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The 1889/1890 P.E.I. Telephone Directory

Transcribed by Gary Carroll -

This directory of subscribers was published in the Frederick's Prince Edward Island Directory for 1889-90 page 616 G, and transcribed by Gary Carroll. These were years of initial growth for the Telephone Company of P.E.I. - here, from our timeline, are the highlights:


Tel. Co. of P.E.I.



Angus, Rob Manager Telephone Co.
Anglo-American Tel. Co.
Apothecaries Hall
Arnaud, F.H.
Auld Bros.
Bayfield, Mrs. Admiral
Bayfield, Edward
Bayfield & Blanchard
Bank of Nova Scotia
Ball, John
Beer & Goff
Beer & Sons
Beer, F.H.
Beer, Dr. F.D.
Bentley, G.W.
Beer, Mrs. G.R.
Beer, Horace
Carruthers, Rev. J.
Carvell Bros.
Coombs, John
Chappelle, Theo. L.
Crabbe, S.W.
City Hall
Carter, Geo. & Co.
Charlottetown Milling Co.
Ch'town Woolen Co. Factory
Conroy, Dr.
Davies & Sutherland
Davies, J.J., Hotel Davies
Dodd & Rogers
Dodd, S.W.
DeBlois, R.F.
Dawson, W.E.
Executive Council Office
Electric Light Station
Examiner Office
Fitzgerald, R.R.
Ferguson, Hon. D.
Gas Works
Gillis, P.P.
Hodgson, E.J.
Haszard, F.L.
Houle, H.
Haszard, Horace
Hyndman, F.W.
Hyndman, Chas.
Hughes, Geo. E.
Huggan, W.T.
Harris & Stewart
Heard, Wm.
Johnston, Dr.
Jenkins, Dr.
James, T.C.
Joy, J.
Kinsman & Bearisto
Large, A.N.
Law Courts
Lunatic Asylum
Lord, A.
Laird, Hon. D.
Medical Hall
Merchants Bank of Halifax
Murphy, D.
Myrick, J.H. & Co.
Morrison, A.E.
Morris & Hyndman
Morris, T.
Miller Bros.
Maceachern, John
McKay, W.D.
McKie, W.S.
McKinnon & McLean
McKinnon, Alex.
McLean, T.A.
McLean & McDonald
McLeod, Dr. Jas.
McLeod, J.D. & Co.
McGregor, C.V. Osborne House
McLeod, Malcolm
McLeod, Morson & McQuarrie
McMillan, R.
McNeill, A.
McPherson, John
McDonald, A.
Norton & Fennell
Newson, John
Newbery, Fenton T. & house
Palmer & McLeod
Patriot Office
Peake Bros. & Co.
Peters & Peters
Peters, A. & house
Police Station
Pope, P.
Post Office
Pownal Wharf
Prothonotary Office
P.E.I. Railway department Freight Office
P.E.I. Railway department Train Despatcher
P.E.I. Railway department Mechanical Sup't
P.E.I. Hospital
Pumping Station
Robins, W.F.
Robertson, W.B. & house
Rogers, Benj.
Reddin, D. O'M.
Rink, Hillsborough
Saunders & Newsom & house
Small, David
Steam Nav. Co.
Sterling, Mrs. D.
Sullivan & McNeill
Sullivan, Hon. W.W.
Saunders, John
Unsworth, Jos., residence
Urquhart, A.S.
Warburton & Smallwood
Warburton, Dr. James
Weeks & Beer
Woolen Mills Store
Worth Bros. Livery
Wright, Mark & Co.
Wright, Mark
Wright, Dudley
Watson, L.W.
Water Commissioners Office
White & Son

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