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Amazon Books! This Page consists of links of general interest to the genealogist and family historian, and provincial links categorized by Province.

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Netting your Ancestors!
Netting Your Ancestors!

Cyndi Howells Superlative Guide to the Internet and Genealogy! A "must have"! Click for more information!

Links Verified 02/20/2002

Links are constantly changing, and we try to keep on top of the changes. I have installed Infolink, a link verifier, which we will run monthly or more often to help assure that all links are valid. Between checks, if you run into one that seems to be changed, please notify me at, and I will try to ascertain the new location for the URL. Those listed, please keep me up to date on any changes. Thanks!

Software and Genealogical Suppliers:

Legacy Family Tree! Legacy is a full-featured professional genealogy program that helps you track, organize, print, and share your family history.

Visit the Legacy Family Tree Home Page!

Global Genealogical Supply - Canadian New and Used Genealogical books, software, and CD Roms.

Brothers Keeper Genealogy Program

The Master Genealogist

Personal Ancestral File® 5.2

GenIsle Genealogy Format

Birth Date/Event Date/Age at Event Calculator Program - Free Useful Software!

Here is a small DOS program may be run to print a calendar of any year from the start of the Gregorian Calendar to the present. It may be used to figure out the day of the week your ancestor was born. Presented in downloadable .zip format.


Map Pages:

Canadian Geographical Names - Natural Resources Canada

Graphic Maps


YourMapsOnline - U.K. Historical Maps

Resource Pages:

New Link!Dr. Kenneth S. Paulsen - Contains P.E.I. families of Beers of China Point and Stuart / Stewart of Belfast area (Lots 58, 60 and 62) and Springton (Lot 67). The website also has Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Danish and Swedish families of author's ancestry and British families of his partner's ancestry.

Newspaper Records - Online Archive of Historical Newspapers!

Maryand Family Association: Genealogy Articles and Databases - This site has a description of the meanings and brief history of names around the world, with focus on Mayrand family. It chronicles more than 11,000 families from 1102 through hundreds of years in North America.

New Link!The LDS Family History Library - The LDS Family History Library has begun digitizing and making available on the Internet all of the Family History books in their collection. About 5000 books have been digitized and are available, and they have announced that they are adding about 100 titles a week to the on-line Family History collection.

PEI - General PEI information

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the InternetCyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

American Civil War Home Page

ROOTS-L Home and Resource Page

John Fuller's Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Washington, D.C. U.S. Archives Researcher - Michael Anderson

Canada Culture - Canadian Cultural Resources!

Compton Creations Historical Costumes -Including traditional Kilts to order

Moidart Local History Group (Coman Eachdraidh Muideart)

Home Page Construction Aids:

Toolbox ButtonCyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit

All the tools you need to create a great site! - See also Cyndi's list of Canadian Genealogical sites below!

Adoption & Home Children:

Looking for more help, and more
information on adoption searching in CANADA?
Try CANADopt Logo CANADopt!


The Canadian Center for Home Children - Cavendish, P.E.I.

Canadian Genealogy General:

Canadian Genealogy Canadian Genealogy and History Links!

  • Canadian Genealogy Centre - General info, links, exhibitions, etc.

    Canadian Genealogical Projects RegistryCanadian Genealogical Projects Registry

    Looking 4 Kin Genealogy Links & Chat

    Canadian Genealogical Association Addresses:

    Canadian National/Provincial Archives Addresses:

    Information On Canadian Related Genealogy Listservers:

    Canadian Geographical Names

    inGeneas Canadian Genealogical Research & Searchable Databases

    United Church of Canada Central Archives

    Canadian Archives Homepage

    United Empire Loyalist Society - National Home Page

    Canada Gen Web

    Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Canada

    Maritime History Archive

    Brenda Pickard's Homepage (PEI and other Surnames)

    Quintin Publications - A Source for Canadian Genealogy Books!

    Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes - Page describes qualifications for certified genealogists!

    Mi'kmaq Genealogy and Information:

    Researching Your Aboriginal Ancestry at Library and Archives Canada

    Mi'kmaq Net Mi'kmaq Com

    Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Mi'kmaq Dictionary - UNB Libraries' Electronic Text Centre

    St. Georges Bay Mi'kmaq - Bay St George and the Port au Port Peninsula

    P.E.I. First Nation Addresses:

    Abeqweit First Nation,
    P.O. Box 220,
    Cornwall, P.E.I.,
    C0A 1H0,
    Ph: (902) 675-3842
    Fax: (902) 675-2286
    Lennox Island First Nation,
    Lennox Island, P.E.I.,
    C0B 1P0,
    Prince Edward Island,
    Ph: (902) 831-2279
    Fax: (902) 831-3153

    Acadian Genealogy:

    New Link!Acadian Roots!

    Acadian Memorial - Museum of the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville, LA!

    Tim Hebert's Acadian/Cajun Page

    Dennis Beauregard's French Canadian Genealogy Site

    Yvon Cyr's Acadien Genealogy Home Page.

    Acadian History/Culture Site (English/Français)

    Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes, U de Moncton (French Only- En Français Seulement!)

    Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home

    Mary Sonier's Saulnier/Sonier/Sonnier Family Page - Descendants of Louis Saulnier and Louise Bastinaud dit Pelletier!

    Histoire de Sorel-Tracy

    Dossier Germaine Guèvremont

    Dictionnaires du français du Canada

    Prince Edward Island:

    Waldron and Susan Leard's "History Room"

    Hillsborough Heritage River Association and Eco-Centre

    Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island - Prince Edward Island Vacation and Tourism Portal!

    Order P.E.I. Visitor's Guides, Maps - and other free P.E.I. Government Publications!

    Shipwrecks of P.E.I. - Part of the SchoolNet Digital Collections, Industry Canada.

    The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada in Prince Edward Island!

    P.E.I. Community Access Projects - P.E.I. Communities on the Web!

    Malpak Arts Council!

    Northern Watters Knitwear - PEI Made Sweaters, Yarns, Crafts and Jewellery

    Home page of the PEI Archives!

    Email link to Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation, Beaconsfield!

    Prince Edward Island Museums Home Page!

    U.P.E.I. - Genealogical resources at the University, books, newspapers, documents, etc.!

    Prince Edward Island Place Finder - (Geographic Locator)

    The New "Prince Edward Island Surname List"!

    Prince Edward Island Descendant's DNA Projects:

    "Prince Edward Island DNA Project"

    Prince Edward Island Personal Pages:

    Ed Alexander's Alexanders of PEI - James Alexander and Mary Ann McNeil of Wellington Centre, PEI, Canada!

    Ancestral Trails - David Walker's Homepage

    PEI Vaniderstine! - Kent Vaniderstine's Homepage

    Atlantic Canadian Arsenault Descendants! - Denis Savard's Homepage

    Babcock, Bennett, Sears, Hillier, Casford, Peardon Page!

    Allen Beagan's "Genealogy Notes" of PEI !

    The Betts Family of P.E.I.

    New!The Birts of Prince Edward Island

    Craig Buchanan's - Buchanan/Stewart Lot 57/58/67 Page!

    Chapy's Realm - Chapman, Boudreau, MacKenzie and others!

    Elaine Howes' Roots of Eoghann - dedicated to the Alexander Millar family who settled in Bideford, the new site is much more a study of the historical families found "up west" PEI.

    Climbing The Brick Walls - Dan MacDonald's Genealogy Site

    Cornish Genealogy - Fayth Harrison's Page, including P.E.I. Urquhart, Price and Strang families.

    Delaney Family of P.E.I.

    Dimond/Diamond, etc. - Fred Dimond's Homepage!

    Dockendorff Project!

    Dawn Ellis's Family Page!

    David Faithfull's Family Page - McGuigan, MacNeill and more!

    Darren George's - McEachern, Panton, Docharty, and McLean Page! Also Belfast/Garfield 1880 Meacham Map!

    Falconer of Stonebroke Manor - Island families include: Enman, Gay, Ladner, Nisbet, Wood & Yeo

    Hayden's Company of the Kings Rangers - M. Christopher New's page on the famous battalion disbanded on P.E.I. in 1783/1784. Includes the 1784 Muster roll!

    Juliana Jorden's Jorden Page - Lot 64 Jordan/Jordens

    Lot 10 McDonald Page!

    Tammy LaForme's - McGregor, McKenna Page!

    Barbara Lannigan's Family Page!

    Gordon Lavoie's - Lavoie, Poirier/Perry, Arsenault, Allain and Downing Page!

    History of the MacEachern Clan - Ian MacEachern's MacEachern, Grant, Ling, and Wonnacott Page!

    MacKay/Champion Genealogy - from the North Shore of Prince Edward Island

    Dennis Matthews P.E.I. Families - Clow / Diamond / Easter / Matthew / Matthews / Turner / White / Wise, mostly families who went to the Red River Valley!

    Michael McCue's Westaway/McCue Page - and other P.E.I. Families!

    The Dornie Manuscipt - and the Murchison Family!

    Bill Nicholson's Lodvic Nicholson Family Page!

    Bill Norin's - FTM Page!

    Bill Norin's - Geocities Page!

    Tom O'Connor's Home Page - for Mass. and PEI, Canada

    Arthur Owen's Descendants of Arthur Owen and Elizabeth Lee - from Princetown!

    James McLaren and the Brudenell Pioneers 1803!

    MacLaren's who sailed to Greenwich, PEI, 1770!

    Patron's List - Meacham's 1880 Atlas!

    Marge Reid's Databases - Genealogical Tidbits from Lot 15/47 on her Page!

    William Richard's Family Home Page!

    Chuck Richard's Richard Family page

    Stewart Genealogy - From The Isle Of Skye, To P.E.I.

    Elder John's Family - a site is dedicated to the memory of Elder John Stevenson and his wife Margaret (nee Nisbet)

    Prince Edward Island Booksellers:

    Gallery 18 - Gallery 18 Ltd. is run by Aubrey Bell and Patricia Bennett. There, you can find an unusual and desirable selection of rare and collectible books, antique maps and prints, vintage posters, illustrated newspapers, paper ephemera, art and small antiques. They have been in business for 8 years, and much of their inventory deals with Prince Edward Island. They are located at:

    Gallery 18,
    41 Grafton Street,
    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
    Canada, C1A 1K6.
    Telephone (902) 628-8869, Toll-free 1-866-963-3339,
    Email -

    Gallery 18 is conveniently located in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. They are open from 10 to 5, Monday to Saturday, and open other times by appointment.

    Prince Edward Island Radio Stations:

    Q93 (Magic 93 FM)

    CBC Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island Newspapers:

    The Guardian Newspaper - Now, P.E.I.'s first Online Newspaper! Premieres July 12, 1999.

    The Guardian Newspaper - The Guardian Newspaper Email Address.

    Postal Address:
    The Guardian,
    P.O. Box 760,
    Charlottetown, P.E.I.,
    C1A 7L8.

    Online -

  • The Eastern/West Prince Graphic - Publications of Island Press

    Postal Address:
    The Eastern Graphic,
    P.O. Box 790,
    Montague, P.E.I.,
    C0A 1R0.

    The Journal - Pioneer Newspaper

    Postal Address:
    The Journal - Pioneer,
    Box 2480
    Summerside, P.E.I.,
    C1N 4K5.
    Voice Ph: (902) 853-3306
    Fax Ph. (902) 436-0784, (902) 436-3027.

    Online -

    La Voix Acadienne (en française) - No known Email

    Postal Address:

    La Voix Acadienne, Lte.,
    340 Rue Court, C. P. 1420,
    Summerside, PEI., C1N 4K2
    Ph: (902) 436-6005, (902) 436-8988,
    Fax: (902) 888-3976.

    Prince Edward Island Funeral Homes:

    Belvedere Funeral Home - 175 Belvedere Ave., Charlottetown, PE, CIA 2Y9, Phone: (902) 628-1881
    Cutcliffe, Charlottetown and Hennessey Funeral Homes - 33-35 Longworth Ave., Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 7M8, Phone (902) 894-4626 : fax (902) 368-2492
    Davison Funeral Home - P.O. Box 540 Kensington PE, C0B 1M0, Phone (902) 836-3313 : fax (902) 836-4461
    Dingwell Funeral Home - Dingwell Funeral Home, P.O. Box 310, Souris, PEI, C0A 2B0, Phone: (902) 687-4803
    Ferguson Funeral Homes - O'Leary - Phone (902) 859-2768, Tyne Valley - Phone (902) 831-2500
    Ferguson-Logan Montague Funeral Home - Montague - Phone (902) 838-2577
    MacLean's Funeral Home - 15 Ole King Sq., Charlottetown, C1A 1P8, Phone: (902) 566-5549
    Moase Funeral Home - 150 Summer Street, Summerside, PEI C1N 3J6, Phone: (902) 436-2301
    Rooney Funeral Home - Rooney Funeral Home, P.O. Box 370, Alberton, PEI, C0B 1B0, Phone: (902) 853-2811
    P.E.I. Funeral Coop Locations:

    Jones Funeral Homes - Sackville, Port Elgin N.B., also links to Funeral Home sites they have designed.

    Nova Scotia:

    Nova Scotia Vital Statistics

    Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management

    Pictou County Genealogy and Heritage Society

    Fishing? - It Was "A Way of Life" & Lost at Sea - Sheevaun Nelson's Page!

    The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

    The Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Assn.

    Morgan Robertson's Family Roots of Pictou County Page

    Join the Pictou-Roots Mail List - Morgan's list for Pictou, N.S.

    Nova Scotia GenWeb Project

    Cape Breton Counties Genweb

    For Posterity's Sake - Weir Family page.

    New Brunswick:

    New Brunswick Grant Book Database

    New Brunswick Genealogical Society

    New Brunswick Provincial Archives

    New Brunswick Publishing

    Zella Layden's Genealogy in New Brunswick Site

    Links to New Brunswick Funeral Homes

    Newfoundland and Labrador:

    Newfoundland and Labrador Archives

    ANLA - Newfoundland Genealogy

    Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society

    Bay St. George Genealogical Society


    Archives Nationales du Quebec

    La Chambre des Notaires du Québec

    Eastern Townships Collection

    Eastern Townships of Quebec Genealogy

    Eastern Townships Research, Quebec

    FRANCÊTRES: Quebec Genealogy

    Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home

    QFHS Home Page

    Grosse Ile. and the Irish Memorial Historic National Site

    Sherbrooke Record Index Page - Newspaper


    Archives of Ontario - Home Page

    Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

    Ontario Genealogy Society Home Page

    Ontario Genealogy Resource Page

    1871 Ontario Census Index - National Archives of Canada


    Manitoba Provincial Archives

    Manitoba Genealogical Society

    East European Genealogical Society - Help for Manitobans of Eastern European Descent!

    The Hudson's Bay Co. Archives


    Saskatchewan Provincial Archives

    Saskatoon's Cemeteries

    Saskatchewan Genealogical Society


    Alberta Provincial Archives

    Alberta Family Histories Society

    Alberta Genealogical Society

    British Columbia:

    Vital Events Gateway, BC Archives B/M/D

    Home Page - BC Archives

    British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid

    British Columbia Genealogical Society

    British Columbia GenWeb Homepage

    Yukon and NWT:

    Northwest Territories Archives

    Yukon Territory Archives

    NWT Genealogical Society

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    Updated: 6/8/2020 5:43:25 AM

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