The Diary of Lemuel Vickerson, 1837, Marshfield, P.E.I. - 1873, Summerside, P.E.I.

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Submitted by Fred Vickerson -

Lemuel Vickerson

The material contained herein is a collection of items written by Lemuel Vickerson, the main one being a transcript of a diary for the year 1868. In copying the diary I have tried to keep to the original spelling except where the names of places or persons were concerned. In order to preserve the original meaning the phrasing has often been changed. In addition to the entries in the diary, the original also contains accounts and similar Items, which I have not attempted to copy. The original diary and letters have been deposited with the Public Archives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Lemuel Vickerson [photo right] was born on June 20, 1837. the son of Conrad Vickerson (1790-1871) and Jessie Robertson (1804-1874). This family lived at Marshfield, Tracadie and finally moved to the Brownston farm in Hermitage in 1842. Conrad Vickerson was the son of the first Vickerson in PEI, George, who settled in Marshfield. Lemuel moved to Summerside and took over his brother Henry's business when the latter died in 1864. Lemuel was active in religious life in Summerside and Bedeque as well as with the Masonic Mount Lebanon Lodge. He was the collector of excise and light duties for Summerside In 1873, He died at the age of 36 on Dec. 28, 1874 leaving his wife and three young children; Henry Vickerson (1867-1924, never married), Martha Strong Vickerson (1872-1935, married George Seymour of California 1902) and Herbert James Vickerson (1870-1938, moved to Montreal and married Ethel Locker 1903). In the diary, Lemuel refers to his son Henry, who was born on Nov. 27, his father Conrad, his brother Henry (1829-1864), and his sisters Elizabeth (1837-1865), and Emma (1842-1888, married Alexander Robertson 1872).

Lemuel married Harriet Ethelinda Wright (1844-1925) on Jan. 1, 1867 at Castalia Grove, the home of her father. Harriet's parents were Jesse Wright (1808-1894), son of the loyalist settler, Nathanial Wright and Sarah Hooper (1812-1879) also descended from loyalists. References are made in the diary to Harriet's sisters; Charlotte Mary Wright (Lottie, 1847-1924) married Edward Goff 1876), Catherine Hooper Wright (Kate, 1842-1901), Martha Ann Wright (1838-1870 married Charles Wesley Strong 1861), Jane Elizabeth Wright (1851- ?), and her brother Archibald Montgomery Wright (1840-1924 married Kate Tufts 1866), as well as Harriet's mother and father.

Frederick Vickerson
Montreal, Quebec
Nov. 1976

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Wed - Jan 1

Mr. and Mrs. Strong, Harriet and myself spent our New Year Day at Mr. Jesse Wright's Aunt Nancy, Mrs J. Wright, T. Huestis, Allice and Theodore were there. We had a pleasant time. Left H. there and returned through a thick snow storm. Sometimes could not see from one bush to another on the Ice. Fell in with two men astray. Presbyterian tea today came off quite a success

Thurs -Jan 2

Last nights storm did not amount to much. Soft this morning, turns cold during the day. Chilly wind, not very frosty. Trade dull. Roads good, went home early, felt lonesome.

Fri - Jan 3

Cold chilly wind all day. Trade middling good. Cousin John Robertson of the firm Duncan and Co. called on me in the evening. Had a long chat on various subjects. Called at Dr. Price�s dry store on my way home. Was much amused hearing him yarn(?).

Sat - Jan 4

Clear cold and very frosty all day. Trade above the average. Smoked more than usual today. Good appetite. don�t believe smoking hurts a person afterall. Eight o'clock, just going to start for Bedeque.

Sun - Jan 5

Went to a meeting from Mr. W.(?) Heard Mr. Wedall preach from Luke 23: Ch 42 and 43 verses. Went back to Mr. Wright's through a thick storm. Returned home with C. C. Gardiner and A. Craig about 3 o'clock. Too cold to bring H. and the baby home. Heard W. G. Strong preach here in the evening. Very cold and frosty all day.

Mon - Jan 6

Very cold and frosty all day. Nothing special.

Tues - Jan 7

Fine mild day. Had to attend the Tryon Court as a witness between Dr. Homer and G. A. Neill. Had a pleasant day. Called on Mr. J. Wright on my way home. Harriet and the baby came home with Archibald before I got there.

Wed - Jan 8

Very fine day and mild all day. Splendid travelling could be no better.

Thurs - Jan 9

Fine and mild till noon, stormy afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Watt and Mr. Nelson Wright called to see us today. Nothing special or change today.

Fri - Jan 10

Cold and stormy all day travelling, trade dull, did not go back to the shop after tea.

Sat - Jan 11

Clear and extremely cold. Some people say last night was the coldest yet. Drifting all day, roads up. Trade dull.

Ah the winter the winter(?)
Let those who love the winter
Enjoy it while they may
I know no real pleasure
Till winter is gone away

Sun - Jan 12

Cold cold very cold. Intensely cold all day. Mr. J. J. Rice called to see me in the afternoon and stayed all night. Went to meeting morning and evening. Heard two very good sermons from Mr. Desbrisay.

Mon - Jan 13

Clear and frosty, nothing special.

Tues - Jan 14

Very frosty, but fine.

Wed - Jan 15

Court day, a good deal of business in court. Got home before dark. Harriet was down at Mr. Strong�s all day. Baby troublesome.

Thurs - Jan 16

Fine mild day, Mr. Major Wright and Miss Hooper took dinner with us. Trade dull, nothing special.

Fri - Jan 17

Beautiful mild day, roads good, trade dull. Lent my horse today to J. R. Stewart to go to Bedeque.

Sat - Jan 18

Very fine mild day, road good, trade extremely dull, got the blues very bad. Took a drive with Harriet in the evening, felt better.

Sun - Jan 19

Heard Mr. R. A. Strong preach in the morning, Mr. Desbrisay in the evening. Felt dull and low spirited all day. Harriet went to meeting with me in the evening. Mild and fine all day.

Mon - Jan 20

Fine mild day. Trade middling good. Roads excellent. Attended the debating society in the evening, got home at ten o�clock. Baby sick and cross. Poor little fellow.

Tues - Jan 21

Blustery - does not amount to much. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wright was to see us today. Trade middling.

Wed - Jan 22

Cold and blustering in the morning, clear and cold in the afternoon. Trade stopped altogether. Nothing doing. Mr. and Mrs. W. went home in the evening. Harriet and the baby were down at C. W. Strong's all day.

Thurs - Jan 23

Took Mrs. Huestis up to Bedeque and brought Lottie down before dinner. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Strong and children were up today.Wind from the South, cold and chilly all day, appearance of a storm.

Fri - Jan 24

A thaw today Instead of a storm. Soft and clear, no rain. Nothing special. Trade below average. Harriet and myself called on Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Price - not at home,

Sat - Jan 25

Clear with a little frost. Splendid travelling except some pitches. Trade below the average. A great many people in town but apparently got no money.

Sun - Jan 26

Fine mild clear day with a little frost. Did not go to meeting in the morning. Went in the evening heard Mr. Wedall preach the sermon. I heard. from him this day fortnight.

Mon - Jan 27

Stormy till 3 o�clock. Turns soft in the evening, Rains for two or three hours. Attended the debating society. Had a very good time, Took Lottie up at tea time. Trade dull.

Tues - Jan 28

Mild In the morning. Turns very frosty towards evening. Trade dull. Harriet was bound to town in the morning.

Wed - Jan 29

Fine mild day till evening, commence to snow after night. John Craig, Colin Wright, and Miss Hooper spent the evening with us. Trade dull.

Thurs - Jan 30

Slightly stormy, not cold, fine afternoon. Trade middling.

Fri - Jan 31

Fine mild day. Joseph Tweedy and Emma came up today.

Sat - Feb 1

Joseph Tweedy, Emma, Harriet and myself were up to Bedeque, had a jovial time.

Sun - Feb 2

Stormy day, not very bad. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach morning and evening,

Mon - Feb 3

Stormy and very cold till evening. Trade dull. Had Henry baptised this evening. Afterwards attended prayer meeting.

Tues - Feb 4

Cold south wind. After dinner J. Tweedy and Emma went home. Election of directors of the S. Side bank today, great excitement manifested by contending parties. Stayed home after tea.

Wed - Feb 5

Fine day with a little frost. Roads not bad, trade dull. D. Shurman and Mary McEwen married today.

Thurs - Feb 6

Stormy, stormy, very stormy till evening. Roads blocked up. Trade extremely dull, nothing doing, loafing half day. Turns to rain in the evening. Freezing at ten o'clock,

Fri - Feb 7

Cold and frosty all day. Road blocked up yesterday. Mail did not arrive till three o�clock today. Miss Muirhead(?), Miss S. Wright and Miss McLellan took tea with us this evening.

Sat - Feb 8

Fine but frosty all day. Nothing special. Trade dull, very dull all week.

Sun - Feb 9

Cold south wind and blustering all day, Commences to rain after dark. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach morning and evening, both faithful sermons.

Mon - Feb 10

Commence to freeze in the morning. Squally and blustering till noon. Freezing very hard in the evening. Harriet and myself were to meeting this evening (Special Services) a good feeling seemed to pervade the congregation.

Tues - Feb 11

Nice mild day, somewhat frosty in the evening. Attended meeting this evening with Harriet. Several persons appeared penitent and anxious about their souls. Did not stay till the last of the meeting.

Wed - Feb 12

Fine frosty day, roads pretty good. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wright and Mrs. A. M. Wright were to see us this evening. Went to meeting at night, Several penitents.

Thurs - Feb 13

Beautiful fine day, roads good. Trade good also. Attended meeting in the evening with Harriet. Got home about 9 1/2 o'clock. Storm a little.

Fri - Feb 14

Clear and cold night with high winds. Roads filling up with drift all day. Travelling very bad. Trade pretty good. Mr. Colpits, Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Richardson here this evening. Was thinking a good deal of bygone days and about Henry and Elizabeth. Felt sad.

Sat - Feb 15

Fine In the morning, blustering in the afternoon. Mr. Gourlie�s stable burnt today. Doctor Casey lost his house and some hay in it. G. Braddock got his ankle put out of joint by the falling of part of an old shed between the burning stable and the house.

Sun - Feb 16

Nice mild day. Prayer meeting in the morning. Stayed to class. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach in the evening. Very large congregation.

Mon - Feb 17

Very mild day. Roads heavy. Trade dull, nothing special.

Tues - Feb 18

Nothing special.

Wed - Feb 19

Court day. A big days work. Trade dull. A bit stormy.

Thurs - Feb 20

Fine mild day. Harriet and myself took tea at Mr. Hinton�s(?). Afterwards went to meeting.

Fri - Feb 21

Fine soft day till noon. Turns cold afternoon. Trade dull. Smoked too much today. Feel dull. Mr. and Mrs. Beer, Bedeque called to see us this evening.

Sat - Feb 22

Very frosty all day. Trade dull. Intend going to Bedeque this evening after shop is closed. Roads very heavy up the ice and found it cold.

Sun - Feb 23

Cold, cold, very cold. Intensely cold all day. Did not go to Meeting. Harriet, Lottie, Mr. and Mrs. Ann Wright and Mr. W. went to meeting. Returned home in the evening. Went to hear Mr. Desbrisay. Two penitents went forward to the rail.

Mon - Feb 24

Clear but frosty all day. Nothing special. Trade not bad.

Tues - Feb 25

Clear and cold. Trade dull. Nothing special.

Wed - Feb 26

Fine mild day. Trade middling. Went to Bedeque after Harriet in the evening. Got home at nine o'clock.

Thurs - Feb 27

Fine mild day. Trade dull. Nothing special. Looks like a storm.

Fri - Feb 28

Stormy in the forenoon. Turns soft, mild till evening. Colder with a dust of snow. Mr. Desbrisay's lecture on Infant baptism came off this evening. Occupied this house. No ? . Trade dull.

Sat - Feb 29

Blustery day, not very cold, roads heavy. Trade middling. Great excitement in consequence of Mr. Desbrisay's lecture last evening. Baptists very much offended.

Sun - March 1

Very cold all day with snow drift. Roads blocked up. Went to meeting in the morning. Tried to go in the evening. Got stuck in a snow bank, had to go back.

Mon - March 2

Fine day but cold. Roads bad. Trade dull. Commences to snow very thick about dark. T. Kelly's lecture came off this evening, did not attend.

Tues - March 3

Very stormy all day, the worst storm yet. Roads completely blocked up. No trade, did not go to the shop after tea.

Wed - March 4

Fine day, Roads very bad. Trade very dull. Mr. and Mrs. B. Daily called to see us today. Charles and Martha were up to tea and spent the evening. Nothing special.

Thurs - March 5

Fine day, very bad travelling. Trade dull. Harriet came down with me after tea. Spent the evening at Charles Strong's. Left the baby at home with the girl.

Fri - March 6

Heavy white frost last night. Has the appearance of a thaw today, turns colder in the afternoon. Looks like a storm. Miss Ann Montgomery spent the afternoon with us.

Sat - March 7

Thawing a little all day. Harriet, the baby and myself went up to Bedeque in the evening, Travelling bad. Trade middling.

Sun - March 8

Went to meeting In the mornings Heard W. G. Strong preach. Came home in the afternoon. Heard. Mr. Desbrisay preach.

Mon - March 9

A little frost last night. Thawing all day. Trade middling, roads bad, T. Kirwin's(?) readings from the poets before the debating society came off. A crowded house.

Tues - March 10

Thawing a little all day. Trade middling. Attended the regular meeting of Mt. L. Lodge got home about ten and half. Nothing special.

Wed - March 11

Fire broke out this morning In Hardy's house. Saved it with difficulty. Thought our shop would go. Had the goods all ready to take out. Engine worked well, A great many got drunk after the fire. Fighting and rouring reigned supreme for the remainder of the day.

Thurs - March 12

Fine day. Thawing a little. Mr. Desbrisay's lecture came off' last night. Subject, India and the Indians meeting very interesting. Small audience. Got home about ten o'clock. Found H. and baby in bed. Nothing special.

Fri - March 13

Raining before noon. Snow going fast. Streets very sloppy. Trade dull. Felt unaccountably low spirited this evening got the blues. Half past seven. Intend shutting up and go home and go straight to bed.

Sat - March 14

Thawing all day. Snow going very fast, travelling bad. Mr. Jesse Wright and Kate were down today. Mrs. A. M. Wright went up to house this evening from Mr. Strong's. Meeting at Strong's Hall this evening on the corporation question. Vote taken in favour of corporation.

Sun - March 15

Thaw still continues. Went to meeting in the morning. Heard Mr. Melish(?) preach. Harriet, Mrs. A. M. Wrlght and myself went in the evening. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach a very good sermon. All well.

Mon - March 16

Fine day, thawing fast. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strong, H., and myself went up to Aunt Nancy's today. Mr. and Mrs. A. Black and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wright were there. Dr. Homer delivered a lecture this evening. Subject, the special senses. A big crowd, some fun.

Tues - March 17

Thawing rapidly all day, Great excitement about the corporation question.

Wed - March 18

Court day. Not much business doing as last court day. Rain very heavy all day. Snow going very fast.

Thurs - March 19

Turned cold last night, Pretty cold today. Road rough. Trade dull.

Fri - March 20

Turn softer today. Thaws a little. Wind from north-east. Great excitement about the corporation question.

Sat - March 21

Cold and chilly all day. Turns stormy, afternoon snow, sleet and hall, very disagreeable. The corporation question Is still engaging the attention of our fellow (would be) citizens.

Sun - March 22

Cold with sleet before dinner turns to snow after noon, very disagreeable. Did not go to meeting at all. Seemed to be a very long Sundays.

Mon - March 23

Taking stock today. Had no time to watch the weather.

Tues - March 24

Same excuse as yesterday.

Wed - March 25

Cold today, trading good

Thurs - March 26

Still continues cold and backward weather for the time of year.

Fri - March 27

Finished taking stock today. Baby very sick last night. Turns soft, thaws a little while the sun is out.

Sat - March 28

Fine day with cold wind. Trade middling. Streets nearly bare. Ice still very good. Fodder very scarce.

Sun - March 29

Fine day with cold wind. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach morning and evening. Baby got a bad cold, very hoarse.

Mon - March 30

Cold and thawing a little. Trade middling. J. Strong and Miss were to see us this evening. Miss B. stayed all night. C. W. Strong's readings from Dickens came off. A very good audience. Highly appreciated by some.

Tues - March 31

Wind from south, thawing all day, streets nearly bare. Mr. Jesse Wright came down in the morning and took Harriet and the baby up home for a day or two. Nothing special.

Wed - April 1

Fine soft day, thawing fast. Streets all bare. Travelling still good on the Ice. Took tea this evening at C. W. Strong�s.

Thurs - April 2

Cold chilly wind all day with a little snow flying. Went up to Bedeque in the morning for Harriet and the baby. The Ice is still very good excepting at the head of the river where it begins to look bad.

Fri - April 3

Cold wind all day with a little snow flying. Streets very muddy. Trade dull, nothing special.

Sat - April 4

Thawing a little all day, commences to freeze in the evening. Trade very dull, streets muddy, roads extremely bad.

Sun - April 5

Fine day till evening, turns very cold. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach twice. Attended class meeting.

Mon - April 6

Very cold and windy last night, uncommon cold for the time of year. Still continues cold all day. Never knew it so cold in April. Baby very restless last night. Feel drowsy, Intend going straight home without hearing Mr. Howe's(?) readings.

Tues - April 7

Turns milder to day, thaws a little, commences to snow In the evening Trade very dull, roads very bad, ice still good travelling on it from Coles wharf yet.

Wed - April 8

Cloudy day with cold chilly wind. Great gale last night with some snow. Carry McEwen took tea with us this evening. Commences to freeze about 4 o'clock. Clear firm night. Trade dull.

Thurs - April 9

Very cold for the time of year, freezing had Ice Improving in strength. Meril came today in a wagon. Nothing special.

Fri - April 10

Turns warmer, thaws a little. appearance of rain in the evening. Mr. Jesse Wright and Kate were down today. Trade dull.

Sat - April 11

Blustering all day, winter weather, Ice still good. Mr. Jesse Wright and Mrs. were down today. Was up to St. Elenors in a wagon. Met lots of sleighs. Travelling bad, trade dull.

Sun - April 12

Stormy blustering all day, all day with cold wind. Sleighs and wagons passing one after another. Went to meeting in the evening hear Mr. W. G. Strong preach a long sermon.

Mon - April 13

Very cold, very cold, extremely cold for the time of year, ice still good. Roads bad. Trade dull, dull, dull. Nothing special.

Tues - April 14

Fine day, thaws a little, trade dull. Concert at the drill shed last night, a great sucess. Realized L 4-16-0. net profit L 2-2-0, Attended the Lodge meeting.

Wed - April 15

Fine soft day. Court day, about 70 cases. Great complaints of the scarcity of fodder.

Thurs - April 16

Warmer today, thawing rapidly. Snow nearly all gone, Ice getting bad. Very foggy with appearance of rain. Trade dull, times very dull also.

Fri - April 17

Nice warm day with south wind, ice getting bad. Ice has broken off the north side and a vessel has left New London and got into Cascumpeque. Off this harbour scarcely any water can be seen yet. Trade dull and�

Sat - April 18

Still continues soft, not so warm as yesterday, has the appearance of rain. Streets very muddy, travelling bad. Very poor travelling on the Ice. Trade dull.

Sun - April 19

Hard frost last night. Fine day, streets drying up nicely. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach in the evening prayer. Nice try in the morning. H. and the baby were not well, H. did not go out.

Mon - April 20

Nice fine day, trade dull. Roads drying up. Ice looks very bad, opening at the point of the Island and at the ? . Harriet came down with me after tea. Got home about ten o'clock. Nothing special.

Tues - April 21

Fine day. The channel opened as far down as the wharf, Roads drying up very fast. Trade dull. Attended prayer meeting in the evening. A good number of persons were present.

Wed - April 22

Weather fine. Roads drying very fast. Ice all floating about the harbour. A strong butt of Ice appears across the entrance of the harbour. Trade dull.

Thurs - April 23

Hard frost last night. Cold chilly wind forenoon. Commences to snow after dinner. Snowing very thick in the evening. Mrs. Joseph Rogers died today. Mr. Desbrisay's lecture on baptism came off, not very large audience. Very stormy.

Fri - April 24

About four Inches of snow fell last night. fine day today, sleighs driving round. A schooner appeared off the harbour today, the first this spring. Commences to snow again this evening, snow very thick. Mr. Joshua Morrell died this evening.

Sat - April 25

Fine morning, snowed about three Inches last night, Quite a number of sleighs driving about today. Thawing fast, ice still floating. About the harbour. Attended Mrs. J. Rogers funeral, buried at Bedeque. Roads very bad.

Sun - April 26

Very cold chilly day, winds from the north. Went to meeting in the morning. Attended Mr. Morrell's funeral in the afternoon, buried at Bedeque, small attendance. C. W. Strong and myself went to Mr. Jesse Wright�s to tea. Got home at 8 1/2 o'clock.

Mon - April 27

Cold this morning, ground froze hard. Ice still across the mouth of the harbour, looks very firm. The gulf appears clear outside. Trade dull, roads bad, fodder scarce, bad times,

Tues - April 28

Frost last night, fine day. Ice still looks firm in the mouth of the harbour. The steamer passed along, could not get in. Great excitement in town today In consequence of a controversy between the journal and the progress. Some sending back their papers (the Progress).

Wed - April 29

Beautiful fine day. Roads drying up. Ice still appears firm across the mouth of the harbour. A. M. Wright was down today preparing to go to Montreal. He intends to go tomorrow by way of Charlottetown. Mr. Colpit's lecture on the new version came off this evening. House full.

Thurs - April 30

Raining moderately before dinner. Fine but cloudy after dinner. Ice appears to be moving at the mouth of the harbour. Fine and warm in the evening. Trade dull, nothing special.

Fri - May 1

Turned very cold last night, snows a little, with frost, cold wind all day. The Ice has nearly disappeared from the mouth of the harbour. Boat did not come in today. Could not get in in the afternoon. Trade dull.

Sat - May 2

Frost last night. Ice all disappeared from the harbour excepting a large clump, It supposed to be aground. Steamer came in for the first time this spring on her return from Shediac. Lottie and Theodore Wright called this evening,

Sun - May 3

Frost last night. Beautiful fine day. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach morning and evening and attended class meeting, Harriet did not go out In consequence of the girl being away. ? ? same person, in the evening.

Mon - May 4

Fine day. Wind keeps cold, frosty night. The girl away, consequently I have to mind the baby sometimes. Nothing special.

Tues - May 5

Beautiful fine day. Boat arrived from town with a heavy freight, Trade dull. Miss MeLellan took tea with us.

Wed - May 6

Went down to Clifton Court today. Had dinner at Mr. Schurman�s. Came home by way of Malpeque. Turned wet in the evening before I got home.

Thurs - May 7

Rained very heavy last night. dull day today. Discharged George Braddock today and hired George Darby In his place for L 55/-, 35/- to be paid to himself and L 20/- to ? Darby for his board.

Fri - May 8

Cold rain all day, streets muddy, trade dull. Boat arrived about 12 1/2 o'clock. A load of hay arrived yesterday from New Brunswick selling at L 7/- per ton or 2000 lbs.

Sat - May 9

Quite a fall of snow last night. Cold and backward weather. Streets very muddy in the afternoon. Steamer arrived from Shediac about 1 1/2 o'clock. Brought some hay for Mrs. Strong and Bro.

Sun - May 10

Fine day. Heard Mr. Colpits preach morning and evening. Sacrament after the evening service. Enjoyed it more than ever I did before. Harriet and myself called to see Mrs. Caldwell. She appears to be almost a confirmed ? .

Mon - May 11

Fine day, trade dull, nothing special.

Tues - May 12

Very fine day, trade dull. Warmest day yet. Attended the meeting of the lodge.

Wed - May 13

Steamer came In last night about one o�clock, I got a lot of trees from home In the boat. A. M. Wright came home from Boston the body of Wm. Doull was brought home today in the boat. Died at ? .

Thurs - May 14

Nice warm rain this morning, Mr. ? Wright�s home burnt down yesterday morning. Steamer Emperor came in today. It is said she will run in opposition to the Princess of Wales. Very warm all day, trade dull, rains a little.

Fri - May 15

Rain last night. Steamer Emperor went out this morning. Very foggy. Dull and somewhat cold all day. Trade dull.

Sat - May 16

Very foggy last night. Dull and overcast all day. Intend going to Bedeque this evening if the mist which now prevails clears up.

Sun - May 17

Went to meeting from Mr. Wright�s. No preacher. Mr. Beer led a prayer meetings Peter McFarlane and Miss Watt were at Mr. Wright�s. Came home after tea, found the roads very bad. Mr. Kitson preached on the streets so I have been told.

Mon - May 18

Fine morning, got up early and worked In the garden, land still very wet. Mr. C. W. Strong's baby very sick. Trade dull. Nothing special. Turns cold and wet towards evening.

Tues - May 19

Rained last night. Still wet and cold. Planted five rows of potatoes in the garden today.

Wed - May 20

Fine warm day. trade dull. Court day, about fifty or sixty cases, got through at tea time. A. M. Wright was down today. Got a treat out of him on the strength of an addition to his family, which event took place last night.

Thurs - May 21

Cloudy this morning, appearance of more rain, land very wet, Pains nearly all day and very cold. A schooner load of hay came in today. Trade dull.

Fri - May 22

Wet and cold in the morning, clears up before dinner. R. T. Holman's brig Kewadin arrived from England today, not yet at the wharf. Trade dull. Harriet down in the evening.

Sat - May 23

Fine morning, Finished making flower beds at the front door. Went down to Ch Town in the evening steamer, aground at the wharf for 2 1/2 hours. Got into Ch Town about 12 1/2- o'clock.

Sun - May 24

Got up and crossed at the ferry at 7 o�clock. Went out to Brownston. Dropping a little rain in the forenoon. raining very heavy in the evening.

Mon - May 25

Father took me to Ch Town. Roads very muddy. Busy all day at Mr. Brown. Shops shut in the afternoon. Volunteers and five companies turned out. Had quite a time. Kept for Queen's birthday.

Tues - May 26

Finished getting my stock of goods and returned home in the boat in the evening. Cousin John Robertson was on board. Very fine night, Had a pleasant time. Got home at one o'clock. All well.

Wed - May 27

Fine warm day, the warmest yet. Trade extremely dull.

Thurs - May 28

Fine day, somewhat windy. Busy pricing crockery ware, sick and tired of it. Trade dull.

Fri - May 29

Busy pricing crockery ware. Mr. Davies from Ch Town lectured.

Sat - May 30

Busy pricing goods.

Sun - May 31

Cloudy and dull this morning. Went to meeting, heard Mr. Desbrisay preach, Commences to rain about noon. Rains heavy in the evening. Mr. R. T. Holman's Kewadin sailed for Liverpool.

Mon - June 1

Wet day and cold, trade dull. Busy fixing up new goods.

Tues - June 2

Fine day with cold wind. Trade dull. Mr. and Mrs. Daily to see us in the evening.

Wed - June 3

Neglected to comment on the weather and trade. H. finished planting potatoes today.

Thurs - June 4

Fine day, trade dull.

Fri - June 5

Beautiful warm day, somewhat windy. All alone in the shop since Wednesday. George down to Ch Town. Trade middling. Did not go up to tea.

Sat - June 6

Very windy and wet last night. Still raining in the morning. a gale all day. Trade good, consequently feel good myself. Got a pair of new boots for Harriet and the baby and they feel good too (a happy family tonight).

Sun - June 7

Cold and windy nearly all day. Went to meeting in the evening, Called at Mr. C. H. Strong's before going home.

Mon - June 8

Dull day, rains a little about noon. Boston vessel unloading goods today. Trade middling, nothing special.

Tues - June 9

Forgot to take notes.

Wed - June 10

Beautiful fine day. The long expected Montreal vessels with flour arrived today. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wright were down today, took dinner at our place. Harriet down to Ch Town in the evening.

Thurs - June 11

Very warm all day. Busy getting the freight out of the Montreal schooner. A Holiday. Catholics would not work. Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright did not go home yet. Went up to St. Elenors in the evening. subpoenaed by McTadger.

Fri - June 12

Up to St. Elenors again today. Commences to rain about 11 o'clock, Done a pretty good days business. Four years today since Henry Died.

Sat- June 13

Cold drizzly rain in the morning. Cleared up about noon, but cold. Trade dull. Nothing special today. Intend going to Bedeque tomorrow.

Sun - June 14

Fine morning. Started to Bedeque. Harriet not very well, gets worse after she gets up there, had to leave her and the baby and come home alone. Took some supper and went to bed early. Pity the sorrows of a poor old man.

Mon - June 15

Got up early, fine morning. Cleaned the kitchen stove and sticked(?) the peas before breakfast, Breakfasted on milk and ? . Dinner and tea at Mr. Strong�s. Went home with Mr. McNeill. Turned in to bed all alone. Very lonesome.

Tues - June 16

Got up about 6 1/2 o'clock. Breakfasted at Mr. McNeill's. Beautiful day, a shower about ten o'clock. Dinner at Mr. Strong's. Tea at the ladies sewing circle. A great number of ladles and of course a great deal of talking done. Went home to an empty house and bed.

Wed - June 17

Cloudy but fine. Breakfasted at Mr. McNeill's. Harriet came home this morning with John McCallum, Court day. not many cases. Very warm in the evening.

Thurs - June 18

Thick fog this morning. Cleared up, fine day. Very dusty and warm in the afternoon.

Fri - June 19

Warm, windy and extremely dusty. Trade middling. Cleaning potatoes in the garden today,

Sat - June 20

Warm and very dusty. Trade good. Arch�d Wright and Lottie were down today. Steamer Merrit(?) arrived today from Montreal with flour.

Sun - June 21

Cold and overcast with a little rain. No meeting today. Mr. D. away to confession. Went with Harriet to see Mr. Melish who is sick.

Mon - June 22

Still cold, cloudy and dull. Trade dull also. Nothing special.

Tues - June 23

Rain last night. Put out some cabbage and lettuce plants this morning. Very raining in the afternoon and cold. Streets muddy and disagreeable.

Wed - June 24

Cloudy nearly all day and cold. Streets extremely muddy. Trade dull, dull, very dull. Harriet came down with me after tea. Baby very cross for the last two weeks.

Thurs - June 25

Fine morning. Got up about 7 o'clock. Milked the cow and worked in the garden before breakfast. Trade pretty good. Nothing special.

Fri - June 26

Went down to Malpeque after Stewart's house, got home at 1 1/2 o�clock. Mr. J. Wright and Kate were down today. Trade middling.

Sat - June 27

Turns very cold today, unusually cold for the time of year. A nigger ? night at the drill shed, playing all round the streets, great excitement. Miss Muirhead(?), Mrs. R. A. S., Mrs. C. W. Strong and their lords(?) took tea with us this evening.

Sun - June 28

Fine In the morning, showery after dinner. Went to prayer meeting morning and evening, Went out to see Mr. Melish in the afternoon in company with C. H. and Martha. Mrs. Melish was reported unwell and consequently C. H. and myself did not go.

Mon - June 29

Fine morning, got up early, milked the cow and hoed potatoes before coming down to the shop. Nothing special. Trade dull.

Tues - June 30

Fine day all day, very windy and extremely dusty. Kate, Lottie and Jane Wright came down today. Kate went home and left J. and L. for a few days. Went home early from the shop with Harriet and Jane.

Wed - July 1

Beautiful fine day. Trade middling. Everything knocking round as usual. Nothing special.

Thurs - July 2

Fine day. Cloudy and overcast in the evening. Looks like rain. Lottie and Jane went home this evening. Trade dull. Mr. M(?) and Mr. N(?) and Mr. Richard called to see me today,

Fri - July 3

Dull and overcast, still no rain. Very warm and dusty after noon. Trade dull. Nothing special or change. Bought an old horn today at auction.

Sat - July 4

Fine day but very dusty. Trade pretty good. Seen Mr. P(?) this evening on board the steamboat. A great many people went to Ch Town in the boat to hear him. Harriet, the baby and self went up to Bedeque this evening.

Sun - July 5

Fine day but still very dusty. Went to meeting from Mr. Wright�s. Heard W. G. Strong preach. H. and self went to dinner to Mr. J. Wright�s, quite a number of aunts, cousins of long time family there. Returned to S. Side in the evening.

Mon - July 6

Weather fine. Much cooler than yesterday. Trade slack. Nothing special excepting a few drunken fellows around, C. H. and Martha were up in the evening. I, L. Vickerson pledge myself to abstain from the use of tobacco for one month from date.

Tues - July 7

Very warm this morning. Hoeing potatoes after breakfast. Trade middling, Nothing special. No smoking allowed today.

Wed - July 8

Quite a heavy shower of rain last night. Might put out come more cabbage this day. A great number of Baptist ministers came out in the boat. Went to their preaching in the evening. A fire in town today. A stable and shed belonging to John Grady burnt down.

Thurs - July 9

Fine day, trade dull. Mr. J. Wright and Lottie came down today. Went home early to my virtuous bed in good time.

Fri - July 10

Beautiful, fine day, cloudy in the morning, turns warm about midday, Very warm. sultry hot and oppressive, the hottest yet. Trade pretty good. Nothing special or change up to the time I write biz 7 1/2 o'clock p.m. and A.S.Q.W. (?).

Sat - July 11

Beautiful fine day but extremely hot. Trade good. Another instalment of Baptist ministers in the boat this evening.

Sun - July 12

Went to meeting with H. and Lottie morning and evening. Great gathering among the Baptists today in the drill shed. Sultry and warm with a few drops of rain.

Mon - July 13

Very warm all day. Busy getting a tent ready for the tea. Very tired tonight.

Tues - July 14

Fine day, very warm. Still working at tent for tea meeting.

Wed - July 15

About 250 people came from Ch Town to the tea and bazaar. Looked like rain all day, a shower about ten. A great gathering to the tea and bazaar. Into a success. L-190/ ~ realised. Thunder shower in the evening. Two or three accidents from bad driving. Not very serious, Court day.

Thurs - July 16

Fine cool day. Busy tearing down tea arrangements In the forenoon. Mr. J. Wright came down today for Lottie. Turns very cool in the afternoon with a light mist of rain.

Fri - July 17

Very pleasant day. Clear and moderately warm. Harriet came down After dinner with Henry. Took tea at Mr. C.W. Strong's. Trade middling,

Sat - July 18

Fine warm day. George went away to Clifton in the afternoon. Did not go up to tea. Trade middling.

Sun - July 19

Cloudy day till about three. Rained from then till night. Went to meeting in the morning. Stayed at home in the evening In consequence of the rain.

Mon - July 20

Nice cool day. C. H., Martha and Kate were up to dinner and tea. Kate stayed, others went home. Nothing special.

Tues - July 21

Beautiful cool day. Girl away sick, had to get up early to milk cow. Mr. J. Wright down today. Trade good.

Wed - July 22

Cloudy and very cool today, Turns warm in the afternoon. Mr. A. S. Desbrisay took tea with us in this evening. Trade dull, nothing special.

Thurs - July 23

Nice clear cool day. A great tea party at south west. a good many persons going to it from S. Side. Great fighting at the Tignish tea yesterday. One man stabbed and badly hurt.

Fri - July 24

Beautiful day. Fell very sick today. Fighting and drinking at South West tea yesterday reigned supreme. Trade middling, nothing special.

Sat - July 25

Fine day, trade middling. Two fights in the streets this evening, Nothing else worthy of note.

Sun - July 26

Went to meeting in the morning. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach, stayed to class, Heard Mr. Doull preach in the evening. A great thunder storm passed over about 4 1/2 o'clock accompanied with very heavy rain.

Mon - July 27

Fine day. Great rain last night. Nothing special, trade middling.

Tues - July 28

Nice cool day. Trade good. Catholics making great preparations for their tea to come off tomorrow.

Wed - July 29

Three years today since Elizabeth died. Cloudy in the morning but turns out fine. Catholic tea came off today, A great many people here. About L 140/- realised. Everybody with one or two exceptions quite orderly till evening. A great deal of roudyism after night. A street fight about 11 o'clock, one man got his head badly cut, served him right.

Thurs - July 30

Fine day. Thunder and lightning with rain in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Colpits came up. Stayed all night. Temperance convention held in Strong�s hall this evening, Delegates from all parts of the Island.

Fri -July 31

Cloudy day, sultry and close. J. H. Fletcher(?) called to see me today. Trade dull. Just going to a big temperance meeting in the drill shed.

Sat - Aug 1

Damp day, drizzling rain nearly all day. Bad weather for haymaking, A good deal of hay out. Trade dull.

Sun - Aug 2

A little rain today. Went to preaching morning and evening. Called to Mr. H. Green in the evening to see Mrs. Hooper.

Mon - Aug-3

Fine day, sultry and warm. Trade dull. Mrs. Canon(?) to pay today.

Tues - Aug 4

Went up to Port Hill today with John Young, got home at 6 o�clock. Very warm, had a pleasant time.

Wed - Aug 5

Nice fine day, Everybody busy at their hay. Went with Harriet and Henry to Bedeque in the evening. First cucumbers this year?.

Thurs - Aug 6

Returned from Bedeque this morning. New potatoes for dinner today. Nice cool day. Trade dull. Took tea with Harriet at C. H. Strong�s.

Fri - Aug 7

Nice cool day. Trade dull, nothing special or change.

Sat - Aug 8

Cloudy In the morning, turns fine. Nice cool day. Trade very dull this week. Nothing special or change.

Sun - Aug 9

Attended preaching morning and evening. Sacrament In the evening. Rainy in the morning, not many to meeting, cloudy, close and warm all day.

Mon - Aug 10

Warm sultry day with little sun. Trade dull, dull, very dull.

Tues - Aug 11

Fine morning. Henry sick and cross last night, got no sleep, up half the night with him. What a blessing children are when you come to think of it.

Wed - Aug 12

Wet day. Bad hay weather. A great many not done yet. Harriet and Henry went down to Ch Town in the steamer on their way to Brownston.

Thurs - Aug 13

Fine pleasant day till evening, then quite a shower. Trade middling. Feel lonesome today, nothing special.

Fri - Aug 14

Fine cool day. Trade dull, nothing special.

Sat - Aug 15

Beautiful day, neither too warm or too cold. Trade middling. Feel very lonesome and dull. Wrote a letter to H. today to Brownston.

Sun - Aug 16

Went to meeting in the morning, a prayer meeting by R. A. Strong. Heard Mr. Fram(?) preach In the afternoon and Mr. Desbrisay In the evening. Rain In the afternoon. Very lonesome all day.

Mon - Aug 17

Beautiful fine day, trade middling.

Tues - Aug 18

Fine day, trade dull enough. Had a letter this morning from Harriet. Went with Mr. Desbrisay today for his marriage licence.

Wed - Aug 19

Windy in the extreme with a little rain. Court day, not much doing. Had another letter today from Harriet. Forgot to note yesterday that a fire broke out in and burned down a warehouse belonging to C. McLellan, was very near being a big fire. Fire Co. and engine on the spot promptly.

Thurs - Aug 20

Mr. Desbrisay married last evening. Dull day with a little rain. Rains very heavy in the evening and at night. Trade dull enough. Feel lonesome without Harriet, wish she was home. Went into C. H. Strong's this evening. Martha sick, not at the ? .

Fri - Aug 21

Very heavy rain last night, Still raining this morning. Clears up, fine day, Trade dull.

Sat - Aug 22

Beautiful day. trade middling. Kate and her father down today. Feel very lonesome. Wish H. was home.

Sun - Aug 23

Went up to Bedeque with ? McLeod, too late for meeting. Went to meeting In the evening, heard Mr. Demstead(?) preach.

Mon - Aug 24

Very warm day, trade dull, dull, dull. Got a letter from Harriet tonight, says she will be home tomorrow night. I hope so.

Tues - Aug 25

Warm. very warm today, as warm as any If not the warmest day yet. Trade middling. Mr. Murray delivered a lecture here last night In the Presbyterian Church to a large audience, subject, baptism, Its mode and subjects.

Wed - Aug 26

Harriet got home last night safely with the baby, somewhat sick coming up but nothing to ? . Trade dull.

Thurs - Aug 27

Great thunder storm last night, rained very heavy. cool today. Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright came down yesterday. Stayed all night,

Fri - Aug 28

Fine cool morning. A great many are going from here to see Hon. J. Goe(?) buried who died Tuesday night.

Sat - Aug 29

Boat did not get in till 6 o�clock this morning. Went In her to Shediac and then by rail to St. John where I arrived at 7 1/2 o'clock at night.

Sun - Aug 30

Went to meeting at the Methodist Centinary Church, a very good sermon, nice church. After dinner visited the cemetery with Mr. Bertram(?), also the suspension bridge and new steamboat. Went to Exmont(?) street, a poor sermon. vexed at myself for going, Very foggy all day.

Mon - Aug 31

Tues - Sept 1

Nothing special. Knocked round trying to enjoy myself.

Wed - Sept 2

Returned home, had a pleasant time on the cars and in the boat. Very rough, a great many sick. Stand it out barely myself with the aid of brandy. Harriet will glad to see me ? myself returned(?).

Thurs - Sept 3

Forgot to take notes.

Fri - Sept 4

Do. Do. Tea @ 25-20-4, Coppers 2-3 1/2, paper 4- 19-8

Sat - Sept 5

Do. Do.

Sun - Sept 6

Went up to Bedeque last evening. Went to meeting today, heard Mr. ? preach. Returned home in the evening In company with C. C. Gardiner and A. Black.

Mon - Sept 7

Nice fine day, trade dull enough.

Tues - Sept 8

Great rain storm with high wind.

Wed - Sept. 9

Dull and overcast. Mr. J. Wright here today. Took tea with Mrs. B. Darby. Mr. Darby being absent.

Thurs - Sept 10

Cloudy In the morning. Fine after dinner. Nothing special.

Fri - Sept 11

Very rainy all day. Bad harvest weather. Trade good for a wet day.

Sat - Sept 12

Dull damp day, drizzling rain. Very bad harvest weather, A good deal of grain out, fears are entertained for its safety if the wet weather continues much longer. Trade dull. Mrs Barret lectured on temperance last night to a small audience.

Sun - Sept 13

Cloudy morning and evening and rain at night, fine at noon. Heard Mr. Desbrisay preach morning and evening and Mr. in the afternoon. Very bad weather for the harvest.

Mon - Sept 14

Rained heavily last night. Streets very muddy. Clears up, fine day for the harvest. Harriet, Martha, C. H. and myself called on Mr. and Mrs. Desbrisay.

Tues - Sept 15

Nice fine day. Trade dull. Went out after dinner to fish, caught nothing. Intend going to hear Mr. Murray�s lecture tonight on baptism.

Wed - Sept 16

Attend said lecture last night. Drill shed full. Messrs Brown and Baker In the opposition, a protracted discussion, some fun. Got home about 11 1/2 o�clock, Court day, very little business. J. R. Stewart and fam. run away last night, great excitement In consequence. Trade dull in the extreme. Baptist lecture again tonight by Mr. Murray's.

Thurs - Sept 17

Rained very heavy last night, No lecture will come off Monday next. Trade dull.

Fri - Sept 18

Beautiful fine day. Trade middling. Mr. and Mrs. Wedall came this evening to stay all night.

Sat - Sept 19

Fine day for harvesting. Looks like more rain. Trade dull enough. Nothing special or change excepting the Baptist question.

Sun - Sept 20

Fine day, went to meeting alone in the morning. Old Mr. Strong preached. H. and self went in the evening, Mr. Desbrisay preached. Rainy going home. Went to bed early, Mr. Richard Clark buried today (Harriet's uncle).

Mon - Sept 21

Very wet this morning, clears up, fine day, trade dull,

Tues - Sept 22

Mr. Murray�s lecture on Baptism came off last night. A large attendance some fun. Fine day for harvesting, turns cold towards evening. Trade dull.

Wed - Sept 23

No notes

Thurs - Sept 24

Missionary meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Colpits stayed with us tonight.

Fri - Sept 25

Very rainy this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Colpits could not go home. Mr. and Mrs. Desbrisay came up to see them.

Sat - Sept 26

Still rainy in the mornings Clears up at noon. Intended to go to Bedeque, roads too bad, could not go, Harriet disappointed, self sorry.

Sun - Sept 27

Dull and overcast, looks like rain in the morning. H. and self went to meeting in the morning, stayed to class. Was much amused with a good experience. Rain In the evening, could not go to meeting.

Mon - Sept 28

Rain again this morning, very bad weather for the late grain, Very wet all day. Streets in a wretched condition.

Tues - Sept 29

Fine day. Roads very bad. Nothing special.

Wed - Sept 30

Fair and exhibition today, an immense gathering, not bad show for the first. A great deal of fighting and. roudyism in the evening. Cousin J. Robertson with us tonight.

Thurs - Oct 1

Rain last night, fine today, nothing special.

Fri - Oct 2

Fine morning. Dr. Casey committed suicide this morning. Cut his throat on both sides in his office. Found almost dead, Martha, C. H., his father, Miss Tweedy and Cousin James took tea with us this evening.

Sat - Oct 3

Cold and gloomy today, rain after dinner, clears up in the evening.

Sun - Oct 4

Went up to Bedeque in the morning with Harriet, went to meeting morning and evening.

Mon - Oct 5

Came home this morning. Henry very cross. Rain In the afternoon.

Tues - Oct 6

No notes today, too busy. Supreme Court at St Elenor's opens today.

Wed - Oct 7

Fine day, nothing special


Stones abound in great abundance and the stranger is struck with amazement at the expense which is lavished on the on the last resting place of the departed and cannot help thinking that death is disarmed of some of its terror In view of being laid in such a beautiful place. One part of it appears to be set apart for sailors, at the head of each grave stands a wooden slab with persons name and the emblem of his calling and an anchor painted upon It.

Sun - Aug 20

Visited old cemetery and King's Square, both nicely ornamented, Also steam engine, four horses kept constantly ready in case of fire, two black ones, very heavy, say 1550 each, named, respectively Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis. Then attended meeting In the Methodist centenary church. A very good sermon. House nicely arranged and painted. About one dozen darkys in the gallery, male and female, one old chap with spectacles.

Afternoon went out to see the new cemetery. A beautiful piece of ground covered with trees. Beautiful gravelled walks wind through the trees and round rocks up and down hills and altogether it is extremely beautiful. Many of the graves are neatly fenced off with Iron fences and adorned with flowers, mosses and costly monuments and ....

Jul 21 1872

Agreed with Joseph Manderson(?) to build a house on brick yard 15 point size 12 by 18 feet roughboarded and shingled all over, two floors, one petition and door Inside, one outside door and four windows and flue for $66.

Jan 7 1871

Agreed with I Sharp for hardwood at 10/- per cord and soft do at 9/6 to be delivered In Summerside and to be paid Dec 1/71.

Jan. 2 1868

Agreed with William Gillis to out all the wood I want at my house from date to first of May for two pounds.

Jan 18, 1868

Agreed with Martha Dempsy today to make paint and hang ? shutter for the house for 25/- per pair, the 2 gable end ones to count one.

Feb. 24, 1868

B. Darby left three pairs of boots today to sell and these to be placed to his credit, price 25/-.

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