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The following pages are a database of known P.E.I. Covers and Folded Letters in the collections of Postal Historians and Collectors around the world. When a transcription of folded letters exists on the Register, name preceeded with an "(L)", I have included a link to the transcription. Where it is a cover only, the name is preceeded with a "(C)". I hope that this listing will be of interest to family historians and postal historians alike.

Mike Salmon points out that the postal rates and postmarks (from the catalog created by James Lehr), will be of use to postal historians. Mike further states, "It is my belief that by concentrating a lot of Prince Edward Island information at this web site many people will benefit. It will be obvious from a single visit how much information of use to us is already here. If we can contribute the text of our P.E.I. letters and the addresses from covers, we may find other letters in the same correspondence and be able to add background information and clarify much. Eventually this will be a useful database logging the existence of all extant P.E.I. postal history material, certainly prior to, say, 1900, allowing further fruitful research."

If you have P.E.I. letters or covers that you want listed in this database, please contact Dave Hunter, [email protected].

This database is arranged in 25 year blocks. Please select the year range you are interested in!

Years Covered
Pre 1800
1900 Onward
Those Letters with a hyperlink in the addressee column have transcriptions available, which may be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink!

P.E.I. Folded Letter and Cover Database - Please click on year range desired!
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