Hutchinson's Prince Edward Island Directory, 1864

The vast majority of the inhabitants are natives of the Island. Of those from abroad, the largest number are Scotchmen, next Irish, then English; after that, British colonists. The number from foreign countries is small.

Education - The first effort towards the promotion of Public Education was made by opening the National School in Charlottetown, about the year 1821.

The Board of Education was appointed in 1830. It consisted of five members, three of whom formed a quorum for the transaction of business. The Central Academy, at Charlottetown, was opened in January, 1836. The first principal of this institution was the Rev. Charles Lloyd. In 1837, a further impulse was given to the cause of a sound and thorough education, by the appointment, for the first time, of a visitor of schools for the whole island. John McNeil, Esq. Was appointed to this office. The number of schools at that time was fifty-one; scholars, 1,649. In 1847, when Mr. McNeil resigned this most important work, the schools had increased to 120, and the pupils to 5,000. In 1851, the number of schools was 135,; of scholars, 5,360. In 1856, the number of schools was 260; of scholars, 11,000. Towards the close of the same year, a Normal School, for the training of teachers, was opened. It is the law of Prince Edward Island, that the Bible be read in all public Schools. The law was passed in 1860, after much agitation on the subject.

The census of 1861 gives 302 public school-houses, and 280 public teachers.

Civil Government - The Island, like the neighboring provinces, is a British Colony. Like all North American colonies, it enjoys the fullest freedom to make and administer whatever laws are best suited to its peculiar circumstances, without any interference from its parent state.

The Legislature consists of the Governor, who is appointed by the Queen, a Legislative Council, and a House of Representatives.

The House of Assembly, or Representatives, consists of thirty members, and the Legislative Council, of twelve members. Both of these bodies are elected by the people. The Island is divided for civil purposes into three counties - King’s, Queen’s, and Prince’s; each of these elects ten representatives and four councillors.

The Executive Council consists of the Governor and nine members, chosen out of the members of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly.

The Judicial Department, embraces the following courts: 1. The Commissioners’ Courts, for small debts. They have jurisdiction in settling debts that do not exceed sixty dollars. Each county has six or seven of these courts. They consist of three commissioners, appointed by the government. They meet monthly, and are designed to prevent expensive litigation. 2. The Court of Probate, which disposes of wills, and grants letters of administration for the disposal of the property of such as die intestate. 3. The Supreme Court, which is the highest tribunal of civil law. It meets four times in the year in Queens’s county, and twice a year in the other counties. It is presided over by a Chief-Justice and one Assistant Judge. 4. The Court of Chancery, of which the Lieutenant-Governor is chancellor, and the master of rolls, the acting judge. The court adjudicates in cases which cannot be satisfactorily determined by statute law. It aims at deciding according to the equity of the case. 5. The Court of Vice-Admiralty, which is similar to the court of the same name in other provinces. 6. The Court of Marriage and Divorce. The Lieutenant-Governor is the president of this court and the Executive Council are members in it. It exists, as yet, but in name.

The first House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island met in July, 1773. It consisted of eighteen members. The Legislative and Executive Councils were then one body, appointed by the sovereign.

The Island was connected with Nova Scotia, in respect of civil government, till the year 1770. In that year, it was erected into a separate province. Its first governor, as a separate province, was:

1. Walter Patterson, Esq., 1770 to 1786

2. Lieut. General Edmund Fanning, 1786 to 1805

3. Colonel Joseph F. W. Debarres, 1808 to 1813

4. Charles Douglas Smith, Esq., 1813 to 1824

5. Colonel John Reddy, 1824 to 1831

6. Sir Aretas W. Young, 1831 to 1835

7. Sir John Harvey 1836, to 1837

8. Sir Charles Augustas Fitzroy, 1837 to 1841

9. Sir Henry Vere Huntley, 1841 to 1847

10. Sir Donald Campbell, 1847 to 1850

11. Sir Alexander Bannerman, 1851 to 1854

12. Sir Dominic Daly, 1854 to 1859.

George Dundas, Esq. became governor in 1859, and continues still. He is one of the most deservedly popular governors the Island ever had.

The Public Debt of the island on the 31st of January, 1861, was $15,324. Th meet this debt, there are 4,190 acres of crown lands, and 78,821 acres of public lands, as well as $66.278 due in installments for sales of public lands, bearing interest at five per cent.

Revenue and Expenditure - For 1859, the revenue amounted to 41,113 pounds, 13s. 5d. The expenditure for that year was 43, 113 pounds, 13s. 5d. The excess of the expenditure over revenue during these years, is to be accounted for by the expensive purchase of the large estates of the Earl of Selkirk for the public good.

The city of Charlottetown is the capitol of the island. It is built on gently rising ground, looking toward the south. It is on the north of the East River, and near its junction with the North and West Rivers. The streets cross each other at right angles. The six main streets are one hundred feet wide, and run north and south. The colonial building is a beautiful and commodious edifice, built of Nova Scotia freestone. The cornet-stone of this building was laid on the 16th day of May, 1843, by Sir Henry Vere Huntley, the lieutenant- governor. This building cost about $72,500. In 1848, the population of Charlottetown was 4,000; in 1855, 6,513; in 1861, 6,706.

The only town in King’s County is Georgetown. It is about thirty miles from the capitol, and contains a population of about 800.

The only town in Prince’s County is Summerside. It lies on the north side of Bedeque Harbor. Its distance from the capitol is about forty miles. It is only thirty-five miles from the town of Shediac, New Brunswick. It is a town of recent growth, but is rapidly increasing, and its trade is considerable.

There are no railways in Prince Edward Island, but its highways are excellent in summer and winter; in the fall and spring they are usually very deep and miry. There is no country of the same size in British North America where there is so much good turnpike road. It has telegraphic communication with the continent of America by means of a telegraphic cable, eleven miles in length, connecting it with New Brunswick. There is also telegraphic communication between Charlottetown and some of the principal places on the Island.

The standing grievance of Prince Edward Island has been the Land Question. The royal commissioners , who sat on this subject in 1861, among other things, recommended the purchase of the non-resident proprietors by the government, at an equitable rate, to be sold again in retail to the tenants. If the government decline, or is not in circumstances to make the purchase, then the award of the commissioners is, that the sale of the lane to the occupant tenants be compulsory on the part of the landlords, on the receipt of a just and reasonable price. They also fixed twenty years’ rent as the highest sum that could be demanded by any proprietor. The award further determines, that all arrears of rent due previous to the first of May, 1858, are now cancelled. Their report is very able and elaborate, and has had a beneficial effect already. It may be further noticed, that their award does not compel proprietors of less than 1,500 acres to sell their lands to those who may be occupying them as tenants.

Prince Edward Island Directory.


Abbreviations used in this work: ab above; al alley; asst assistant; b or bds boards; c or cor corner; do same place or same street; ft foot; h house; la lane; mkt market; n near; opp opposite; r rear; Rev. reverend; wid Widow.


Adams, William, blacksmith, h Water n Hillsboro’

Affleck, John, laborer, h Great George cor Water

Aitken, Charles, tinsmith, bds King cor Great George

Alchorn, Thomas, builder, bds Great George cor Kent

ALDONS, HON. JOHN, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Surveyor General, Colonial Building, res Montague

Allen, Mary, wid George, h Fitzroy n Queen

Allen, Thomas, sawyer, h Fitzroy n Edward

Allen, William B., tinsmith and sheet iron worker, Grafton n Queen

Alley, Alexander, joiner, h Great George cor Euston

Alley, George, law student, h Prince cor Dorchester

Alley, Thomas, carpenter and builder, h Prince cor Dorchester

Alley William, printer, bds Queen cor Grafton

AMOS EWEN, teacher, Prince cor Grafton, h Hillsboro’ n Fitzroy

Anderson, Alexander, professor, h King sq Kent

Anderson, Catherine, wid John, h Hillsboro’ cor Fitzroy

Anderson, Henry, carriagemaker, bds Great George cor Kent

Anderson, James, dry goods, groceries, and hardware, Queen cor Water, h Water n Queen

Anderson, Miss Jessie, milliner, Hillsboro’ cor Fitzroy

Arbon, James, laborer, h Dorchester n Pownal

Arbuckle, John, school inspector, h Fitzroy cor Cumberland

Atkinson, George D., private secretary, Government House

Aube, John S., h Weymouth n Kent

Bacon, William, pensioner, h Rochfort n Sidney

Badge, William, accountant, h Prince cor Kent

Bagnall, Horatio, clerk, bds Queen cor Dorchester

Bagnall, Lawrence, clerk, bds Queen cor Dorchester

Bagan, Cecilia, wid John, h Spring Park Road

Bagan, Patrick, laborer, h Pownal n Sidney.

Bain, James, plasterer, h Euston n Hillsboro’

Bain, James Jr., plasterer, h Euston n Hillsboro’

Bairsto, Thomas, laborer, h Euston cor Queen

Baker, Eliza A., milliner, Kent n Hillsboro’

Baker, Thomas M., joiner, h Kent n Hillsboro’

Baldwin, Alfred A., hardware, Queen n Dorchester, bds Weymouth cor Grafton

Ball, John, land surveyor, h King n Prince

Ball, Joseph, land surveyor, h Water cor Prince


Banks, Robert, labourer, h Water n Hillsboro’

Barker, Rev. Cephas, Prince n Dorchester

Barnard, Silas, wharfinger, h Sidney n Queen

Barnstead, William, baker, Sydney n Great George

Barr, Jas., livery, Grafton n Great George, h Grafton n Weymouth

Barrett, James, block and pump maker, Dorchester n Great George

Barron, Michael, blockmaker, h Dorchester n Great George

Barrow, John, judge, h Dorchester cor Hillsboro’

Baton, Peter, cooper, bds Water n Pownal

Batt, Samuel, grocer and blacksmith, Water n Great George

Battershill, Nathaniel, butcher, Grafton n Prince

Bayfield, Henry, R. N., Queen cor Euston

Beales, James, tailor, bds Prince cor Grafton

BEARS, DAVID A., boot and shoe manufactury, Pownal n Grafton

Beaton, Angus, currier, bds Grafton n Pownal

Beer, Hon. George, merchant, King sq, h Weymouth n Fitzroy

Beer, George R., general store, King sq, Kent

Beer, Lemuel L., general store, King sq, Kent

BEER & SONS, general store, King sq, Kent

BEETE, MAJOR, J.P., Water cor Prince

BELL, CHARLES, merchant tailor, Queen n Richmond, bds Queen sq.

BELL, JOHN, bookkeeper, h Fitzroy n Queen

Bell, John, tailor, Queen, h Grafton n Prince

Bell, Robert, grocer, Richmond, Queen sq

Benner, Margaret, grocer, Sidney n Hillsboro’

Bennett, Thomas, pensioner, h Military Barracks

Bertram, David, saddler, bds Great George n Kent

Bertram, Joseph, printer, bds Great George n Kent

Bethune, Daniel, painter, h Kent n Rochfort

Bevan, Job, clerk, h Euston n Weymouth

Bevan, Rebecca, wid Job, h Prince n Kent

Bickerson, George, shoemaker, bds King n Queen

Binns, Archibald, deputy sheriff, h West n Grafton

Binns, Charles J., asst. Comptroller of customs, Colonial Buildings, h Grafton cor Rochfort

Binns, John C., county sheriff, h Kent cor Rochfort

Birch, William, h Kent n Pownal

Birnie, George, h Water n Great George

Blatch, Henry, grocer, Great George cor Fitzroy

Blue, Neil, tailor, bds Sidney n Great George

Boulton, Henry, rigger, h Euston n Queen

Bourke, William C., captain steamer “Heather Bell” h Southport

Bovyer, Edward A., builder, Sidney n Queen

Bovyer, Thomas F., builder, Sydney n Queen

Bovyer, Mary, wid John, h King n Prince

Bovyer, Mary, clerk, h King n Great George

Bovyer, T. F. & E. A., builders, Sydney n Queen

Bowden, John, baker, h Grafton cor Hillsboro’

Bowers, John, saddler and harnessmaker, Richmond n Pownal

Bowers, Patrick, harnessmaker, bds Richmond n Pownal

Bowron, George, moulder, h Edward n Kent

Boyd, Daniel F., watchmaker, bds Grafton, Queen sq

Boyd, James, clerk, h Grafton n Weymouth

Boyle, Maria, h Richmond n Cumberland

Boyle, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, Spring Park Road

Boyle, William, tanner and currier, Spring Park Road

Brace, George, shoemaker, Sidney n Pownal

Brace, William, bds Sidney n Pownal

Bradley, Andrew, laborer, h Great George n Fitzroy

Breauth, [Brehaut?], Christina, wid James, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Brecken, Frederick, barrister and notary public, Water n Queen, h King cor Hillsboro’

Brecken, John, barrister, h Kent n Weymouth

BRECKEN, R. W., flour and tea, &c, wholesale, Water n Queen, bds Pownal n Water.

Brecken, Ralph, h Royalty Road.

Breen, John, blacksmith, h Kent n Queen

Bremner, George, printer, h Prince n Grafton

Bremner, John S., book seller and stationer, Prince n Grafton.

Bremner, William, book binder, h Prince n Grafton

Brennan, Daniel, general store, Queen cor Sidney

Brennan, Thomas, policeman, h Euston cor Queen

Brenock, Thomas, ship carpenter, bds Sidney n Queen

Brewer, William, laborer, h Rochfort n Sidney

BREWSTER, REV. JOHN, h Richmond n Prince

Brighan, William, farmer, h Grafton n Hillsboro’

Brotthers, Ellen, wid Thos., h Hensley b Richmond and Grafton

Broderick, Ellen, wid James, h Cumberland cor Kent

Brown, Alexander, h Brighton Road

Brown, Ambrose L., merchant, Queen sq, h Water cor Prince

Brown, Arthur, painter, h Richmond opp Hillsboro’

Brown, Charles, blacksmith, bds Kent n Hillsboro’

Brown, John, laborer, h Grafton n Rochfort

Brown, John, mason, h Grafton n Hillsboro’

Brown, John, seaman, h Grafton n Weymouth

Brown, Morris, trader, bds Dorchester n Queen

Brown, Thomas, ship carpenter, h Water n Hillsboro’

Brown, William, merchant, Queen, h Fitzroy n Great George

BROWN W. & A., dry goods &c., Queen sq.

Brundage, Ann, wid Joseph, h Prince n Richmond

Bryenton, Horace, grocer, Kent n Prince, h Prince cor Kent

Bryenton, Michael, h Hillsboro n Grafton

Buckley, James, shoemaker, bds Grafton, Queen sq n Queen

Bulger, Simon, currier, h Grafton n Pownal

Burke, Patrick, laborer, h Richmond n Cumberland

Burns, Catherine, wid John, h Dorchester n Prince

Burns, James, laborer, h Dorchester n Prince

Burns, Nicholas, liquors, Queen n Sidney

BURNS, THOMAS M., pottery, Spring Park Road

Burris, Thomas, printer, h Great George n Queen sq

Burrows, John, butcher, h Kent n Prince

BUTCHER, MARK, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Kent opp Queens sq.

Butler, Bridget, wid John, laundress, h Cumberland n Dorchester

Butler, William, fisherman, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Byars, Frederick, laborer, h Fitzroy n Rochfort

Byars, William, chimney sweep, h Rochfort n Fitzroy

Byars, William, Jr., laborer, h Rochfort n Fitzroy

Byrne, Edward F., bookkeeper, h Euston n Pownal

Caffray, James, rigger, Grafton n Weymouth

Cahill, James, blacksmith, h Fitzroy n Great George

Cahill, Nancy, wid Anthony, h Dorchester n Weymouth

Cahill, Thomas, baker, h Pownal n Water

Cairns, John, marble works, Kent n Prince

Cairns, John, tinsmith, Queen n Kent

Cairns, Mary, wid James, hotel, Queen n Grafton

Calford, Edward, clerk, bds King sq., Kent

Callaghan, Christopher, laborer, h Euston n Rochfort

Callaghan, Laughlan, maltster, h Spring Park road n Euston

Callaghan, Michael, blacksmith, h Dorchester n Pownal

Callaghan, Peter, clerk, bds Rochfort n Euston

Callaghan, Peter, laborer, h Cross n Euston

CALLBECK, HENRY J., dry goods, Sydney n Queen

Callier, John, pensioner, h Richmond n Pownal

Cambridge, Miss Margaret, h Pownal n Grafton

Cameron, James, pensioner, h Military Barracks

Cameron, Jane, wid, h Richmond, Queen sq.

Cameron, Rosa, wid Duncan, h King n Queen.

Cameron, William, liquors, Queen n Kent

Campbell, Ann, wid Neil, h Sidney n Hillsboro’

Campbell, Cletus, tailor, h Weymouth n Grafton

Campbell, Ronald, sea captain, h Weymouth cor Sidney

Canafick, James, ship carpenter, bds Sidney n Queen

Cappell, Mary, wid Benjamin, h Richmond cor Hillsboro

Carle, James, laborer, h Sidney n Pownal

Carman, Francis, clerk, h Queen n Grafton

Carmen, Henry D., clerk, bds Great George cor Kent

Carmichael, James, cabinetmaker, Kent n Pownal

Carpenter, Joseph, carpenter, h Rochfort cor Grafton

Carpenter, Thomas, joiner, h Kent n Rochfort

Carroll, Daniel, builder, Weymouth n Water

Carroll, John, laborer, h Euston n Great George

Carroll, Mary T., wid John, h Dorchester n Pownal

Carroll, Michael, carpenter, h Sidney n Prince

Carroll, Phillip, laborer, h Fitzroy n Great George

Carroll, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Queen n Dorchester

Carroll, William, carpenter, bds Grafton n Weymouth

CARVELL, J. S., commission merchant, broker, and general agent, Queen n Water, h Water n Queen

Carver, Joseph, laborer, h Sidney n Pownal

Casely, Thomas, shoemaker, h Weymouth cor Sidney

Caughlan, Richard, laborer, h Fitzroy n Prince

Chandler, Henry, porter, h Hillsboro’ cor Kent

Chandler, James, servant, h Hillsboro’ cor Kent

Chandler, John, laborer, h Euston n Great George

Chandler, William, seaman, h Fitzroy n Weymouth

Chappell, David, cabinetmaker, bds Prince n Water

Chappell, Henry, millwright, h Kent n Queen

Chappell, John J., clerk, h Richmond n Hillsboro’

Chappel, Theophilus, shoemaker, Water n Prince

Chappell, William, joiner, h Euston n Pownal

Charles, George, sailmaker, h Grafton n Weymouth

Charlottetown Armory, Grafton n Pownal

Charlottetown Gas Works, Sidney cor Cumberland

Charlottetown Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Henry Palmer, secretary and treasurer, Kent n Queen

Charlottetown Reading Room, Water cor Queen

Charlton, Henry, currier, h Grafton n Rochfort

Childs, Maria, wid Henry, h Grafton n Prince

Chilton, Arthur, laborer, h Hillsboro’ n Grafton

Clark, Andrew, seaman, bds King n Queen

Clark, Charles, clerk, h Queen n King

Clark, Elizabeth, wid George, Queen n Euston

Clark, Peter G., h Hensley bet Richmond and Grafton

Clarkin, Margaret, wid Terence, h King n Queen

Cleary, Peter, clerk, bds Dorchester n Queen

Clements, Robert, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Clements, Robert, shoemaker, Weymouth cor Euston

Clibborn, William, servant, bds Water n Pownal

Cobb, Robert, shoemaker, h King sq., Kent

Cobb, Samuel, laborer, h Grafton n Weymouth

Cody, James, laborer, h Great George n Richmond

Cody, William, blacksmith, bds Queen cor Kent

Coffin, Francis, clerk, bds Water n Queen

Coiley, John, laborer, h Hillsboro’ n Richmond

Cole, Richard, carpenter, h Grafton n Pownal

Coles Hon. James, brewery and distillery, Kent n Prince

Coles, James W., saddler, h Sidney n Prince

Colings, Margaret, wid Ephriam, h Euston n Pownal

Collin, John, laborer, h Sidney n Weymouth

Collins, John, caulker, h Rochfort n Grafton

Collins, Jonathan, deputy sheriff, h Grafton near Queen

Collins, Robert, h Grafton n Queen

Collins, Sarah, wid James, h Great George n Euston

Colonial Building, Queen’s sq.

Cook, William, shoemaker, h Prince n Grafton

Combs, Ellen, wid Alexander, h Weymouth n King

Conlem, Murty, tailor, h King n Pownal

Connell, John, clerk, h King n Pownal

Connell, Robert, porter, h King n Pownal

Connolly, Bridget, wid Patrick, liquors, Kent cor Prince

Connolly, Hugh, carter, h r Euston n Pownal

Connolly, James, cooper, bds Dorchester n Pownal

Connolly, John, shoemaker, Hillsboro’ cor Grafton

Connolly, John, shoemaker, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Connolly, Mary, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Connolly, Owen, provision dealer, Dorchester n Queen

Connolly, Susan, wid Francis, h Dorchester n Pownal

CONOLEY, JOHN & CO., Spring Park Brewery [Name as spelled in directory]

Connors, David, boarding-house, Dorchester n Great George

CONVENT of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Weymouth cor Sidney

Conway, Joseph, laborer, h Richmond n Edward

Cook, Abraham, shoemaker, bds Pownal n Grafton

Cook, William, shoemaker, h Prince n Grafton

Cooke, Henry R., clerk, bds Water n Pownal

Coombs, George, clerk, bds Water cor Pownal

Coombs, Henry, cooper, Euston opp Prince

Cooper, Henry, printer, h Sidney n Weymouth

COOPER, JAMES BARRETT, clerk, Leg. Council, editor and prop. “Monitor”, h Sidney cor Weymouth

Cooper, William, boot and shoe maker, Kent n Hillsboro’

Corrigan, Patrick, laborer, h Cumberland cor Sidney

Corish, John, shipcarpenter, h Cumberland cor Sidney

Corish, William, laborer, h Richmond n Cumberland

Coslow, James, brewery, Spring Park road

Costello, John, shoemaker, h Sidney n Pownal

Costello, P., laborer, h Pownal n GraftonCostello, Thomas, shoemaker, h Hillsboro’ n Grafton

Costin, John, bar keeper, bds Kent n Queen

Costello, Thomas, shoemaker, h Hillsboro’ n Grafton


Country Flour Market, Richmond cor Great George

Coveny, Moses, carpenter, h Grafton n Hillsboro’

Cox, George, sea captain, h King n Great George

Cox, Robert, carpenter, h Hensley bet Richmond and Grafton

Coyle, John, servant, h Dorchester n Weymouth

COYLE, PHILLIP, tobacconist, Pownal n Richmond

Crabb, Mary, wid Joseph, h Great George n Kent

Crabb, Robert, currier, h Hillsboro’ n Euston

Crabb, William, carpenter, h Weymouth n Euston

CRABB, WILLIAM, Jr., grocer, Queen n Richmond, h Prince cor King

Crabb, William, variety store, Queen n Richmond, h Prince n Dorchester

Craig, Albert, clerk, bds Prince n Richmond

Craig, David, laborer, h Dorchester n Prince

Craig, Horatio, laborer, h Dorchester n Prince

Crawford, John, clerk, bds Dorchester n Queen

CRAWFORD, ROBERT H., registrar of deeds, Colonial Building, h Kent n Hillsboro’

Cremer, Hugh, seaman, h Euston n Queen

Cripps, Charles B., shoemaker, bds Kent n Hillsboro’

Croake, John, tailor, bds Kent n Prince

Croake, William, liquor dealer, Dorchester cor Prince

Crocket, Charles, cabinet maker, bds Kent cor Hillsboro’

Crocket, James, mason, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Crockett, William, cabinetmaker, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Croplay, Robert A., pensioner, h Military Barracks

Crosby, Mary, wid William, h Fitzroy n Prince

Cross, Christopher, h Weymouth n Euston

Cross, William P., saddler, h Hensley bet Richmond and Grafton

CUMMINGS, GEORGE, merchant tailor, Prince n Grafton

CUNDALL, HENRY J., land agent, Dorchester cor Great George, h King n Prince

CUNDALL, WILLIAM, cashier, Bank of P.E.I., Queen cor Water, h King n Prince

Curran, Margaret, wid Lawrence, h Great George n Euston

Currie, Donald, asst. Clerk, Executive Council, Colonial Building, h Great George n King

Currie, James, teacher, Rochfort School, Queen n Grafton, h Pownal n Grafton

Currie, James, blacksmith, h Pownal n Grafton

Currie, John, carpenter, h King n Great George

Currie, Malcolm, servant, bds Water cor Pownal

Curtis, Owen, asst. Commissioner of Crown lands, Colonial Building, res Milton

Dagelish, Charles, farmer, Malpeque Road

Daley, Owen, carter, h Dorchester n Weymouth

Dalton, Michael, h Fitzroy n Hillsboro’

Canford, Charles, tinsmith, h Queen cor Fitzroy

D’ARCY JOHN A., broker, Water n Pownal

Darrick, John, builder, bds Sidney n Great George

Davidson, William, sea captain, h Grafton cor Rochfort

Davidson, William B., lumber surveyor, h Water cor Prince

Davies, Benjamin, general store, and ship builder, Richmond, Queen sq., h Water n Pownal

Davies, Benjamin, jun clerk, bds Water n Pownal


DAVIES, DANIEL, dry goods, Queen sq, h Kent n Weymouth

Davies, George, dry goods, Queen sq, h Brighton road

Davies, Joseph, clerk, bds Queen sq.

Davies, Louis H., law student, Water n Pownal

Davies, Simon, dry goods, Queen sq,, h West n Grafton

DAVIS, JAMES, Osborne Hotel, Water n Great George

Davis, Rev. John, h Hillsboro’ n Richmond

Davis, Richard J., machinist, h Grafton n Weymouth

Davison, Almira, clerk, h Prince cor Water

Davy, Charles, shoemaker, bds Hillsboro’ cor Dorchester

Davy, Edward, blacksmith, bds Richmond n Prince

Davy, George, blacksmith, bds Hensley bet Richmond and Grafton

Davy, Frederick, clerk, bds Richmond n Prince

DAVY, THOMAS, blacksmith, Richmond n Prince

Dawson, J. B., sea captain, bds Grafton n Prince

Dawson, Thomas, h Grafton n Pownal

Dawson, Thomas Jr., Grafton n Pownal

DAWSON, WILLIAM B., city tannery, Grafton n Rochfort

DAWSON, W. E., general store, Kent cor Great George, h Kilburn, Malpeque road

Deacon, James, carpenter, h King n Great George

Dealziel, Charles, clerk, bds Sidney n Queen

DEAN, WILLIAM B., flour, teas, &c., wholesale, Water n Pownal

De Blois, George W., land agent, and agent for General Mining Association, Grafton n West, h Malpeque road.

De Cost, Joseph, fisherman, h Weymouth n Dorchester

Delany, Michael, joiner, h Fitzroy n Cumberland

Delany, Thomas, dry goods, Great George n Grafton, h Euston cor Pownal

DELANY & WILSON, dry goods, Great George n Kent

Derstead, Ann, h Fitzroy n Rochfort

Desbrisay, Benjamin, barrister, Queen n Grafton, h Hillsboro’ cor Fitzroy

Desbrisay, Charles, clerk, Executive Council, Colonial Building, h Kent n Weymouth

DES BRISAY, JAMES & CO., dry goods, wholesale and retail, Queen sq., h Pownal n Grafton

Des Brisay, Peter, assistant postmaster, h Hillsboro’ cor Fitzroy

DES BRISAY, THEOPHILUS, J.P., Apothecaries Hall, Queen st., Queen sq., h Spring Park Road Royalty

Dewar, Eliza, wid James, h King n Queen

Dibben, Samuel H., painter, h Great George n Euston

Dibbins, Mary, wid William, h Pownal n Grafton

Dickerson, Henry, clerk, bds Sidney n Cumberland

Dillon, John, sailmaker, Lord’s wharf, h Grafton n Hillsborough [note spelling]

Dinn, Daniel, carpenter, h Sidney, n Great George

Dinn, Richard, tailor, h Sidney n Great George

Dodd, Jane, wid Simon, h Pownal n Water

Dodd, Simon W., medical student, bds Great George cor Water

Dodd, Thomas W., general store, Pownal n Grafton, h Water cor Great George

DODD, WILLIAM, auctioneer and commission merchant, Queen’s sq.

DODD & ROGERS, general store, and stove dealers, Pownal n Kent

Dogherty, George, bds Kent n Prince [Actual spelling]

DOHERTY, GEORGE L., cabinetmaker, Prince n Kent, h Kent n Prince [Actual spelling]

Donnelly, James, laborer, h Fitzroy n Queen

Donnelly, Patrick, laborer, h Euston cor Cumberland

Donovan, John, carpenter, h Sidney n Pownal

Donovan, John, tobacco twister, h Sidney n Pownal

Dorcey, James, shoemaker, h Dorchester n Queen

Dorsey, John, shoemaker, Dorchester n Queen [Note differing spellings of surname in last two]

Doucette, Moses, servant, h Euston n Prince

Dougan, Catherine, dressmaker, Grafton, Queen sq, n Queen

Dougan, Wm. M., shoe factory, Grafton, Queen sq, n Queen

Douglas, Annie, clerk, h Hillsborough sq, n Weymouth

Douglas, Edward, shipcarpenter, h Grafton n Prince

DOUGLAS, GEORGE, cabinetmaker, KENT cor Hillsboro’, h Euston n Hillsboro’

Douglas, George, ship builder, h Weymouth n Grafton

Douglas, Mrs. H. B., boarding house, h Water n Great George

Douglas, Thomas, ship carpenter, bds Hillsboro’ n Kent

Douglas, William, ship carpenter, h Hillsboro’ n Kent

Douse, Frederick, clerk, h Sidney n Rochfort

Douse, James P., shipbuilder, Sidney n Rochfort

Douse, John, shipbuilder, West n Richmond, h Richmond Rochfort

DOUSE, WILLIAM, h Sidney near Rochfort

Down, John, carter, h King cor Pownal

Downey, Israel, shoemaker, h Kent n Prince

Dowing, Ezra R., shoemaker, h Hillsborough n Grafton [name as spelled]

Downing, Samuel J., brewer, h Brighton near Brighton road

Doyle, James C., “Vindicator”, Kent n Prince, h Euston n Rochfort

Doyle, Michael, painter, bds Great George n Fitzroy

Doyle, Michael, carriage maker, h Euston n Weymouth

Doyle, Patrick, painter, bds Great George n Fitzroy

Doyle, Thomas, sailmaker, h Dorchester n Prince

Doyle, Thomas, blacksmith, h Hillsboro’ n King sq.

Drake, John, blacksmith, bds Kent cor Prince

Draynor, Patrick, laborer, h Richmond n Cumberland

Drew, Charles W., cabinetmaker, h Grafton n Prince

Drew, George, pensioner, h Grafton n Hillsboro’

Drummond, John S., engineer, h Dorchester m Pownal

Duchemin, Edmund H., block maker, h Richmond n Hillsboro’

DUCHEMIN, WATSON, pump and Block Maker, Prince cor Sidney

Duffy, Margaret, wid Patrick, h Euston n Great George

Duffy, Michael, lime burner, h Malpeque road

Duffy, Thomas, carter, h Grafton n Pownal

Duffy, William, carpenter, h King n Great George.

Dunbar, Joseph B., clerk, h Pownal n Richmond

DUNCAN, JAMES & Co., shipbuilder, Dorchester near Great George, h Water near Prince

DUNCAN, REV. THOMAS, h Pownal n Fitzroy

Duncan, Robert, shipcarpenter, Water n Hillsboro’

DUNDAS, GEORGE, Esq., Lieutenant Governor Prince Edward Island, res Government House

DUNN, James, liquor dealer, Richmond n Pownal

Dunn, Mary, wid James, h Hillsboro’ n King

Dunphy, James, shoemaker, h Great George n Euston

Dunphy, Thomas, harnessmaker, bds Richmond n Pownal

Duset, Mose, porter, h Easton [sic] n Rochfort


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