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Julie Ann (April 11, 1981), was the largest baby of Alan and Louise's family weighing nine pounds, eleven ounces when she was born. Julie is polite, quiet and sensitive, as well as strong willed and inquisitive. She hopes to be a teacher.

The youngest member of the Louis and Dorothy family is Louis Ernest, who was born on January 21st, 1957. Shortly after his birth he required corrective surgery to remove a blockage from his stomach, which, if unattended could have been fatal.

He overcame this obstacle and went on to become proficient at any sporting activity in which he participated. He has always had a strong interest in horses and has become an accomplished rider over the years.

At the age of thirteen, he was enrolled at Kings College, Windsor, Nova Scotia, as was his Uncle Stephen before him. There he developed a great love for sports and also received a degree of military training in a division of the Black Watch. The two years he spent at Kings College helped him develop the responsible and caring attitude he now has.

He attended high school in Newmarket, Ontario, when he was living with his brother Alfred. Later he moved to Edmonton, Alberta where he now resides. Since completing high school he has worked in various fields, which include trucking, restaurant management and as a commercial electrician.

He has been a financial planner with Investors Group and is presently in electrical sales, a position which utilises his technical skills and training as well as his sales aptitude.

On July 23, 1988, he married Kim Sutinen, from Sudbury, Ontario, a doctor's assistant. She also shares his love for horses. They hope to purchase a small acreage in the Edmonton area where they can raise their own horses.

In 1990 they had a baby girl, Jualiana, who was born on May 3rd, 1990, and was the youngest member at the Sherren family reunion of that year.

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The first son of Frederick Courteney is Elwin Cannon who was born on September 24, 1931, in Crapaud. After attending Crapaud School and assisting his father on the farm, Elwin left home at the early age of 17 to join the Army.

In 1951 he joined the 119th AA Battery, Heavy Artillery Regiment. Then, after transferring to the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) Division, he went overseas and saw action during the Korean War.

In 1953, after returning home, he married Elsie Vivian MacDonald from Covehead Road. Over the years, Elsie has worked in the retail industry in positions at general stores, the COOP supermarket and K-Mart. Elsie was known to be a great worker and was also a great benefit to Fred and Emily by taking much of the responsibility of caring for them in their later years.

During Elwin's career, he had a number of occupations. Some of those include owning and operating the only sawmill in Crapaud, farming, building houses and working for the Provincial government as a property standards Officer.

He has since retired and although he works part time for the Commissionairs Corp., he and Elsie now enjoy their vacations in Florida during the winter months.

Elwin and Elsie have two daughters :

Vivian Carol, born on April 8, 1954, now lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her fiancee, John Holm, and their son, Trevor William Sherren Holm who was born on September 20, 1989. John also has a son Gordon Mahar (born 1980) from a previous marriage. Vivian works as a dental assistant and enjoys her hobbies of painting, sewing and water skiing.

Wendy Coleen, was born April 3, 1955. After working at a number of careers, she is hoping to get into the travel industry and work as a consultant, thus turning her favourite past-time into her occupation.

As with many of the Sherrens noted in this book, Elwin also has been involved with horses and music, and has a strong love for his outdoor hobbies of hunting, fishing and golfing.

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Fred's second son, George William Clark was born on May 14, 1938. He also spent time helping on his father's farm in Crapaud before leaving Prince Edward Island to make a new life in Ontario. He lived in St. Thomas, near London, where he worked in the transportation industry.

In 1963, he married Elaine Newson, daughter of Enoch Ackand Newson, Westmoreland PE. She has been involved in the retail business and worked for K-Mart in the office.

George and Elaine returned to Crapaud in 1974 and built a new home on the property which was the Frederick homestead. Here he continued his occupation in the trucking field.

George and Elaine have two children :

Linda Elaine, born March 27, 1964, is enjoying being a housewife. She is married to Blair McNevin from Canoe Cove, who operates a farm in that area.

Linda and Blair have three children; Jeremy Blair, born on March 25th, 1981, Andrew Brian, born March 9, 1982 and Jennifer Lynn, born December 8th, 1985.

Andrew Wade, was born on June 27th, 1965, now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and enjoys his hobby of hunting.

Fred and Emily's third child and only daughter, Juanita Amanda, was known as "Neta" as she was growing up. She was born on December 9, 1939.

After completing her education she entered a nurses training program. She has worked in this field for sometime; first at the PEI Hospital, then at the QEH Hospital.

In 1960 she married Donald Haynes from the Charlottetown area. After working in various fields, he settled on a career in the post office delivering mail. Presently he works with the Public Works Department in PEI.

Neta and Don have two children :

Allison Gordon, born October 8th, 1960, now lives and works in the Ottawa area.

Kevin, who was born on October 18, 1966, remains in the Charlottetown area.

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View Family Tree of Reagh Benson Sherren, - Page 155 -

Dewar Reagh, (Carrier) the first and only son of Reagh Benson was born on August 21, 1928, in Saint John, New Brunswick. His mother, Ina Carrier, died in May 1951.

From 1950 to 1966, Dewar served in the Canadian Army as a Pte. and Cpl.. He was stationed at Camp Petawawa, in London, Ontario; at Hero, in Japan, in Central South Korea; Doeset, Germany; in Rivers, Manitoba; and at Wainright, Alberta.

In 1962, he married Della Medina Trowsdale from Tryon who works in medical services at the Hillsborough Hospital.

Dewar has worked as a cook in many locations including the Beachgrove Inn, with CN Ferries, at the County Jail and at St. Dunstan's University.

Reagh and Eleanor's first daughter was Florence Joyce. She was born on December 03, 1932, in Charlottetown. Florence remained at home with her parents assisting with the care of the many foster children her mother took in over the years. Florence has two children :

Roger Frederick, born on March 21, 1956. He works at Pat & Elephant and lives in the Winsloe area.

In 1977, he married Ann Wilma VanEkris from Covehead, who spends her time raising their four children consisting of; Diane Joy, born July 21st, 1981, Amber Joan, born June 28, 1982 and Roseanne Dawn, born on March 9, 1984. Wilma, their first child was stillborn on July 28, 1980.

The only daughter of Florence was Agnes Diane born on March 12, 1964. In 1983 she married Don Ramsey of Charlottetown and had one child, Adam Charles, born on September 16, 1986.

Reagh and Eleanor's second daughter was Agnes Ruby. She was born on June 12, 1937. She worked as a waitress at the Island Grill in Charlottetown. Agnes raise two children :

Reagh Frederick, was born on August 17th, 1956. He married Linda Faye Essery of Charlottetown. Reagh and Linda's two children are Roeanne Louise (August 3, 1978) and Evan Alexander (September 13, 1985).

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Eleanor Joyce, born on March 4, 1958, who later was married to Mike Ivor Huges of Avonport, Nova Scotia. Their only child at this time is Nichole Lee, born on July 16, 1984.

In 1958, Agnes Ruby was married to Thomas Frederick Curtis from Bedeque, Prince Edward Island. They raised their five children consisting of :

William Thomas, born on March 25, 1959, works as a carpenter in the Charlottetown area.

Douglas Otto, born March 5, 1960, a carpenter, and lives in the Charlottetown area. He later married Cindy Tasse from Toronto and has one child, Brendon Thomas Lucian, born July 03, 1982.

Sharon Elizabeth, born May 11, 1962, also lives in Charlottetown, and works as a waitress.

Gail Wilna, born November 11, 1963, lives in Charlottetown and works as a chamber maid.

Sylvia Sophia, who was born on September 16, 1965, and died at birth.

The youngest of Reagh Benson's children was, Audrey May, born January 12, 1940. She married George Alfred Mutlow of Millview. She and George have three children:

Alfred Richard (May 18, 1959), married Donna Darlene Doyle from Mount Stewart, PEI.

Eleanor Bertha (April 22, 1962), married Charles Gay from Millview. Their family consists of Sarah Ann (January 14, 1982) and Lorie Catherine (June 13,1984).

We now look at the children of Charles Edward (Ned), the youngest son of William and Florence.

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View Family Tree of Charles Edward (Ned) Sherren, - Page 158 -

Ned and Ella's first child was a daughter, Hazel May, born on April 16th, 1937. At the age of seventeen she went to Hamilton, Ontario. At that time she entered the Ontario Hospital where she began a career in nursing, completing the nursing assistant's program.

While there, she met Donald Graham from Montreal, Quebec, and they were married in October of 1958. In 1963, Hazel and Don were separated; and she and her son Stephen returned to Prince Edward Island.

Hazel enrolled at Union Commercial College and graduated from the typing and bookkeeping program. She then went to work with Underwriters Adjustment Ltd..

To make a home for herself and son and be closer to her family, she then went to work with the Bank of Nova Scotia in Crapaud. In 1973 she transferred with the Bank and went to live in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 1975, she married Troy McDonald, from Stony Plain, Alberta (near Edmonton), and resides on an acreage in that area. Troy works with the County of Parkland in the School Division. He is the grandson of the late Dougal McDonald of Grand Anse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Hazel and Troy have one son, Charles Allen John, who was born on September 16th, 1976.

Hazel's first son, Stephen Richard Graham, was born on July 12, 1960, in Montreal. He came to PEI with his mother at the age of two and one half, and then moved to Alberta with his mother where he completed his schooling.

In 1977, he enlisted with the Canadian Armed Forces serving on the HMCS Assinaboine. During this time he travelled extensively in Europe and down the Atlantic Seaboard. He was later stationed in Edmonton serving with the 447 (T) Helicopter Squadron, working as an Administration Clerk. In 1983 he received an Honourable discharge. He returned to PEI and went to work with Hambly's Home Furnishings.

In 1985 he married Karen Larayne Toole of Bonshaw, and moved to Charlottetown. Karen is a graduate of Holland College and is employed at Northern Telecom.

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The first son of Ned and Ella, Myron Robert (Bob), was born on May 5, 1939, in Crapaud. After completing his education at the local school, he began his working life on a farm near Albany. In 1959 he joined Canada Packers Ltd., a meat processing plant in Charlottetown, and remained there until it closed in 1983.

Canada Packers was taken over by the government and later changed ownership and became, Garden Province Meats Inc.. Bob joined this new company where he remains. He also is a share holder in a small investment company called BJ Scrag Group Ltd., which has real estate holdings and owns apartment buildings.

Bob also continues the family tradition of farming. He is the owner of land in Crapaud, and operates a beef and hog operation with his youngest brother, Charles.

In 1964 he married Wanda McPhee from Nine Mile Creek, PEI, the daughter of George and Jessie (MacNevin) MacPhee. Her teaching career began in 1958; and in 1980, she received her B.A. Degree. She is presently teaching at the Sherwood Elementary School. Bob and Wanda have four children :

Keith Robert, born November 30, 1967. He completed high school; and spent one year at UPEI. He has his private and commercial instrument rating licenses, receiving his training at Air Abegweit Flying School in Halifax. He works with the Hudson Company at the Halifax airport and hopes to become a pilot in the future.

Mark Edward, born April 11, 1969, is a student at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI).

Ellen Jane, born August 13th, 1973, is now attending Charlottetown Rural High School.

Collin Todd, born May 28, 1975, attends Stone Park Junior High School. He is interested in sports and is involved in both hockey and baseball.

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The third child of Charles Edward is Gordon Bell, who was born on May 12, 1941. Gordon had always been known for his enthusiastic nature and an ambition to get ahead through hard work.

Although his work ethic never left much time for hobbies, he has been able to find time to participate in both down hill and water skiing.

After attending Union Commercial College in 1957, he went into the plumbing trade. He started working for different firms, including a short stint in the United States while completing his journeyman's status. After this, he spent four years teaching young people plumbing skills at the Provincial Vocational Institute in Charlottetown.

Later, he opened his own business, which he operated out of Crapaud, until health reasons forced him to leave the trade. In 1981, he moved with his family to Yellowknife, in the North West Territories, where he started as a mechanical inspector for the City of Yellowknife. Now, with the help of his son, he operates his own business called "Sherren's Mechanical Ltd.".

In 1962, he married Brenda Ferguson from Hampton, P.E.I.. In Yellowknife, she became involved in her Scottish ancestry and became a member of the North West Territories Pipe Band, and has played in an international competition. Gordon and Brenda have two children:

Margery Lorraine, was born December 27, 1962. After completing her education, she joined the Canadian Armed Forces in the medical division, serving as a dental technician. Her postings have been in Gagetown, New Brunswick, and Kingston, Ontario. She achieved the rank of Sergeant very early in her career. During her leisure time, Lorraine also teaches aerobics and enjoys skiing.

Richard Gorden, was born on November 22nd, 1963. He apprenticed as a plumber and joined his father as a partner in the plumbing business. Richard's other interests are computers, playing tennis, floor hockey, and reading.

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Irene Rose was born on August 28, 1943. After completing her education, she joined the staff at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Charlottetown. She remained with this branch throughout her career, other than for a brief period when she lived in Halifax and Toronto.

James Wilfred was the fifth in the family, and came into the world on August 16th, 1944. He attended the Crapaud School and went to work in the transport business. He initially drove a truck for Central Creamery and Keith MacKinnon, and now hauls for Harbour Transport. Prior to this, he lived in Toronto, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta, where he drove a bus for the Edmonton transit system for five years.

In February 1971, he married, from Edmonton. She was born Lorna Prosser, and was raised near Viking, Alberta. She had two daughters from her first marriage whom Jim later adopted.

Deborah Ellen, born October 16, 1963, is married to Wendell McLean. They have an apartment in part of her parent's home. She is a pastry cook at Sunset Lodge in Charlottetown.

Nadine (Deannie) Luella, born April 5, 1967, works at the K-Mart store in Charlottetown.

Jim and Lorna were also blessed with son, Kevin James Edward, born on June 28, 1979. He attends Englewood School. He is involved in music and plays the piano and trumpet in the school band.

In 1975 they moved to Crapaud and settled on the Louis HK Sherren Homestead (also referred to as the Nathen Percival property). They restored the old farm house close to the original design and added a barn to the property. Jim also raises beef cattle, and Lorna continues to drive a school bus which she has done since 1970.

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The youngest in the family of Ned and Ella, is Charles Edward, known as Charlie. He was born August 12th, 1954. After attending the local schools, he went on to the Provincial Vocational Institute (Holland College) where he received his license in plumbing.

He was first employed with Bevan Brothers; then in 1972, moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he worked with Westburn Industries Ltd. He only stayed for a short while returning to PEI, where he went to work with Gorden Sherren Plumbing and Heating, a company owned by his brother. Later, he worked for Lowell Oakes Rity. During this period he also helped at home with the farming.

As mentioned previously, he is involved in a beef and hog operation with his brother Bob, and drives a local school bus.

In 1976, he married Noreen Bradley (born 1953), who is the daughter of Thomas and Kay Bradley of Charlottetown. After completing school, she went UPEI, and then transferred to Holland College to their secretarial program. She began employment with the PEI Hospital as a records technician, and later joined the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a secretary in the pastoral care unit.

Charlie and Noreen have two children :

Adam Charles, was born September 22nd, 1979. He takes a great interest in baseball and hockey, and is quite knowledgeable regarding these sports.

Christine Lynn, born July 3rd, 1982.

Charles and Noreen reside in their now home located on a piece of property near his childhood home.

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View Family Tree of Agnes Amelia Sherren, - Page 164 -

The first child of Agnes and Stuart Dickson was a daughter, Alice Florence, born on April 30, 1930, and baptised in the Cathedral Church of Saint Peters in Charlottetown.

She was educated in the business profession, holding positions in various offices. She eventually retired from the office of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Charlottetown.

She has strong interest in church work and was a member of the choir for many years, as well as being active in the Anglican Young Peoples Association. After she retired, she did volunteer work for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

She married John Reginald Fraser of Charlottetown, who served in the Naval Service during World War II. He worked until his retirement with the Department of Transport on PEI. He held a strong interest in sports and community work, which was displayed by his active participation in the Church as vestryman, Church Warden and Synod Delegate to the Diocesan Synod.

Alice and John reside in Sherwood with their two sons:

John Wayne, born March 24, 1936, who went to college receiving his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. He married Myra Klettke from Washington, U.S.A.

Ian Stuart attended the University of PEI, receiving his Business Administration degree. He married Rosemary MacKenna from the Charlottetown area. He is employed at the Central Guaranty Trust Company in Charlottetown.

The second in the family was Agnes June, who was born on June 17, 1936. She also entered the business world and held a number of positions at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

She participated in acting and drama, winning the best actress award in a local competition. Her involvement in the Church included a membership in the AYPA, and the Eastern Star.

She is married to Robert Bruce MacKenzie of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Before retiring he was employed with several trust offices and was very involved in church affairs.

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June and Bruce had three children :

Sharon Ann, born on September 29, 1958, who is married to Tim Richardson, and resides in Calgary, Alberta, with her family.

David Bruce, born May 12, 1960, who lives in Bermuda and works as an Electronic Technician.

Colin, born July 12th, 1963, who lives in Charlottetown and works at the Department of Tourism for the province of Prince Edward Island.


The youngest in the family is Gladys Alexandra, who was born in Charlottetown on July 17, 1946. Like her sisters, she also entered the professional field after completing Business college. She has spent most of her career with the Royal Bank located in Charlottetown. As with most of her family, she has been very involved with the Anglican Church being a member of the choir and teaching Sunday School. She became a member of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE).

She married John Earl Stewart, from Charlottetown, who is the unit manager for C.B.C.T. in Charlottetown. A part of his Military career included his being gazetted as a Lieutenant-Colonel in 1987. In October of that year, by change of command he became Commanding Officer of the 721 Communication Regiment/5 Signal Regiment, in Charlottetown. As an Aide-de-Camp, he and Gladys attended His Honour the Lieutenent Governor of Prince Edward Island, Lloyd MacPhail and Mrs. MacPhail. John is also interested in golf and curling.

Gladys and John have two children :

David William, born November 7th, 1968, who is attending the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). His plan is to enter the Radio and Television profession.

Jacalyn Alexandra, was born February 3, 1972, and is presently in High School. She is a participating member of the Confederation Girls Choir and went on tour with them to Britain in 1988. They also competed in Toronto at the International Choir Festival in 1989.

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The first child of William and Florence was Hubert Douglas. He was born on September 3, 1938 in Charlottetown. He was known as a very outgoing person who has always been able to entertain friends and family with a good story. Bert, as he was known, was a trained singer and entertained at many Island functions and weddings.

He was educated in Halifax, where he also worked for a short time at the Halifax Memorial Library in their collection control (Atlantic) section. Then in 1963 at the age of twenty five he became afflicted with multiple scleroses (MS), a disease for which there is no known cure.

In spite of his partial physical handicap, Hubert has always remained cheerful and pursues his interests with enthusiasm. He moved to Prince Edward Island and lived with the family of his Uncle, Louis H.D., in Charlottetown. While living there, he pursued various occupations including working for a number of years with the Confederation Center of the Arts.



Harrison Blane (Blane), was known for his fun loving and free spirit. He was born on March 25, 1941, also in Charlottetown.

After completing his education in 1959 he joined the (RCEME) of the Canadian Army where he remained until 1965.

In 1964 he married Margaret Rose Myra from Halifax and was divorced in 1970. They had one son:

Garry William, was born on October 19, 1965, and has remained in the Halifax area.

Blane married Cynthia Ann Mortlock in 1979.

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The origin of all mankind was the same,

It is only clear and good conscience

that makes man knoble,

For that is derived from Heaven itself.


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Newfoundland is recognized as being the cradle of European colonial settlement in North America. A little known story is how an Indian named Squantum surprised the Pilgrim Fathers when they landed at Plymouth Rock welcoming them in their own tongue. He had learned to speak English in Newfoundland.

It is known that Viking adventurers landed here in the year 1000 and named the Island, Markland or "Land of Forest". In 1961, a Viking settlement site was discovered at L'Anse Aux Meadows, on the northern tip of the island.

Also, it is thought that Eskimo and Indian peoples moved into Newfoundland and Labrador from the west up to 1000 years ago. The Beothuks, who probably descended from Newfoundland's early Indians, became victims of European settlement. A woman named Shanawdithit, who died in 1829, is believed to have been the last of these people.

John Cabot sailed from Bristol, England, in 1497 to his "New Found Isle" and landed at Cape Bonavista. It was also here in Bonavista over three hundred years later that William Sherren made his home.

On this first voyage, Cabot took possession of Newfoundland for England in the name of King Henry VII. Then in 1583, Sir Humphrey Gilbert again claimed British ownership in the name of Queen Elizabeth 1st, and set up the first colonial Government overseas in the Harbour of St. John's.

There is not a great many details about this voyage. However, it is known that on his return to England he reported: "The Sea is covered with fish, which are caught not merely with nets, but with baskets, a stone being attached to make the basket sink into the water."

Newfoundland changed hands between the French and English several times during battles which lasted over two centuries. In 1585 Sir Bernard Drake made a devastating attack on the Spanish fleet at Newfoundland. With the defeat of the Spanish Armada three years later, all nations recognized England's rising naval power.

- Page 170 -

The cod from Newfoundland was a highly prized commodity on the European market, and the waters off the coast were very busy from spring to fall. However England resisted efforts to settle in Newfoundland until it became productive to keep people there over the winter to maintain the buildings used by the fishing fleets.

There is also a number of interesting historical facts about Newfoundland of which not all people are aware. For instance, it was at the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill where the famous Gugliemo Marconi received the first wireless signals across the Atlantic on December 12th, 1901.

A misconception about the event is that it is believed by many that this is the reason why this area was named Signal Hill. However, this name was given to the hill previous to this event.

During the shipping season a sentry was posted on top of the hill to watch for incoming ships. When he would spot one, he would use his telescope and determine what company or Country flag the ship was flying. The Sentry would raise the same flag, enabling the towns people to look through their telescopes which would prepare them for the ship.

The first non-stop flight from America to Europe originated on Lesters Field, Newfoundland, on December 12th, 1901.

Newfoundland has had more than its fair share of personal hardships over the years. Fires have been a major plague, causing the town to be burned in the year 1816, and again in 1817 and 1819. Another fire, in 1846, levelled 2,000 homes. Fire struck again most recently in 1892, caused by a handy man who was smoking his pipe in a barn which stored hay for the animals.

Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949, and was the last province to enter confederation. Less then ten years later Signal Hill became a National Historic Sight, being the most popular spot for visiting tourists on the Island.

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View Map of Newfoundland, - Page 172 -



Researching for the Sherren genealogy in Newfoundland was very difficult for a number of reasons. Not only had the City of St. John's experienced a few "great" fires but because of hostilities between the Catholics and Protestants, there were many suspicious church fires in small villages which destroyed what little records there were.

Also, since the Catholics controlled the education system the many Protestants in the outports were denied much in the way of schooling. Because of this, illiteracy was rampant. In fact, John Sherren, son of William, was only able to sign his marriage certificate by marking an "X". This also resulted in his name being spelled incorrectly as "Sharron", which is how it has remained with many of his descendents. One family has now even dropped one of the 'R's.

Other difficulties had to do with the fact that there was a lack of interest from this section of the family in both providing and receiving information. As well, I met with one family who spelled their name 'Sherren', but I do not believe they are related, and were from the Irish 'Sherrin' descendents who came to Newfoundland in the 1830s.

However, in spite of all this I have been able to extract the following records from church parishes :

Nov 07, 1817 : William Sherren was married to Mary Lush of Bonavista.

Nov 11, 1835 : Robert Sherran was christened by William and Mary Sherren.

Oct 21, 1836 : John Sharran married Eleanor Shea of Pouche Cove at the St. John's Anglican Cathedral.

The couple both signed by marking an "X".

Dec 08, 1842 : Elizabeth Sherran and Thomas Moulins were married in Bonavista.

Feb 03, 1855 : A son John Sharron born to Samuel and Jane of Bonavista.

Oct 26, 1878 : Elizabeth Sharron of Bonavista aged 25 years was buried.

Jul 19, 1881 : Frederick Sharron of Bonavista buried at the age of six years.

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Oct 20, 1888 : Robert Sharron, Bonavista was buried aged two and one half months.

Jan 02, 1893 : James Sharron a Methodist, from Bonavista died of scarlet fever at 6 years old.

Jan 02, 1893 : Emily A. Sharron of Bonavista died at 4 years of scarlet fever.

May 05, 1897 : Samuel Sharron of Bonavista died of pneumonia at the age of 7 weeks.

May 04, 1909 : Jane Sharron, Bonavista died at the age of 84 years.

Sep 14, 1916 : Francis Sharron of Bonavista died at 70 years of consumption.

Sep 02, 1927 : Ruelph a labourer and Pearl Sharron had a son Arthur Reginald Sherran.

Sep 17, 1928 : Stephen and Rhoda Francis Sharron of Peters Arm had a daughter Dorothy Louisa


Jan 14, 1929 : James Sharron of Bonavista, a merchant aged 78 died of consumption.

Mar 22, 1929 : Hannah Sharron of Bonavista died at the age of 78 years.

Oct 16, 1929 : Arthur Sharron, a fisherman, died of paralysis at the age of 62.

Jan 08, 1932 : Norman Sharron of Bonavista died at the young age of 9 years.

Jul 12, 1932 : Stephen and Francis had a daughter, Reta Joan.

Jun 17, 1934 : Stephen and Francis had a son, John Ruleph.


During this research I came across a George Sharron, of Bay Roberts, who was one of the key founders of the Salvation Army movement in that area of Newfoundland.

I also met with a "Sherren" family who were not part of the Newfoundland genealogy. Details of this family, who had their roots in Crapaud, P.E.I., can be found in the James Trowsdale section of Book 1 under the Morson Sherren chapter.

- Page 174 -

Newfoundland is known to have had three great fires during its history. The first one in 1816, another in 1846 and the last one in 1892. Each of these fires wiped out most of the harbour city of St. John's.

After the fire of February 1816, the British Government in Newfoundland sent to Great Britain for skilled workmen who could assist in rebuilding the city. They were offering free passage and guaranteed work to builders and woodworkers who would come to the New World.

Two Sherren brothers, Samuel and William had each learned the cabinet making craft from their father. Therefore, these two were prime candidates to accept this offer of an exciting new life.

On their passage to Newfoundland, it is thought that Samuel fell for a young lady who was continuing on to Prince Edward Island with her family. So Samuel parted with his brother and sailed on to his new home in Crapaud P.E.I..

Shortly after his arrival in Newfoundland, William met a girl named Mary Lush. Her family was from a small village called Bonavista, which was up the coast to the North East of St. John's. William, like his brother, worked throughout his life as a builder and maker of furniture. It is also thought that he was trained as a blacksmith. William and Mary had the following four children :


1818 - 18__


Page 177


1823 - 18__


Page 177


1827 - 18__


Page 177


1835 - 18__


Page 177


William remained as a strong member of the Methodist religion and each of his children was christened in that church. He died in 18__, and his wife Mary in 18__. They are both buried in the United Church Cemetery in Bonavista.

From the children of William, I was only able to follow the descendents of first son John; and from John, only two of his sons, Stephen and George.

The dates of William's marriage and the birth of his first son helps substantiate the fact that our Samuel also arrived in Crapaud during the year of 1816.

The first child of William and Mary was John. He was born in 1818 in Bonavista. He lived most of his life in this area and made his living as a builder and sailor.

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Sherren's of the World

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