I.


Notes for DAVID JARDINE: David died soon after arriving from Scotland.

Generation No. 4

4. DR. JOHN4 JARDINE (THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born May 15, 1796 in Croftheads, Scotland, and died June 3, 1881 in Morrell Stn, P.E.I. He married SOPHIE ANDERSON February 11, 1829 in St. Peter's Bay, Prince Edward Island, daughter of DAVID ANDERSON and HELEN ROBBINS.

Notes for SOPHIE ANDERSON: Her age from the 1881 Census.

Children of DR. JARDINE and SOPHIE ANDERSON are:

i. ADELAIDE (ADDIE) HARRIET5 JARDINE, b. February 9, 1841.

ii. MARY ANNE JARDINE, b. February 9, 1838.

iii. MARGARET (MAGGIE) JARDINE, b. 1855; d. May 25, 1904.

Notes for MARGARET (MAGGIE) JARDINE: Maggie's birth and death is from Cemetery Records at Midgell, P.E.I.


v. EDWARD JARDINE, b. March 2, 1844; d. January 4, 1908.

Notes for EDWARD JARDINE: Edward did not marry.

vi. HENRY DAVID JARDINE, b. July 3, 1835.

6. vii. JOHN JARDINE, b. 1837, Morrell Stn, P.E.I; d. April 25, 1903, Morrell Stn, P.E.I.

viii. HELEN JARDINE, b. May 9, 1833, Kings Co., P.E.I; d. July 18, 1917, San Francisco, California, USA; m. BENJAMIN MACEWEN.

Notes for HELEN JARDINE: She was buried 20 July 1917 in Colma, San Mateo Co., California, USA.

Marriage Notes for HELEN JARDINE and BENJAMIN MACEWEN: They were married on PEI and migrated to California in the early 1850's.


x. HARRIET JARDINE, d. 1871, San Francisco, California, USA.

5. WILLIAM4 JARDINE (THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born 1799 in Croftheads, Scotland, and died September 12, 1864 in Morell, P.E.I. He married MARY MCLAREN December 17, 1835, daughter of DAVID MCLAREN and ELIZABETH PATIENCE.

Notes for WILLIAM JARDINE: At the time of the Census in 1861 they lived on the south side of St. Peter's Bay on Lot 40, there were two boys from 6 to 16, two boys from 16 to 21, two males from 21 to 45, and one male from 45 to 60. Two females from 6 to 16, one female from 21 to 45, one female from 45 to 60.

Notes for MARY MCLAREN: Mary was born 1815 and died January 31, 1884. I believe Mary is the daughter of David McLaren Sr. who also resided on Lot 40 and was from the same generation as William McLaren Sr. I have no idea if David and William Sr. are brothers or even related, it would seem that they would at least be related. I haven't been able to make that connection.

Mary a widow, age 66 years was living in Lot 40, Bangor/Morell Area of PEI during the 1881 Census in the Household of her son Wallace Jardine, age 27 years, along with her son Edward (Edwin) age 25, daughter Margaret (Maggie) age 23, and grandson William David Irving 12 years old who was born in the United States.

Mary seems to have spent most of her life in Lot 40 and 41, PEI. She must have died before 1891 as she did not appear in that census, she would have been 76 years old that year.

Marriage Notes for WILLIAM JARDINE and MARY MCLAREN: William and Mary were married by licence to John Jardine, J.P., witnesses were John Dixon and David McLaren, (I believe Mary is the daughter of David McLaren and Elizabeth Patience/Payton. Elizabeth is the sister of Esther Patience/Payton who married William MacEwen), this marriage was recorded the 18th day of April 1838.


i. JOHNSTON5 JARDINE, b. March 7, 1836, P.E.I.

Notes for JOHNSTON JARDINE: Johnston bought a farm and built a house on the road leading to what is now called Bangor, PEI, He never married. In 1891 he was 54 years old living as the head of a household with him was Fred and William Erwin both born in the USA.

7. ii. WILLIAM JARDINE, b. February 7, 1841, P.E.I; d. 1904.

8. iii. ALBERT JARDINE, b. Abt. 1843, P.E.I; d. Abt. 1925, P.E.I.

9. iv. SOPHIA JARDINE, b. Abt. 1843, Morell, P.E.I; d. August 14, 1876.

v. MARGARET (MAGGIE) JARDINE, b. December 31, 1852.

Notes for MARGARET (MAGGIE) JARDINE: Maggie did not marry, her birth date is taken from the 1901 Census.

vi. ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) JARDINE, b. Abt. 1853; d. January 20, 1889.

Notes for ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) JARDINE: Elizabeth is buried at Midgell Cemetery, Midgell, P.E.I.

vii. WALLACE JARDINE, b. Abt. 1854.

Notes for WALLACE JARDINE: Wallace never married.

viii. EDWARD "EDWIN" JARDINE, b. May 18, 1856.

Notes for EDWARD "EDWIN" JARDINE: Edwin never married.

ix. INFANT BOY JARDINE, b. Abt. 1857.

Generation No. 5

6. JOHN5 JARDINE (DR. JOHN4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born 1837 in Morrell Stn, P.E.I, and died April 25, 1903 in Morrell Stn, P.E.I. He married ISABELLA (BELLA) FALLA.

Notes for ISABELLA (BELLA) FALLA: She is the daughter of Thomas Falla and Phoebe Simmons.


i. HENRY MILTON6 JARDINE, b. December 31, 1865; d. November 9, 1937; m. MARGARET ISABELLA MATHESON.

ii. LAURA SOPHIA JARDINE, b. October 14, 1867.

iii. JOHN ALVIN JARDINE, b. January 1, 1870.

10. iv. ERNEST EDWARD JARDINE, b. February 11, 1873; d. May 27, 1962, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


vi. EDITH JARDINE, b. Abt. 1879.

vii. VICTOR WILLIAM JARDINE, b. 1880; d. October 12, 1899.

7. WILLIAM5 JARDINE (WILLIAM4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born February 7, 1841 in P.E.I, and died 1904. He married EMELINE ROBINS.

Notes for EMELINE ROBINS: Emeline was born in the USA, I do not know her parents yet.


i. MARY F.6 JARDINE, b. August 24, 1869; d. 1931.

ii. ELDORA JARDINE, b. Abt. 1870; d. 1938.

iii. WILLIAM IRVING JARDINE, b. March 13, 1875.

iv. MINNIE S. JARDINE, b. July 22, 1876.

v. ISABELLA E. JARDINE, b. February 28, 1880.

vi. MAGGIE JARDINE, b. August 6, 1881.

Notes for MAGGIE JARDINE: Maggie was born in Aug 1881.

8. ALBERT5 JARDINE (WILLIAM4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1843 in P.E.I, and died Abt. 1925 in P.E.I. He married MARTHA COMPTON March 2, 1880 in The Albion Hotel, Georgetown, PEI, daughter of JOHN COMPTON and MARY GRANT.

Notes for ALBERT JARDINE: The 1881 census lists Albert as 38 years old and the 1891 census lists him as 45 years old.

Notes for MARTHA COMPTON: Martha is the daughter of John Compton, born Belle River, PEI, and Mary Grant,who is the daughter of William Grant and Katherine Martin. She is also the granddaughter of William Compton and Mary Vaughan, parents of John Compton.

Martha's brother William Grant Compton married 1st. Catherine Saunders and then Francis Jane Robbins who was the daughter of James Robbins and Christine McLaren who was born in Cable Head, PEI. (Obviously another Cable Head McLaren)


12. i. WILLIAM6 JARDINE, b. November 16, 1881; d. 1937, P.E.I.

ii. MARY JARDINE, b. September 16, 1882, P.E.I; d. Abt. 1966, P.E.I; m. DANIEL G. COMPTON.

Notes for MARY JARDINE: Mary is buried in Free Church of Scotland Cemetery, Bangor, P.E.I., there is no stone.

Notes for DANIEL G. COMPTON: Daniel is the son of Mary Compton and George Compton. His mother Mary Compton was the daughter of John Compton and Mary Grant. His father George Compton was the son of Daniel/Donald Compton and Mary "Elizabeth" Bears. (They had six children)

iii. JOHN JARDINE, b. December 26, 1885; d. Abt. 1973.

Notes for JOHN JARDINE: John is buried in Free Church of Scotland Cemetery, Bangor, P.E.I., there is no stone.

iv. MARTHA ALBERTA "BERTIE" JARDINE, b. January 16, 1888; d. 1942; m. SIMON GRANT.

Notes for MARTHA ALBERTA "BERTIE" JARDINE: They lived in Belle River, P.E.I, Bertha is buried there.

Notes for SIMON GRANT: Simon is the son of Mary Compton and William Grant.

v. WALLACE JARDINE, b. July 12, 1891; d. Abt. 1974, P.E.I.

Notes for WALLACE JARDINE: Wallace is buried in Free Church of Scotland Cemetery, Bangor, P.E.I., there is no stone.

vi. LOUISA JARDINE, b. July 1, 1893; d. September 5, 1973, Bangor, P.E.I; m. MARTIN COMPTON.

Notes for LOUISA JARDINE: Lousia is buried in the Bangor Cemetery.

Notes for MARTIN COMPTON: Martin is the son of Mary Compton and George Compton and the grandson of John Compton and Mary Grant.

vii. DONALD JARDINE, b. June 14, 1895; d. December 12, 1970.

Notes for DONALD JARDINE: Donald is buried in Free Church of Scotland Cemetery, Bangor, P.E.I., there is no stone.

13. viii. LYDIA FRANCIS JARDINE, b. July 31, 1905, Bangor, Kings Co., P.E.I; d. January 25, 1994.

9. SOPHIA5 JARDINE (WILLIAM4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1843 in Morell, P.E.I, and died August 14, 1876. She married DAVID IRVING.

Notes for SOPHIA JARDINE: Sophia died from consumption and is buried at Midgell Cemetery, Midgell, P.E.I.

Notes for DAVID IRVING: He was born about 1841 in Murray Harbour, PEI. He died from consumption at 30 years of age in E. Boston, Mass., USA. He had two brothers George and John Irving, who went to the States with him


14. i. WILLIAM DAVID6 IRVING, b. July 13, 1868, 62 Bremer St., East Boston, Mass., U.S.A; d. July 12, 1962.

ii. FREDERICK IRVING, b. November 9, 1869.


Notes for AUGUSTUS IRVING: Augustus died in infancy.

Generation No. 6

10. ERNEST EDWARD6 JARDINE (JOHN5, DR. JOHN4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born February 11, 1873, and died May 27, 1962 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He married ADDIE MARY HALL.

Children of ERNEST JARDINE and ADDIE HALL are:

i. FOREST MILTON7 JARDINE, b. 1895; d. January 3, 1976; m. AMELIA WINGATE.



iv. CLAUDE AUSTIN JARDINE, b. 1898; d. February 6, 1976; m. VERLIE WOOD.


vi. JOHN IRWIN JARDINE, b. July 23, 1902; d. June 2, 1927; m. IRENE KORSA.

Notes for IRENE KORSA: Irene was born 1909 and died 1960.

vii. RESINALD ALFRED JARDINE, b. 1905; d. May 25, 1978; m. MARY ROWSON.

Notes for MARY ROWSON: Mary died in 1974.

viii. VICTOR WILLIAM JARDINE, b. 1907; d. January 13, 1976; m. ANN ANTON.


x. QUINTON KEN JARDINE, b. March 15, 1911; d. April 7, 1976; m. LORNA ISBISTER.

xi. EFFIE AKMAH JARDINE, b. 1915; d. 1971; m. DORI THORKELSON.

11. ANNA LOUISA BLANCHE6 JARDINE (JOHN5, DR. JOHN4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1878. She married HAROLD DAVIS in Chelmsford, Mass., U.S.A.

Notes for HAROLD DAVIS: He is the son of Albert H. Davis and Ellen Richardson.



12. WILLIAM6 JARDINE (ALBERT5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born November 16, 1881, and died 1937 in P.E.I. He married MARY GRACE COMPTON, daughter of JOHN COMPTON and FLORA MUNN.

Notes for WILLIAM JARDINE: William in buried in Belle River, P.E.I. Date of death is from the Loyalist Comptons of P.E.I.

Notes for MARY GRACE COMPTON: Mary is the daughter of John Henry Compton and Flora Grace Munn and the granddaughter of John Compton and Mary Grant.



Notes for GEORGE WILLIAM JARDINE: George died at the age of 2 years.



iv. JAMES JARDINE, b. 1915; d. 1995.

Notes for JAMES JARDINE: Birth and death info. from The Loyalist Compton's of P.E.I.




Notes for EVERETT JARDINE JARDINE: Everett died young.

13. LYDIA FRANCIS6 JARDINE (ALBERT5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born July 31, 1905 in Bangor, Kings Co., P.E.I, and died January 25, 1994. She married BENJAMIN "BENNY" COMPTON December 14, 1925 in Baptist Parsonage of Charlottetown.

Notes for BENJAMIN "BENNY" COMPTON: Benny was the son of John Henry Compton and Flora Grace Munn and the grandson of John Compton and Mary Grant.

Marriage Notes for LYDIA JARDINE and BENJAMIN COMPTON: Lydia and Bennie had 11 children some of them still living.

14. WILLIAM DAVID6 IRVING (SOPHIA5 JARDINE, WILLIAM4, THOMAS JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born July 13, 1868 in 62 Bremer St., East Boston, Mass., U.S.A, and died July 12, 1962. He married ALICE ANN JOHNSTON February 10, 1890 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Notes for WILLIAM DAVID IRVING: The following was taken from a copy of a document housed at the Provincial Archives, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

To my Family. Notes on my life Feb. 26, 1943.

I am getting along to that place that all humanity finally arrives at ..... "the end of the road."

Knowing this, and feeling that some record of my life, and of that of my forbearers, is due my family. I will endeavor to put down here as much of my life's doings that I believe may be of interest to those I leave.

I am writing this (this part at least) without any previous study or rehearsal, so there are, and there will be mistakes. Forgive them, My purpose is not to write an essay or novel, but to leave some information that may be of use or value to my immediate family - and to the families following.

My father, David Irving was born at Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island, and two brothers George and John, also, as far as I know were born there.

I do not know my grandfathers name nor do I know anything about where he or his wife came from; they may also have been natives of P.E.I. for all I know.

Father and his brothers came to Boston. Father was a carpenter, he was employed for some time in a sugar refinery, doing the necessary repairs and other carpentry work that is always necessary in such plants.

He met here, I do not know when or how, my mother, Sophia Jardine, who was born at Morell, P.E.I. The daughter of William and Mary Jardine. (more of that family later)

After the marriage of my father and mother, father built or bought two houses on Decaryur Street, now called Gove Street, East Boston.

I was born at 62 Bremer Street, East Boston on July 13, 1868. On November 9, 1869 another son, Frederick was born. Later I do not know the date, another boy came, Augustus. He died, I believe in infancy. I have no recollection of him at all, except what mother told me when I was seven or eight years old.

As far as I can make out from what few papers I have, father died at the early age of thirty, a victim of consumption.

I do not remember much about father. I was only about four years old at the time of his death.

I remember of seeing him in bed during his sickness. Mother had made or bought suits for Fred and me.

After dressing us in the new garments, she took us in so father could see us. The next and last thing I remember of my father was seeing him carried out in his coffin.

My memory is a blank to everything else at that period of my life.

When I was about seven years old mother took us for a visit to her mother, brothers and sisters (her father had died some years before) at Morell, P.E.I.

I remember something about them building a railroad on the Island at that time. We were only there for a short time, probably a month or two, and then returned to East Boston.

I went to school during this year and part of the next. The next summer (think it was) we again went to P.E.I. This time to stay for some time. It was shortly after our arrival there that mother died, also a victim of the dread disease that carried off my father. She was 37 at the time of her death. Fred and I continued to live with grandmother Jardine, and her two bachelor sons, Wallace and Edwin, and her maiden daughter Maggie, Elizabeth Jardine, another of our aunts had, for some years been in Boston, boarding part of the time with mother. About the time of mother's death she went back to P.E.I., where she lived with her bachelor brother, Johnston until her death, twelve years later.

The Jardines

Dr. John Jardine came from Edinburgh some time about 1825 ( other records show he came in 1821), He was the son of a merchant - who was at one time possessed of considerable wealth, but lost practically everything through the dishonesty of a man whom he had taken into partnership. Young John had attended the same college, although not in the same class that Thomas Carlyle attended. Some time before the Battle of Waterloo 1815, some soldiers, a press gang in fact, came to the school or college and took all the young men over sixteen years of age for the army. Carlyle had graduated in 1814 being then about nineteen. Evidently John Jardine, at that time, was not sixteen years old, so he escaped service in the army. Allowing that he was fifteen at that time, it would place the time of birth at 1799. Now I know that he died in 1885. I was at the funeral, and I was then seventeen years old. He was about 85 or 86 at the time of his death.

After graduating from Medical College, young Doctor Jardine made a trip, as Ships Surgeon, to Greenland in a whaling ship.

As I have already said, it was about 1825 that Doctor John Jardine landed on P.E.I. He bought a farm at Morell about thirty miles from Charlottetown. Here he lived and practiced his profession for about sixty years. He was, for at least one term, a member of the Provincial Legislature.

Some time shortly after he had settled at Morell, his father, mother and two brothers, William and, I think David also came to Morell. David never married and died some years after coming to Morell.

William Jardine was my grandfather - - my mother's father. His wife was Mary McLaren, one of the McLaren's of Cable Head.

William bought a farm a short distance from the Doctor's and started life as a farmer. He as well as his brothers had received a good education. He had intended to study medicine, but for some reason, perhaps because of his father's financial reverses, gave it up.

William and Mary Jardine had nine children, six boys and three girls who grew up to manhood and womanhood, and one boy who died in infancy.

Of this family of nine only three ever married: William married Emeline Robbins, - - Albert married Martha Compton, - - my mother Sophia married David Irving.

I do not know the date of my mothers birth. She was, I believe, the fourth child; Johnston was the eldest, followed by William and Albert.

Mother died in 1877, and was 37 years of age - placing her birth at about 1840, but I am not even sure about the date of her death. It may have been 1878, instead of 1877.

I maybe able yet to get some exact information about this.

Johnston Jardine had bought a farm, and built a house and barn on the road leading to what is now called Bangor.

When I was about 12 years old, my grandmother traded her farm, about 30 acres, with her son Johnston for his farm of 100 acres. I do not know any of the details of the trade. The reason I think, that Eddie and Wallace wanted more land to work. I continued to live with my grandmother, and her two sons and daughter; Fred lived with Johnston.

We both went to the Marsh Road School presided over by a Catholic lady whose name I have forgotten. Later on there was a Protestant teacher there, who in later years became Lt. Gov. of the Province. I think his name was Murdock McKinnon.

When I was about 16 years of age I went to the school in Bangor, a three mile walk morning and evening. The teacher was John McDougall. During one of the years that I went to the Bangor School there was a lady teacher, Flora McPhee who married one of the local boys, James Henry Robbins.

The last teacher I went to there was Robert Mclaughlin, who later became a Doctor, and practiced his profession at St. Peter's Bay.

In my 18th year I took an examination for entrance to Prince of Wales College and Normal School. I passed and went to Charlottetown to attend the school.


i. LESLIE W.7 IRVING, b. February 17, 1912, Boston, Mass., U.S.A; m. LUCY BURWOOD, September 9, 1937.

Notes for LUCY BURWOOD: She is the daughter of Ernest Burwood and Jane Gilligan.








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