Basil Stanford McNeill's Daily Journal of 1915

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Transcribed by Leo Darmitz -


Beginning 1915

Continuation of the diary of Basil Stanford MacNeill - (1915)

Note -- All text was transcribed as accurately as the condition of the diary permitted. Spelling and grammar were not altered. Punctuation and capitalization were added where it was obvious. The dates shown were as they appeared at the beginning of each entry, but were made bold for the benefit of referencing this text.

Jany 1st, 1915

Fri. Jan. 1st., Fine. Mimie baby and I went to Gertys in afternoon. I was down to E.dale in morning.

Sat. Jan. 2, Fine. Went to Alberton. Snowing a bit in afternoon. Frank, Lloyd, Maud & Anna drove in in evening.

Sun. Jan. 3, Fine but pretty cold. James Hardy spent the evening with us. Mother and I went to church.

Mon. & Tues. Jan. 4 & 5, Fine but cold. Worked in at Klondyke both days and finished all but a couple of hours work.

Wed. Jan. 6, Fine. Mimie and I went to Elmsdale in morning got the old horse shod. Took a birch log to Miminegash mill for runners in afternoon.

Thurs. Jan. 7, Fine in forenoon. Mother and I went to Mary’s after dinner. Began to rain before we got there and rained hard.

Fri. Jan. 8, Fine. Went to Mill for my planks but they werent squared.

Sat. Jan 9, Fine but some cold. Mimie, baby and I went to O’Leary.

Sun. Jan. 10, Fine. Moore and I drove out to Levi’s.

Mon. Jan. 11, Fine. We came home in afternoon.

Tues. Jan. 12, Fine. Took our sow pig away to Jim Hardy’s in forenoon. Went to Miminegash for my planks in afternoon. Gerty and Henry came here in evening.

Wed. Jan. 13, Fine but very cold wind. Drove mother down to Sandies. Aunt Margaret is sick. Took stock to George Adams to make me a pung sleigh.

Thurs. Jan. 14, Fine. Went into Donahue woods and skidded out some logs in afternoon went down for mother in evening.

Fri. Jan. 15, Fine but cold wind. Mimie and I went to Alberton in forenoon. She had Ruth taken out.

Sat. Jan. 16, Fine. Hugh Williams and I went into Donahue woods and yarded out some hemlok trees.

Sun. Jan. 17, Fine. Mother and I went to church in evening. I drove her down to Sandies afterwards. Aunt Margaret is not any better.

Mon. Jan. 18, Misty was up to Robert Matthews and Jim Brennans in forenoon. F. Yeo And I went out and located some mud beds afternoon.

Tues. Jan. 19, Raining. Was down to Eby’s in the forenoon to E.dale after noon.

Wed. Jan. 20, Still showery and warm. Chored about home all day.

Thurs. Jan. 21, Fine. Helped F Yeo To cut wood in McKennas woods.

Fri. Jan. 22, Snowing a little. Helped Yeo in woods again. Mother came home yesterday.

Sat. Jan. 23, Snowing. Took a grist to mill and went to Harry Matthews. Took mother down to Sandies in evening. Turned to rain. Rained hard when I came home.

Sun. Jan. 24, Fine. I walked down to church in afternoon.

Mon. Jan. 25, Snowing.

Tues. Jan. 26, Fine. Began to haul wood but upset twice and only got one load.

Wed. Jan. 27, Fine. Hauled 2 team loads from Klonkyke.

Thurs. Jan. 28, Hauled 2 loads snowing some in afternoon. Mary and Holson called here on way home from Dock yesterday. Mr. Karr is man taking orders for enlarging pictures. Was here and stayed the night with us.

Fri. Jan., Fine but drifting. Went for my grist but didn’t get it. Nelson Harne died on Thursday.

Sat. Jan. 30, Fine but very cold. Nelson Harne was buried today.

Sun. Jan. 31, Fine but cold.

(February 1915)

Mon. Feb. 1, Snowing. Was down to Hy Williams.

Tues. Feb. 2, Fine but cold last night was very cold and drifting. I had to go out and break road today there is a lot of snow down now. I was down to E.dale.

Wed. 3, Weather rough & drifting.

Thurs. Feb. 4, Went to Hay woods and got my grist. In forenoon went to saw mill and got boards for pung box. Went to E.dale in the evening.

Fri. Feb. 5, Fine Hauled wood from McKennas woods.

Sat. Feb. 6, Fine in morning. Snowing and raining in afternoon. Will Brennan and I laid in some straw from a stack. Went to E.dale in evening and got my pung sleigh. Mother came home from Curries.

Sun. Feb. 7, Fine. Went to church in afternoon. Gerty, Henry, Mary & Holson were here

Mon. Feb. 8, Fine in morning raining some at noon. F. Yeo and I went to O’Leary for some flooring we had at the mill. Moore came up with me.

Tues. Feb. 9, Fine hauled wood from Klondyke. Moore and I with 2 single slieghs took sow pig up to Rob Matthews boar.

Wed. Feb. 10 and Thurs Feb. 11, Fine and cold. Frank Yeo and I hauled logs from Donahue to mill for me both days.

Fri. Feb. 12, Snowing in forenoon. Mother and I went to Dock. Henry and I went to Alberton.

Sat. Feb. 13, Frank, Jas and I went to Black Micks and took a frame for our mud digger from his woods to mill and got it gawed.

Sun. Feb. 14, Fine and cold. Mimie and I drove out to Jim Gibbon. Gerty and Henry were here.

Mon. Feb. 15, Fine in forenoon snowing in afternoon. Hauled last load of logs to mill and hauled a load from Klondyke. Minnie stayed at Jims. Her father came after her.

Tues & Wed. Feb. 16 & 17, Warm. Worked at digger frame??? and went out and got mud.

Thurs. Feb. 18, Fine. We set out our digger today and hauled a load home.

Fri. Feb. 19, Landed one load and hauled a load home.

Sat. Feb. 20, Fine hauled a load home in forenoon. Grey Mare took sick in afternoon had the Dr. out. See dad today he has been poorly this good while Brander Matthews went to Alberton for Medicine for me. Mrs Jim Brennan was here. Henry was here in evening. Levi was up one day this week.

Sun. Feb. 21, Fine but cold. Mimie came home today. Moore drove her up. Gerty and Henry were here. Charlie Dunn and Mary also Artie Matthews.

Mon. Feb. 22, Fine. Went to E.dale in morning. Moore went home in afternoon. Went into Miminegash Mill in evening.

Tues. Feb. 23, Fine. Hauled 2 loads of boards home from mill.

Wed. Feb. 24, Fine. Hauled mud 2 trips

Thurs. Feb. 25, Fine. Hauled 2 loads of mud.

Fri. Feb. 26, Thawing. Hauled one load of mud in forenoon. Went to mill for saw in evening.

Sat. Feb. 27, Snowing some. Went to Alberton in forenoon. Drove the colt out to Gerty’s in evening and got old horse shod.

Sun. 28, Jim, Mimie and I drove to church in evening.

(March 1915)

Mon. Mar. 1st till Sat. Mar. 6, Fine. Hauled 2 loads of mud every day all week.

Sun Mar. 7, Fine. Walked to church. Mary and Holson, Henry Platts and ???? were here.

Mon. Mar. 8, till Thurs Mar. 11, Fine. Hauled 2 loads of mud every day.

Fri. Mar. 12, Stormy. Went for mud but turned back.

Sat. Mar. 13, Stormy. Hauled one load of mud. Mother and I drove to Saudies after dinner.

Sun. Mar. 14, Storming.

(Line stroked out) May 15, Fine. Broke road in forenoon. Hauled mud afternoon. Tues. Mar. 16, Fine. Hauled 2 loads mud.

Mon. Mar. 15, Storming.

Tues. Mar. 16, Fine Broke road in morning. Hauled mud after noon.

Wed. Mar. 17, Fine. Hauled 2 loads of mud.

Thurs. Mar. 18, Storming. Went up to Fox Ranch with Harry O’Brien. Went to E.dale in evening.

Fri. Mar. 19, Storming again.

Sat. Mar. 20, Fine. Went to E.dale in forenoon to Christy’s in evening and bought their pile of stable manure. Mr. William McNeill called to see Daddy and spent the afternoon.

Sun. Mar. 21, Storming some. Went to church in afternoon.

Mon. Mar. 22, Storming.

Tues. Mar. 23, Fine, broke mud road and took one load home. Dr. Kier was here. Went to Alberton for medicine. Mother went to son Wilkie’s on Saturday.

Wed. Mar. 24, Hauled 2 loads of mud.

Thurs. Mar. 25, Fine. Went for mud in forenoon to Holsons in afternoon.

Fri. Mar. 26, Fine. Hauled one load mud. Hauled manure from Amos Caughlan’s in afternoon.

Sat. Mar. 27, Storming. Mother came home in morning.

Sun. Mar. 28, Storming. Went to church in evening.

Mon. Mar. 29, Fine. Hauled manure from Amos Caughlan’s.

Tues. Mar. 30, Fine but cold. Hauled manure from Jenis McNeill in forenoon. Helped Rob Matthews to thresh wheat in afternoon.

Wed. 31, Fine. hauled manure from Jenis McNeill’s 4 loads

(April 1915)

Thurs. Apr. 1, Fine Hauled load mud in forenoon. Went to Klondyke for a load after dinner.

Fri. Apr. 2, Hauled wood from Klondykewith 2 sleighs and finished.

Sat. Apr. 3, Fine. We hauled our mud digger off in forenoon drove mother to E.dale in the afternoon. Lilla, Renie, Lottie B were here Chip Currie and wife and Ev Brennan.

Sun. Apr. 4, Storming. I went out to Dock for milk. Daddy is getting worse.

Mon. Apr. 5, Fine. Mary & Holson were here all day also Will Matthews.

Tues. Apr. 6, Fine. I drove Will down to station in morning. Took the team to Miminegash for sand in forenoon to Bill Donahue’s woods for load of wood after dinner.

Wed. 7, thru Fri 9, Was to Alberton all three days, Dr. Kier was here on Fri. morning. I took him home. Called to Gerty’s. Her baby has had Erysipelas but is well now. Aunt Maggie was here today.

Sat. Apr. 10, Weather mild and raining som. Was down to Elmsdale in forenoon, sick in bed in afternoon. Drove to Dock for milk in evening.

Sun. 11, Mild and warm. Were all sick here now. Mimie has been in bed all day today and part of yesterday.

Mon. 12, Raining most all day. Thundered and lightened

Thurs. Apr. 13, Sawed some wood with F. Yeo.

(Nothing between Apr.13, and May 1,)

(May 1915)

Sat. May 1, Dark cloudy. Jim O’Brien pressed our hay today 3 ton 5 hundred. Holson was here and helped us. The spring is very back-ward. We threshed alsike. Last week and cleaned timothy seed. Had ten bushel of timothy but alsike was not well filled. Sold the timothy for 4.50 for bushel. Poor old daddy is pretty miserable. He is getting weaker everyday.

Sun. May 2, Dark and raining. Went to church in afternoon. Hy Williams and Mrs. Artie and Mrs. spent the evening with us.

Mon. May 3, Weather is still dark and cold with cold nor east wind. George Adams came up to work at kitchen today I was down to E.dale in the forenoon.

Tues. May 4, Still dark and cold with rain. George Adams worked at house. I was down to Sandies in forenoon.

Wed. May 5, Cold and misting rain. Was out to Gerty’s in the forenoon. Hauled lime and wall board for the kitchen from station. George Adams was here today. Poor old daddy is sinking every day. Mrs Jim Brennan was here today and spent afternoon.

(Nothing for remainder of the year)

Key dates in 1915

Friday Jan. 29, -- Nelson Harne died Jan. 28.

Names listed in 1915 diary

  1. Amos Caughlan -- Mar. 26, 29,
  2. Anna --Jan. 2,
  3. Artie Matthews --Feb. 21,
  4. Bill Donahue -- Apr. 6,
  5. Black Micks -- Feb. 13,
  6. Brander Matthews -- Feb. 20,
  7. Charlie Dunn -- Feb. 21,
  8. Chip Currie -- Apr. 3,
  9. Christy -- Mar. 20,
  10. Currie -- Feb. 6,
  11. Donahue -- Jan. 14, Feb. 10 & 11,
  12. Dr Kier -- Mar. 23,Apr.9,
  13. Eby Forsyth -- Jan. 19,
  14. Everett Brennan -- Apr. 3,
  15. Frank Yeo -- Jan.2,21,22, Feb. 7,10,11,13, Apr. 13,
  16. George Adams -- Jan 13,May 3,4,5,
  17. Gerty Matthews -- Jan 1,12, Feb. 7,14, 21, 27,Apr. 7, May 5,
  18. Harry O’Brien -- Mar. 18,
  19. Henry -- Feb. 12,20,
  20. Henry (Harry) Matthews --Jan.12,23, Feb. 7,14,21,
  21. Henry Platts -- Mar. 7,
  22. Holson Caughlan -- Jan. 28, Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 5,
  23. Hugh Williams -- Jan. 16,
  24. Hy Williams -- Feb. 1, May 2,
  25. James (Jim) Hardy -- Jan. 3,12,
  26. Jas -- Feb. 13,
  27. Jennie McNeill -- Mar. 30, 31,
  28. Jim -- Feb. 28,
  29. Jim Brennan -- Jan. 18,
  30. Jim Gibbon -- Feb. 14,15,
  31. Levi McNeill -- Jan. 10, Feb. 20,
  32. Lilla McNeill -- Apr.3,
  33. Lloyd -- Jan. 2,
  34. Lottie Brennan -- Apr. 3,
  35. Margaret (Aunt) -- Jan. 13,17,Apr. 7,
  36. Mary Caughlan -- Jan. 7,28, Feb. 7, 21, Mar. 7, Apr. 5,
  37. Maud -- Jan. 2,
  38. Mimie MacNeill -- Jan. 1,6,9,15, Feb. 14,21,28, Apr. 11,
  39. Misty -- Jan. 18,
  40. Moore Gibbs -- Jan. 10, Feb. 7, 8, 21, 22,
  41. Mr. Karr -- Jan. 28,
  42. Mr. William McNeill -- Mar. 20,
  43. Mrs. Artie -- May 2,
  44. Mrs. Jim Brennan -- Feb. 20,May 5,
  45. Nelson Harne -- Jan. 29, 30,
  46. Renie -- Apr.3,
  47. Robert (Rob) Matthews -- Jan. 18, Feb. 8, Mar. 30,
  48. Ruth MacNeill -- Jan. 15,
  49. Sandies -- Jan. 13, Jan. 17, 23,May 4,
  50. Wilkie -- Mar. 23,
  51. Will Brennan -- Feb. 6,
  52. Will Matthews -- Apr. 5,6,
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