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The first of George and Christine's seven children was a daughter names Laura Jane. She was born on June 11, 1883. On May 15, 1907 she was married to Donald A. MacLean and went to live in DeSable where they raised eight children.

Christine, born July 1908 and died in 1985. She married John Inman who died in 1952. They had a family of two; Gordon, born in 1947, and Isabel, born in 1952. After the death of John, Christine was married again to John MacKinnon in 1981. They had no children.

Russell, was born on July 31, 1909, married Eileen MacDonald. Their family was:

James, was born January 4, 1947. He married Earldine MacDonald and had three sons; Russel, Stanley, and Earl.

Laura, was born on December 18, 1947. She married Clarence Cole, and had two daughters; Cathy and Cindy.

Wanda, was born January 29, 1955. She was marred to David MacKenzie and had two daughters; Roselanne and Gayle.

Garfield, the youngest child of Russel and Eileen, was born on October 3, 1965, and is presently single.

George, born March 2nd, 1911, and died in 1985. He was married to Elsie Gass and had a family of two:

Everett, born October 8, 1934, is married and has two sons.

Marion, born on October 31, 1938. She married Kenneth Ferguson and has four children: David (who is now deceased), Dale, Danny, and Nancy.

The fourth in Laura and Donald's family was John, known as Johnnie. He was born on April 25, 1912 and died in 1982. He married Helen Bill, and has three children; Albert, Arthur, and Hector.

Evelyn, was born on July 26, 1913. She married William Campbell and had a family of:

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Kathleen, born on February, 1932 and married Bennett MacDonald. Their five children were; Elizabeth Ann, Polly, Cyrus, Darlene, and James.

Annie, who was born on May 21st, 1933, married Dean Ravenhill. They had two children, Linda and Paul.

Victor, was born January 18, 1935. He married Dianna Matheson and raised three children; Brian, Derek, and Carolyn.

The seventh of Laura's family, a baby, who was born on December 2nd, 1917 and died at birth.

Then came Garfield, who was born on August 19th, 1915. He was married to Annie Gass and did not have any children.

The youngest in the family, Louisa, was born on January 9, 1920. She married Elmer Walsh, and had a large family:

Donald was born on September 14th, 1941. He married Claudia MacDonald and had four children; Tommy, Danny, Darren, and Heidi. Don was divorced and married for a second time to Darlene Hickey and had two children; Amanda and Sherrie Lee.

Ralph, was born on December 1, 1947 and married Alda Smith Masher. This couple had two sons; John and Dean. Ralph was married a second time to Nichole Arsenault.

Laura, born on December 1st, 1947, married Cecil Scott and had three children; April, Cissy, and Contessa.

Marjorie, born September 23, 1951, married Danny MacDonald and had four children; Jeremy, Kendra, Timmy, and Jamie.

The youngest child of Louisa and Elmer Walsh was Hazel. She was born on July 8, 1957. She married Greg MacLean and has no children at this time.

The second in George and Christine's family was Elizabeth, known as Lizzy. She was born on March 29, 1885, and remained a housewife looking after her husband, Alexander MacDougal. They did not have any children.

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George and Christine’s third child was also a daughter named Chrissy and was born on September 14, 1889, married John MacLean and moved to Rhode Island, U.S.A., where they raised their son, Everett.

George’s first son was also named James Trowsdale Sherren, known as "James T." He was born on January 18th 1887. With the help of his wife Georgina Webster, spent his life farming in the St. Catherine’s area.

Their only child was a son named James Russell, who was born on June 19 1934. He was married to Edna Burma from Albany, PEI. He spent his life working in the shipyards of St. John, New Brunswick.

The next in line was a son, John, born on July 5 1894. He died at the young age of 24 from Tuberculosis. Until then, he spent his life as a farmer.

The sixth in the family of George and Christine was a son who was also called George David. He was born October 26 1891. He lived most of his life around St. Catherine’s, except for a couple of short periods, when, during the harvest excursions of the 1930s he traveled to Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

As well as being a proficient farmer, he was also skilled as a plasterer, which he did on a part-time basis. George was also noted to be very good at administering medical care to animals and was called upon by the local farmers to assist with livestock when the veterinarian was unavailable.

In 1922 he married Pearl Cann, who not only was a good mother and housekeeper, but also had a talent for cooking as well as sewing. George and Pearl had a family of eight children:

The oldest was George (Reggie). He was born on March 22, 1923, and only lived until he was ten. In May 1933 he and his friend, Russell, were playing in an old boat in the West River near St. Catherine’s. When they came near shore and tried to jump out, Reggie landed in the ice cold water near the channel. He was not able to lift himself out due to the weight of his clothes.

The next was a baby girl who died in infancy and was never named.

The third child and first daughter, was Doris, born on August 24 1925. She married David Holm from DeSable and has two children. Doris and David were later divorced.

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Doris started her working life at Moore and McLeod, then went to work as a Tour Guide for the Strathgartney Homestead Museum. She was also a receptionist with McCrady’s shore Acres, a popular tourist spot.

Her first child is Harvey, born November 22, 1950. He married Sandra Shea, a schoolteacher, from Alberton. Their children are Randy and Wendy.

The second, Anita Pearl (June 3 ,1952), married David Stewart of Charlottetown. He is an Engineer with HBMS Company Ltd., in Denaire, Saskatchewan. She graduated from UPEI with a B.A. and a B. Ed.

Christine, born on January 14, 1927. She married Milton MacPherson, a veteran of the Second World War. He is employed with C.N. Railway Line. Christine works with the Provincial Government, in their department of health. They have two children:

First is Marilyn Christine, (December 1, 1953) who has received her B.B.A. degree from UPEI. She started her career in Ottawa with the Federal Government. After 10 years she returned to PEI and joined the DVA, becoming their Director of Accounting. She married Pat Ryan from Ottawa who also works for the government.

Christine and Milton’s second daughter is Shirley Ann, (September 13 1955). She attended Mt. St. Vincent University in Halifax receiving her BBA degree. She went to work for Xerox in Toronto and married Bruce Datzenerath who is a Consultant with the DRM Group Inc.

Lillian, born on July 24, 1928, married Alex Dawson on April 24 1947. They have one child, Judy, who married Austin Johnston. Judy and Austin raised two children; Diane and Dale.

The sixth child of George and Pearl was Bennett. He was born on March 30, 1929. He remained near the home of his parents, and devoted a great deal of his time to looking after them.

Bennett, as well as doing some farming and wood cutting, is occupied in the carpentry trade and quite talented in the area of gyprock seam filling. Being of compassionate nature, Bennett spends much of his spare time visiting the sick and the elderly.

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Alfred, born on August 7, 1931, initially worked around Toronto, Ontario and later moved to British Columbia. Like his father and grandfather, he is a plasterer by trade, however he found work with the Buckfield Seed Company in Port Coquitlam where he has remained for the past twenty-eight years.

As a hobby, Alfred is also interested in genealogy, and has done quite a bit of traveling and researching (which included a trip to Dorset in England), in an attempt to locate and document the movements of the Sherrens.

The youngest in the family of George and Pearl is Marie. She was born on July 4, 1934. In 1956 she married Warren Delaney and had two children. First came Garth, Jan 14, 1962 and then Judy, Nov 12, 1963. Judy married Greg Walker and they have three children; Lindsay, Stephen and Justin.

The youngest member in the family of George and Christine is Katherine called Kate. She was born on September 14, 1895 and lives in Canoe Cove with her husband Walter Carson. They had one child, daughter Leona. She married David Inman who was from St. Catherine’s and they had a family of eight:

Catherine May, June 28, 1938, married Peter Wells, Their children are, Cathy and Betty Leona. Then came Anna Elizabeth July 18 1939, who married Thomas Kenna and had one child, Jonathan David.

The third was Audrey Leona April 1 1954 who died on August 1988. She was married to Ronald Best, and their children are Stephanie, Jason and Jeremie. The next was Eleanor Ruth July 2 1955, who married Barry Aucoin and had Rachel, Andrew and Lael.

Number five was a son, Earl John April 28 1956 who married Christine Boyd and raised Joshua, Kayla and Jordan. The next, also a boy, Richard Walter October 28, 1957, married Fonda Perkins and had two children Tony and Carolyn.

Next came Jessie Cheryl, July 14 1959, who married Yves Cloutier. The youngest was Carver Carson July 19, 1961, who married Louis Mitchell, and has one child Joshua.

This completes the families of George and Christine. We now go on to his Brother Albert’s descendents.

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View Family Tree of Albert Sherren m1 Hannah, m2 Bessie, - Page 105 -

The ninth in the family of James and Sarah was Albert. Albert was first married to Hannah Jane Wilson and had three sons.

The first of those was Russell, who was born on January 24 1886. Russell died in September1961.

Russell Sherren was married to Lillian Fagan. She passed away at age 48 from a heart attack in December 31, 1942 after the family moved from Midland to Niagara Falls. They had the following five children: (Edward, Ernest, Margaret, twins Harold and Harvey). Margaret Lillian who died Dec 16, 1971, never married but had one son Alan Morley born November 11 in the 1934. Margaret passed away from a stroke in 1971 her son Alan passed away in the fall of May1973 from complications from Diabetes.

Edward William born September 17th 1917. He married Marie Sauvé of Port McNicol and had four sons (William, Robert, Paul, Michael). Edward passed away from Heart complications in 1970. His wife Marie passed way in 1972 complications with Lupus. Robert received his EMS Exemplary medal in June 1995: There children are as follows:

a. William (Bill) Edward born June 7, 1945 he married Charlene Moon from Campbellford, Ontario they had two children Vikki and Paul they divorced in the early 1970's He later married Linda Newman from Montreal the had two daughters Amy and Alyssa. William passed away in September 1997 waiting for a heart transplant. William also worked for the Health Ministry as Communications Manager Hamilton Ambulance Central Communication. After his death Bill was awarded the EMS Exemplary Medal.

b. Robert Russell born November 12, 1948 married Susan Nancy Morrison of Niagara Falls on April 28, 1973 they have two daughters Lisa Marie born November 7, 1976 and Nicole Leigh born August 14, 1980. Nicole married Jeffery Shedden on September 30, 2006 they both work for Canada Border Services. Robert retired January 2001 from the Ontario Ministry of Health Emergency Health Services as Assistant Regional Manager Region 2 Robert received the EMS Exemplary Medal in Ottawa from then Governor General Romeo Leblanc in the first presentation.

c. Paul Douglas born Dec 4, 1954 married to Lynn they have no children.

d. Michael John born September 10, 1957 divorced from Janice Henderson they have one son Christopher Ernest married Phyllis Clark they have no children, Ernie passed away in mid 1970's

Ernest married Phyllis Clark they have no children, Ernie passed away in mid 1970's. The twins Harold and Harvey were born Oct. 11, 1930. Harold, Harvey's twin, the only brother still living, married Amelia Trylinski from Thunder Bay and have four children. Harold passed away March 24, 2008 from diabetes complications.

a. Joanne married to Roy Vacca they have two children. Donald who passed away in and accident at the Niagara Gorge and a daughter Susan. Susan has two children.

b. David married Lynn Smith divorced they have one son Wayne. David remarried to Shelly, they have one daughter Alana.

c. Donald married to Kathy they have three children. Don works for the City of Hamilton as their training officer they live in Beamsville. Donald is the Training Officer for the Fire Services for the City of Hamilton.

d. Debbie married to Mike they have two daughters Sara and Sydney

Harvey born Oct. 11, 1930, married Lily Jean Oberik, divorced, they had one daughter Lori Jean Sherron who was born on Harvey and Harold's birthday, Oct. 11, 1954 in Niagara Falls during hurricane Hazel. Harvey was a light heavy weight boxer in the 1940's, later becoming a boxing coach for the Shamrock Boxing Club in Niagara Falls, then working at Marine Land in Niagara Falls. Harvey had not seen his daughter since 1962, and were reunited after 28 years in 1990. Harvey passed away Nov. 1, 1991 from colon cancer.

a. Lori and her Mother moved West. Lori married Roman Chomynec in 1975, divorced, no children. Lori remarried to Bruce Kisell in 1986, divorced in 2001, they had 1 son Todd Spencer Kisell born in 1987.

Albert’s second son was Ernest, born on June 12 1887. He lived in Cape Traverse with his wife Lydia McLure. He died on March 4, 1962 and left no children.

The third was Edward who was born on September 9 1893. He unfortunately drowned at Victoria while still very young.’

Heber, born March 2, 1895, spent his life farming in the Augustine Cove area. He was married twice, the first time to Ruth MacDonald from Crapaud who bore him three children;

Marvin John, born on January 8 1919, attended school in Augustine Cove. He initially worked at farming until the Second World War broke out, and on

January 6, 1941, he enlisted in the Army. He spent five years overseas with the 23rd Battery in the 5th medium Artillery, serving in the Middle East, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Prior to enlisting, he was married to Helen LeFurgey from Tryon and had two children. After his discharge on October 24 1945, Marvin went to work with the Canadian National Railway remaining there until his retirement.

His son Allison was born on April 19 1939 and married Margaret Cairns in 1965. They live in Carlton Siding. Marvin, unfortunately, never got to know to Allison.

Allison and Margaret have four children; the first of whom is Michael born Feb 18, 1967, then Karen born June 7 1969, who married Michael Curtis. Next came Nancy born August 28 1971 and Douglas December 1 1972.

After returning from the war, Marvin John then married Shirley Waddell from Cape Traverse and had six children.

First came Debra Ann, born December 31 1949, who is now married to Jurgen Kliendridder. They moved to Ontario, near Scarborough, where they live with their one son Bryan and operate their own business.

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Gerald Ronald, born May 13 1951, works with C.N. Marine. He lives near Augustine Cove with his wife, Lucille Gaudett and their daughters Beckey Lynn and Tanya Lee.

Barry John, was born on July 16 1952. He first worked for awhile at C.N. Marine. After his marriage to Nancy Stewart, he moved to Whitecourt, Alberta, where Nancy was born. Although he did a short term assignment in the Middle East he has now settled in Whitecourt, Alberta and works in the oil fields.

Brenda Lee born December 3 1964 only lived until her tenth year and died after a short illness.

Rickey Marvin, born Nov 1960 and attended school at Augustine Cove prior to starting work with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown. He is married to Heather Brown, a nurse at the hospital. They have one son Benjamin born Feb 3 19—and live in Keppoch.

Cindy Ruth, born July 1964, also attended school at Augustine Cove as well, completing courses at Kinkora High and Holland College. She moved to Scarborough, Ontario in 1984 where she now works for the Purolator Delivery Company. She is married to Allen Lowe, who works for the Toronto Transit Company.

Marvin’s sister, Eileen, moved to Moncton where she was married to Paul Leger who is now deceased. They have two daughters, Deborah and Joy. Eileen is now retired from the Department of Transport.

Francis, also moved to Moncton, where she was married to Clavin Geldert who also works with C.N. Marine. They have a daughter Patti Lynn, who works for Midland transport in Moncton.

Heber, who died on December 5 1968 was married a second time to Emma MacEWilliams but did not have any children.

Albert, who later married Bessie Mulligan was blessed with three more children, all daughters.

Alberts first was Hazel born September 30 1920. After completing school she moved to the U.S.. There she married Earl Dodge of Sommerville, Massachusetts.

They had four children, the first of whom was Kenneth born July 21, 1942. He entered the Air Force after attending the University of New Hampshire. He contracted Hodgkins disease while stationed in Germany and died on April 19, 1965.

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Clinton, born October 14, 1943, married Sandra Spinney and had two children, Heather February 1, 1970 and Kenneth November 2, 1980. After earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Math he taught school for a few years. He then joined the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and worked as an Engineering Technician. He lives near Barrington, New Hampshire.

Dianne, born July 26, 1945 married Tom Reddin. They have two sons, Timothy born May 28, 1966 and Tom Junior born December 17, 1968. Dianne operated her own hairdressing business and then became a volunteer assisting at local hospitals. They live in Newington, N.H..

The youngest, Greta born February 26, 1952 married Steve Munton and has two sons; Andrew born January 8, 1976, and Christopher born November 17, 1978. Greta earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in sociology, and then later her American Montessori teaching credentials.

Next was Alice born on March 5, 1926. She was married to Alban Gaudet who passed away on May 20, 1983. They had two sons;

Albert born on April 12, 1955, married Brenda Jay. They have one son, Jason, born January 2 1980, and they reside in Augustine Cove.

Carl, born may 15, 1959, married Sandra Duncan. They have three children; Jenna Rae born June 9 1984, Logan born July 10, 1988 and Joel born July 3, 1989.

Annie, born May 7, 1929, married Bryce Clark. They operated a farm until his retirement in 1983.

They had a family of five consisting of: Connie, born on December 7, 1944. She married Darrell Fay, who owns a septic service in Augustine Cove. They have one adopted son, Wayne born March 2, 1967.

Brian, born September 25, 1948. He owns his own firm in the construction trade. He was married twice, first to Dianne Hill, with whom he had a daughter, Kimberly born on April 14, 1970. He then was married to Sharon O’Halloren.

Ronald, was born April 2, 1951 and died April 13, 1951.

Julie, born December 29 1952 and died on April 6 1953.

Randy, born on September 23, 1965. At this time he is not married and lives in Augustine Cove with his parents.

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View Family Tree of David m. Laura Carrier - Page 109 -

The first in the family of David and Laura was Earl, born on July 16, 1893. I found out very little about Earl other than he served in the war and was a member of the 195th Battalian. He later moved to the United States where he remained.

Eva, the first daughter of David and Laura, was born on July 16, 1896 in Crapaud. She married Clark Fall and had twelve children. Further details regarding this family can be found in the "Fall" section of this book on page 52.

David and Laura’s next daughter Celia, was born on January 19, 1895. She was married either to a McKinnon or a Mutch. No one has been able to provide me with correct details.

On August 15, 1896, Smith was born. As a young man he enlisted with the 105th Battalian and went to war.

After returning he started work with a dredging company which was doing work off Cape Borden. Unfortunately a storm with high winds came and they were forced back to shore. Smith and a co-worker were on a scow being towed when it started sinking. The Captain, fearing for the lives of the other men on the boat, had to cut it loose.

It was found that the two men were able to live for some period of time since the compartment was airtight. However they eventually suffocated due to lack of air. When found, their faces were scratched and bruised from them trying to get close to the air pocket at the top.

Lester Roland, the fifth child of David and Laura was born on June 12, 1898. He initially became a foreman of a large fox ranch near Howlan, PEI. Then in 1942, at the outbreak of the 1st World War, he enlisted with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps and served with them until 1946. After the war he became a livestock broker and butcher.

In 1922 he married Ethel Isabel Chappell from Granville, PEI. They made their home in Hunter River, where they raised their eleven children:

Helen Janet, born November 16, 1922. During the war she married Ronald Smith of Victoria, B.C.. They had a son and daughter and reside in Victoria.

Rita Marie, born January 20, 1924, married Trevlyn Spence of Granvale in 1951. They had a family of two boys and two girls. Trevlyn died in 1988 and Rita remained living in Winslow, PEI.

Roland Lester, who was born on November 21, 1927 never married and lived in South Granvale..

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Eleanor Isabelle, born on March 6, 1929, married Murray Mitchell in 1946. His family came from Fredericton, New Brunswick. They had three sons and two daughters. She died on December 26, 1969.

Davie Archibald born November 16, 1930 and married Jean Thompson from Kensington, PEI. They had a family of four girls. David died on May 21 1972 in a drowning accident.

Continuing with the family of Lester, son of David Sherren and Laura, the sixth of Lester’s eleven children was;

Ethel Irene, born May 25, 1932. In 1961 she married Walter Thompson of Hunter River. They had a family consisting of one son and one daughter. She later went to live in Charlottetown.

Francis Beulah, born August 14, 1933, married Wendel Tremere from Hampton, PEI in 1952. They had a family consisting of two sons and a daughter.

Alfred James, born December 6, 1936. In 1959 he married Ruth Cressman from London, Ontario. They had a family consisting of two sons and two daughters and reside in Calgary, Alberta.

Foster George Russell, was born on February 2 1938. In 1959 he married Pat Brusery of Toronto, Ontario. They had a family of three of which two survived and now live in Toronto.

Laura Louise, who was born on September 21, 1939 and married Eugene Bulger of Charlottetown. They love on the Union Road where they raised their family of one boy and two girls.

Catherine Bonita, was born on September 26, 1942. In 1959 she married Robert Bevins from Charlottetown and had a family of three boys and two girls. They reside in the Charlottetown area.

Back to the family of David and Laura, we continue with : Mary, known as May, was born on February 8, 1900 and later married John Inman.

Amy, born on March 3rd, 1902, who married Edgar Crossman.

Evelyn, born March 8, 1904, lived in DeSable. She married Basil Holm from this area and raised a son Allison. He lives in Keswick, Ontario. They have four children;Edwin, who is in the U.S., Helen, who is deceased, Shirley, who lives in Toronto and Bery, who is also in Ontario.

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The Inheritance of a Distinguished

And Noble Name is a Proud Inheritance

To Him Who Lives Worthy of it



Lillian, born December 24, 1906, married a Mr. Powell and lives somewhere outside of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Lucillia, who was born on December 21, 1908, married Emmerson MacDonald and now live in Victoria where they raised their large family.

David Stewart, known as Stewart, remained on his father’s property and kept the farm going for many years. He was born on August 11, 1910 and died in 1973 due to a heart attack.

Stewart married Florence MacLeod. She was born in 1917 and died in 1970. They had one son David, who remained on his father’s farm until his death at a young age due to liver failure.

David, married Bonnie Smith, and had three children including twin girls;

Laurie Ann and Carole Rose, who both died young in 1971, and a son David (jr).

Then came Marion, born on August 28, 1912. She was married to Edison Nelson from Vernon. They resided in Cherry Valley where they owned a service station. They later sold this and Edison became an auctioneer. Marion and Edison raised three children:

Judy, married Wilfred Jay who was from Crossroads, Frederick Nelson and Dale Nelson.

George A., who also remained on a portion of his father’s (David) farm which was severed off from the home place. He was born on July 7, 1914 and died in 1988.

George, who was known as "dear little Georgie", married Annie Newsome, who died in 1977 at the age of 65. They had two daughters.

Velma, who remains in the old Sherren homestead, and Roberta, who married Charlie Weeks, and has remained in Crapaud.

David and Laura’s youngest child was Douglas. He was born on April 7 1918. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War 1 and later moved to Alaska.

He returned to PEI where he purchased a cottage business in Stanhope near the National Park. He ran this with the help of Doris Riggs from Charlottetown.

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The Families


John & William


Samuel and Ann’s third child, John, was born in Crapaud on the original Samuel Homestead. John purchased the farm we knew for many years as Uncle Fred’s. This property is shown on the 1852 land survey as Jno Sherren (John). This property stayed in the family for many generations and is presently divided and possesed by Elwin, George and Robert Sherren. John spent his life farming this land and making a home for his family.

In 1853, John married Agnes Galloway, who emigrated from Dumfrieshire, Scotland. They worked the land on this new homestead and raised their family consisting of two sons:

George Clark

1862 - 1889


Page 114

William Douglas

1857 - 1935


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John died in 1910 at the age of eighty-two. His death was caused by gangrene poisoning. His wife died in 1893, aged sixty nine. They are also buried in St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery in Crapaud.

John’s first son, George Clark, initially inherited his father’s farm. However, he took sick with a serious case of measles and died at the young age of twenty seven. He was never married and left no descendents. At the time of his death, his younger brother, William, took over the family farm.

John’s second son, William Douglas (Bill) married Florence Carrier of Earnscliffe on March 17 1891. He was a plasterer by trade, and specialized in artistic designing. Much of his work can still be viewed around Charlottetown, Crapaud and other Island Villages.

William lived in Charlottetown and practiced his plastering trade, until the death of his brother, George Clark. He then moved to Crapaud, and took over his father’s farm. His wife, Florence, really enjoyed this life so he later purchased three adjoining farms, shown on the 1852 survey as owned by Richard Boyle, John Fall and G. Percival.

William D. took a very prominent part in the designing and building of the present St.John’s Anglican Church, in Crapaud. He was also a charter member of the Prince Arthur L.O.L. and a director of the Crapaud Creamery Company for many years.

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John and Agnes
John Sherren was the second son of Samuel. John and his wife, Sarah Galloway.
William, son of John took over the homestead in Crapaud and raised ten kids with his wife Laura Carrier

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View Family Tree of William m. Florence Carrier - Page 115 -

William and Florence has ten children, nine sons and one daughter:

George Edward

1891 - 1979


Page 116

Percy Clark

1893 - 1937


Page 117

John Stephen

1895 - 1976


Page 121

Louis Henry Davis

1897 - 1980


Page 122

Frederick Courteney

1899 - 1990


Page 124

Reagh Benson

1902 - 1970


Page 124

Charles Edward

1904 - 1983


Page 125

Agnes Amelia

1907 -


Page 127

William Fenton

1909 - 1907


Page 128

William Douglas

1914 - 1945


Page 128


L to R: George Edward, Percy Clark, John Stephen, Louis Henry Davis, Frederick Courtney, Reigh Benson, Charles Edward

When he was in his fifties, William became crippled with rheumatism and had to be looked after by his wife and children,

Prior to his passing, a nurse was called in to assist with his care. Her name was Dorothy (Mitchell) Best. She was a friend of his son Louis. After William’s death, Louis and Dorothy were married.

After William’s death in 1935 his property was divided between three of his sons (for consideration); Frederick, Louis and Edward.

William D.’s first son, George Edward, held a position at the Royal Bank of Canada in Charlottetown. He enlisted in the 2nd Canadian Siege Battery for overseas service and left Prince Edward Island with them in October 1915.

He saw much action in France and Belgium. In October 1917, he was severely wounded at Paschendale and was discharged from the Camp Hill Military Hospital in 1919. He then served as Provincial Secretary for the Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L. for many years.

On retirement, George was awarded the Honorary Officer’s Meritorious Badge of Service. At the outbreak of World War II, he was a key figure in the recruiting of the Prince Edward Island Company of Veterans’ Guard of Canada.

He was later commissioned as an officer in the 17th Reconnaissance Regiment Reserve Army. He was qualified as Captain and after demobilization, placed on the reserve of officers.

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He resided in Charlottetown with his wife, Elizabeth, (Elsie) Spicer, while working for the Canada Customs office. George and Elsie had five children, two sons and three daughters:


19__ - 19__

( )

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19__ - 19__

( )

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19__ - 19__

( )

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19__ - 19__

( )

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19__ - 19__

( )

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Later in life he and Elsie moved to Guelph, Ontario, to be close to their children and grandchildren. George died in 1979, and Elsie in 1984. They are both buried in Crapaud.

Percy Clark was a member of the staff of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Saint John, when the 26th New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Battalion was being recruited for World War I.

He returned to Charlottetown to assist in the recruitment of a company comprising one officer and 58 men. Just before the Battalion sailed, he came down with typhoid fever, but left anyway on June 13, 1915, as a Lieutenant.

Late in 1915, while on patrol in France, he was wounded by a bullet through the knee. He returned to England where he entered a London Hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, he transferred to the Royal Air Force, as a member of the 27th Squadron, serving with that unit until the war ended.

It should be noted it was at this time that Clark had the fortunate opportunity to meet the distinguished specialist in surgery, Dr. James Sherren, who you read about in a previous chapter. Dr. James, was a direct descendent of James of England and his second wife, Mary Angel, which links him to Samuel, the original Sherren of Crapaud and his desendents. The services of Dr. James were recognized by King George V while Lieutenant Percy Clark was still in England.

Clark earned a reputation for daring and bravery. At the time it was reported in the "Moncton Transcript" that :

"not long ago he brought down five machines in one day, single handed, while the whole British army watched in wonderment and surprise at his magnificant feats of daring."

- Page 117 -

Newspaper Articles on the Air Crash killing P. C. Sherren

- Pages 118, 119 -

He was awarded the military Cross, November 25, 1916, for descending to an altitude of within five hundred feet to drop two 112lb.bombs on the Gouzeaucourt Railway Station, claiming destruction of an engine and an enemy ammunition train. He was awarded the Bar to his MC on June 4 1917, and mentioned in dispatches on several occasions.

In March 1918, he returned home on leave and was given a hero’s welcome in his home town of Crapaud.

He was granted a permanent commission in the Royal Air Force in 1919, he then resigned from the Canadian expeditionary force. At the same time he was gazetted as a Major in the Reserve of Officers of the Canadian Militia.

For flying services in the North West Frontier Provinces of India, between 1921 & 1924, he was awarded the General Service Medal with clasp. Later he was stationed at the R.A.F. depot at Uxbridge and the Home Aircraft Depot at Henslow.

In 1924 he married Joyce Tilden-Smith. Their family consisted of three sons and one daughter:


19__ - 19__

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Wing Commander Sherren met his death in the King’s Cup Race at Scarborough, England on September 10, 1937. A newspaper account, as well as pictures of the accident is included at the end of this chapter.

He was buried with full military homors in the Ipswick Cemetery, England. His wife later became chairman of the Flexstowe Urban District Council and later mayor where she has remained.

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John Stephen enlisted from King’s College where he was a theological student and went overseas with the Nova Scotia Highlanders in 1915. He then transferred to the Royal Air Force in England. On receiving his wings, he was soon commissioned as Flight Lieutenant. His duties were testing new machines and flying them to their base in France.

On one of these missions he made a crash landing and was seriously injured. He was hospitalized until the end of the war. On his return to Canada he resumed his studies at King’s College, and was ordained to the priesthood in the Church of England.

At the outbreak of World War II he enlisted as Chaplain in the Royal Canadian Navy. He served overseas and was in London when the Battle of Britain was at the its peak. He retired at the end of the hostilities with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. It is interesting to note that J. Stephen served in all three branches of the Armed Forces.

In 1935 he married Ruby De’athe and had two sons:

Donald Patrick

1938 - 1989


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John Peter

1942 - 19__

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John Stephen held parishes in Falmouth and Joggins prior to becoming the Rector of the Wilmot Parish, Nova Scotia where he remained until his retirement.

After his retirement, Stephen and ruby returned to Crapaud and purchased the Louis and Dorothy homestead, (formerly the Nathan Percival property). Stephen, with the help of his wife Ruby, and other relatives, completed extensive renovations to the home.

He then sold the farm to his nephew James Sherren (son of Edward and Ella) who continued to restore the house to its original design and condition.

Stephen and Ruby retired to Middleton, Nova Scotia, which had been their home for many years. They lived here until their deaths in 1976 and 1987, and are both buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Middleton in Nova Scotia.

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After some travel throughout Canada and the U.S. and working in various positions, Louis Henry Davis, married Dorothy Winnifred (Taylor_Best) Mitchell and settled on the Nathan Percival farm.

His wife Dorothy, was born in England, and moved to Canada with her mother when she was only a small child. She was the daughter of Alfred George Mitchell and Winnifred Ethel Daisy Wray. Her father was a prominent lawyer, builder and horse enthusiast in London, England, She and her mother immigrated to Canada with Alfred Taylor, who was also a lawyer and close friend of her father.

They first settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Later, when her mother married Albert Best, they moved to Prince Edward Island to a farm in Donaldson. They eventually retired to the village of Hampton which borders near Crapaud. Dorothy also has a half brother, Clifford Best, born in 1920.

Dorothy graduated from the Registered Nursing program at the Saint John General Hospital of New Brunswick in 1933. After returning to P.E.I.,, she held various positions in hospitals located near Summerside and Charlottetown.

Later in Dorothy’s nursing career she specialized in psychiatric medicine. She worked at the Riverside Mental Hospital in Charlottetown, where she was eventually promoted to the position of Supervisor of nursing.

Louis ran the farm with help from his wife and children, and at the same time maintaining his trade as a plasterer. He had acquired this skill from his father, William, and became very well known for his excellent work throughout the area.

They gave up the farm for a period between 1944 and 1948 so they could focus on their careers in plastering and nursing. Upon moving back to the country, they purchased a cow for their first daughter Mary to milk. Her younger brother, Jack, eventually took over this responsibility. Crops consisted of mixed farming and focused on cucumbers, which Dorothy and the children cropped to be sold to the pickling factories.

In 1953, Louis and Dorothy moved from their homestead in Crapaud, to Charlottetwon, so she could be closer to her work. Louis sold the farm in Crapaud and later, in 1957, purchased a grocery store in Charlottetown. He managed this with the help of his children. During this time he still continued to work in his trade as a plasterer.

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In 1971, Dorothy and Louis moved to Ontario where they could be closer to their children and grandchildren who lived in the area. Here, Dorothy worked at the Stratford General Hospital and Whitby Psychiatric Center outside of Toronto.

There were ten children from this union, six sons and four daughters:

Mary Winona

1936 -

( )

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John Louis ( Jack)

1937 – 1956


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Edith Amanda

1939 -

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Alfred Douglas

1941 – 1941

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Dorothy Louise

1944 -

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Joseph Clark

1947 -

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Pauline Joyce

1950 -

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Alan Wendel

1952 -

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Louis Ernest

1957 -

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Dorothy was stricken with cancer while living in Ontario and died at the Toronto General Hospital on September 18 1972, ten days after her 62nd birthday.

It is interesting to note that the name of the building in Stratford Ontario where Dorothy was living at the time her cancer was first diagnosed was called the Valencia House. The name of the location where she was born, as documented on her birth certificate was the "House of Valencia", on Woodstock Avenue, Golders green located in the District of Hendon, County of Middlesex, England.

Louis spent time with each of his children who lived in different parts of Canada. He later returned to Crapaud where he lived in a Senior Citizens apartment and then at the home of his brother Reagh. He died on April 25, 1980.

At the death of their father, the family of Louis and Dorothy made a commitment to have a reunion every five years to ensure the family would continue their strong bond. The first of these was held in Crapaud in July 1985, and the second took place in Ontario on the first weekend of Aug 1990. They were joined by many other Sherrens who lived in the area, as well as from PEI, Quebec and the US.

The fifth son of William D. was Frederic Courteney. Fred was named for the Anglican Bishop, who was in the Diocese of Nova Scotia at the time. It was he who dedicated the opening of the St. John’s Anglican Church in Crapaud.

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Fred, with his wife, Emily Cannon, whom he married in 1930 took over the property owned by his father and grandfather. He farmed this land until the mid 1950’s, at which time he was employed with the Provincial Infirmary as an attendant. This is a home for the aged located in Charlottetown. He remained here until his retirement.

Fred and Emily had three children:

Elwin Cannon

1931 – 19

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George William

1938 – 19

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Juanita Amanda

1939 – 19

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When he was young Fred was involved as a volunteer in the Light Horse Infantry (1921). At that time it was necessary for men to use their own horses and Fred was known to take his favorite mare Ginger to these exercises.

Fred was also a faithful member of the Loyal Orange Lodge Prince Arthur (LOL) Chapter as well as the Princess Mary 516 Loyal Orange Benevolent Association (LOBA).

Fred, even in later years was known to have a beautiful garden at his home. He remained at home, under the care of his son Elwin and daughter-in-law, Elsie, until it was necessary to place him in a supervised facility. Fred died at this nursing home in 1990, and his wife, Emily, pre-deceased him at their home in 1983 at the age of 80.

As a young man, Reagh Benson, who was born on May 5 1902, traveled extensively, going out west to work on the grain fields during harvest time. He was first employed with the Provincial Government, in the Department of Highways, then went into farming.

Reagh had one son, Dewer, who’s mother, Ena Carrier, died in 1951.

Dewer Reagh

1928 – 19

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Reagh then married Eleanor Etta Smith, from Ellerslie, and settled on a farm in Crapaud. However, he soon found this work too strenuous due to about with polio he encountered as a young man. The disease left him slightly crippled.

Reagh and Eleanor had three daughters:

Florence Joyce

1932 – 19

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Agnes Ruby

1937 – 19

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Audrey May

1940 – 19

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Eleanor took care of more than one hundred children as a foster Mother over those years. Timmy McRae, was on of those who felt so loved in this environment that he stayed with them and eventually considered himself as part of the Sherren Family.

In his late fourties, Reagh secured a position as Chef at the Falconwood Hospital (the name was later changed to riverside,( where he remained until his retirement.

Eleanor, who was born on July 9, 1910, stayed on at their home until her death on March 3 1981.

Charles Edward, the 7th son and lovingly referred to by his nieces and nephews as ‘Uncle Ned", was born on April 30, 1904.

Ned was the mainstay on the farm, which, was previously owned by his father and grandfather (John) for many years. He oversaw much of the work and became very proficient at the ways of farming. He dearly loved working the land and watching the crops grow. He was always happiest when following the horses and tilling the red Island soil. Most of the Sherren land in Crapaud is now owned by Ned’s sons.

His brother Clark, who took up residence in England wanted to purchase a farm and have Ned go there to manage it for him. However, because of close family ties Ned decided to stay near his home in Crapaud.

A favorite philosophy in this household and a model by which Ned lived his life was known as the "Farmers creed".

It goes as follows:

"I believe many of the best things in life are free. The splendor of sunrise, the rapture of wide open spaces, the exhilarating sight of your land greening in the spring. I believe true happiness comes from watching your crops ripen in the fields.

Your children grow tall in the sun, your whole family feel the pride that springs from your shared experience. I believe that by toil, I am giving more to the world than I am taking from it, an honor that does not come to all men."

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