Letters to P.E.I. - Matthew Thomas Reep, Quebec to Mr. George Mabey, Charlottetown, May 15 1828

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

Matthew Thomas Reep, Quebec to Mr. George Mabey, Charlottetown, May 15 1828

Mr. George Mabey
Charlotte Town
Prince Ed. Island.

Quebec, May 15th, 1828

Dear Father & Mother,

It is with the most melancholy feelings that I have to relate to you that my Dear and affectionate wife (your Daughter Mary) is no more, my heart is almost broke, and it is with feelings of the greatest difficulty that I can relate them to you. My Dear Mary was brought to bed about 5 o'clock on the evening of the 30th April of a still-born male child, She had Doctor Rowley with her till two o'clock the next morning when he told her he would go and bring another Doctor with him (Doctor Painchaud) they both was with her off and on till Friday Morning the 9th May when God was pleased to call her to himself, for they could not get the afterbirth from her She was taken the greatest care imaginable she had every comfort from female attendance. She particularly requested to be remembered to her poor Dear Father & Mother and Elizabeth and Bethia and particularly requested for me to get the Blue piece silk that is in her Box and to have it died black and sent to her Mother and wear it for her sake, and her clothes she particularly requested that I would let Elizabeth and Bethia have them. Yes, certainly they shall have them and no other, for I shall not dispose of one single article she shall have her request poor dear soul. I shall keep the clothes, &c in my possession till you send some trusty person for them, or I shall keep them till I come down, and bring them with me I am not sure whether I can come down this summer or not, but if God spares me I shall come down next summer. My dear Mary was burried on Sunday the 11th May and was very respectably attended. Mr. Southeron the person whom we were lodging with, made it known to the Rev. Mr. Pope, who was very sorry not to know her when she was living however, she did intend to be made known to him, but through sickness at different times was prevented. The Rev. Mr. Pope attended the funeral and was glad to see it so respectably attended which he no doubt will write and let his Brother know all particulars - for where my dear Mary is, there is my heart for I am almost distracted. Yes, I have lost a wife that few surpassed her, she was kind, affectionate and tender hearted. Mr. Southeron told me he intends to write to her Brother Paul at her request giving him all particulars relating to our first coming to Quebec, till her death. I sent a letter by Mr. James three days after my Mary was brought to bed, and I am sure he will tell you she was very comfortable - But dear father and mother it is a great loss to you but I hope God will spare you to bear it patiently, as well as her Brothers and Sisters, my heart is too full to say any more for the present for the tears are rolling down my cheeks as I relate this melancholy tale. My Dear was sensible to the last moment of her death. I have sent you a paper as also a funeral card - and let me hear from you as soon as possible, give my love to all the family and friends - Give my love to Margaret, Anna and Cantlo. I have sent three letters to my mother in Halifax, and have received no answer, from her Have the goodness to write to Mr. Sutheron, where we lived and he will give you every information respecting us, for he is highly respected, and upwards of 24 years resident in Quebec, for he certainly has been a father to us both particularly to my Dear Mary, for he took her out now and then for a walk, when I could not spare time from my work, with regard to her funeral he has been my Dearest and best friend, for he did every thing that laid in his power, to show his last respects to my Dear Wife. My heart is too full to say any more at present.

And remain your afflicted Son-in-Law
Matthew Thomas Reep.

Direct to Matthew T. Reep
at Mr. Cary's Office

If you write to Mr. Southeron, direct to
Mr. John Southeron
No. 60
Champlain Street

Quebec Gazette: Mon., 12 May, 1828 DIED On the 9th instant, Mary Mabey, third daughter of Mr. George Mabey, of Prince Edward Island, and consort of Mr. M.T. Reep, Printer, of this city.

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