Letters from P.E.I. - George Beazeley to Robt. Wornum, Esq., 1851

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The following letter was sent to me by an anonymous donor in the U.K.

Addr. to Robert Wornum Music Hall Store St. Bedford Square London
P.E.I. CDS Mar 29 1851 ins. 1/— black. Arr. London 22nd. April

24 March 1851
Charlotte Town Prince Edward Island
Gulf of St. Lawrence

Dear Robert,

I thank you heartily for the sympathy you express in your last letter, on account of the loss of our dear Margaret. It is indeed a loss! For her stay among us was a lifelong blessing, the full value of which could only be appreciated when deprived of it. This severe trial and perhaps the rigor of the climate ( we had it 70 degrees below the freezing point in January) has weakened me a good deal, and I have not the advantage of being an evergreen like yourself, dear Robert who seem to me to grow ever younger, the longer you live. We are very glad to hear that the warm climate of Australia agrees so well with Conrad. As for money and a wife which you say he desires, he is pretty certain of gaining the first by his talents, industry and steady habits, and for the other, God will provide for him in the right time, if he will but look sincerely to Him. I think I told you that our boys are studying for the law, and are pleased with it. They and Kitty are quite well, and we think that poor little Ona is better than she was last year. I was agreeably suprised with the large balance you paid into Masterman’s, but I am afraid we overlooked poor Lahee, the house agent in Bond Street, for I only see Oxenbam’s name in the accounts, or did he share with Lahee the sum that was paid to himself? If not I am still indebted to Lahee, and would be glad to know how much I owe him, while I have yet an opportunity of paying him. But talking of this, dear Robert puts me in mind that I owe you many thanks for all the trouble you have taken about the old house in Southwick Crescent, and be assured that I do feel very grateful for your kindness.

Pray give our united love to Catherine and the children,
and believe me ever yours most truly,

George Beazeley

Note: Robert Wornum who Capt. George Bezealey wrote to invented the upright action for the piano. His son, Ralph Nicholson Wornum (29 Dec., 1812-15 Dec., 1877) became director of the London National Gallery in 1855. Alexander Beazeley married Ralph's sister. [Information from Gary Carroll]

View Tombstone and Data: [ Margaret Beazely ] | [ Simeona Beazely ]

[Interestingly, Margaret's (referred to in this series of letters as "Mother") tombstone, is one of the stones in the cemetery now known as the "Old Protestant Burying Grounds" on University Avenue (Elm Avenue), in Charlottetown. Simeona (referred to here as "Ona"), is buried nearby… The Inscriptions: Margaret, wife of George Beazely, d. Nov 13, 1850, age 49 | Simeona, dau. Of Commander and Mrs. Beazely b. Aug 17, 1821, d. Aug. 31 1851, age 30 years. Simeona's stone is a bit weathered, with some spalling and was relevelled last year. Margaret's stone is on the ground, but in excellent condition. It could be remounted on a base or simply placed in the ground, as there is a lot of blank space on the bottom of it. Do you know of any descendants who would be interested in helping to restore this stone? If so, please contact George Wright - gwright@isn.net]

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