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  1. Dates and information have been gathered from a number of sources. Some are from various 18th century newspaper articles, though many are from RG-9 Customs records, etc. Information also added from Nat. Archives, MG 24 I 10, a document by Mary Cornfoot Brehaut. Many RG-9 records and newspaper arrival reports have been transcribed by Gary Carroll and Christine Gorman to supplement the documentation existing in this database.

  2. In listings from the newspaper reports, you may see several vessels listed for the same date. This means that these vessels arrived since the last arrival listing printed in the newspaper, usually in the week prior to publication.

  3. If there is an empty date, i.e. 00-00-1801, it means there is evidence the vessel landed in that year, but the exact date in unknown - a date listed as 05-00-1801 means the vessel landed in May, 1801, but the exact landing day is not known.

  4. Though numbers of passengers are shown, it does not mean that there is an extant passenger list, the numbers came from either customs logs, or from the newspaper accounts.

  5. If there are no passenger numbers shown, it means only that the numbers are not recorded.

  6. Those with extant passenger lists will be linked back into the Register's Ships page, where there are links to all known Passenger lists. There are only a small number of known passenger list for P.E.I. Please don't ask for the list of a ship not listed with a passenger list link. If there is no link to a passenger list, it means there is no extant list (here or elsewhere).

  7. As with many historical records, there is some ambiguity between various listings, however these dates should be reasonably accurate. The most accurate dates should be those from RG-9 records.

  8. If you have evidence of other ship arrivals, or more information on those which are listed here, we would be pleased to include it to help others. Please send information to: Dave Hunter -

While some Newfoundland sailings to P.E.I. are included here, we have information on many more sailings to P.E.I. from other Maritime Provinces, Newfoundland, and to and from Boston, as well as indexes to most RG-9 Customs House Records on our "Ships Page"! I have decided to keep the bulk of these separate to keep this database from getting cluttered by these sailings, and to keep this database primarily for International sailings! RG-9 listings on that page include Maritime, International, and Newfoundland sailings. Maritime Passenger lists on that page will also show the passengers we have come across so far for sailings within the Maritimes. All international sailings from the Customs House and newspaper records we have, have been included in this database.

This database has been split into four parts, to speed up loading, as it is a very large file. Please be patient as each page loads.

Abbreviations Used in Database
[Pass.] Passenger List
[Ship Data] Ship Specifications, Registration Data, Etc.
[Add. Info] Additional info on Ship, its landing, Etc.
[GC] Documentation from Gary Carroll
[CG] Documentation from Christine Gorman
[EH] Documentation from Edison Horton

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Part 1
1811 - 1820
Part 2
1821 - 1835
Part 3
1836 - 1845
Part 4
1846 -
Part 5
P.E.I.'s Ferries, Coastal Vessels
Part 6


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