Muster Rolls, King's Rangers - 1784

Muster Rolls of the following Disbanded Officers, Discharged and Disbanded Soldiers and their respective families of His Majesty's late First Batallion of Kings Rangers that are now settled and preparing to settle in the Island of St. John, taken 12th June 1784.

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RankMenWomenChild10+Child-10ServantsWhere Land GrantedAcresHow HeldTo what time had
drawn Provisions
General Remarks
Sam'l HaydenCaptain11 13East Point, Lot 47700by patent24 April 1784 
Edw. MainwaringCaptain11  3East Point, Lot 47700d.o.d.o. 
John ThrockmortonLieut11  2Pownal Bay, Lot 50500d.o.d.o. 
John RobinsEnsign1    Bedeque Bay500d.o.d.o.Has received Twelve Months
provisions at Halifax
Peter AndersonEnsign11322Lot 47500d.o.d.o. 
Joseph BeersEnsign11 12Pownal Bay, Lot 50500d.o.d.o. 
Alex'r SmithAdj't11 12Lot 47500d.o.d.o. 
Lewis DavisSurgeon11 21nonen.a. d.o.does not intend settling on the
Island. Not Certified.
Alex. CampbellSergeant11 1 Pownal Bay, Lot 50200d.o.d.o. 
Peter Musickd.o.1112 Lot 47200d.o.d.o. 
Dennis Keefed.o.1    Lot 57200d.o.d.o. 
John Browned.o.1    Lot 57200d.o.d.o. 
John Gallispheed.o.1114 Pownal Bay, Lot 50200d.o.d.o. 
James MarshallCorporal11   Lot 47200d.o.d.o. 
Daniel KennedyCorporal1    Lot 47200d.o.d.o. 
Mich. Maloned.o.1       d.o. 
Hugh Pebbles?d.o.1    Lot 47200d.o.d.o. 
Sam'l Kenneyd.o.1    Lot 47200d.o.d.o. 
Geo. Stilkey [Stukely?]d.o.1       d.o. 
Wm. MarkesDrummer1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Martin Dwyerd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John AldershawPrivate1    Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
Jas. Crockettd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
Henry Grayd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
Timothy Sylvesterd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
Thos. Troutd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
Fred'k Proutd.o.112  Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
John Acornd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 50100d.o.d.o. 
Thos Dwyerd.o.112  Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Michael Martind.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Dan'l Roperd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Bakerd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Peter Rosed.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Francis Reilleyd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Francis LackeyPrivate1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Thomas Landricand.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Augustus Kilkashd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Henry Rollinsd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Camp[bell?]d.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Joseph Ferdinandod.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Smithd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Sam'l BraddockVolunteer1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o.son of an old inhabitant
John Murphyd.o.11 2 Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Matthew Giggd.o.1       d.o.gone a fishing, have not applied
for any lands - not certified.
John Dowlandd.o.1       d.o.gone a fishing, have not applied
for any lands - not certified.
Thos Shoemakerd.o.1    Pownal Bay, Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Joseph Meridahd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Morris Dochertyd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Henry Connorsd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
James Hendersond.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Caseyd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Sullivand.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Donahoed.o.1       d.o. 
Moses Grahamd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Emmanuel Grayd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Thomas Marsh [Marks?]d.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Thomas Smithd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
John Coxend.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Dan'l Godfreyd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Jas Sheaned.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Denis McGoll?d.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Jno. Dickinsond.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Michael Greadyd.o.1        Does not settle on the
Island. Not Certified
John Jacksond.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Michael Keeferd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Daniel Walld.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Aaron Devald.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Bowen Wattsd.o.1       d.o.does not intend to settle
not Certified.
John Gibbonsd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
Charles Hooperd.o.1    Lot 47100d.o.d.o. 
William Halesd.o.1        Absent has not applied for
any land. not Certified
Alex'r Lawsond.o.1    Princetown100d.o.d.o. 
Geo. Jakesd.o.1    Charlottetown100d.o.d.o. 
Dan'l Woodsd.o.1       d.o.Does not intend to
settle. Not Certified
Henry Seamand.o.1       d.o.Gone a fishing not Certified
James Patten?d.o.1    Princetown100d.o.d.o. 
Emmanuel JosephPrivate1        Fishing at Purcey in Bay
of Shalure, not Certified
Will'm Webly?d.o.1        Gone to Halifax, not Certified
William Armstrongd.o.1        Gone to Purcey - Not Certified
Will'm Dayd.o.1        Gone to Purcey - Not Certified
Edmund Meaded.o.1        Dissolate, abandoned and
indolant characters and
Tradesmen. not Certified
Will'm Gravend.o.1        Dissolate, abandoned and
indolant characters and
Tradesmen. not Certified
John Millerd.o.1        Gone to Boston. not Certified
Pat'k Keefed.o.1        Gone a fishing - not Certified

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