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What is GenWeb ?

The Canadian GenWeb project is based upon the American GenWeb project which began with the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogical Database established in 1996. The idea of GenWeb is to put as many records on the web as possible to further genealogical research. The idea has been expanded to Canada, and eventually, each province (and in the case of where there are no counties, each Census district) in Canada will have its own GenWeb site. The same thing is in the works for many U.S. States, and Countries Wordwide. This provides a single entry point for each country, and state or province. This is the project for Prince Edward Island, Canada.

This will be further divided into Counties at the local level, with the Provincial Sites providing links to the County, Provincial, and Federal Sites. In this way, it is possible to "zoom" in on the area you want, first to its country, then to the state or province, then to the local county or area. Here in PEI, at present it is not known if it will be necessary to divide into counties at this time, but all the same, if you are interested in running a site for Kings, Queens, or Prince County, please contact Dave Hunter at [email protected], or at the link provided.

Presently there are GenWeb sites in Canada for every province and territory. If you are interested in setting up a County site for one of the provinces, Please contact Sherrir Pettit, the Canadian co-ordinator at [email protected], or the Provincial coordinator via the link on the Provincial page!

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