People Willing to do Look Ups in Prince Edward Island Books!

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If you are willing to do look ups in books that you own, we would be pleased to mention it here. Please make sure that these books are not available on the market now, we do not wish to hurt sales for the book's authors! If you can obtain a copy of the book in question, please do so. We will not intentionally list lookups for any publications in print.

The Valiant Connection - A History of Little York

Lookups in "The Valiant Connection - A History of Little York", York History Committee, Nelda Murray, Editor 1993, Irwin Printing Co., Charlottetown by Steve Meeken, [email protected]

"The Rodds of Prince Edward Island and Wisconsin"

Doug Rodd - [email protected], is willing to do look ups in this book, written by Margaret E. Mallett in 1985.

"Past and Present of Prince Edward Island"

Dave Hunter - [email protected], is willing to do look ups of names in this book, published at the turn of the century. Many Biographies are included as well as an excellent History of the Island. We have reproduced the book's indexes of names and events, which you may view by clicking on the index link ! Please state what format you would like the document in, MS Word email attachment preferred.

"Skye Pioneers", by Malcolm MacQueen

We have begun lookups in the book, Skye Pioneers. Debbie Dixon, and Mary Edwards, have received their copies of the book and lookup index, and will be sharing the job with me. Please email whichever person who's address shows below. This address will change randomly to spread the job out between us! Now, due to the number of repeated names withing the families listed in the book, (e.g. many Donald Nicholsons in both the Orwell Cove, and Belle River branches of the families), please try to give us an idea of where your ancestors had settled, so that we can give you the correct information from the book. Please be patient with us, as this book, due to its layout, and the multiple duplicate names, and names referred to on multiple pages, will take longer to do lookups in than others :-)

I would suggest if you are wondering about what people are mentioned in the book, please download the "Skye Lookup Index" that Paul Curtis and I have completed. It is available from this link as a zipped MS-Word 7.0/95 word processing document, and lists every occurance of every name mentioned in the book. This document may be read in most modern word processors once unzipped.

"History Of Marshfield", 1974 - Marshfield Women's Institute

Jane Sherris, [email protected] will do lookups in the above book. It is based upon notes from Walter B. Robertson, 1854 to 1938, who lived in Marshfield most of his life. It describes most of the families living in Marshfield. Jane will also do lookups in the Canadian Genealogical Index CD and also lookups in Devon, Norfolk, and Warwick, England. Please specify the Cd, or the area you desire lookups in.

Jane has her PEI, Ontario, Manitoba, and English Lines online at:

"The Mythology, Traditions and History of the MacDhubhisth - MacDuffie Clan, McAfie, McDuffie, MacFie, MacPhee, Duffy, etc. - Some Pioneers of our Clan In Prince Edward Island, Canada 1767 - 1881, Volume VIII"

Authors: Earle Douglas MacPhee and Barbara Redd MacPhee
IBSN: 0-88925-026-X
177 Pages, printed by Friesen Printers (long out of print!)

Gord Pierce - [email protected], is willing to do lookups in this book, which represents work done at the P.E.I. Archives to track down all the references to the names MacPhee and Duffy. Good for those looking for birth references for these names, particularily in the eastern part of the province. Gord is quite busy and asks that you be patient waiting for look up results!

Warburton's "History of P.E.I."
J. M. Bumstead's "Land, Settlement and Politics"
Campbell's "History of P.E.I." - Now ONLINE!
Levy's "The Baptists of the Maritime Provinces 1753 - 1946."

Penney Seacord, [email protected] would be pleased to do lookups in the above mentioned Books!

"The History of Clinton", Clinton Womens Institute (1973)

Doug Frizzell, [email protected], will do lookups in "The History of Clinton". The book briefly gives the history of the area, covering businesses, schools, churches, etc. It has quite a few brief family histories for area residents going back as far as early 1800's for some people.

Lookup Indexes!

"From the Top of the Hill"

A lookup index to the 1977 book, "From the Top of the Hill", by Ruth Paynter and Thelma Campbell, has been produced by Christina Klarenbeek, [email protected] . It may be downloaded by clicking on the link below. I have converted the database from its native Excel format, and am presenting it in .csv (comma separated) format, as this may be imported into any database program, and may be viewed as well in any word processor or Ascii Text viewer. I hope that those of you who own this book, or who are borrowing a copy of it will find this index useful! Please do not email Christina looking for lookups. She does not currently have a copy of the book.

Download - Top of The Hill Lookup Index!

The Books of Benjamin Bremner

Lookup Index to Benjamin Bremner's book, "Memories of Long Ago" - prepared by Eileen Bremner, [email protected]! This index may be viewed in HTML, and printed from your browser's print function.

Lookup Index to Benjamin Bremner's book, "An Island Scrap Book" - prepared by Eileen Bremner, [email protected]! This index may be viewed in HTML, and printed from your browser's print function.

Lookup Index to Benjamin Bremner's book, "Tales of Abegweit" - prepared by Eileen Bremner, [email protected]! This index may be viewed in HTML, and printed from your browser's print function.

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