Letters to P.E.I. - Matthew Thomas Reep, Quebec to George Mabey, Charlotte Town Oct 31, 1827

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

Matthew Thomas Reep, Quebec to George Mabey, Charlotte Town Oct 31, 1827

Letter addressed to: George Mabey
Charlotte Town
Prince Ed. Island

Quebec, 31st October 1827

Dear Father:

I write to acquaint you of our safe arrival at this place after a very unpleasant voyage of 24 days from Halifax. and am happy to inform you that I was congratulated on my return to Quebec by Messrs. Cary & Co. my old employers and got immediate employment from them, and we are very comfortably situated. We are both in good health and hope that you and all the family are the same -- give our kind love to all our relations and friends, particularly to Margaret, Elizabeth and Bethia, and Mary expects that they will write to her. Bethia in particular must write to her aunt Mary, give our best respects to Mr. Douse. I will thank you to write as soon as you receive this letter, and let us know all particulars. We left Halifax in the Schooner Honora of 88 tons, on the 25th September and arrived on the 19th of this month. The third day after our arrival Mr. Robert Holland called on us, and said that he should sail for the Island in a few days, but we have not seen him since, I must conclude for the present and wishing you all well and happy, so remain your affectionate Son & Daughter.

Matthew & Mary Reep

N.B. have the goodness to direct to
Matthew T. Reep,
at Messrs. Cary & Co.

Dear Father:

I am now comfortably settled for the winter we have two rooms ready furnished for which we pay twelve pound till the first of May The owner finds us all but provisions and wood and his son brings water and makes the fires for me We have a fireplace and stove in the parlour and a large stove in the kitchen to cook in I am verry well at preasant and I hope this will find you all the same give my kind love to all my brothers & sisters Elizabeth & Bethia and tell them to write to me please to write me all the particulars give my compliments to William and Peter & all friends.
Mary Reep

Mary wishes to know if Hannah received a Letter from Halifax, which she wrote the day she sailed, desire her to write and let me know whether she did or not.-- We are very anxious to hear from you, and do not neglect to write by the first post.

Yours, &c
M. & M. Reep.

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