Letters from P.E.I., Bell Owen, Auckland, N.Z. to Margaret Haszard, P.E.I., June 24, 1859

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Submitted by Asha Murphy, [email protected], letters originally transcribed by Molly Osborne Knight

Below is a letter by Annabelle to her sister-in-law. It must have been written in haste for it was not signed but the outside is marked, "Mrs G T Haszard."

Auckland, New Zealand

June 24th 1859

My Dear Sister1,

We have just received your letters or note as yours was which I was very thankful for, as they were our first letters from home. We are here now about 6 weeks. We had one mail before this, and most all the passengers had letters, and you may imagine as we are now over six months from home, how very disappointed we were. I thought almost all my friends & relatives on both sides that it was very hard that not one of them wrote one line. If you and George14 had not written we would have thought you had all forgotten us. Dear Margaret I thought you would have received our letters from Pernambuco long before you wrote what a dreadful time they take, it very often almost prevents my writing sometimes. I was so glad to hear of you all being well. My dear Mamma19 has not been well but I trust is now enjoying better health as you now have your lovely June weather. I hear through Charley Haszard's17 letter last mail of Mamma's18 being well and you cannot think how delighted I was. He read me all of his letters but one. I must now close as George won't wait and dear M . give G's and my love to your Papa9 and Mamma18 & dear old Grandmamma15 & Tom2 says to all of our sisters & friends a kiss to all of your children20. I so often wish I could peep at you in the evening and now Dear M. with many thanks for your kind rememberance of us, I will say goodbye. I intended writing a longer letter but find mail closes. My love to Mary4 tell her she would not know Charley8 and Tom2 they are quite well. Tom often talks of you all. Tell the girls if they don�t write I will never forgive them.


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