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Submitted by Christine Gorman

1843/1844 Repeal Lists

Mr. Terrence Punch CG [C], in The Island Magazine, Vol 20 and Vol 21, printed 1843 Halifax Register lists of Prince Edward Islanders belonging to the movement and indicating where they had lived in Ireland. This is a list produced from another source, The Palladium, and lists showing many other names, not included in Mr. Punch's article.

Mr. Edward Whelan, editor of the Halifax Register, was a strong supporter of the Irish Repeal Movement in the 1840's. At the end of 1843, Whelan moved to Charlottetown to publish The Palladium.

These lists are from such copies of the Palladium as the Canadian National Library Library was able to put onto microfilm. The spelling is Mr. Whelan's.

The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI

December 28, 1843


The Monthly Meeting of the Charlottetown Repeal Association, was held on Tuesday, the 26th of December, at the House of Mr. P. Coughlan, Pownal Street. Dennis Reddin, Esq., President, having taken the Chair,----

Moved by Mr. Richard Walsh, R. W. (Repeal Warden), Seconded by Mr. P. B. Doyle, R. W. 1. Resolved, That the letter received by the Secretary, from Mr. John McKenzie, New London, acknowledging the receipt of his Card, and a Book accompanying it, be inserted on the minutes.

Moved by Daniel Brenan, Esq., Seconded by Mr. P. B. Doyle, R.W.

2. Resolved, That the Communication just read by the Chairman, from the Halifax Repeal Association, be inserted on the minutes, and that this Meeting pledge itself to use every exertion in its power to comply with, and act in accordance with the same.

Moved by Mr. Richard Walsh, R. W. Seconded by Mr. John Phelan,

3. Resolved, That the Secretary do answer the letter which the President has received from the Halifax Association, in the most complimentary manner.

Moved by Mr. P. B. Doyle, R.W., Seconded by Mr. Richard Walsh,

4. Resolved That a select Committee of five Persons, besides the Chairman, with power to add to their number, be appointed at the Meeting, for the purpose of drawing up Rules and Regulations, preparatory to the Simultaneous Meetings , which are to be held throughout this Island, on the 22nd day of January ensuing, or "Ireland's Monday."

The following persons were appointed a Committee in accordance with the above Resolution:--Messrs. Daniel Brenan, John Gainsford, Edward Whelan, John Little and Walter Phelan, Secretary.

The Chairman adjourned the Meeting to Monday Evening next, at six o'clock.


 The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI

January 13, 1844

In conformity to Public notice, a meeting of the Repealers of Lot 19, and vicinity was held at the House of Mr. Edward Delaney, Lot 19, on Monday, the 11th December, 1843. William Clark, Esquire of Darnley, having been called to the Chair by acclamation, addressed the meeting in a neat and elegant style on the subject of Repeal, as did also that enterprising and spirited Gentleman, Mr Ephraim Reed of Bedeque, in his usual candid and straight forward style....At the close of the Meeting the handsome sum of £6 13s was found to be paid down, besides other sums subscribed as a Contribution to Mr O'Connell's Proclamation Fund.

Various Proposals

Proposed by Mr Alexander McKinnon, seconded by Mr Edward Moynagh;
Proposed by Mr Edward Delaney, seconded by Mr. James Traynor;
Proposed by Garret Dempsey, seconded by Mr. James Barrett;
Proposed by Mr. George Thompson, seconded by Mr. John McKenzie;
Proposed by Mr Richard Dunn, R. W., seconded by Mr. James Donnelly;
Proposed by Mr. Timothy Driscoll, R. W., seconded by Mr. Dennis Mahar;
Proposed by Mr. William Hickey, R. W., seconded Mr. John Coloton;
Proposed by Mr. David Noonan, seconded by Patrick Carigan

After several appropriate remarks were made by different persons, it was moved that the Chairman do leave the Chair, and that Mr. John MacKenzie of New London, be called thereto, and that the thanks of the Meeting be given to William Clark, Esquire, for his manly and patriotic conduct in the Chair; to which Mr. Clark replied, in a neat speech, which lasted better than 3 quarters of an hour, in the course of which he avowed himself a Repealer, for which he got three very hearty cheers. Three cheers being given for Queen Victoria, three for O'Connell, and three for Repeal, the meeting adjourned, sine die, being highly delighted with the proceedings of the evening.


The Palladium Charlottetown, PEI

January 13, 1844


The adjourned Meeting of the Charlottetown Repeal Association was held at Mr. P. Coghlan's House in Pownal Street, on Thursday, 4th January, 1844

Volunteers were listed who would go to the Simultaneous Meetings, with Copies of Addresses and Memorials;

VOLUNTEERS: Mr. James Reade (?), R.W (Repeal Warden). for Covehead, Tracadie and Union Roads; P. F. Doyle, Newtown and Belfast; P.R. Doyle, R.W. Vernon River, Montague, &c; Edward Kickham, R.W. Ten Mile House, Millcove &c; Richard Walsh, R.W. St. Andrews and St. Peter's; Edward Moynagh, R.W. Bedeque, South West Bedeque, Grand River, Barrett's Cross, New London, &c; John Flanigan, De Sable, Back Settlement, Crapaud, &c; Francis Kelly, R.W. Fort Augustus and Monaghan Settlement; Jas. Kelly, R.W. Georgetown and vicinity; James Quinn, Rustico, Hope River, and New London.

Appointed as Repeal Wardens, were:

Messrs: Thomas Irwin, East Point; Martin Byrnes, Georgetown and vicinity; Patrick Kelly, Shoemaker, Montague; Mathew Redmond, Vernon River; James Murphy, China Point; Richard Curran, Newtown; Thomas Baldwin, Lot 51; James Kelly, Cooper, and his son Henry Kelly, Charlottetown; Martin Doyle, Little Miminagash, Lot 4; Michael Dalton, Lot 7; Peter Campbell, Cascumpeque; Patrick Murphy, Lot 11; James Broyderick, Kildare, Lot 3; Maurice Connors, Cascumpeque; Lawrence Murphy, South Shore; Ephraim Reed, Bedeque; Edmond Mullins, Tracadie Road; Robert Barry, Covehead Road; Richard Maller (?) Union and Bedeque Roads, and Royalty; John Costello, Tryon Road and West River; James Dunn and J. W. LeLacheur, Esq., White Sands and Murray Harbour; Peter Flood, Lot 49; Luke Aspill, Lot 48, and James Walsh, ferry,--Lot 48; and Patrick Murphy, Michael Began, and James Fannan, South West Bedeque; Thomas Griffin, Belfast.

The chief Speakers who addressed the Meeting on the importance and necessity of a Repeal of the Union--were, Daniel Brenan, Esquire, John Little, Esquire, John Gainsford, Esquire, Mr Edward Whelan and the Chairman, Dennis Reddin, Esquire..


The Saint Andrew's Simultaneous Meeting, was held at the House of Mr. Egan, on Monday the 15th January, 1844, for the purpose of getting Signatures to the Addresses and Memorials, and for collecting contributions to the Repeal Fund for the present year. Mr. John Phelan was called to the Chair. After the Meeting was opened, the Addresses and Memorials, adopted by the Charlottetown Repeal Association, were severally read to the Meeting--

Proposed, Seconded, put and carried unanimously, after which the following Persons contributed to the Repeal Fund:

James Phelan, Dennis Phelan, Margaret Phelan, Catherine Phelan, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1s 6d each;
Thomas Walsh, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, 6s;
Julian Walsh, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, 1s 6d;
James Rice, Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, 1s 6d;
Edward Connolly, Windgap, Waterford, 1s 6d;
James Connolly, Windgap, Waterford, 3s 9d;
Angus McDonald, Savage Harbour, 1s; 6d;
Edward Feehan, Ballypatrick, Co. Tipperary, 3s;
Patrick Ragsider, Dittlestown, Wexford, 3s;
Peter Sinnot, Roachestown, Wexford, 3s;
Patrick Grifin, Ullard, Co, Kilkenny, 4s;
Thomas Gane, Wexford, 1s 6d;
John Campian, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, 3s;
Elizabeth Campian, do. do., 1s 6d;
Alexander Campian, do. do., 1s 6d;
David Ryan, Shankell, Kilkenny, 1s 6d;
Patrick Bambrick, Blanchvillea Park, Kilkenny, 3s;
Patrick Bambrick, junr, do. do., 1s 6d;
Mary Bambrick, do. do., 1s 6d;
Michael Egan, Tooks Mill, Wexford, 2s 6d;
John Egan, do. do., 1s 6d;
David Egan, do. do., 1s 6d;
John Long, junr., St. Andrews, 1s 6d;
Donald McKinnon, Hillsborough Head, 2s 6d;
Richard Egan, Tooks Mill, Wexford, 1s 6d;
James Bambrick, Blanchvillea Park, Kilkenny, 1s 6d;
Thomas McGrath, junr., 3 s.
Peter Sappan, Parish Monaghan, 5s;
Thomas Barrett, Red House, 2s;
Lawrence Barrett, junr., do., do., 1 s 6d;
Patrick Ryan Barrett, do. do., 1 s 6d;
Roderick McDonald, St. Peters, 5s.

The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI

December 28, 1843


Thomas Condon, Wilbarry, County Limerick, 5s 9d;

Patrick Redmond, Taghmon, Co. Wexford, 5s;

John Phelan, Treshford, Co. Kilkenny, 10;

John Ryan, Shankill, Co. Kilkenny; Edmond Shea, Cullan, Co. Kilkenny; Thomas Hennessy, Ballybricken, Waterford; Patrick Hickey, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny; Michael Mullally, Mullinshone, Co. Kilkenny; Thomas Gleeson, Thurles, Co. Tipperary; Richard Cody, Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny; John Kennedy, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, Thomas Donovan, Kilmathomas, Co. Waterford; Michael Wyse, Thurles, Co. Tipperary; each 3s.

Patrick Sweeney, Anacarthy, Co. Tipperary; John Sweeney, ditto, ditto [Anacarthy, Co. Tipperary]; James McKay, Knockbyrne, Co. Wexford; each 2s 3d.

Dougald McIssack, Inverness Shire, Scotland; Daniel Hogan, Borrisokeam, Co. Tipperary; Laughlin McAulay, Native; Patrick Keefe, Caher, Co. Tipperary; Thomas Mullowney, Mullinavat Co. Kilkenny; John Walsh, Kilacow, Co. Kilkenny; Angus McAulay, Inverness Shire, Scotland; Peter Kairns, Kilmore, Monaghan; Simon Kehoe, Pollparty, Co. Wexford; Archibald McAulay, Native; Patrick Hillgrove, Youghal, Co. Cork; Patrick Tobin, Windgap, Co. Kilkenny; Donald McDonald, Inverness Shire, Scotland; James Roach, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny; Mrs. E Cooke, Inverness Shire, Scotland; James McInns, Native; Thomas Murphy, Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny; John Butler, Native of Newfoundland; each 1s 6d;

Michael Thomas, Saltanells (?), Co. Wexford; Michael Scully Senr., Kilderin, Co. Tipperary, each 1s.

The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI

March 7, 1844

A meeting of the Repealers of St. Peter's was held at the House of Mr. Edward Cooke, head of the Bay, on Monday the 15th of January 1844, the day appointed for holding Simultaneous meetings throughout British North America.

Mr. Dennis Hogan being called to the Chair, the duties of which he discharged with much zeal and ability---

The handsome sum of £7 8s was subscribed, of which the sum of £4 17s 6d was paid in by the following persons:--

Peter Barry, Slurra, Co. Kilkenny, Mathew Ryan, Turthnahoe, Co. Tipperary, each 4s;

Dennis Hogan, Co. Tipperary, Thomas Noonan, City Waterford, Patrick Tobin, Grange, Co. Tipperary, Danl. Hickey, Gowren, Kilkenny, each 3s;

John Phelan, Treshford, Co. Kilkenny,
Mary Phelan, do.
Honour Phelan, do.
Edward Carey, Balladagan, Co. Wexford,
William Stapelton, Mine, Co. Tipperary,
Thomas Hennesy, Ballybrecken, Waterford,
Michael Mullally, Mullinahone, Co, Tipperary,
James Clear, Goren, Co. Kilkenny,
Michael Clear, do.
Mrs. Clear, do.
Edward Barry, Lady's Bridge, Co. Cork,
Richard Cullen, Killan, Co. Wexford,
Donald O'Henley, Native Scotchman,
John Skully, Killederman, Co. Tipperary,
Michael Skully, senr. do.
Michael Skully, junr. do.
Thomas Kelly, Kellbarrowmadian, Co. Wexford,
Richard Cody, Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny,
Thomas Walsh, Ballylooby, Co. Tipperary,
Patrick Tobin, Windgap, Co. Kilkenny,
Donald Gillis, Native Scotchman,
Donald McDonald, junr. Native Scotchman,
Richard Cormack, Holy Cross, Co. Tipperary,
Patrick Hogan, Ballycullan, Co. Tipperary,
Simon Kehoe, Pollparty, Co. Wexford,
Angus Wilson, Long Island, Scotland,
Ronald McDonald, do.
Donald McMillan, Highlands of Scotland,
Donald Sutherland, South East, Scotland,
John Quigley, Chappo, Co. Wexford,
John Walsh, Talerone, Co. Kilkenny,
Edward Cooke, Gurtnahoe, Co. Tipperary,
Patrick Redmond, Taghmon, Co. Wexford,
Ann Redmond, Waterford,
Patrick Kelly, Killahy, Co. Longford,
Hugh Finegan, Tulecorbet, Co. Monaghan,
----------McDonald, Native Scotchman,
William Haffy, Matris, Co. Monaghan,
John Walsh, Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny,
William Penny, Somersetshire, England,
James McAulay, Native Scotchman,
James Aylward, Callen, Co. Kilkenny,
Peter Aylward, do.
Patrick Hickey, Gowren, Co. Kilkenny,
Dennis Stanten, Slearae, Co. Kilkenny,
James McRay, Co. Wexford,
Cornelius O'Donnell, Killanale, Co. Tipperary,
Donald McIsaac, native Scotchman,
Murty Connell, Co Monaghan,
each 1s 6d.



Martin Byrne, Co. Kilkenny, 10s,
William Ryan, Limerick City, 3s,
Peter Dalton, Ballyduff, Co. Kilkenny, 2s 6d,
Patrick Nolan, Dublin, 6s,
Robert Broughton, Bradford, Co. Clare, 1s 6d,
John McKew, Co. Galway, Kilimur, 1s,
Thomas Burke, 5s,
James Dalton, Co. Kilkenny, Ballyduff, 2s 6d,
Patrick Dohaney, Cullin, Co, Kilkenny, 5s,
John Kearney (?), Co. Kilkenny, 5s,
William Ryan, Junr. City Limerick, 2s 7d,
James Keating, Ballyculllen, Co. Kilkenny, 2s 7d,
Michael Cantwell, Newmarket, Co. Kilkenny, 5s,
Henry Maher, Coolank, Co. Kilkenny, 7s, 6d,
Thomas McAnalty, Ederney Bridge, Co. Fermanagh, 1s 6d,
John B. Howlett, Ballyduff, Co Kilkenny, 2s 6d,
Thomas Cantwell, Native of Nova Scotia, 1s 6d,
Thomas Burke, Junr, Native, 1s 6d,
Lawrence Hackett, Co. Kilkenny, 1s 3d,
Stephen Hackett, Native of Nova Scotia, 1s 3d,
Thomas McAvoy, Parish of Cullen, Co. Kilkenny, 3s,
James McAvoy, Native, 9d,
Donald McDonald, Cape Breton, 2s 6d,
James Carroll, Parish of Island (?), Co. Clare, 5s,
John Burke, Native, 2s 6d,
Thomas Pendergast, Graigue(?), Co. Kilkenny, 2s 6d,
Edmond Pendergast, Native, 1s 6d,
John Sweeney, City Waterford, 3s,
Joseph Power, Co. Carlow, 1s 6d


Jeremiah Coghlan, Bantry, Co. Cork, £1 10s.
John McLelland, Little Harbour, Native, £1 10s,
Thomas Irwin, Sligo, £1 10s,
Dougald Campbell, Surveyor's Inlet, Native, 12s,
Daniel Collins, Kenturk, Co. Cork, 10s,
William Collins, do. do. 10s,
Miss Ann Collins, do. do. 5s,
Edmond Shea, Callan, Co. Kilkenny, £l 10s,
Thomas Stone, Kilmurry, Co. Kilkenny, 10s,
James Morrissey, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 10s 6d,
Patrick Cavanagh, New Ross, Co. Wexford,
6s,Michael O'Brien, Tenterem, Co. Wexford, 2s 6d,
James Doyle, Souris, 2s 6d,
Felix Finn, Co.Wexford, 5s,
Thomas O'Brien, Ardpatrick, Co. Kilkenny, 2s 4d,
Thomas MacMahon, Killdysart (?), Co. Clare, 3d,
Thomas Morris, Grange, Co. Tipperary, 6d,
James MacPharlan, Souris, 2s


Patrick Murphy, 1s 6d;
Nicholas Mullins, 1s 6d;
Richard Maher, 1s 6d;
Patrick Kavanagh, 1s 6d;
Daniel Mullins, 1s 6d;
Michael Riordin, 3s;
John Mullin, 1s 6d;
Edmond Mullin, 3s;
Martin Read, 3s;
Patrick Berrigan, 3s 9d;
David Bride, William Carroll, 1s 6d;
Patrick Grimley, 1s 6d;
James Devon, 1s 6d;
Mathew Riordin, 3s;
Simon Power, 1s 6d;
Michael Howlet, 1s 6d;
Thomas Kelly, 1s 6d;
John Lannergan, 3s 9d;
Darby Finn, 1s 6d.


Names of the Subscribers to the Repeal Fund, Lot 7;
From The Palladium, May 2, 1844.

Martin Doyle, Armiston, County Wexford,
Mrs. Doyle, Halifax, N. S.,
Patrick Callaghan, Halifax, N. S.,
Maurice Halloran, Tralee, County Kerry,
Patrick Halloran, do.,
George Kelley, Queen's County (Co. Laois,)
----------Lecky, Waterford,
John Dalton, Parish of Ballyhigh, County Kerry,
Patrick Dalton, do.,
James Fitzgerald, cove of Cork,
Charles McNeil, a Native who paid one shilling,, and whose name was not previously inserted.

The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI,

August 15, 1844


FROM July 15, 1844

Dennis Reddin, Esquire, £5, second subscription;
Daniel Brenan, Esqire, £5, 2nd do.;

Patrick Gaffney,£1, 2nd do.;
Thos. Irwin, 10s, 2nd do.;
James McCraith, £1;
James M'Kenna, £1, 2nd do.;
Hugh M'Kenna, £1, 2nd do.;
P. B. Doyle, £1, 2nd do.;
Thomas Slater, £1 10s;
Edward Whelan, £1, 2nd subscription;
James Redbin, £1 10s, 2nd do.;
Garret Toole, 10s 6d, 2nd do.;
Arthur O'Niell £1;
John Dunn, 10s, 6d;
Thomas Tobin, 15s; 2nd subscription;
Philip Tobin, son to ditto, 5s, 2nd do.;
Daniel Tobin, second son to Thos. Tobin, 3s, 2nd do.;
Martin Brenan, 5s;
Patrick Joy, 5s, 2nd subscription;
William Power, 10s, do. do.;
Edward Dunn, 10s, do. do.;
John Lahy, 10s, do. do.;
Edward Forrestal, 6s;
Martin Griffin, £1 2s;
James Duffy, 5s, 2nd do.;
William Kilbride, 6s, 2nd do.;
Richard Walsh (Tailor), 10s, 2nd do.;
John M'Kenna, 10s, 2nd do.;
James Quinn (Blacksmith), 4s 6d, 2nd do.;
James Doyle, 10s, 2nd do.;
James Doyle, 5s, 2nd do.;
James Toole, 10s, 2nd do.;
John Phelan, 3s, 2nd do.;
James Cody, 5s, 2nd do.;
John Egan, 6s, 2nd do.;
John Kenny, 5s;
Edward Kickham, 10s, 2nd do.;
Maurice Fox, 3s;
Patrick M'Carran, 3s;
John Hannahan, 5s;
John Carroll, 3s;
Edward Neale, 5s, 2nd do.;
James Neale, 5s, 2nd do.;
Martin Phelan, 10s, 2nd do.;
Patrick Lahy, 10s, 2nd do.;
John M'Carthy, 1s 6d, 2nd do.;
Michael Neale, 6s;
Walter Phelan, 5s, 2nd do.;
Richard Walsh (Carpenter), 4s, 2nd do.;
William Redmond, 3s;
Daniel Danahy, 5s, 2nd do.;
Thomas Brenan, 3s9d;
Patrick Wynn, 3s, 2nd do.;
Cornelius M'Court, 5s;
James Flynn, 3s;
John Gainsford, Esq, £1, 2nd subscription;
Thomas Kelly, per Mr James M'Kenna, 5s;
John Harney, 3s, 2nd subscription;
Thomas Dunphy, 3s;
James Monahan, 5s, 2nd do;
A Man, 2s;
Mr. Patrick Walker, £1 10s;
Patrick Gilligan, 6s, 2nd do.;
James Connolly, 6s;
John M'Kenna, 10s;
John Blake, 5s, 2nd do.;
Stephen Ryan, 6s;
Maurice Ronayne, 5s 3d, 2nd do.;
William Toole, 5s 3d, 2nd do.;
Arthur M'Murrah, 6s;
Thomas Maher, 6s 9d;
John Gaffney, 8s;
James Carroll, 5s 3d, 2nd do.;
Hugh Hennesy, 5s, 2nd do.;
William French, 5s, 2nd do.;
Thomas Lynch 5s, 2nd do.;
John Wade, 2s 6d, 2nd do.;
Martin Doyle, Little Mimnigash, £1 10s;
James Kelly, 6s, 2nd do.;
Edward Merley, 3s;
William Redmond, 3s;
Richard Kirwin, 2s 6d;
James Sheehan, 3s;
Richard Kiley, 3s;
John Quinn, 3s;
James Quinn, 3s;
Pierce Lacey, 10s;
John Kelly, 6s;
James Walsh 5s, 2nd do.;
Peter Treanor, 4s 6d;
Patrick Began, 6s 2nd do.;
James Geary, 7s 6d;
Patrick Canding, 5s;
Patrick Hughes, 5s, 2nd do.;
Very Rev. Malachi Reynolds, £1;
Richard Fowler, 3s;
John Costin, 5s, 2nd do.;
James Flynn, 1s 6d;
Thomas Kelly, 5s;
Daniel Carroll 10s;
and John M'Enally, junr, 1s 6d.

Same issue: August 15, 1844:

DISTRICT WARDENS--re-appointed by the PEI Island Repeal Association, under the New Constitutional Rules adopted for its future government.

Messrs. James Reddin, Hugh M'Kenna, Arthur O'Neill and James Reade, Charlottetown; Thomas Irwin, East Point; Jeremiah Coghlan, North River; John McLellin, Little Harbour; Daniel Collins, Souris; Daniel Hickey, St. Peter's;

Patrick Bambrick, St. Andrews; Martin Byrnes, George Town; Mathew Redmond, Vernon River; Richard Curren, Newtown; Thomas Baldwin, Lot 51; Martin Doyle, Little Mimnigash, Lot 4; Michael Dalton, Lot 7; Peter Campbell, Cascumpeque; James Connors, Bedeque (Wilmot Creek;) Robert Barry, Cove Head Road; Edmond Mullins, Tracadie Road; John Costello, Tryone Road, West River, &c; Thomas Griffin, Belfast; Michael Deegan, Cape Traverse; Robert Mooney, Ten Mile House, Millcove, &c; Charles Doyle, New London; Richard Murphy, New Glasgow; John Cochlan, Crapaud and De Sable, Back Settlements, etc; Cornelius Murphy, New Bedeque Road and Back Settlements, and J. W. LeLacheur, Esq. White Sands, Murray Harbour, &c.

The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI

Tuesday, October 1, 1844

To the Editor of the Palladium.

Sir,--Can you inform me, through the medium of The Palladium, whether the money subscribed in the settlement towards the Repeal Fund, in the Autumn of last year, was ever transmitted to the Parent Association in Dublin? I have never heard of its transmission, and it has been suspected by several, how justly I cannot say, that Mr Francis Kelly retained the sum so subscribed, for private purposes.

Yours truly, A REPEALER.

Fort Augustus, Sept 26, 1844.

We refer our Correspondent and the public generally to Mr. Francis Kelly for an answer to the above enquiry.----ED. PALL

The Palladium, Charlottetown, PEI.

October 3, 1844


David Mullowney, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, 2s 9d; Charles Thomson, Pictou, 2s 6d; Pat. Slattery, Pilltown, Co. Kilkenny, 10s; John Keating, Adamstown, Co. Wexford, 3s; A friend, second donation, 5s; Captain Horatio Webster, Charlottetown, PEI, 3s; Richard Price, second donation, 3s; Owen Mulligan, Clontibut, Co. Monaghan, 2s 3d; James MacInnis, Donagh, Co. Monaghan, 1s 6d; Thomas Hanrahan, Quaistage, Co. Kilkenny, 1s 6d.

May 2, 1844 From The Palladium:

Names of the Subscribers to the Appeal Fund at Lot 7. (Communicated)

Martin Doyle, Armistown, Co. Wexford,
Mrs. Doyle, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Patrick Calaghan, Halifax,
Maurice Halloran, Tralee, Co. Kerry,
Patrick Halloran, do.,
George Kelley, Queen's County,
---------- Lecky, Waterford,
John Dalton, Parish of Ballyhigh, Co. Kerry,
Patrick Dalton, do.,
James H. Fitzgerald, Cove of Cork,
Charles McNeil, a Native, who paid one shilling and whose name was not previously inserted.

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