Letters from P.E.I. - John W. Cooper to Mr. William Cooper, Feb 19, 1847

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Transcribed by Ed Cooper, [email protected]

A Transcribed Copy -8 February, 2001 Updated 12-2003

Archive #44 Grand River Mills, 19th February, 1847

My Dear William, As Father is writing to Wm. Pitcairn by this mail, and, according to my expectation, not giving you any particulars or news of the Island, I therefore fulfill the promise made in my last by writing myself.

Mother's health is much better this winter than formerly. She came to the Mill yesterday, which was very cold and stormy, and today is as busy sewing as any of the London needle women.

Grand Mother has been confined to her bed for some time past with a bad cold, but she is pretty well recovered again, and is . to pay me a visit soon She would like Aunt Crissy to send her some newspapers, and any interesting story books would be very acceptable.

Grand Father keeps his usual health, he wishes you to bring him some cabbage, onion, and Swedish fennel seeds, some flower seeds & roots, and anything else you think of.

Father has been in excellent health for some time past, and is so still, but he keeps very cross, which I think is partly owing to the prospect of our seperation next summer, and because I do not agree with his opinion of going to California (which is the principal topic when I am in his company) and of the proper mode of making property. He has spent a good deal of his time altering the threshing machine, which could not work unless he had something to do with it. It assisted to vile his temper, although I believe it was the means of bringing him health, however, he certainly did improve the machine after a deal of time and trouble about it. He has contracts with Rbt. McDaniel to build the Round House for thirty pounds and to find all the stuff except the pine. I consider it a good bargain, he is getting the barn prepared to make the rigging in, and has commenced his "Theory of the Solar System", and expects to finish it before commencing the rigging, which will be about the middle of next month.

Malvina was married 2 February by Wm McGowan Esq, who stayed to the wedding, which was very comfortable. She and James are quite well and desire to be remembered to you and the rest of our friends. Your health was drank on New Years Day and at the wedding, and the Capt. also. Adolphus is making good work with the mill, tho water is very scarce. The kiln does its' work to perfection, George is attending it.

There is every prospect that we shall have a cargo of our own this Spring, but we will have to pay a considerable portion of money for it. Morrows has not commenced at vessel yet, but I think they intend doing so early in next month. Thompson is at the iron work. Juletta is sewing away at the sails, and Halyard is working at the block. The stock is doing well, feed for the horses will be short. Provisions of all kinds are expected to be scarce next summer. Aunt and all her family are quit well. Nancy and H. Bateman were married a few days ago. She is living with her uncle John. James McLean and Maryann Coffin were married about three weeks ago. William McLean has been very sick all winter, he is mending now.

I wish you to get me Walker upon intermarriages, also a good german ..and a set of shaving ...complete.

Mr. Ray wrote to say Father a few days ago wishes ...whether he ...my objections to accept the office of J.P. for some of his friends wished to apply to the govt for it for him, you will be pleased with his answer. It is thought that Ray is in the govt confidence if so you can guess the rest. Pope is Speaker, although I believe there is a majority to support the govt by the handsome address that was voted him. I am Dear Billy Your affectionate Brother

John W. Cooper addressed to: Mr. William Cooper, care of Mrs. Walker, No 15 Saville place, Mile End Road, London


  1. Father = Capt. Wm Cooper; Mother = Sarah Glover Cooper; Grandmother = Christiana Glover; Grandfather = John Glover
  2. "Crissy" = probably Christiana Glover, Sarah Cooper sister; at London
  3. Robt. McDaniel ?
  4. Malvina = sister of John, etc m. to James Morrow by Wm Mcgowan 2 Feb 1847
  5. Adolphus & George = brothers of John Cooper
  6. Thompson = iron worker (ship); Juletta = sail sewing
  7. Aunt & family � which one? Maybe Margaret Glover Taylor?
  8. Nancy & H. Bateman m. recently; Nancy living with her uncle John; James McLean & Maryann Coffin m. 3 weeks back
  9. Mr. Ray (in govt. confidence?); Pope is/expected to be Speaker (House of Assembly)

Transcribed by Ed Cooper [email protected] 2-8-2001

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