The Journals of Mary and Eva Jeffery 1929, 1930

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Submitted by Carter W. Jeffery -

Carter is a co-author of the book, "The Jeffery Family of the Isle of Wight and Prince Edward Island". See P.E.I. Genealogy Books, CD's and Reviews Q-Z for further details on the book....

The Journals of Mary and Eva Jeffery

Lauretta, Prince Edward Island
5 mi NW of Alberton - Lot 3



The following has been transcribed from the original journals of Mary and Eva Jeffery, daughters of John "Spurgeon" and Dorcas (Collicutt) Jeffery of Lauretta, Prince Edward Island. Spurgeon was a successful farmer and building hauler.

The journals cover subjects such as the weather, church attendance, the visiting from home to home of neighbours and friends; annual planting and harvesting of crops; and all their routine daily chores.

Please forgive my errors if there be any, as I did my best to interpret the original handwritten journals from their original notebooks. There are five journals in total, they are as follows: #1-1926; #2-1927; #3-1929-30; #4-1937-41; #5-1942-46.

Carter W. Jeffery

January 1999



Beginning July 1929

July 25

Fine day. Frank Kelly here for to get George to spray his potatoes. I was to Parmenas Currie's.

July 26

Fine day. Fish peddler here. First raspberries.

July 27

Fine day. Gus O’Meara was here this morning and paid Ed MacRae's bill.

July 28

Fine day. We where all out to Kildare Cape Church and a drive to Mill River.

July 29

Fine day we where out to Libs and Donalds and Will Mountains and Ed McRae was here to sell car and horn. All out to Church.

July 30

Fine day. Arthur Clark was here this morn. Bona her for eggs.

Aug. 1

Fine day. Father at St. Louis Gallant here selling washing powder.

Aug. 2

Fine day. Big fire through on Albert O’Brien's. Parmenas here.

Aug. 3

Fine day.

Aug. 4

Rain all forenoon. We were all out to church. 2 turkeys left. Abe Collicutts was here, Foleys, and Everett Collicutt and Ray, 3 car loads.

Aug. 5

Fine, windy day.

Aug. 6

Fine day. Father took George Adams home. Finish farming.

Aug. 7

Fine day. Phillips was here to tea. Mother over to Jim Smith's.

Aug. 8

Fine day. Hauling in hay.

Aug. 9

Fine day. We were all out to church meeting about having picnic. Eva down to Dave's.

Aug. 10

Fine hot day. Finished hauling in hay.

Aug. 11

Rain this morn. We were all out to Jim Gillian's. Parmenas Currie was here. Jack Lewis and Brundage here for to get house hauled.

Aug. 12

Fine day. Mag, Sadie and Helen was here to tea.

Aug. 13

Fine day. We were all out to picnic.

Aug. 14

Fine day. Rain this morn. Bona here for eggs. Fred Deagle here for to get house hauled.

Aug. 15

We were all to Summerside to day. Mary got 2 teeth pulled, Eva one. Testers at cows.

Aug. 16

Fine day. Jim Currie here. Bill O’Halloran here.

Aug. 17

Fine day. Fred McRae here to sell car.

Aug. 18

Fine day. We were all to church, had new minister Mr. Bridgewater. We were all up to Able Collicutt's to tea. Parmenas Currie here.

Aug. 19

Cool, cloudy day.

Aug. 20

Rain this morn. Jess and 2 kids came this eve.

Aug. 21

Fine day. Jim MacNeill and Lib came in this eve. Eva and Jess went to Alberton.

Aug. 22

Eva went to Sackville this morn. Gass here looking at phone. Mother, George, Jess and 1 kid went to St. Louis. Father at shore and Anns. Louis here. Nettie, Kate Kinch here. 1 turkey left. Arthur Clark here for jacks.

Aug. 24

Raining all day.

Aug. 25

Fine day. We were all down to Dave's and Lib's.

Aug. 26

Fine day. Cliff Vincent was here.

Aug. 27

Fine day. Frank here for feed, oats. O’Halloran here selling fish. A fellow here, sold 2 cows.

Aug. 28

Fine day. Peter Bernard and Bona here for eggs. Phillips here to tea.

Aug. 29

Fine day. George Jeffery and Helen and 2 American girls here to dinner. Eva came down from Sackville to night.

Aug. 30

Fine day. Jessie left to day for Lot 7. sold 2 cows this morning. Cutting grass.

Aug. 31

Fine day.

Sept. 1

Fine day. We were all out to church in eve. Spriggs preached.

Sept. 2

Rain, nearly all forenoon. Father went to Black Smith's shop. George sick.

Sept. 3

Fine day. Joe Dunbar here to tell about old hens. Hauling in grain.

Sept. 4

Fine day. Bona here for eggs. Jack Tip-toe here selling fish. Matt Byers here.

Sept. 5

Fine day. John Gaudet's boy here for apples. Mother out to corner buying meat.

Sept. 6

Fine day. Gilwa here helping at grain.

Sept. 7

Rain in morning, fine in afternoon. Sold 2 bus. Apples.

Sept. 8

Fine day. Sold 3 bus. Apples. Jack Tip-Toe here selling. Louis here.

Sept. 9

Fine day. Sold 3 bus. Apples. At shore cutting grain. Ed Gaudett here. Hackett here for geese.

Sept. 10

Rain to day. Mrs. Richard Murphy here for geese. Father was out to Palmer Road selling apples.

Sept. 11

Thunder squall last night. Arthur Clark here with the jacks. Bona here for eggs. Took geese to Elmsdale. O’Halloran here for to get barn strained. Phillips here to tea, we were all out to church this eve.


Fine day. Matt Byers here, got square. Finished grain.

Sept. 13

Fine day. Father to Marchbank's lifting house.

Sept. 14

Rain last night, cloudy, misty today. Eva and George to St. Louis for watch. Harris Callaghan here for to get his house lifted.

Sept. 15

We were all out to church this morn. Malone and Philips in to dinner. We were all through to Ann's and George McInnes.

Sept. 16

Fine day. Father was through to shore with 4-1/2 bus. Apples. Steve and Bess was up for a few minutes. John Cummigan was here.

Sept. 17

Rain little in morn. We were all to Exhibition in afternoon. A fellow here selling fish. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

Sept. 18

Rain last night, rain to day. Bona and Frank Duggie here for eggs. Father and George out to Dock Road looking for calves. Lea McInnes here.

Sept. 19

Rain all afternoon. Got 4 calves this morning.

Sept. 20

Fine day. Got 4 calves this morn.

Sept. 21

Fine day. Will Irving was here. Mrs. Parmenas Currie was here.

Sept. 22

Fine day. We were through to O’Leary. Jim was up this eve.

Sept. 23

Fine day. Father through at Peter Callaghans lifting house.

Sept. 24

Fine day. We were up to carding mill this eve. Dick and Urbin Winters was here to dinner. Father at Will Irvings hauling shop. Benedick here for to get house lifted.

Sept. 25

Fine day. Bona here for eggs. Tip-toe here with fish. Philips and Harry Lewis here. We were to church and to Will Irvings for dad.

Sept. 26

Fine day. Dad up to Griffins fixing barn. Dave's and George's wife was up. Kennedy here for geese. Gaudett here for to get house hauled.

Sept. 27

Fine day. We were all to Summerside to day.

Sept. 28

Fine day. Father selling apples and tomatoes. Father at St. Louis paid policy.

Sept. 29

Rain misty. Philips here to dinner. We were all out to church this morn.

Sept. 30

Fine, cool day. Digging potatoes, 7 at them.

Oct. 1

Fine cool day. Took lambs to St. Louis. Harry Lewis here for cattle. Tip-toe here selling fish.

Oct. 2

Fine, cool day. Digging. Bona here for eggs.

Oct. 3

Rain hard all day.

Oct. 4

Rain last night, fine to day. We were to Alberton to day to get spring in car.

Oct. 5

Fine, cold day.

Oct. 6

Fine day. We were all out to church.

Oct. 7

Fine cool day. Digging potatoes.

Oct. 8

Fine day. Finished digging.

Oct. 9

Bona here for eggs. Father at St. Louis and for roles. Fine cool day. Got bags.

Oct. 10

Fine cold day. Father and mother to Alberton, Cascumpec, Fortune Cove and Bloomfield. Herb Ellis’ Jim was up this eve.

Oct. 11

Fine, cold day. Father went to Mrs. Harper's to haul house. Jack Smith and Ada was here.

Oct. 12

Fine day. Howard Dunbar brought father home from Tignish. Mother over to Bona's. Father and mother to St. Louis.

Oct. 13

Rain to day. Parmenas Currie here this eve. Father over to St. Louis.

Oct. 14

Find day. Howard Clark and family was here this eve. Me and Eva over to Netties.

Oct. 15

Fine day. Kennedys here for potatoes. Father at George Clark's.

Oct. 16

Rain to day. Started to grade potatoes. Philips here to tea. Took Eva out to church. Finished ploughing. George had to go get father out of ditch.

Oct. 17

Rain all night. Father to corner getting horse shod. Kennedy here for potatoes. George took father to Tignish.

Oct. 18

Fine cool day. George over to Bona's seeing about potatoes.

Oct. 19

Fine cool day. Grading potatoes. Eva went out to decorate church. Gordon Currie brought father home. Jim Currie here for apples.

Oct. 20

Fine day. We were all out to church. Colman preached, he did not come in to dinner.

Oct. 21

Fine day. Me, Eva and father was to Summerside to day. Bona was here for eggs. Father was to corner and he went to Tignish.

Oct. 22

Fine day. We were all to Alberton, Ed too. Gass here telephone to town.

Oct. 23

Fine day, foggy day. Hauling potatoes, 60 bags.

Oct. 24

Rain all day, till noon to day, fine in afternoon.

Oct. 25

Fine day. New air at Bona's last night. Father came home from Tignish this eve.

Oct. 26

Cool day. Bens was up this eve.

Oct. 27

Cold day.

Oct. 28

Cold day. Father went to St. Louis. Mother went over to Bona's.

Oct. 29

Cold day, little snow last night. Father out to Gilways seeing about hauling gear. Jim and Anse Oliver was here wanting sheep.

Oct. 30

Fine day. Ada Duggan was here to see if there was church. Father hauling Gilway's house. Hauled 82 bags potatoes. Digging turnigs to day. Philips here to tea. Jim Trainor here for to get barn hauled.

Oct. 31

Fine cool day.

Nov. 1

Little misty. We were up to Shaw's to day. George for grist.

Nov. 2

Rain. George at Alvie's getting horse shod. Father through for scoop. Parmenas Currie here.

Nov. 3

Fine day. We were all out to Church. Philips and George McInnes was here to tea. Dave and Bess was up to door.

Nov. 4

Fine day. Father to Gilways finishing house. Got a potatoe cheque $165. Eva and George to Alberton. George for a load of mud. Jack McLellan here for geese.

Nov. 5

Rain hard all night.

Nov. 6

Callaghan here seeing about getting house hauled. Father took home scoop. Rain hard last night, snow to day. Father went to Callaghans.

Nov. 7

Fine day. Father at Callaghans. Harry Lewis here for cattle. Jim Currie here. Mildred Dunbar and Francis Kinch here selling perfume, roses.

Nov. 8

Fine, cool day. Eva down to Dave's. Father came home to Tignish.

Nov. 9

Cold day. Eva over to Parmenas Currie's. Father went to Jim O’Brien's seeing about sheep. Jim and Frank's boys were selling cards.

Nov. 10

Fine day. Jas. McNeill and wife was here today to tea.

Nov. 11

Fine day. Cut down apple trees down on Jack Tom.

Nov. 12

Fine day. We were to Alberton to Will Leavett's, and St. Louis. Father went up to Jim Trainor's.

Nov. 13

Fine day. Arsenault here selling powders.

Nov. 14

Rain last night. Jim O’Brien came and got Ram this morning. Rain to day. Gordon here for butter. Eva and George out to corner, mailed order to Eaton's.

Nov. 15

Rain forenoon. Father came home from Jim Trainor's. Parmenas Currie was here this eve.

Nov. 16

Fine, windy day. Father went up to Trainors this morning.

Nov. 17

Fine day. We were all to church this morn.

Nov. 18

Fine, cool day. Earth quake. George and Eva went to St. Louis. Father to Trainor's. Snow this eve.

Nov. 19

Rain all night. Jack and Mildred McLellan here for geese.

Nov. 20

Fine day. Father was to St. Louis. Parmenas Currie here for bags.

Nov. 21

Fine day. Father at George Clark's. We were to Mrs. Marchbank's funeral. Took Hattie.

Nov. 22

Fine cool day. Carl Weeks was here, insured barn. Nettie and Peter Burke's wife was here this eve.

Nov. 23

Cold day, little snow. Parmenas Currie brought home bags. Froze up hard.

Nov. 24

Fine cold day. Car at Parmenas Curries, good car driving. Adine Murray and Mrs. John Crockett and Rayner girl here to tea.

Nov. 25

Snow to day. Father finished at Clark's, came home. Very blustery this afternoon and eve.

Nov. 26

Fine, very cold. Father at Charlie Dunn's.

Nov. 27

Rain last night. Matt Byers here got square. Shield's girl here. Father took capson through to Shields.

Nov. 28

Mrs. Joe Dunbar here this afternoon.

Nov. 29

Bona's here for eggs. Snow flurries. Hauled home capson and skids.

Nov. 30

Very cold last night and to day. Hauling home big runners.

Dec. 1

Fine all day. We were to church in car. Philips and Leavett was in to tea. Parmenas Currie was here this eve.

Dec. 2

Fine cold day. Killed pig. Snow in eve.

Dec. 3

Snow nearly all day. Bona and wife here this eve. Jim Currie and Carl Weeks was here to day with car.

Dec. 4

Fine day. Howard Dunbar and Peter Burke was here for a gander. Eva and George went to corner, mailed order to Eaton's.

Dec. 5

Cold day. Father went to St. Louis. Father and George went to O’Leary and Glenwood to Anne Gorrills and MacWilliams looking for runners.

Dec. 6

Fine cold day. Joe Dunbar was here with knitting.

Dec. 7

Snow all day. Father was to Alberton for cask of gas. George to St. Louis to get watch fixed. Snow all day.

Dec. 8

Snow all day.

Dec. 9

Snow, drifting all day. Killed geese. Took chicken to Elmsdale.

Dec. 10

Cold, blustery. Father out to church getting wood. Jack Smith here for old sheep. Father took geese to Callaghan's 22.88.

Dec. 11

Cold, blustery day. Killed chicken for bottling.

Dec. 12

Little finer. Burt Smith was here with school bill. Joe Dunbar was here book for Bible Society. Bottled chicken. Eva and mother down to Ben's.

Dec. 13

Fin day. Arsenault here for hay. Father to grist mill. Eva down to Daves. 7 Kinch boys was here this eve.

Dec. 14

Cloudy, rain, few specks. Father went to St. Louis Eva and mother and father went down to Jims.

Dec. 15

Snow all day. Eva and father went to church, they did not come into dinner. Parmenas Currie was here this eve. Turned cold.

Dec. 16

Very cold. Went down to other place for load of hay. Father went over to Louis’.

Dec. 17

Cold day. Father and mother went to St. Louis. Joe Arsenault here for hay. Joe Dunbar was here for beef. Nettie and Frank Kinchs wife was here this eve.

Dec. 18

Snow all day. Louis was here this morning.

Dec. 19

Blustry day. Eva and George out to concert at Alma.

Dec. 20

Rain, misty. Louis here this morning. Rain hard this afternoon.

Dec. 21

Cold, windy day. George for grist. Mailed for Atlas. Father went down to Frank Kinch's for Frank to work.

Dec. 22

Very cold. Father over to Louis and Parmenas Currie's.

Dec. 23

Fine day. Doucett here for hay. Myers here thrashing.

Dec. 24

Snowing. Louis here. Rain this afternoon, cold drifting tonight.

Dec. 25

Fine day. Went for a drive.

Dec. 26

Fine day. Bona here for eggs. Cutting wood.

Dec. 27

Storming. Father to corner and to Dave's.

Dec. 28

Fine day. Sold ton of hay to Martin. George Adams was here. Eva down to Jack Smith's to tell them about church.

Dec. 29

Snowing. Eva and George and father went to church. Parmenas Currie was here this eve.

Dec. 30

Big storm all day. Train got off track.

Dec. 31

Fine day. Breaking roads. Bona's kids here for eggs. Snowing a few specks.

Beginning Jan 1930

Jan. 1

Fine day. George out for mail. Father down to other place. Jess Doucett got 217 lbs. Oats.

Jan. 2

Fine day. Eva and George down to Dave's this eve.

Jan. 3

Rain last night. Rain to day, big thaw. Hauling out manure.

Jan. 4

Fine day, little blustery. Melvin Peters here for hay. Jim's, Herb's, and Ellis was up this eve. Very cold.

Jan. 5

Very cold, little milder this eve. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

Jan. 6

Milder. Eva and George out to corner got bag of oat meal. Into Dave's. Stanford here for hay.

Jan. 7

Wind blowing south west, cloudy. Eva and father to corner to church.

Jan. 8

Rain forenoon, rain all night.

Jan. 9

Cold, windy day, little snow. Eva and George to Alberton. John Simons here for hay.

Jan. 10

Snowing all day. Thrashing. Peter and Joe Kinch and Frank Callaghans here for hay, did not get any.

Jan. 11

Cold drifting day. Callaghans, Kinch here for hay. Mildred McLellan here to get some knitting done.

Jan. 12

Eva and father and George to church. Cold day, 10 below last night.

Jan. 13

Cold, cloudy day. Crowd at Daves hauling out wood.

Jan. 14

Fine cold day. Philips here to dinner and tea, cooked goose. Father and him went to church meeting to Tom Cannon's. Eva down to Daves. Jim Callaghan here for hay.

Jan. 15

Rain to day. Wedding at Will Greens.

Jan. 16

Fine cold day. Eva and George to corner. Father at St. Louis got bag of sugar. Mother and Father over to Bona's. George at Louis’.

Jan. 17

Cold day. Jim Callaghan was here for hay. Bob Kenny was here for to see if he could get hay. Finished hauling out wood.

Jan. 18

Cold day. Broderick here for hay. Went to Smiths funeral. Joe Wedge's boy was here for hay for Frank Callaghan.

Jan. 19

Stormed wild last night, silver thaw, cold windy day. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

Jan. 20

Cold day. Eva and father to Alberton. Louis here this morn.

Jan. 21

Little snow. Thrashed hay seed. Louis here got load thrashed, hay. Deagle here for load straw.

Jan. 22

Father and mother down to Jim's. Fine day, little snow.

Jan. 23

Cold frosty day.

Jan. 24

Fine day. Gavin here for hay. Eva and George to corner got scrap mat. Took stamp out.

Jan. 25

Little snow. Eva and George down to Dave's. George to St. Louis. George at Frank Kinch's. Louis for to get them to saw wood.

Jan. 26

Cold drifty day. Church, father, Eva and George went.

Jan. 27

Cold day. 14 below last night. Frank and Louis here sawing wood.

Jan. 28

Snowing. Finished sawing wood. Rawleigh man here. Bona here for the eggs.

Jan. 29

Cold blustery day.

Jan. 30

Cold day. George at corner. Frank and Jim Kinch, Louis, Jack Smith at Thrash. Mockler here for half ton hay.

Jan. 31

Tip-toe here for feed. Thrashing engine caught fire. Turner's store burnt last night.

Feb. 1

Fine day.

Feb. 2

Snowing, cloudy all day.

Feb. 3

Fine day. Finished thrashing. Albert and Doucett here for hay.

Feb. 4

Fine day. Gavins here for hay. George went to corner for oil, ink, and soap.

Feb. 5

Cold, little snow, very cold, blustery in eve. Louis here for eggs.

Feb. 6

Very cold. John Tip-toe here for hay.

Feb. 7

Little milder. John Romans here for hay. George at dance. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

Feb. 8

Snow last night. Louis got load of straw. Cold cloudy to day. John Romans here for hay. Gass here put in batteries.

Feb. 9

Cold little blustery. Eva and father and George went to church.

Feb. 10

Snow till eve, fine.

Feb. 11

Fine day. Gavin's here for hay.

Feb. 12

McCue here for hay. Hardy here selling mens suits. Fine day, like spring. Bona here, paid rebate $33.54. Louis here. Eva over to Netties. Hardy here selling mens suits. Bagging potatoes every day. Eva at Libs, Toms, Alvies, Peter Burkes.

Feb. 13

Cold drifting to day, started to rain this eve. Rain all night. Egg circle meeting to night.

Feb. 14

Rain afternoon, high wind this afternoon, cold in eve.

Feb. 15

Fine day. Gavin here to hay. John Bernard here. Eva and George out to corner, mailed for styling book.

Feb. 16

Terrible snow storm. Can’t see pig house by spells. Calms down in eve.

Feb. 17

Drifting all day forenoon. Breaking roads in afternoon. Train stuck, shoveling. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

Feb. 18

Drifting all forenoon, fine in eve. Father went back over road.

Feb. 19

Snowed little.

Feb. 20

Fine day. Father went to grist mill and also collecting church money.

Feb. 21

Fine day. Father was to Alberton this morn. George went for grist. Ed Profitt here for hay. Bens was up this eve.

Feb. 22

Fine day. Mother and father to St. Louis, took back 91 lbs. Pork. Father over to Parmenas Currie's. George to Louis’.

Feb. 23

Fine day. We were all out to church. Eva and George to Montrose church in eve.

Feb. 24

Rain forenoon. Father to church and Jack Smith fixing roof.

Feb. 25

Fine soft day. Louis here for load of straw. Father to over to Louis’. George hauling out manure. Father went to Myer's saw mill with lumber. Arsenault here selling powders. Snowing.

Feb. 26

Cold drifting day. Dave and Gordon here digging pump. Father hauling lumber to mill.

Feb. 27

Cold day. Father at Callaghans and saw mill. Dave here.

Feb. 28

Fine cold day. Father went to Souris this morning. Bona here for eggs. Kinches and Gordon here setting garden seeds.

March 1

Fine day. Ramsay here for hay. Father came home from Souris.

March 2

Rain all afternoon. Mattie and Stanford was in to tea. Parmenas Currie was here this eve.

March 3

Cold windy day.

March 4

Cold day. Digging pump, finished.

March 5

Fine day. Father out to Bob Hardy's getting horse shod, went to Tignish this afternoon. Eva went down to Bona's to Institute meeting, called into Jims.

March 6

Snowing a little all day. Father went to Anns with oats and meat. And to Bloomfield for cough mixture. George McInnes and wife was here this eve.

March 7

Little snow. Doyle was here had dinner, got hay, Frank Barbour here for eggs.

March 8

Fine day, cloudy. Crowd here from Tignish for runners to haul building. Father at mill for lumber. Egnash here for hay. Joe Clistine here for hay seed.

March 9

Rain last night, cloudy, foggy to day. No church, Philips sick. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

March 10

Little cold, snow last night. Hauling out manure. Somebody here looking for cow. Father at Black Smith shop getting slice sharpened.

March 11

Fine day, froze hard last night. Father at Tignish hauling building. Gordon here selling seeds. Shields girl here selling seeds.

March 12

Snow last night, and forenoon. Father came home from Tignish. Fine in afternoon, thawing fast. Eva and George went to the corner. Rain all night.

March 13

Foggy, snow, rain to day.

March 14

Cold day. Father at Tignish, finished building came home. Gordon and Jack McLellan here.

March 15

Cold windy day. Jack McLellan brought over turkey. Mary sick.

March 16

Cold windy day. Parmenas Currie here this afternoon. Jims and Daisy here this eve.

March 17

Fine day. Father at O’Leary for runners. Henderson here hauling home capson. Jim Currie here for to know if there was any mail.

March 18

Cool, cloudy day. Jack McLellan here for turkey.

March 19

Snow rain last night. Bona here this morning to telephone.

March 20

Cold blustery day. Louis her for load straw.

March 21

Cold windy day. Eva down to Joe Dunbar's to hooking, called in for Nettie. Got telephone fixed. Wind southwest in morn.

March 22

Cold windy day.

March 23

Fine cold day. Eva over to Parmenas Currie's.

March 24

Father at St. Louis and Black Smith shop. Fine cold day.

March 25

Fine day. Louis got load hay here this morning. Father went to Black Smith's shop. Eva went to corner. Leo McInnes was here.

March 26

Cold cloudy day. Eva went down to Dave's. Father went to shop.

March 27

Cool cloudy day. Eva out to Donalds to hooking. George got horse shod. Ed Oliver here for oats. Joe Vinos here with turkey. Tip-toe here for hay.

March 28

Cool, cloudy day. Gavins here for hay. Frank Duggie here with Bona's turkey. George Barnetts boy here for straw. Jack came for turkey.

March 29

Cool, cloudy day. Bona here about potatoes. Father went over and got Louis to sew bags. Father went through got Bonds. Father went to corner, mailed letter to Souris.

March 30

Snow last night, cool, cloudy day. Parmenas Currie was here this eve.

March 31

Cool, cloudy day. Father was to Alberton this morning. Sewing bags this afternoon. Frank Duggie was here for Bona's turkey.

April 1

Fine day. Hauling potatoes to car. Bona here this morning. Jack Henderson and Barnett boy here for straw. Louis helping haul potatoes. Bona here.

April 2

Rain last night, rain to day.

April 3

Snow last night, drifting all forenoon. Got first turkey egg. Jims turkey laid first eggs. Took capson to car for Souris. Lloyd Dunbar here for hay for Donalson.

April 4

Cool day. Father sick with cold. Father at corner and to Martin Kinche's. Frank here for eggs.

April 5

Fine day. Eva out to Nelsons to hooking. Louis here for straw. Shoveling road. George took Eva out to Nelsons to hooking. Venos here with turkey.

April 6

Fine day. Neither sleighing or wagons. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

April 7

Cool day, rain. Jim Currie here to see if there was any mail. Father sick, did not get out to do any thin. Jack McLellan brought over turkey.

April 8

Rain this morning, fine sun shining this afternoon. Omer Kinch here for bag needle. Louis here for saw.

April 9

Fine day. Jack McLellan was here for turkey. Gordon was here with saw. George over to Bona's for bags.

April 10

Cool day. George to car with potatoes. Mother over to Louis’s to see sick kid, had doctor. First wagon.

April 11

Fine day, little cold in morning. Frank here for eggs. Frank Duggie here with Bona's turkey.

April 12

Fine day. Jack McLellan here for turkey. Mrs. Jim Smith here. Mrs. Richard Murphy here with turkey.

April 13

Fine, warm day.

April 14

Rain last night, foggy to day. Father went to Souris this morning. George over to Bona's for bags.

April 15

Fine, cold day. George took out 64 sacks of potatoes this morning. 2 calves this eve.

April 16

Cold day, squalls, snow. Took out potatoes to Callaghan's. Dr. up to Louis’s with car. 17 turkey eggs.

April 17

Cold, windy day. Egnash and Profits here for hay, 12.00 and 5.00. 20 turkey eggs. George over to Bona's for bags.

April 18

Cold day. George out to corner for letter from father. 28 turkey eggs. Louis here, to straw.

April 19

Rain all night, rain a little this forenoon. George went to Alberton this morning. Took out potatoes to car this afternoon, 23 bags. Lester Kinch here for goose eggs.

April 20

Rain last night, snow misty all day. Parmenas Currie was here this eve.

April 21

Fine, cold day. George took up load of hay from barn. 29 turkey eggs. Kinches and Barnett boy here for eggs for Jim Smith.

April 22

Fine warm day, turn cold in eve, snow all night.

April 23

Snow all day to day. 34 turkey eggs. Father got home from Souris to night.

April 24

Cold day. Frank here for eggs.

April 25

Father at St. Louis. Started house cleaning. Cool day. Nelson here for oats. Father to Alberton.

April 26

Fine cool day. Eva and father to Mrs. Clarks funeral. 40 turkey eggs.

April 27

Fine day. Eva and father to May Tuplins funeral. Gavin boy for hay.

April 28

Cold day. Father at St. Louis and Alma hauling home capson, and chains from car. Parmenas Currie here this eve. Two fellows here from Tignish for hay, did not get any.

April 30

Fine day. John Bernard here for hay. Martin Kinch here this eve.

May 1

Fine day. Gavin here for hay. Jim McGrath here for clover seed. Pat MacIntyre here also. Parmenas here for timothy seed.

May 2

Rain last night, fine to day. Dick Kinch came here to work. Set little turkey 1 day of May. Frank here for eggs. Rain from 2 o’clock. 52 turkey eggs.

May 3

Father went to grist mill. Costain here for oats.

May 4

Rain to day. Eva and George and father to church. Eva down to Dave's.

May 5

Fine day. Started to farm. Father went for grist. Set 2 turkeys this morning and a hen with hen eggs. Mother over to Jim Smith's. Father to St. Louis. Jim McIntyre was here for hay seed.

May 6

Little cool, fine. Palmers was here for clover seed. Father was to St. Louis and corner.

May 7

Fine, windy day. John Gordon was here for clover seed. Arsenault here selling powders. John Inman was here for clover seed.

May 8

Fine day. George and Eva to corner, mailed order to Eaton's and Simpson's. Somebody here with a big horse. Gavin here for hay seed.

May 9

Fine day. Mrs. Parmenas Currie here. Birt Ramsay and Tom O’Brien was here. Bona here. Frank here for eggs.

May 10

Fine day. Mother over to Jim Kinches. Eva down to Jim’s.

May 11

Fine day. Ed Gaudett here to tea. George over to Louis’.

May 12

Fine day. Parmenas and Gaudett here for hay see. Lester, Ralph and Bona here for freezer. Harold Warren here for wheat. Eva went to corner and mailed license for car and Dave's.

May 13

Fine day. Williams here for to sell car from Tyne Valley. Martin Kinch here for hay. Louis here looking after lambs. Sowing wheat, first sowed. Louis here for oats. Jim Myers here for oats. Martin Kinch here for hay. Earl here for straw.

May 14

Fine day. John Murphy here for hay seed. Jim Kinche's kids here for load for straw. Bona here for acid.

May 15

Fine day. Hauling home fertilizer.

May 16

Rain last night, rain to day. Charlie Gaudett here about clover seed. Frank here for eggs. Gavin here for hay. Eva and father to Alberton.

May 17

Rain last night, fine to day. John Bernard here for hay seed. Brought out harrows. Pat McIntyre here for hay seed.

May 18

Fine day. Philips and brother here to dinner. We were all out to church. Herb Ellis here to tea.

May 19

Joe Wedge was here for hay and oats. Father to corner for harrows. Charlie Gaudett here for wheat and timothy seed.

May 20

Cool, cloudy day. Alvie for hay. Jim Kinch here for wheat. Father at St. Louis for turnip drill. Took back quarter of pork to Callaghan's. Harold and Mabel here for butter.

May 21

Rain and snow last night, rain forenoon. Nettie here this afternoon. Earl Kinch here for eggs. Harold and Mabel here for butter yesterday.

May 22

Fine, windy day. Fidel Gaudett and boy here for oats and hay. Earl Kinch here for fork window. Judick here for oats. Big horse here.

May 23

Fine day. Jim Kinch here for turnip seed.

May 24

Fine day. Froze, ice last night.

May 25

Fine day. Dick Kinch here for to get taken to Akler McNeldos, father took them up, look sick. Father to Rennie's and Callaghan's for medicine.

May 26

Rain last night, fine to day. Father to Jim Kinche's for little pig. Jim McIntyre here for clover seed.

May 27

Rain last night. Ben Dunbar here for to get his house lifted. Charlie Gaudett here for wheat.

May 28

Rain all day, and last night. 13 turkeys out.

May 29

Cool day, misty afternoon. Cutting seed. Dorash here for to get building hauled. Frank Kinch here for clover seed. Heron here for hay. Father to St. Louis and to Ben Dunbars.

May 30

Fine day. We were all out to Alberton, got harness. Frank here for eggs. Roy Duggan here for hay. Ben Smith here wanting oats.

May 31

Rain last night.

June 1

Rain nearly all day. Eva and George and father to church. Parmenas Currie here this eve.

June 2

Rain last night. Ellsworth here for hay seed and hay. Father was to Summerside to day and got pump. Jim Dunbar was here this eve for manure spreader.

June 3

Fine day. Jim here for spreader. Father down to Carl Weeks for fertilizer sower. 50 turkeys out fit first to day, all but 13.

June 4

Father took home sower. Jim brought home spreader. Thunder squall.

June 5

Fine day, little cool in eve. Father went to Ed Weeks to get planter fixed. Arsenault here with cod fish. McMillan boy here with big horse.

June 6

Fine hot day. Planting. Frank here for eggs. Wells and wife wanting to see car.

June 7

Fine day. Sowing last oats. Parmenas Currie was here. Mother over to Jim Smith's. 49 turkeys yet.

June 8

Fine day. We were all up to Abram Collicutts this afternoon, called at Anns. Howard Clark and wife and family here this eve.

June 9

Rain last night. Road man had dinner here to day. McGuire and Earl Palmer here to get building hauled, and house lifted. 49 turkeys yet. Louis shearing. Ben Smith here for oats. Bona here for brace lift. Jim Dunbar here, pay for spreader.

June 10

Fine day. Planting. Howard here for to get house lifted.

June 11

Hot day. Father out to Dave Gordons and mother to Lyes. Howard here for casks. Finished planting. Mrs. Elijah Costain was here this eve, we took her out to Will Mountains. Philips was here to tea, church. Fred McRae was here.

June 12

Fine hot day. Howard here for casks. Dave Gordon here putting down pump. Matt Byers here.

June 13

Fine hot day. Eva and George was to Alberton. Frank here for eggs.

June 14

Rain shower in eve. Father at Ben Dunbar's lifting house. Howard here for shovel.

June 15

Fine hot day. We were all to church. Archdeacon White here, did not come in. Doucett and boy here. Parmenas Currie her.

June 16

Fine hot day. Doucett here for oats. John Smith here for potatoes. Father to Tignish. Planting turnips. Thunder squall this eve.

June 17

Fine warm day. Doris and Jack McLellan here for freezer. Jack Smith here for ladder for to put up staging in church. George went to grist mill. Father went to Harry McLains for rail.

June 18

Fine day. Bona's wife here for turkey. Got call home. Helen Smith here for to tell about calf. Donald's here.

June 19

Rain hard last night. Father at Donald's, came in for capson and runners. Piano tuner here. Turkeys fine, 23 days old.

June 20

Fine cloudy day. Father at Donald's. George went for gas to Alberton. Turkeys fine 24 days old. Frank here for eggs. George at John Smith's and Frank Kinch.

June 21

Fine hot day. Father at Palmer Road. George at John Smith's. Frank Kinch and Dick Kinch here at manure. A fellow here from Palmer Road hauling capson. Me, Eva, George out to ice cream social at Alma.

June 22

Fine day.

June 23

Fine day. Dick came over, had to go home. Killed cow. Hauling runners.

June 24

Fine day. We were all down to Philips and Blanche Champion's wedding.

June 25

Father up to Perry's hauling barn. Eva got berries yesterday. Ed Gaudett here to tea. Louis got oats. Brought home big runner.

June 26

Fine day. Lost 3 turkeys this morning. Brought home big runner. Father at McCue's lifting house. Bona and wife here this eve. Eva down to Examination.

June 27

Fine day. Frank here for eggs. Me and mother and father out to Tignish.

June 28

Fine day, rain last night. Me, Eva, and George out to church. Lost 2 turkeys this morning, 44 left.

June 29

Fine day. Lost a turkey to day. We were all to McArthur's and Mrs. Wallace's funeral. George and father over to Louis.

June 30

Fine day. Father getting horses shod. Me and mother down to Dave's. Mother over to Parmenas Currie's. Lost 4 turkeys this morning, 39 left.

July 1

Rain this afternoon. Cut hay to day for the first.

July 2

Rain this afternoon. Cut hay to day for the first.

July 3

Fine, cool day.

July 4

Cool day. Father up to Will Perry's lifting house. Jess Doucett was here got 6 bus. 13 lbs. Oats. Lost 2 turkeys, 37 left. A fellow here got a set of pots. John Smith here got money to pay Bowness for painting church.

July 5

Me, Mother, and father to Tignish for bag rope. Eva and George out to church cleaning up. Fine day. Me and horse very sick.

July 6

Fine day. We were all to church, Chuck Armay preached. Core here. 33 turkeys left.

July 7

Rain hard last night. 32 turkeys left. Howard brought home cash.

July 8

31 turkeys left. Picture fellow here. Fine day, thunder a little.

July 9

Cool, cloudy day. Howard here or to sell car.

July 10

Fine day. Mother down to Joe Dunbar's.

July 11

Rain hard all afternoon. 30 turkeys left. Frank here for eggs. Parmenas Currie here.

July 12

Fine, windy day. 29 turkeys left.

July 13

Fine, warm day. Dave and Bessie was up this afternoon, we had a drive to Mill River, George McInnes and Anns.

July 14

Cool, cloudy day. Mother down to Jim's, they were not home. Rain in eve. 28 turkeys left.

July 15

Rain hard last night and all forenoon. 27 turkeys left. Mother went down to Jim's. Hauled in hay yesterday.

July 16

Fine day. Hauling in hay. Jim Currie was here.

July 17

Fine hot day. Mother down to Ben's. 24 turkeys left. Paris greening. Martin Kinch selling rakes.

July 18

Cool, cloudy day. Cut hay by Bona's. Me, father, and mother to corner. Mother over to Bona's. Frank here for eggs.

July 19

Fine, hot day, thunder shower last night.

July 20

Thunder storm last night, rain forenoon. We were all out to church this morning, Winfield preached. We were down to Dave's in eve.

July 21

Fine windy day. Hauling in hay. 22 turkeys left.

July 22

Fine day. 21 turkeys left. Cutting hay back by brook. Stanford here with meat.

July 23

Fine day. 20 turkeys left.

July 24

Fine day. Hauling hay. Jim Wallace here for Ox. Jim Currie here.

July 25

Little thunder shower. 18 turkeys left. Father to Black Smith's shop. Mary sick last night. Heavy thunder storm. Heber Ellis here this eve.

July 26

Got blue berries. Fine day.

July 27

Fine day, little rain. Dave and Bess was up. Mary stayed in bed, kind of restless last night.

July 28

Mary not very well. Dave and Bess up.

July 29

Mary pretty sick, got doctor. We was to Eldons and to Alberton in ever for medicine. Mary pretty restless last night.

July 30

Mary pretty sick. Net and Jim's wife was here in eve. We were out to prayer meeting in eve.

July 31

Mary pretty sick, suffering a lot. Philips and wife was here.

Aug. 1

Had doctor again, gave her a drug at 11 o’clock, woke up at 4 and took drink and went back to sleep again, very weak, died at 8 or quarter to 8. Had Jim's wife and Jen and Martha and Kate laid her out. Martha and Joes wife stayed all night.

Aug. 2

Jim came up and helped with the work. Very windy, little shower of rain in eve. Martha stayed, Mary Jane Donalds came in the afternoon, Jims wife stayed all night and Net, and Ann and Lib.

Aug. 3

Funeral to day, about 30 cars and 11 wagons. Fine day.

Aug. 4

Rained quite a shower in eve. Mrs. Smith was here.

Aug. 5

Fine day, quite cool and windy. Was up with wool to MacAusland's, me and mother and dad. Franks girl here for butter. Started to haul sand, made 2 trips.

Aug. 6

Fine day. Made 1 trip for sand. Cutting seed.

Aug. 7

George not feeling very well, Ed did not come, sick too.

Aug. 8

Fine day. Made 2 trips for sand. Me and Mother and dad was to Alberton, drew out Mary's money.

Aug. 9

Fine day, but windy. Bona's little boy died.

Aug. 10

Rained most all day. Was to Bona's little boys funeral, about 7 cars and 10 wagons.

Aug. 11

Fine day. Cut barley and went for sand in afternoon. Got 11 turkeys left.

Aug. 12

Fine day.

Aug. 13

Went to Summerside, left at 7 got back at 4, went to Dave's and had dinner. Called to George's. Philips was here and had dinner. O’Halloran here to get house hauled. Lib came in eve.

Aug. 14

Fine day. Went down to Jim's and got some rhubarb. Jim and Frank Kinch came over to garden and got some vegetables. Hauling in hay to day.

Aug. 15

Fine day. Mrs. Smith here. Cutting wheat to day.

Aug. 16

Fine day.

Aug. 17

Showery. We went to church in morn. Minus here in eve.

Aug. 18

Fine day. Joe Dunbar's family all of them here in eve for a while.

Aug. 19

Fine day. Canning peas. Fellow here from Tignish looking to get building hauled.

Aug. 20

Fine in afternoon, showery and misty in morn. Cutting grain. Helen's shower at Rayner's to night.

Aug. 21

Fine warm day. Was down to garden and called in to Jim Kinch'es, took her some vegetables. Peter and Frank here, brought a little basket.

Aug. 22

Fine, warm day. Hauling in barley, finished cutting grain, all that is ripe.

Aug. 23

Fine warm day. Taking in wheat. Went to shore for sand this morn.

Aug. 24

Rained heavy last night and this morn, fine in afternoon. Bess and Dave up here in eve.

Aug. 25

Fine, windy day. Jess Doucetts son here for oats. 2 trips for sand. Dad up to George Adam's to get wheels fixed.

Aug. 26

Fine, warm day. Was down to garden. Jim's wife came over and got some peas. Was to shore in morn, got 2 loads of sand. Sold 2 bus. Apples.

Aug. 27

Fine warm, calm day. Helen's wedding day. Mother and Dad was down, got home at 10 o’clock. Joe Dunbar's wife choked with meat, had to have doctor.

Aug. 28

Fine, warm, calm, day, very hot. Hauling in grain. Was down to garden. Got 10 turkeys left.

Aug. 29

Fine, warm day. Tom, Zen, and Mag and Said and Mrs. Champion was here for a few minutes.

Aug. 30

Fine, warm day. Out to Station looking for piece for car.

Aug. 31

Fine, warm day. We were all out to church in afternoon. Philip's brother was there. Someone brought up Reigh Currie, he’s home for good.

Sept. 1

Fine, warm day. Was out to corner and mailed letter to Eatons. Fellow here from Tignish wanting to get house lifted with Dr. Johnson. Andrew Clark here to get farm mower.

Sept. 2

Rained some all this morn. WE were up to carden mill for rolls and to George Clark's and then we went to St. Louis.

Sept. 3

Fine day, few drops rain. Was round collecting ministers salary. Steve got home.

Sept. 4

Fine day. Hauling in grain. Herb Ellis and wife was here in eve. Me and George was out to corner mailing an order.

Sept. 5

Fine warm day. Mother over to Mrs. Smith's and to Bona's looking for pig. And Eva was down to garden.

Sept. 6

Fine day, few specs of rain in morn. Fellows here for gear. Bought horse, George Clarks, 149.

Sept. 7

Find day. Was to church in afternoon.

Sept. 8

Rained a little in afternoon. Was to shore for 2 loads of sand in morn. Dad went to raise Fred Conway's house.

Sept. 9

Fine day. We were to St. Louis and to corner. George and Ed went for 2 loads of sand.

Sept. 10

Fine day. Me and mother down picking beans and peas. George and Ed started to plough.

Sept. 11

Fine day. Finished taking in the harvest. Net here. Dad working in Nail Pond. Reigh Currie here this eve.

Sept. 12

Fine day. We were all to Alberton, took down some tomatoes, 57 lbs. Got 3 cents and 20 lbs. Butter 30cents. Fred Clark here to get house raised.

Sept. 13

Fine day. 2 trips to shore for sand. Me and mother down picking beans.

Sept. 14

Rained all day.

Sept. 15

Rained some in afternoon, quite a big shower of rain in eve. Horse died to night. Dad finished job and came home at supper time. Leigh Weeks and Jack Herring here for runners.

Sept. 16

Fine day, very warm. Buried horse, Lock.

Sept. 17

Rained some in morn, fine in afternoon. Started to dig a few potatoes in eve. Joe Dunbar and wife here in eve, paid for pillow. We were out to Church.

Sept. 18

We were all to Execution Leavey, rain squall, and then dry in eve. Jim Currie here to go to Exhibition.

Sept. 19

Fine day. Digging Potatoes. Lorne Sears and wife came here to night. Jim Kinch here to night.

Sept. 20

Fine day. Mother and father and Sears went down to Johnson Mountains.

Sept. 21

Fine day. Was all to church in morn. Went to Lot 7 in afternoon, called to George Collicutt's and then to Cape Wolfe church and then to Abe's for supper and got home at 7 o’clock.

Sept. 22

Fine day, thunder squall through night. Dug potatoes in afternoon. Mary and Lorne here this afternoon. Had 4 hands from St. Louis besides Ed Gaudett.

Sept. 23

Fine day. Digging potatoes, had Bernettied besides 4 from St. Louis besides Ed Gaudett. Jim called in eve with pumpkin.

Sept. 24

Fine day. Digging potatoes. Steve went away, went down and brought up George and the wife yesterday, Steve took George home this morn when he went away. George was up for a few minutes in morn. Three agents here this morn.

Sept. 25

Fine day. Digging.

Sept. 26

Fine day. Finished digging. Louis here to change money.

Sept. 27

Fine day till eve, started to rain a little in eve. Me and mother and dad to Alberton in afternoon, paid insurance policy. Fellow here selling mackerel. Reigh Currie here in eve.

Sept. 28

Fine day. Me and George and mother to church in afternoon, harvest thanksgiving service. Minus here in eve.

Sept. 29

Fine day. Harrowing potatoe patch. Me and Dad to St. Louis to mail to Eatons. Mrs. Smith here.

Sept. 30

Fine day. Dad up raising house in Nail Pond.

Oct. 1

Fine day. Lost another turkey. We was all out to church in eve. Dan Adams and George Adams and wife here looking to get a house hauled for Dan.

Oct. 2

Fine day. Fellow here with Gass selling headstones.

Oct. 3

Fine day, little shower of rain. J.C. Martin here for razor, he left here yesterday. Allen Hunter's son here selling cranberries.

Oct. 4

Fine day. We were out to church. Me and mother to gether went to Donald's and 4 went to church. Stanford came for ox. I was down to Jim's for flowers. We went for dad to Tignish in eve, Ed went too.

Oct. 5

Terrible windy day. We were all out to church in afternoon. Harvest thanksgiving service, good crowd.

Oct. 6

Windy, misty, rain all day.

Oct. 7

Fine day started to grade potatoes. Stanford here with meat.

Oct. 8

Fine day. Fred Rogers here collecting for hospital. Mrs. Smith here in afternoon.

Oct. 9

Fine day. Herb Currie was here and brought gander, $1.25.

Oct. 10

Fine day. Ronald McDonald here buying lambs. Earl Kinch here for cart. Grading potatoes, me and Ed and George.

Oct. 11

Fine, warm day. Just like summer. Bens was up all afternoon. Martha, Said and Jim and kid and Mrs. Parmenas Currie here for apples. Mother over to Ellen Kinches in afternoon. Grading potatoes.

Oct. 12

Fine, warm day, very warm. We were all to North Cape in morning. George Collicutt and wife and two boys was here in afternoon, and to tea. Bess and Dave and George's wife here for half an hour in afternoon.

Oct. 13

Fine, warm day. Grading potatoes. For dad to North Cape, finished working up there at factory.

Oct. 14

Fine day. Started to grade potatoes down in new barn. Telephone man here, put in new batteries.

Oct. 15

Fine day. Dug blue potatoes in garden. Went to St. Louis in afternoon to church in eve. Jim Kinch here for gas.

Oct. 16

Rain and misted all day. Mrs. Joe Hardys funeral. George went up to Tignish for dad and brought him home. Potatoe inspector here. Ed didn’t come for 2 days.

Oct. 17

Fine day. George took dad to Tignish in morn. Grading potatoes all day.

Oct. 18

Fine till eve. Rained quite hard in eve. Dan Adams here to get house hauled. We went to Tignish to meet dad, went to Ann Crocketts.

Oct. 19

Fine day, quite cool. We were all out to church in morning and we all went to Dave's for a couple of hours in afternoon.

Oct. 20

Fine in morning, started to rain and a little snow at noon, quite a lot of snow in afternoon. Dad started to haul Allen Clarks barn, knocked of work in afternoon and came home. Hauling out potatoes to station. George and Ed and Bona loaded 3 cars to day.

Oct. 21

Fine day, quite cool. Hauled 2 loads of potatoes to station. Bona loaded 4 cars to day. Dad working at Allen Clarks.

Oct 22

Fine day. Grading potatoes down in the barn, hauling to station, Bona loaded 2 cars to day. Finished Allen Clark's barn and Dan Adams hauled the gear to Elmsdale. Sold 189 bags, now 2.50 bus.


Oct. 23

Fine day. Dad hauling Dan Adams house, got his foot badly hurt. Bona loaded 2 cars today. Clifford Vincent ran into the wear rope and sled the building on his foot, Doctor Lefway brought him home in car. Jim called up and Cameron and Mrs. Harry Platts. Started to dig turnips. Harry McLean called.

Oct. 24

Fine day. Dads foot pretty badly swollen, not suffering much. Artie Mathews called to see him. Mrs. Jim Smith and Mrs. Tom Murray called up and Abe and Greens. McInnes here digging turnips. Bona loaded 1 car today.

Oct. 25

Windy day, quite cold. Mrs. Jim Smith here. Digging turnips.

Oct. 26

Rainy, windy day, quite a storm. Bona and wife here in eve and Minus.

Oct. 27

Fine day, little shower of rain. Grading potatoes, pretty nearly finished down in the barn. Mrs. Jim Smith here.

Oct. 28

Fine day. Philips here and Dan Adams. Finished grading down in barn. Joe Wedge got 10 bus. Oats.

Oct. 29

Fine day. Dad went up and finished Dan Adams house. Fellow buying geese, George sold 30 at $1.00 a piece. A Buote fellow here to see dad and Mrs. Jim Smith here. Jims took Martin Kinch to hospital.

Oct. 30

Fine day. Ploughing and hauling manure. Joe Wedge here and brought 3 geese at $1.25. John Smith here with Ministers salary, $20.00. Allen Clark here.

Oct. 31

Fine day. Ploughing and hauling manure. Jim Dunbars here in eve.

Nov. 1

Fine day. Mrs. Dave Barbour went to hospital. Fellow here paid for hauling factories, $30.00. We were to corner in eve.

Nov. 2

Fine day. We were out to church in afternoon. George Webbs was here in afternoon and Philips and wife was here to tea. All Jim McNeill's was here for a little while in eve, and Minus, Lovely fine eve.

Nov. 3

Fine day. Fellow here, brought geese, $1.00 would give $1.25. Ed came to work in afternoon. Digging turnips. Mrs. Donalds came home from hospital.

Nov. 4

Fine clear day, freezes quite a bit at night. Finished digging turnips. Mrs. Smith here and Jim O’Brien's girls for gas.

Nov. 5

Rainy all afternoon. George out to grist mill. Reigh Currie here to telephone bank.

Nov. 6

Rainy part of day, turned cold. Nettie here in afternoon. Finished grading potatoes for now. Herb Ellis and wife and all Jims was up in eve.

Nov. 7

Very cold and windy. Was over to Bona's and brought home turnips.

Nov. 8

Little milder. Frank Hodgson here for to see about hauling building and Harry Lewis about buying a cow. Mrs. Jim Smith here in afternoon. Abe Collicutt and Zelpha and Reigh here in eve.

Nov. 9

Cold, cloudy dark day.

Nov. 10

Cold windy day. Hauled last load of potatoes down in farm. Frank here for eggs. Jim Kinch'es kids here for cart. Dad started to walk a little on his foot.

Nov. 11

Fine day, was a little cold. Was out to corner and sold 24 lbs. of butter to Freds, got a bag of oatmeal. Harry Lewis boy came for cow. Birt Ramsay here about wheels.

Nov. 12

Fine day. Bens was all up here in eve.

Nov. 13

Fine day, quite mild. Me and dad was to Alberton. Joe's and wife here in eve. Me and George was to St. Louis in afternoon.

Nov. 14

Fine day, mild. Mother and dad was to Nail Pond looking for money. Ed Gaudett came in afternoon. Louis kids here selling post cards.

Nov. 15

Fine day, quite mild. Dad and George was to Springfield. George went to grist.

Nov. 16

Fine day. Fairly mild. Me and George was to church in eve. Minus here in eve.

Nov. 17

Fine day. Dad was out to Birt Ramsays and paid for wheels.

Nov. 18

Fine day, quite mild. Dad was to Freds and to Elmsdale. Chicken supper to Bens.

Nov. 19

Fine day, quite mild. Nettie here with quilting frames. Dad went up and helped haul Frank Hodgson with school.

Nov. 20

Fine day, nice and mild. Joe Vincent died this morn. Charlie Mallet here to telephone to grist mill. Dad finished hauling school. George went for hands to thrash.

Nov. 21

Fine day, quite mild. Thrashed wheat. Charlie Gaudett here and paid for wheat.

Nov. 22

Fine day. Was to Joe Vincents funeral and was to Alvies. Frank Barbour here for eggs. Haze Cameron and a Bell here to see about hauling her house.

Nov. 23

Fine day. Reigh Currie here in eve.

Nov. 24

Fine day. Dad went for gasoline and George went to Cannon's to get car fixed. Spriggs here to dinner.

Nov. 25

Rainy in morning, cleared fairly fine. Thrashing hayseed.

Nov. 26

Fine day, but windy. Finished thrashing hayseed. Dad went up and finished Frank Hodgson's building hauled the gear over to Mrs. Weeks to do her. George went and got horse shod.

Nov. 27

Snowy day, quite a snow storm, enough snow for sleighing. Dad went up to work at Mrs. Weeks, but came home, too snowy to work. George pearling hay seed.

Nov. 28

Fine day, little cold, but mild. Pearling hay seed. Mother sick with sore face. Sleighing.

Nov. 29

Cold day.

Nov. 30

Milder. Me and George was out to church, fellow from Charlottetown preached. Snowed some, turned to rain, rained hard through the night snow all gone.

Dec. 1

Rainy nearly all day. Finished pearling hayseed.

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