Letters from P.E.I. - Haszard/Owen Endnotes

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Submitted by Asha Murphy, murphy@apex.net.au, letters originally transcribed by Molly Osborne Knight

The endnotes below apply to the following series of letters:


1. Margaret Haszard (nee Owen) - George's favourite sister b. March 21 1827 PEI , m. George Thomas Haszard (see 14 below) who had relatives on board the same ship,. Margaret d. November 3 1902 PEI. Margaret and George had 4 sons and a daughter, Annie Sophia Campbell Haszard who is the author of a later letter.

2. Thomas Campbell Owen, George and Annabelle's first son, b. November 23 1856 PEI, m. Louisa Frances Cowdray, late 1883 or in 1884, d. _______ 1926 Australia.

3, 4, Unknown as yet. Possibly maids/helpers of members of the family.

5. Uncle Dan is possibly Annabelle's brother Daniel Davies (son of Nathan Davies and Amelia McNutt) b. January 18 1825 PEI, Merchant/Politician, m. (1) Catherine Cameron, b. ca. 1822, (daughter of Ewen (Hon.) Cameron and Jane) d. February 4 1886, m. (2) Emily Stephen, b. October 28 1849, d. February 26 1931. Daniel d. May 11 1911.

6. Fanny Isabel Owen - George's sister b. August 19 1847 PEI, d. _______ 1921 PEI.

7. Unknown as yet.

8. Charles Stewart Owen, George and Annabelle's second son, b. Mar. 1858 PEI, m. Elizabeth Greenway 1889 Sydney, Australia. She died in 1906. He died in 1920. They had 4 children. - 3 sons and a daughter, Dorothy Minnie Owen (b. 1893, m. William Murphy, d. 1966). The 3 sons died without issue.

9. Papa - Thomas Owen (son of Arthur Owen and Elizabeth Lee) b. Oct 12 1795, PEI Shipbuilder, m. Ann Campbell (daughter of George Campbell and Ann Cameron) , b. ___ 1802, d. ___ 1892. Thomas Owen d. April 6 1860.. Thomas was one of the signatories of a petition written in 1836, requesting that a schoolhouse be built to serve the residents of Georgetown. In 1824, he was elected to represent King's County in the General Assembly. He later became Postmaster -General of the Island. It is also thought that he was a member of a committee that prepared a petition asking that the King get rid of Lt. Gov. Charles Douglas Smith.

10. Mr.Smith - possibly one of the signatories to the letter to the Captain of the Prince Edward on behalf of the passengers when they landed in New Zealand.

11. Louisa - Mary Louisa Owen, George's sister b. March 10 1833, m. David Laird in 1864. In 1876 he became Lieut. Gov. of the N.W. Territories. He d. 1914. Louisa d. July 10, 1895.

12. Annie Lydia Dewar (daughter of Robert Dewar and Margaret Kennedy), b. December 25, 1840 in PEI, d. March 16, 1913 in NZ. Annie Dewar is not listed in the passenger list and it is thought that she stowed away to avoid an unwelcome marriage. Further information on Annie Dewar will be provided in the end-notes of later letters.

13. Unknown. Possibly the same as person 4 in these notes.

14. George Thomas Haszard b. February 3 1826, (son of James Douglas Haszard and Sarah Sophia Gardiner), Publisher, d. May 10 1875. He was married to Margaret Owen.

15. Grandmamma - As George's paternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Lee) Owen had died in 1833 this must be his maternal grandmother, Ann (Cameron) Campbell but I have no information about her to confirm this. I would appreciate any information anyone may have about her and any other children she may have had. Later letters refer to a couple of prodigal sons who appear to have gone to Australia.

16. Dibbie was the nickname of George's sister Elizabeth Lee Owen b. May 11 1835, PEI., m. Andrew Archibald M'Donald, b. February 14 1829, PEI, (son of Hugh M'Donald and Catherine) who became Lieutenant Gov. of PEI on August 1, 1884, until 1889, when he was appointed to the Senate of Canada, d. March 21 1912, Ottawa, Ont. Elizabeth died ___ 1901.

17. Charles A Haszard, (son of James Douglas Haszard and his second wife Susannah Jane Nelmes making him the half brother of George Thomas Haszard) b. 1838 in PEI. He was killed with 3 of his young children in the Tarawera eruption on June 10, 1886. He was a teacher and was married to a Haszard.

18. Mamma - Ann Campbell (daughter of George Campbell and Ann Cameron), b. 1802, d. 1892.

19. Annabelle's Mamma - Amelia McNutt (daughter of James McNutt and Penelope Stewart) b.17 February 1790, m. Nathan Davies. Any further information will be appreciated.

20. Margaret and George Haszard's children up to this date were:

i)George Herbert Owen Haszard - b. 1851
ii) Thomas Walter Douglas Haszard - b. 1854
iii) Annie Sophie Campbell Haszard - b. 1856
iv) Henry William Haszard - b. 1858

Two other sons were born later. They were:

v) George Ashley Haszard - b. 1860
vi) Louis Albert Haszard - b. 1863

The information above has been sourced particularly from Molly Knight, Arthur Owen, Dave Hunter and Waldron H Leard and I thank them. Any information that readers may have on any of the people mentioned in the letter, particularly person 15, can be sent to Asha Murphy at: murphy@apex.net.au

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