Prince Edward Island Mac/McKay/Mckay Families

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Prince Edward Island has been blessed with a number of early Mac/McKay Clan Settlers! As we now have more than one P.E.I. Mac/McKay lineage, I have created a separate index, to keep the various families separate!

  1. New!The Descendants of William Mackay and Jane Scobie

  2. New!The Descendants of John MacKay, Ann Calder, Big John MacKay and Ann Young

  3. The Descendants of Donald MacKay

  4. The Descendants of John MacKay and Janet MacKendrick

  5. The Descendants of John MacKay and Katherine White

  6. The Descendants of John MacKay and Flora MacLean

  7. The Descendants of William MacKay and Jannet Munroe

  8. The Descendants of John Mckay and Janet Anderson

  9. Wood Island MacKay's

  10. Descendants of George B. MacKay of New London

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