Pre 1875 P.E.I. Postmasters Database Search!

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Pre 1875 P.E.I. Postmasters Database Search!

Submitted by - Mike Salmon - [email protected] - Our Prince Edward Island Postal Historian, Mike Salmon, contributor of most of the postal information on the Island Register has prepared a very useful database for other collectors, and for family historians. If your ancestor was a Postmaster during these years, they will be included. The database may be searched by the name of the Postmaster, name of the Post Office, or by the Community's name.

Other useful Postal information may be found on our Prince Edward Island Letters Database, or our "Letter Transciption Page", "1878 Postal and Railroad Map", and "P.E.I. Stamp Page", along with many other interesting pages and articles linked from the "Letter Transcription Page"

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