St. John's, Belfast Church, Index to Baptisms, to 1900!

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Transcribed for us and © 2000 by Kathie Sencabaugh,

St. John's Presbyterian Church, Belfast Kathie has put many hours into this project. All are welcome to use this information for their own personal use, but it must not be published electronically or reproduced in any way for commercial purposes without her express written consent. If you wish to share this database with another, please refer them to this page.

Photo (left), St. John's Presbyterian Church, Belfast, P.E.I. - July 1, 2000. Click photo to peek inside!

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St. Johnís Presbyterian Church
Belfast, Prince Edward Island

The baptismal records of St. Johnís Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Prince Edward Island, are a treasure house for those engaged in genealogical research of Island families. These records, beginning in October 1823, and continuing up to the present day, record the history of many early families of the area centering around Belfast and extending to cover most of Southeast Queens County and much of Southwestern Kings County. In the earliest days of St. Johnís Church, its clergy traveled a wide circuit, and thus the churchís baptismal records also include baptisms from as far away as New London, to the west, and Cape Breton, to the east.

From October of 1823 up through April of 1849, the records consist of an almost unbroken series of individual baptismal entries. In addition to the name of the child, his date of birth and the date of the baptism, each entry gives the fatherís name, the motherís maiden name, and their place of residence. Some entries indicate the place of baptism as well.

There is a break in the records between 1840 and 1856. This is when the Rev. McLennan returned to Scotland, and the church was awaiting a new Minister. At that point, the records switch from individual entries to a two-page columnar format in which data, notably date of birth, is sometimes missing. There are a number of duplicate entries after 1856. In several instances, the baptisms of a child appears to have been recorded at the time that it occurred, only to be repeated later on in a summary listing of all of the children from the family.

Only baptisms through the year 1900 are presented in this index. I have indexed all names as they were written, with the exception of common abbreviations (for example, I have entered Alexr as Alexander). Please be prepared for archaic and inconsistent spellings. Malcolm usually appears as Malcom. Janet may appear as Jennet, Jennie, or Jane. The same surname may appear with varied spellings, as in Nicholson/Nicolson, McLeod/MacLeod, and Morison/Morrison. A question mark (?) indicates that I was unsure of the reading. The notation "illegible" indicates those few instances in which I could decipher nothing at all. A blank or series of blanks (____) indicates that part of the data is missing; the word "blank" indicates that the field was empty altogether. I apologize for any inadvertent errors in transcription or interpretation, and for those few pages which were missing from my working copy of these records.

Kathie Sencabaugh

St. John's, Belfast Baptisms, Index
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