Hardy of Little York

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The following book was written by Robert Kim Stevens, stevens@his.com, and he has graciously invited me to share it with you! Robert is a former diplomat in the U. S. Embassy in Rome, and has spent many years researching his Hardy ancestors. We thank him sincerely for sharing his work with us!


A Genealogy and Family History of the Descendants of Thomas, John and George Hardy, Lincolnshire Emigrants to Little York, Lot 34, Prince Edward Island


Robert Kim Stevens

Copyright© 1998 by Robert Kim Stevens
All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or any portions thereof, in any form, including electronic, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.


Table of Contents


Genealogy and History of the Hardy Family

Notes on Sources



Three families surnamed Hardy were enumerated in the 1841 census of the village of Little York, Township 34, Queens County, Prince Edward Island. These were the families of Thomas, John and George Hardy, and the heads of family had by that time lived at Little York for two decades. With the exception of another group of Hardy families living mostly on the western portion of the Island around Cascumpec (Lot 3) and descended from a pre-Revolutionary American settler named George Hardy, these three families at Little York were the only residents of Prince Edward Island in the mid-nineteenth century to bear the Hardy surname. It has long been believed by descendants of these families and residents of Little York that these three Hardy immigrants were brothers and their descendants have assumed kinship, even while lacking the evidence for such an assertion.

The computer indexing of extant Church of England parish registers for Lincolnshire and Yorkshire has enabled us to confirm the old tradition of common sibling migration to and settlement on Prince Edward Island. Hardy is a very common surname in Yorkshire and in the Northumberland area of Lincolnshire, and there are literally many thousands of baptisms recorded for children of this surname. There is, however, only one Hardy family in all of England that had children Thomas, George and John born to the same parents at about the times indicated by the ages of those children given on Prince Edward Island. That is the family of Thomas and Mary Hardy, of Goxhill, Lincolnshire, a small farming community just across the River Humber from Kingston upon Hull. This identification is confirmed by the presence of other nearby localities associated with these particular Hardy children. As reconstructed from the Goxhill Church of England parish registers, this family is as follows:

Thomas Hardy married Mary Susannah Wares.


i. Mary, bapt. 10 April 1768.

ii. Esther, bapt. 6 August 1769.

iii. Thomas, bapt. 26 May 1771.

iv. Anne, bapt. 4 July 1773.

v. Catherine, bapt. 30 April 1775.

vi. John, bapt. 25 May 1777.

vii. George, bapt. 12 December 1779.

The Hardy families presented in this volume seem to be fairly typical of post-Napoleonic era emigrants from rural England to Prince Edward Island. George and Thomas arrived on Prince Edward Island in 1817, John a bit later in 1823. They farmed initially on leased land and raised large farm families. Their children married into other nearby farming families. They were Anglican when they left England, and also in their initial religious activities on the Island, but the Anglican Church did not deliver easy access to religious services at Little York. The Methodist Circuit Minister did, however, and when the Methodist (later United) Church was erected at Little York, it became their church of choice.

Gradually new farming opportunities on the Island diminished, and by the 1870s those sons neither inheriting nor marrying into land left the countryside, either to move into Charlottetown to find work as artisans or laborers, or to leave the Island for Nova Scotia, the western territories of Canada or New England. Except for those leaving for homesteads in western Canada, the Hardy male emigrants usually became urban industrial workers. The descendants of the three Hardy families of Little York today are widely spread in Canada and the United States, with major concentrations in the Prairie Provinces, New England and Nova Scotia.

Not having the Hardy surname, my readers may be curious to know why I came to do the research that led to the preparation of this volume. As detailed in the genealogies, my paternal grandmother was Lulla "Lulu" Hardy, born at Little York in 1887, and as a child she was among my favorite relatives. She died before I became interested in researching and writing about genealogy and family history, but in later searching for information about her life I became intrigued by the puzzle of the lives of her relatives from Little York. In untangling some of that puzzle, the idea for this small volume was conceived, so that others interested in either the Hardy family or the local history of Little York might share in the benefits of my research. I began researching in the late 1970s when living in Rome, Italy, and finished a decade and a half later, again living in Rome. This is one reason why it has taken longer than I had anticipated to get this genealogy ready to publish and made available to the reader.

The genealogy presented herein is organized according to the format of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. This is one of the standard formats used for Maritime families. The numbers to the left indicate that additional data is presented later in the narrative, and only those children who left descendants described in great detail later in the text are numbered. The list of names with superscripts at the beginning of each entry trace the ancestry of the person being described back to the original Hardy ancestor. This genealogy was not prepared with the assistance of any genealogical software, and therefore there are no GEDCOM available for families mentioned.

I have, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to visit Little York, but I feel I know its people well. This small book is my gift to them for the kindness they have shown me from the distance that has, only geographically, separated us. My gratitude to all the Hardy relatives, both on the Island and off, who were kind enough to correspond with me about the family, and to share with me their personal pieces of the larger Hardy family history. It was you who made this book possible, and it is for you that it was written.

Robert Kim Stevens,
Washington, DC.,
December 1999


Genealogy and History of the Hardy Family

The Family and Descendants of Thomas and Mary Hardy of Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England


1. Thomas1 Hardy was b. ca. 17__. He married Mary Susannah Wares. His family lived at Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England, where his children were born.


i. Mary Hardy, bapt. 10 April 1768, Goxhill.

ii. Esther Hardy, bapt. 6 August 1769, Goxhill.

2. iii. Thomas Hardy, bapt. 26 May 1771, Goxhill, m. Elizabeth Spencer.

iv. Anne Hardy, bapt. 4 July 1773, Goxhill.

v. Catherine Hardy, bapt. 30 April 1775, Goxhill.

3. vi. John Hardy, bapt. 25 May 1777, Goxhill, m. Susan Jennings.

4. vii. George Hardy, bapt. 12 December 1779, Goxhill, m.(2) Elizabeth Carline, m.(2) Mary Saunders.

2. Thomas2 Hardy (Thomas1) was baptized 26 May 1771 at Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England. He married and remained in the area, which is just across the River Humber from Kingston upon Hull and is close to the terminus of the old Humber River ferry that has only lately been replaced by the Humber Bridge. He with his wife and family left his natal village ca. 1808 and removed to Hessle by Hull, just up the river from Hull on the Yorkshire side of the Humber only several kilometers from his birthplace. He was definitely at Hessle by 1814 (when a child was baptized there) and he emigrated to North America from nearby Hull in 1817 with other families from Hessle. He travelled alone to North America on the schooner Valiant [Passenger List ], leaving wife and children behind in Yorkshire while he reconnoitered the new land. He sailed from Kingston upon Hull on or shortly after 22 March 1817, and arrived at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in late May 1817. The captain of the Valiant was John Izzard, who died 7 June 1818 on his next voyage to Prince Edward Island and is buried at Charlottetown. According to the 1841 census, Thomas Hardy was not a sponsored immigrant; he paid his own passage across the Atlantic. It is unclear why Thomas would want to leave England when he did -- he was approaching 50 years of age and had a wife and several children -- but perhaps his brother and some friendships made at Hessle influenced him.

The ship upon which he emigrated was owned by Robert Saunders, a fellow parishioner at Hessle, and perhaps inducements of available land across the ocean coupled with increasingly severe social tensions at home made the dangerous 73 day voyage across the North Atlantic seem like an attractive alternative. Emigration was a family concern as well; also on the Valiant was his brother, George Hardy, who travelled with his family. They both settled together at Little York and lived the rest of their lives in close proximity with other emigrants who came on the Valiant. This group settlement of the passengers of the Valiant does suggest that there was some kind of organization of the emigrants made before their departure, speculation confirmed by later published recollections of some of the ship's passengers. The Atlantic crossing of the Valiant was remembered some years after the event by one of the passengers, Rev. Matthew Smith, and published in the Charlottetown Guardian of 24 January 1898. At least some of the Valiant passengers had in 1816 sent ahead a member of their party to Prince Edward Island, who had returned with news they found favorable. Thomas Hardy's wife and children joined him the year after his arrival, and in 1821 he leased land in an area of Lot 34 that the Valiant emigrants called Little York, close to and northeast of Charlottetown.

In 1821 he was listed in the Methodist circuit book as a communicant at that locale. In early 1830 a horse strayed from Thomas's farm at Little York (Prince Edward Island Register, 5 Jan. 1830). The Royal Gazette of 8 June 1865 carried an advertisement for the sale of a leasehold at Little York occupied by Thomas Hardy. It had 985 years remaining on the lease, 73 acres fronting on Covehead Road some ten kilometers from Charlottetown, with 30 acres under cultivation, with a house and barn.

In the 1841 census, this land was described as being 50 acres in extent, 20 of which were under cultivation. These produced 200 bushels of potatoes, 100 bushels of oats, 15 bushels of wheat and two bushels of barley. In 1841 Thomas also kept six cattle, one horse, four sheep and three hogs. When Thomas died, he left this leasehold to his son Henry Hardy, who in turn passed in to his own son, Frederick Hardy. When Frederick Hardy left the Island to go west in 1883, he sold it to his brother in law, Richard Vessey, who in turn sold it to his own son, Warren Vessey, who lived on and worked this farm for many years. Thomas Hardy apparently was literate, as he signed his will and in September 1848 had letters waiting for him at the Charlottetown post office. He died 10 November 1857. Neither a burial record nor tombstone for Thomas Hardy has yet been found, but presumably he is buried in the Methodist Churchyard at Little York. He was known locally as "Old Tom," to distinguish him from the other two Thomas Hardys who lived at Little York. Thomas Hardy's will, dated 2 August 1854 with a codicil dated 28 July 1856, was proved 20 December 1857 at Charlottetown. In this will he left his leasehold to his wife Janet, his grandson Wallace and his son Henry, in that order of preference.

1853 Landholder Map, Little York

Thomas Hardy married(1) Elizabeth Barrick on 21 February 1799 at Barrow upon Humber, the neighboring village to Goxhill. While there are other Barricks listed in the Barrow parish register, this name does not appear elsewhere in Lincolnshire and probably is a phonetic spelling variation of the more usual orthography, Berwick. Elizabeth, with her children, joined her husband in 1818. She died 31 October 1836 at Little York, æ. 55 years. Her tombstone, which gives her death as æ. 55 years, is the oldest extant stone in the cemetery of the York Methodist (now United) Church.

Thomas Hardy married(2) Janet Gillespie on 17 August 1837 at Charlottetown. According to the census, Janet was born in Scotland after 1796. She probably died or remarried before 1861 because she was not enumerated in the census of that year. No burial record or tombstone has been located for her.


i. Thomas Hardy, bapt. 2 May 1799, Barrow upon Humber, not mentioned in his father's will, may have remained in England or died young.

ii. Elizabeth Hardy, bapt. 5 Aug. 1801, Barrow upon Humber, m. 3 Nov. 1826, Justin McArty, lv. Covehead, PEI.

iii. George Hardy, b. ca. March 1803, d. 9 June 1820, bur. Elm Avenue Cemetery, Charlottetown.

iv. Margaret Hardy, bapt. 16 Dec. 1804, Barrow, not mentioned in his father's will.

v. John Hardy, bapt. 11 March 1806, Barrow, not mentioned in his father's will.

vi. Mary Ann Hardy, bapt. 24 Aug. 1807, Barrow, m. Thomas Pleadwell (of Little York), 30 May 1822. He was b. 1799, was a grocer at Charlottetown, and d. 22 April 1859. She d. 30 April 1853, æ. 53 years (sic), and was bur. at the Little York Methodist Cemetery. He m.(2) Jane Campbell, 7 Dec. 1856. There is no known issue.

5. vii. Hannah, b. 29 July 1806, m. Robert Seller.

6. viii. Charles, b. ca. 1810, m. Elizabeth Pleadwell.

7. ix. Henry, b. 10 October 1814, Hessle, m.(1) Mary MacEachern, m.(2) Rachel Richards.

3. John2 Hardy (Thomas1) was baptized 25 May 1777 at Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England, the son of Thomas and Mary Hardy. He emigrated from Kingston upon Hull to Prince Edward Island in 1823, paying his own passage. In 1836 he leased farmland near his brothers at Little York, upon which he settled. On 22 January 1839 he was appointed Fence Viewer for Little York. He farmed at Little York until his death, growing wheat and potatoes and raising cattle and sheep. He prepared his will in 1857. He died 7 March 1867 at Little York in his 90th. year and is buried in the cemetery of the York Methodist (now United) Church. His obituary (Islander, 15 March 1867) noted that he had been born in Lincolnshire and came to PEI in 1823.

John Hardy married Susan Jennings. She was born ca. 1801 in England and died 11 March 1867 at Little York of erysipelas (Islander, 15 March 1867). According to her obituary, published at the same time as her husband's, she died in "the 66th. year of her age" but the tombstone for Susan at Little York records her death as æ. 70 years.


i. Jane Hardy, b. ca. April 1825, bur. 26 July 1825, Elm Avenue Cemetery, Charlottetown, æ. 3 months.

ii. William Hardy, m. Catherine Bell, 15 Nov. 1842, named in his father's will, listed after Robert and Thomas.

iii. Lenah Hardy, b. ca. 1831, mentioned in his father's will.

8. iv. Robert Hardy, b. 15 July 1833, Little York, m.(1) Dobson May Brown, m.(2) Jane Robertson.

v. Dinah (or Diana) Hardy, b. 11 Jan. 1836, Little York, bapt. 10 May 1839, Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, m. Capt. James Marshall Richards, 7 Nov. 1857, lv. Charlottetown, d. 1926, bur. People's Cemetery, Charlottetown.

9. vi. Ann Hardy, b. 2 May 1838, m. Thomas Henry Mutlow.

10. vii. Thomas Hardy, b. 25 Feb. 1841, Little York, m.(1) Martha T. Richards, m.(2) Hannah Amelia (Saunders) Peardon.

viii. Silas, b. 1850, d. 1 Nov. 1871, æ. 20 years, 4 months, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery.

4. George2 Hardy (Thomas1) was baptized 12 December 1779 at Goxhill , Lincolnshire, England. He left Goxhill ca. 1806 and removed to Hessle by Hull, East Yorkshire, where he worked as a laborer. Later, as a widower, he took his children and emigrated to Prince Edward Island. He sailed to Prince Edward Island on the Valiant, leaving Hull in late March 1817. The ship was owned by a Yorkshireman from Hessle by Hull, Robert Saunders, who was to become George Hardy's father in law. He settled at York, Lot 34, Queens County, where in 1819 he leased 85 acres of land, farming this plot for most of his life. George Hardy was enumerated in the census of 1841 as having 15 of his acres under cultivation, which produced 500 bushels of potatoes, 100 bushels of oats and 80 bushels of wheat. George in 1841 also kept three horses, 20 cows, 22 sheep and three hogs. He was enumerated in 1841 as a member of the Church of England, but his name also appears in the Methodist circuit book for the same time frame as attending Methodist religious classes. In 1844 he was appointed Constable for Lot 34. He died 7 July 1848 and was buried at the York Methodist (now United) Church. His tombstone records his death as æ. 67 years. His will was dated 26 June 1848 and was proved at Charlottetown.

George Hardy married(1) Elizabeth Carline, 15 May 1804 at Barrow upon Humber, Lincolnshire. She was b. 21 Sept. 1783 at Barrow upon Humber, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Carline, and died 28 June 1809, buried 30 June 1809 at Hessle.

George Hardy married(2) Mary Cocks, 25 August 1816 at Hessle. She may have died within the first year of their marriage, perhaps in childbirth or at sea, or there may have been an informal divorce when George decided to leave England. It is also possible that the family tradition of a marriage on Prince Edward Island to Mary Saunders is faulty, and this record refers to the marriage of George with Mary Saunders, perhaps as her second marriage.

George Hardy married(3) Mary Saunders, allegedly in 1817 on Prince Edward Island shortly after their arrival. Mary was born 20 Sept. 1789 at Hessle, the daughter of Robert Saunders and Hannah Taylor. Mary's father was the owner of the ship on which they emigrated, and family tradition has it that it was a shipboard romance, with Mary marrying George -- a farmer and laborer, and therefore considered by Mary's family as beneath her class -- over her family's strong objections. Mary is said to have received disbursements from her father's estate after he died. Mary also came to Prince Edward Island with her sister, Hannah Saunders (b. 27 April 1788 at Hessle), who had married George West, another of the Valiant emigrants, on 18 Nov. 1806 at Hessle. Mary died 2 December 1856 and is buried with her husband at Little York. Her tombstone states that she died æ. 64 years.

children: (by Elizabeth Carline)

11. i. Elizabeth Ann Hardy, b. 21 April 1805, Barrow upon Humber, m. William Seller.

12. ii. George Hardy, b. 28 Oct. 1807, Hessle, m. Mary Dalling.

children: (by Mary Saunders)

13. iii. Mary Ann Hardy, b. ca. 1818, York, PEI, m. James L. Yeo.

14. iv. Hannah Hardy, b. ca. 1820, York, PEI, m. John Yeo.

v. Esther Hardy, b. ca. 1822, York, PEI, m. John Locke, 4 June 1844, lv. Winsloe Road, PEI, issue:

a. William Locke, emigrated July 1854 to Nelson, New Zealand, d. 1894.

vi. child, b. ca. 1825, d. early Aug. 1827 by falling into an open well (Island Register, 14 Aug. 1827.

vii. Charlotte Hardy, b. ca. 1827, m. Joseph Bell (of Yorkshire, a tailor), 22 March 1847 by Rev. L. C. Jenkins, lv. Beaconsfield, PEI, d. 30 Nov. 1911, æ. 85 years, bur. People's Cemetery, Charlottetown, issue:

a. John Bell, b. ca. 1848, at home in 1881.

b. Charles Bell, b. ca. 1850, at home in 1881.

c. Elizabeth Bell, b. ca. 1852, at home in 1881.

d. Joseph Bell, b. ca. 1854, at home in 1881.

e. Sarah Jane Bell, b. 2 Jan 1854.

f. Mary Bell, b. 2 July 1855, not at home in 1881.

g. Charlotte Bell, b. ca. 1857, at home in 1881.

h. Clara Ann Bell, b. May 1858, not at home in 1881.

viii. John Hardy, b. ca. 1829, d. 10 Oct. 1836.

15. ix. Thomas Hardy, b. ca. 1831, m. Ellen Ferguson.

x. Sarah Hardy, b. 10 Feb. 1835, Little York, bapt. 9 Sept. 1835, Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, m. John Ferguson (23 Sept. 1833-28 July 1897), 29 Dec. 1857, d. 1917, bur. St. Columbia Presbyterian Cemetery, Marshfield, Lot 34.

5. Hannah3 Hardy (Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 29 July 1806 at Hessle by Hull, Yorkshire. She came to Prince Edward Island in 1818 with her mother to join her father, who had come the previous year on the Valiant. She settled at Little York, Lot 34, where she remained with her husband after their marriage. She was a Methodist. She died 31 December 1883 and is buried at the United Church (formerly Methodist) cemetery at Little York. A notice of her death was carried in the Charlottetown Examiner of 8 January 1883.

Hannah Hardy married Robert Seller ca. 1828. Robert Seller was born 4 July 1806 at Hessle by Hull, Yorkshire, the son of William Seller and Sarah Harrison, and had been a fellow passenger on the Valiant. He has been described as a very short stout man. He died 1 January 1879.


i. Thomas Seller, b. 1829, m. Harriet Bryghton, 10 March 1853, d. 21 March 1897.

ii. Annie Seller, b. 1831, d. 2 July 1904, never married.

iii. Henry Seller, b. 20 Oct. 1834, m.(1) Mary Jane Richards, 6 Dec. 1867, m.(2) Rachel Richards, 29 Nov. 1872.

iv. Benjamin Harrison Seller, b. 9 Feb. 1837, m.(1) Marie Bryenton, 27 June 1862, m.(2) Susan Bryenton, 24 Oct. 1876.

v. Elizabeth Seller, b. 26 Jan. 1839.

vi. Robert Seller, b. 22 Oct. 1842.

vii. Charles Seller, b. 26 Nov. 1844, m. Margaret Ann Ling, 6 March 1873.

viii. Isaac Seller, b. 1 Aug. 1847, m. Demaris Jackson. 4 Dec. 1867, lv. Wheatley River, Lot 24, and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

ix. Mary Jane Seller, b. 29 Nov. 1849, never married.

6. Charles3 Hardy (Thomas2, Thomas1) was born ca. 1810 in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire, probably close to Kingston upon Hull. He was brought to Prince Edward Island by his mother in 1818, and he settled with his father at Little York, where he eventually became a farmer. In the 1841 census he is shown as the lessee of 50 acres of land producing 30 bushels of wheat, 300 bushels of potatoes and seven bushels of barley; he also kept nine cattle, one horse and nine sheep with an equal number of hogs. The census reports that his farm had been first leased in 1821 and it probably had been a portion of his father's leasehold. Charles Hardy was a Methodist and was listed as a communicant of the York Circuit of the Grace Methodist Church at Charlottetown. In 1846 he was appointed constable at Little York. He died 1 October 1849 of typhoid fever, æ. 39 years, according to the Royal Gazette of 12 October 1848. He was not mentioned in his father's will. Family legend has it that he died of typhoid fever after drinking on a hot day an old bottle of water he had left in his fields the previous year, but his obituary gives the cause of death as being erysipelas.

Charles Hardy married Elizabeth Pleadwell on 7 March 1835 at Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, in a ceremony conducted by the Rev. L. C. Jenkins. Elizabeth Pleadwell appears to have been known also as Ellen or Eleanor. She was born ca. 1813 in Ireland, the sister of the Thomas Pleadwell who married Charles' elder sister, Mary Ann, and who witnessed the wedding.

Ellen Hardy married(2) Stephen Mills on 16 March 1854 at Charlottetown. He was a butcher then living at Little York. The Mills couple, with the Hardy children, continued to live on the old Charles Hardy farm at Little York. Stephen Mills died ca. 1891, naming his wife Ellen executrix of his estate. The 1861 census shows two children less than five years old, a boy and a girl, living with the Mills couple, suggesting issue, but the will of Stephen Mills, dated 1891, does not name any such children. There was, however, a Frederick Mills, born ca. 1856, living in Little York in the 1881 census, who could have been a child of this couple. Eleanor Mills d. 25 July 1896 and is buried at Little York.


16. i. Elizabeth Spencer Hardy, b. 20 Oct. 1838, Little York, m. Robert Ince.

17. ii. Mary Ann Hardy, b. 11 Jan. 1842, Little York, m. Thomas Ince.

18. iii. Charles W. Hardy, b. 19 June 1845, Little York, m. Elizabeth MacMillan.

19. iv. Albert Hardy, b. 21 March 1848, Little York, m. Annie ______.

7. Henry3 Hardy (Thomas2, Thomas1) was born in Yorkshire on 10 October 1814 and baptized at Hessle by Hull on 2 December 1814. He came with his mother to Prince Edward Island in 1818 and settled with his father at Little York. He became a farmer and the 1841 census also listed him as a shoemaker. In 1831, 1839 and 1843 Henry Hardy was appointed the constable of Little York. Henry Hardy sold a town lot (Lot 98, Third Hundred) in Charlottetown in 1858. In 1841 he was the lessee of 63 acres of land at Little York, 50 of which were arable. In that year he raised 30 bushels of wheat, 150 bushels of oats and 200 bushels of potatoes, and owned 3 horses, 10 cattle, 5 sheep and 5 hogs. His land had first been leased in 1821, but it is doubtful if Henry Hardy was the original leaseholder, and it may have been a portion of his father's leasehold. In 1841 he listed his religion as Methodist, but after that date he converted to the Church of Scotland (Lower Provinces), the religion of his wife. Henry died 7 April 1880 "æ. 64 years, 6 months," leaving a will. He is buried at Little York.

Henry Hardy married(1) Mary MacEachern on 30 July (or 6 August) 1835 at Charlottetown. Mary was born in 1809 on the Island of Mull, the Hebrides, Scotland, and died at Little York on 7 May 1867 in her 58th. year. The cause of death was given as "congestion of the lungs," which probably was tuberculosis. She had emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1821.

Henry Hardy married(2) Rachel Richards in 1872. As a widow she married(2) Charles Nicholson, 19 November 1885.

children: (by Mary MacEachern)

i. Eliza Hardy, b. 5 June 1836, Little York, bapt. 18 Sept. 1836, Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, d. 8 April 1859 of scarlet fever, æ. 23 years (Islander, 15 April 1859), bur. Little York United Church Cemetery, never married.

ii. Ann Hardy, b. 11 April 1839, Little York, d. 28 April 1859 of scarlet fever (Islander, 1 May 1859), bur. Little York United Church Cemetery, never married.

iii. Wallace Hardy, b. 11 Feb. 1841, Little York, d. 3 April 1859 of scarlet fever in his 19th. year (Islander, 15 April 1859), bur. Little York United Church Cemetery.

20. iv. Jane Hardy, b. 28 Dec. 1842, Little York, m.(1) Thomas D. Vessey, m.(2) Warren Hood.

21. v. Margaret Hardy, b. 23 Sept. 1844, Little York, m. Richard Vessey.

22. vi. Frederick Hardy, b. 27 Dec. 1846, Little York, Alice Ayers.

children: (by Rachel Richards)

vii. Henry Bruce Hardy, b. 11 Oct. 1873, Little York, adopted by his stepfather, Charles Nicholson, d. ?May 1895?, obituary in the Daily Examiner, 25 May 1895.

viii. John Leslie Hardy, b. 19 July 1877, Little York, d. 25 July 1877, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery.

8. Robert3 Hardy (John2, Thomas1) was born 15 July 1833 at Little York and baptized 10 May 1839 at Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, by the Reverend Knight. He lived and farmed at Little York. After his wife's early death he left Little York and settled with his second wife at Newtown, Lot 57. He appears to have left Prince Edward Island ca. 1868. There is no record of his arrival by ship at a US port, nor does he appear in the US federal census records for 1870 or after, so he probably went to the western provinces of Canada.

Robert Hardy married(1) Dobson May Brown, 8 March 1856 by Reverend John Brewster. She was born ca. 1836 and died 6 November 1860 at Little York, æ. 24 years (Examiner, 17 Dec. 1860).

Robert Hardy married(2) Jane Robertson, 30 March 1864 at Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, by Rev. John Brewster.

children: (by Dobson May Brown)

i. Benjamin Hardy (twin), b. 1 Jan. 1859, Little York.

ii. Joseph Benjamin Hardy (twin), b. 1 Jan. 1859, Little York, lv. with his uncle Thomas Hardy in 1881 census.

iii. Jane Dobson May Hardy, b. 27 Sept. 1860, Little York, lv. with her uncle Thomas Hardy in 1881 census, m. Charles Evans, 2 June 1884.

children: (by Jane Robertson)

iv. John Thomas Hardy, b. 13 May 1865, Newtown.

v. William Wallace Hardy, b. 29 Jan. 1867, Newtown.

9. Ann3 Hardy (John2, Thomas1) was born 2 May 1838 at Little York and baptized 10 May 1839 at Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown. She lived with her husband at Vernon River, Lot 49. She died 10 October 1902, æ. 63 years, and is buried at Birch Hill, Lot 49.

Ann Hardy married Thomas Henry Mutlow, 18 June 1856 (Islander, 27 June 1856). Thomas was from Seal River, Lot 50, and died 25 May 1905, æ. 72 years, buried in the cemetery of the Free Church of Scotland, Birch Hill, Lot 49.


i. Lydia Ann Mutlow, b. 16 July 1857, Seal River.

ii. William Richard Mutlow, b. 26 Dec. 1861, Vernon River.

iii. Emeline Jane Mutlow (twin), b. 22 July 1863, Vernon River, m. John Lemuel Prowse, 5 May 1885.

iv. Ida May Mutlow (twin), b. 22 July 1863, Vernon River, d. 2 May 1912, unm., bur. Birch Hill.

v. Jessey Elizabeth Mutlow, b. 21 Jan. 1866, Vernon River.

vi. Robert Seaman Mutlow, b. 18 Nov. 1868, Millview, m. Eliza H. Jenkins, d. 30 Nov. 1950, bur. Birch Hill.

10. Thomas3 Hardy (John2, Thomas1), known locally as "Little Tom," was born 25 February 1841 at Little York and baptized on 20 May 1842 at Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown. He farmed at Little York until at least the mid-1880s, and according to the 1909 Provincial Directory, then moved to 117 Euston Street, Charlottetown. He died 6 June 1916 and is buried in the cemetery of the York United Church.

Thomas Hardy married(1) Martha Thryphenia Richards, 26 August 1867 at Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, by Rev. Henry Pope. She was born ca. 1846 at Vernon River, Lot 49, and died 11 November 1879, æ. 33 years. She is buried at Little York.

Thomas Hardy married(2) the widow Hannah (Saunders) Peardon, probably ca. 1883. In 1909 she lived at 117 Euston Street, Charlottetown. "Amelia Hardy, widow of Thomas," is listed at the same address in the 1924 Directory.

children: (by Martha Richards)

i. Emily Hardy, b. ca. 1868, m. John Prowse, issue:

a. Reginald Ernest Prowse, b. 13 Jan. 1893.

ii. John Ernest Hardy, b. 24 July 1869, Little York, removed to Boston, Mass., in 1897.

iii. James Wesley Hardy, b. 1 April 1871, at home in 1881 census.

iv. Mary Susannah Hardy, b. 5 Oct. 1872, m. Henry Prowse, 28 Aug. 1894, lv. Little York, issue:

a. Aubrey Cleveland Prowse, b. 8 Aug. 1893, Little York.

b. Armina Leona Prowse, b. 23 Oct. 1899, Little York.

c. Mary Doris Prowse, b. 7 March 1903, Little York.

v. Silas Levi Hardy, b. 2 Jan 1874, d. Nov. 1876, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery.

vi. Armina Anne Hardy, b. 7 May 1876, at home in 1881 census, m. ______ ______, 1902 (Morning Guardian, 27 Sept. 1902).

vii. Martha Elsie Hardy, b. 24 Feb. 1878, bapt. 2 June 1884.

children: (by Hannah Saunders)

viii. Ethel Leah Hardy, b. 15 Jan 1884, Little York, m. Melbourne G. Crockett (29 June 1899-10 June 1965), d. 19 Dec. 1975, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery, issue:

a. William Crockett

b. Donald Crockett

ix. Harry L. Hardy, b. 1885, m. L. Maude Strickland (1886-1974), d. 1956, bur. People's Cemetery, Charlottetown.

x. Frances ("Fanny"), b. 1887, m. Lorne Stewart (1885-1958), d. 1926, bur. People's Cemetery, Charlottetown.

xi. Stanley L. Hardy, b. 1889, m. Florence S. Strickland (1889-1972), harness maker, lv. Charlottetown, bur. People's Cemetery, Charlottetown.

11. Elizabeth Ann3 Hardy (George2, Thomas1) was baptized 20 April 1805 at Barrow upon Humber, Lincolnshire, but moved with her father to Yorkshire the following year. She emigrated to Prince Edward Island with her father on the Valiant in 1817 and settled with him at Little York. She lived with her husband at Little York. She died 11 October 1891 at Tyron, Lot 28, and is buried in the Methodist (now United) Church at Little York, where her tombstone identifies her as a "native of Yorkshire, England."

Elizabeth Hardy married William Seller, 14 January 1823. He was born 9 May 1801, the son of William Seller and Sarah Harrison of Digby, Lincolnshire. He and his wife lived next to their son Isaac in 1881, per the census record. He died 6 September 1886 at Union Road, Lot 33, and is buried in the Little York United Church Cemetery. His burial monument identifies him as a native of Yorkshire who came to Prince Edward Island in 1819.


i. Sarah Seller, b. 10 Dec. 1823, Little York, d. March 1824, a sudden crib death.

ii. George Seller, b. 26 April 1825, Little York, farmer at Lot 33, m. Mary Ann Cook, 25 July 1850, issue:

a. Caroline Seller, b. 10 Jan. 1853, m. William Howard.

b. Mariah Seller. b. 10 July 1854.

c. George Seller, b. ca. 1860, m. ______ Johnson, gospel minister.

e. Rebecca I. Seller, b. ca. 1864 (twin?), m. William Chowan.

f. Louisa A. Seller, b. ca. 1864 (twin?), m. Robert Frizzell.

g. Mary Seller, m. George Howard.

iii. Ann Seller, b. 10 June 1827, Little York, m. Christmas Bryenton, 11 Dec. 1849, d. 9 January 1887, bur. Union Road, issue:

a. Isaac Bryenton, b. 24 Dec. 1850, Union Road, m.(1) Elizabeth Gill, 26 March 1879, m.(2) Martha J. (Ford) Bryenton (the widow of his brother Charles, who d. 30 April 1931), d. 23 June 1941.

b. William Bryenton, b. 11 June 1851, Union Road, m. Bessie Lidstone, 19 April 1883, d. 14 May 1925.

c. Charles S. Bryenton, b. 9 Dec. 1853, Union Road, m. Martha J. Ford, 15 Jan. 1884, d. 1 May 1895.

d. Elizabeth Bryenton, b. 14 April 1855, Union Road, m. John Mullet, 15 March 1877, d. 26 Oct. 1909.

e. Susannah Bryenton, b. 7 Nov. 1857, Union Road, m. William Toombs, 26 July 1882, lv. Restigo North and Charlottetown, where he was a merchant.

f. ?Louisa Bryenton?

g. Rebecca Bryenton, b. 8 Aug. 1867, Union Road, m. Hammand Mullet, 15 Jan. 1923, d. 1953.

iv. Elizabeth Seller, b. 14 Jan. 1830, Little York, m. James Carter, 14 Jan. 1853, d. 18 Dec. 1890, issue:

a. Charles Carter

b. George Carter

c. James Carter

d. Isaac Carter

e. John Carter

f. Benjamin Carter

g. Annie Carter

h. Rebecca Carter

i. Bessie Carter

j. Lena Carter

v. Maria Seller, b. 10 May 1832, Little York, m. Thomas Ayers, 25 Nov. 1855, lv. Union Road, d. 28 August 1917, issue:

a. Priscilla Ayers, b. 13 Feb. 1857, d. 20 Nov. 1942, never married.

b. Annie Ayers, b. 12 June 1858, m. William Ethelbert Leard, 25 Sept. 1890, removed to Saskatchewan in 1907, d. 22 Feb. 1939, bur. Beatty, Saskatchewan.

c. Rebecca Ayers, b. 7 June 1860, m. John Drake, 22 June 1898, d. 14 April 1936.

d. William Ayers, b. 8 March 1862, m.(1) Mary Ann Klingensmith, 6 June 1907, m.(2) Isabella Kirkly, 25 Oct. 1913.

e. Elizabeth Ayers, b. 9 Oct. 1863, m. John Bell, 9 March 1921, d. 11 Feb. 1937.

f. George Ayers, b. 5 April 1866, m. Esther Hammond Johnson, 26 Sept.1900, d. 4 Jan. 1960.

g. Josiah Ayers, b. 27 Dec. 1867, m. Eva Melvina Hyde, 19 Sept. 1908, d. 6 Feb. 1950.

h. Artemas Ayers, b. 27 Sept. 1870, d. 11 April 1871.

i. Emily F. Ayers, b. 28 March 1872, m. Waldron Brewer Leard, 17 Sept. 1092, d. 20 Sept. 1960.

j. Mary Maria Ayers, b. 4 May 1878, m. Bart C. Hardy, 17 Sept. 1900, d. 6 Feb. 1968.

vi. Jane Seller, b. 8 Feb. 1835, Little York, m. John Nathaniel W. Leard, 21 July 1875, d. 6 June 1912, issue:

a. Elizabeth Anne Leard, b. 12 June 1876, Tyron, m. J. Marchbank Webster, 23 July 1923, d. 25 July 1943, bur. Tyron.

vii. John Seller, b. 19 April 1837, Union Road, m. Susan Balderson, 26 July 1861, lv. Charlottetown and Woburn, Massachusetts, d. 30 Dec. 1920, bur. Woburn, issue:

a. Elizabeth Caroline Seller, b. 10 Aug. 1862, school teacher, lv. Woburn, Massachusetts, d. 4 Sept. 1942, bur. York, Prince Edward Island, never married.

b. Alice Seller, b. 19 Nov. 1864, d. 27 Aug. 1884.

c. Mary Louise Seller, b. 3 Dec. 1866, dress maker, lv. Woburn, Massachusetts, d. 5 Nov. 1946, never married.

d. Edith Jane Seller, b. 16 Feb. 1868, d. 30 Sept. 1949, bur. Woburn, Massachusetts, never married.

e. Bertha May Seller, b. 7 June 1870, d. 2 May 1941, bur. Woburn, Massachusetts, never married.

f. Leila Ada Seller, b. 7 Aug. 1873, d. 16 Dec. 1912, bur. Woburn, Massachusetts, never married.

g. William Albert Seller, b. 15 Jan. 1876, d. 11 Nov. 1948, never married.

h. Herbert Seller, b. 1878, m. Lulu A. Jones, lv. Winchester, Massachusetts, d. 9 April 1945.

i. Minton Seller, b. 1880, d. before 1945.

j. Marion Claude Seller, b. 19 Dec. 1885, d. 27 Dec. 1894.

viii. Isaac Seller, b. 10 June 1839, Little York, m. Mary MacMillan, 10 June 1867, lv. Lot 33, d. 19 Jan. 1894, issue:

a. Bessie E. Seller, b. 1869, m. James Whatat Rodd, 13 March 1895 at Union Road, d. 4 Dec. 1924.

b. Waldron B. Seller, b. 1871, m. Minnie Rodd, 4 Oct. 1899, d. 1958.

c. John Artemas Seller, b. 1873, m. Carrie Pridham, 21 Jan. 1905, d. 22 April 1922.

d. William Morely Seller, b. 1875, m. Susan MacLeod, 26 Feb. 1908, d. Jan. 1956.

e. Margaret Seller, b. 1877, m. John L. MacLeod, 2 Jan. 1905, d. 10 March 1951.

f. Katherine Beatrice Seller, b. 11 Jan. 1880 at Union Road, m. Waldron Prowse, 10 Oct. 1901, d. 30 March 1959.

g. Leslie Seller, b. 1882, m. 19 Aug. 1914, Vedu Dyer, d. 7 Nov. 1917.

h. Melville Leigh Seller, b. 11 Oct. 1885 at Union Road, m.(1) Edna Cornell, 3 Feb. 1908, m.(2) Margaret Campbell, d. Oct. 1953.

i. Hilda Seller, b. 1886, m. George D. Goring, 7 Sept. 1911.

j. Heber Seller, b. 1889, m. Gunverturin Joel, 26 July 1916.

k. Mabel Seller, b. 1891, m. John D. Lamont, 9 April 1917.

ix. Louisa Seller, b. 19 July 1841, Little York, d. 26 July 1864, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery.

x. Rebekah Seller, b. 10 Aug. 1843, Union Road, m.(1) William Hunt, 5 Aug. 1869, m.(2) James Alex Alley, 7 Jan. 1880, d. 5 Jan. 1933, issue:

a. Brenton Pascoe Alley, b. 12 April 1881, Charlottetown, m. Norma Lindsay Glenville, banker, d. 8 Aug. 1966, Victoria, British Columbia.

xi. Joseph Seller, b. 19 Sept. 1845, Little York, m. Sarah Margaret Ward, 6 July 1871, lv. Boston, Massachusetts, d. 18 May 1927, issue:

a. Morely H. Seller, b. 1872, d. 28 July 1906, Temple, Texas.

b. William Edward Ward Seller, b. 4 June 1873, minister,lv. Barberton, Ohio.

c. Elizabeth Ida Louise Seller, b. 8 Oct. 1874, d. in childhood.

d. George Douglas Seller, b. 18 Dec. 1875.

e. John Robert Kingsley Seller, b. 1 Sept. 1877, minister, attended Mt. Allison University (Sackville, NB), d. 29 Dec. 1902, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, of accidental gas asphyxiation.

f. Tennyson Seller

g. Hailley G. Seller, lv. Greenfield, Massachusetts.

h. Perley B. L. Seller, lv. Chester, New Jersey.

xii. Emma Seller, b. 16 May 1848, Union Road, d. 20 Aug. 1848.

xiii. William Seller, b. 4 Dec. 1850, Union Road, m.(1) Emily Florence Cooke, 7 July 1875, m.(2) Anne Marie Campbell, 9 Aug. 1933, lv. Victoria, Lot 29, and Pisquid, Lot 37, d. 20 Oct. 1940, issue: (by Emily Cooke)

a. Flourie Seller, m. James Whitehead, lv. Massachusetts.

b. Raymond Seller

c. William Ambrose Seller, b. 5 July 1884, Pisquid, m. Grace Belinda Campbell, d. 9 Sept. 1977, Sherwood, Lot 33, bur. Argyle Shore, Lot 30.

d. Albert Seller

e. Stanley Seller

f. Harold Seller

12. George3 Hardy (George2, Thomas1) was born 28 August 1807 at Hessle by Hull, Yorkshire, and baptized at the Church of England parish at Hessle on 1 November 1807. He was brought to Prince Edward Island by his father in 1817, sailing on the Valiant out of Hull. He was raised on his father's farm at Little York, but he eventually settled nearby at Pleasant Grove (also known as Tracadie Road), Lot 34. According to the 1841 census he had been a leaseholder since 1834 of 84 acres of first quality land, of which 30 acres were cultivated. On this plot he raised potatoes (500 bushels in 1841) and oats (150 bushels in 1841), and he also kept two horses, four cows, seven sheep and ten hogs. In 1861 his land was dropped in rating to third quality, with 55 acres under cultivation. The 1861 census also gives the date of leasing as 1831 rather than 1834. In 1861 George was producing 500 bushels of oats, 600 bushels of potatoes and 500 bushels of turnips. He also made hats of braided straw. He and his family were Methodist. He died in October 1890. He made out his will on 28 February 1889 mentioning his son George (to whom he left his farm, livestock, and personal property), daughter Mary Ann (to whom he left $500.00) and granddaughter Hannah Lucinda (to whom his left $100.00). Neither tombstone nor death record has been found for George Hardy. His will was proved 13 February 1891 at Charlottetown.

George Hardy married Mary Elizabeth Dalling, 17 November 1832. Mary was born 4 November 1810 at Bideford, Devonshire, England, the daughter of John and Mary Dalling, and bapt. 11 Aug. 1811 at Bideford. She died between the census dates in 1871 and 1881. At the time of her marriage her residence was listed as Charlottetown. The wedding was a double one, with William Crockett marrying Joanna Jenkins at the same time, and each of the grooms serving as witness for each other.


23. i. Elizabeth Caroline Hardy, b. 10 Sept. 1833, Pleasant Grove, m. Abraham Harper.

ii. John Hardy, b. 22 April 1836, Little York, d. 1 March 1861.

iii. Mary Ann Hardy, b. 11 June 1838, Pleasant Grove, bapt. 22 July 1838, Grace Methodist Church, Charlottetown, d. 1918, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery, never married.

24. iv. Henry Hardy, b. 21 July 1840, Pleasant Grove, m.(1) Lucy Ellen Carr, m.(2) Mary Bell Jewell.

25. v. Harriet Hardy, b. 9 June 1842, Pleasant Grove, m. Edward Wyatt.

vi. Joseph Hardy, b. 12 June 1844, Pleasant Grove, farmer at Suffolk, Lot 34, d. 1879, never married.

26. vii. Isaac Hardy, b. 9 April 1847, Pleasant Grove, m. Mary Ann Mobbs.

viii. Lucinda Hardy, b. 4 Sept. 1851, Charlottetown, d. 27 Nov. 1868.

ix. George Hardy, b. 18 Feb. 1853, Pleasant Grove, farmed at Pleasant Grove, d. 30 Jan. 1917 at Pleasant Grove, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery.

13. Mary Ann3 Hardy (George2, Thomas1) was born ca. 1818 on Prince Edward Island, perhaps at Little York. She was living at the time of the 1881 census at Lot 33, but a subsequent record of her death has not been located.

Mary Hardy married James L. Yeo on 31 October or 1 November 1838, depending on which parish register record one chooses to accept. James Yeo was born ca. 1815 at Morwenstow, Cornwall, England, and he emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1831. He was a Baptist and a farmer who worked his land in Lot 33. He died after 1881.


i. John Hardy Yeo, b. Aug. 1840.

ii. George Yeo, b. ca. 1842, m. Caroline Sellick, lv. Breadalbane, Lot 67, d. 1933 "in his 93rd. year," issue:

a. Ellsworth Yeo, b. ca. 1870.

b. Elizabeth Yeo, b. ca. 1872, m. Layton Milligan.

c. Delilah Yeo, b. 1874, m. John William MacLean, d. 1959.

d. Mary Hardy Yeo, b. 25 Dec. 1875, m. Malcolm MacLean, lv. Summerside, d. after 1978.

e. George Yeo, b. 1877, lv. Texas, USA.

f. Melvina Yeo, b. ca. 1879, m. William Taylor.

iii. Mary Jane Yeo, b. 5 May 1843, lv. Union Road, Lot 33, d. 3 March 1915 of heart failure, bur. Union Road, never married.

iv. William Lashbrook Yeo, b. 1846, m.(1) Caroline Wyland, 5 April 1875, m.(2) Matilda Wyland, d. 1930, issue:

(by Caroline Wyland)

a. Bessie Ada Yeo, b. 1876, m. Ewen Martin, d. 1960.

b. Ira James Yeo, b. 1877, m. Louise Horne, medical doctor, d. 1965.

c. Alice Mabel Yeo, b. 1878, m. Edwin Jones, d. 1971.

d. Maud Blanche Yeo, b. 1880, m. John J. Enman, d. 1939.

e. Alma Mildred Yeo, b. 1885, d. 1976, never married.

f. Edna Florence Yeo, b. 1888, m. William P. McVie, d. 1971.

g . William Herbert Yeo, b. 1890, m. Margaret Jones, d. 1950 .

(by Matilda Wyland)

h. Cyril Sidney Yeo, b. 1896, d. 1896, æ. 3 months.

i. Helen Muriel Yeo, b. 1899, never married.

j. Harold Eric Yeo, b. 1901, medical doctor.

v. Bethesda Yeo, b. ca. 1848, m. William Arthur, 9 Dec. 1875, lv. Boston, Massachusetts, and then Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

vi. Maria I. Yeo, b. ca. 1850, m. Samuel Sellick after 1881, lv. O'Leary, Lot 6, where he operated a fox farm.

vii. Lydia Yeo, b. ?ca. 1852?, m. Humphrey Arthur, 9 December 1875, lv. Boston and Charlottetown, issue:

a. Lemuel Arthur

viii. Charles Yeo, b. ?ca. 1854?, emigrated to western USA before 1881.

ix. James Yeo, b. ca. 1857, went to the Yukon after 1881, then to Mission City, British Columbia, where he operated a fruit farm, never married.

x. Cephas Yeo, b. ?ca. 1858?, emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, before 1881

xi. Thomas H. Yeo, b. ca 1860, m. Caroline Holmes, issue:

a. Bruce H. Yeo

b. Charles Percy Yeo, b. 1898, m. Lil MacQuarrie, d. 1941.

c. John Wendell Yeo, b. 1910, d. 1942.

xii. Matilda Sarah Yeo, b. ca. 1862, m. Lemuel Silliphant, lv. Prince County, PEI, then moved with her husband to Detroit, Michigan, and later the family moved to California, d. ca. 1953, æ. 92 years, issue:

a. Lucy Silliphant, b. 1882, married, no issue.

b. Robert Silliphant, b. 1884, d. ca. 1962, unm.

c. Lulu Silliphant, b. 1886, m. Daniel Badder, d. ca. 1967.

d. Sterling Samuel Silliphant, b. 1889, m. Alice ______.

e. Walter Silliphant, b. 1890, m. Winnifred ______.

f. Violet Silliphant, b. 1892, m. Marlow Davey.

g. Lydia Silliphant, b. 1893, m. John Root.

h. Leigh Silliphant, b. 1895, m.(1) Ethel Noader, m.(2) Virginia Abraham.

Hardy of Little York

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