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Laurie, who was born January 1, 1964 and is now married to Chris Murphy. They live in P.E.I., where she works in the retail food industry. Laurie and Chris have two children: Adam (May 2 1989) and Marissa (April 27 1990) She is an office executive for D. P. Murphy Inc. in Charlottetown, PEI. He is a mechanic.

Their three other girls are:

Norma, who was born June 20 1967. Norma married Lyndon Mayhew and have two children: Olivia (April 28 1994) and Connor (September 15 1998). Reside in Crapaud. She is a bookkeeper for the South Shore Pharmacy in Crapaud and he works for a contracting company.

Jacquline (Lynn) born October 2, 1969. Lynn married Steven MacPhail and have two boys Samuel (May 5 1998) and Jack (June 22 1999) Reside in Cornwall. She is an LNA at the Prince Edward Home and he works at the PEI Government Garage.

Paula, born May 28 1977.

The youngest of Arthur and Rita was Thomas, born on July 9, 1942. He joined the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) on October 31, 1960 and in June, 1963, joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). He was stationed at numerous locations throughout his career including :


Stn. St. Jean, Que.


Stn. North Bay,Ont.


Stn. Clinton,Ont.


Stn. Holberg,B.C.


Stn. Borden,Ont.




Cornwallis, N.S.


Stn. Ottawa,Ont.


Egypt, Middle East








In 1986 he became a Chief Warrant Officer at the Camp Borden base near Barrie, Ontario. Tom also enjoys his hobby as a craftsman in the carpentry field.

In 1961 he married Jean Duncan from Halifax, Nova Scotia who works at the Children's Hospital. They had two children and were divorced a number of years later.

Angela, was on born August 29, 1963. She works in the food service business at the Sir. Isaac Walton Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Denise, born on June 21, 1965, works as a bookkeeper at a masonry company in Halifax. In 1985, she married Danny Iyoupe from Halifax. They have one child, Shelly, who was born on November 15, 1985. Denise and Danny were divorced shortly afterwards.

Tom was later remarried in Germany to Beryl Johnston who was from England. She is a registered nurse but now spends most of her time at home.

Elsie Edith was the next child of Sam and Ellen. She married Neil MacDonald, from Hunter River. They later moved to the United States and are now living near Arlington, Maryland. Their children are; Evelyn, Marion Lorraine and Neil.

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Lorraine Edith, born July 31, 1934. She was married to William Andrews in 1957 and later divorced (1983). They had a family consisting of:

William Harvey, (August 31, 1958), who married Linda Adessos. They raised three children; Kristine Linda (April 8, 1982), Maria Lorraine (January 4, 1984) and Michelle Dallas (December 4, 1986).

Robert Alan, (November 22, 1960), and Sherren Louise (July 7, 1964) who married Robert Mouradian in 1988.

The youngest in the family of Elsie Edith was Neil.

The ninth in the family of Sam and Ellen was Minnie Blanch, born on January 19, 1901 and died on March 6, 1977. She also followed the trend of other family members and moved to the United States where she met and married Ray Atherton. They settled on a Poppy farm at Mt. Herbert just outside of Charlottetown where they ran a small store. They had one son:

Walter, born in 1937, was raised in Mt. Herbert and attended Prince of Wales College. After finishing he left for the U.S. where he stayed with his Uncle Harold and worked with the airlines. After a divorce from his first wife, Jane, Walter moved to Savannah, Georgia because of work requirements. Here he married Kathy and had one son, Billy. He died in his early fourties of kidney and circulatory problems and is buried in Georgia.

Ray died in 1957 and Minnie sold the farm and moved to Boston where her son and brothers and sisters are living. She worked at Radcliffe College, known as the Ladies College of Harvard. While on visits back to PEI, she met and married Wilfred Ferguson who's wife Lena MacDonald had passed away. They moved to South Melville where Wilfred farmed.

Still in the family of Sam and Ellen, their youngest son was Clifford Elmer, who was born in 1909. He was a carpenter in the Air Force and served in Charlottetown during World War II. After this he purchased a farm near Victoria and later moved to Hampton.

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 Clifford married Dona MacWilliams from West Point, PEI and raised a family of five :

Ellen Anne Ramona, born on October 19, 1937. After completing her education she was married to Blair Ravenhill from Union Road PEI. He was employed in the construction industry as a builder and heavy equipment operator.

In 1957, they moved to Ontario where she worked as a nurse until a severe injury forced her to give up her career. Ramona and Blair were later divorced and she remained in the Newmarket, Ontario area.

Their children consist of Sonya, born in (1963) who also became a nurse. She was married to Grant Hymore. Natalie (1965), who is interested in the computer industry, and Tracey (1968), who became a secretary and worked with the Hudson Bay Company. She married Sunny Yiu.

Roma Grace, born February 1938, who at a young age became a school teacher. She married Norman McLeod from Long Creek, P.E.I., and has six children consisting of: Carrie (1960), Lorne (1961), Norma Lee (1964), Ashley (1966), Andrew (1972) and David (1975).

Dale, was born June 17, 1941. He went into construction work in the Toronto area. He married Carole Ladd from Toronto and had two children; Dawn, born May 1, 1966, and Amber, born October 16, 1972.

Edmund (Ducky), who was born July 15, 1943 unfortunately drowned in 1965 at Victoria Shore, not far from the home where he was raised.

Donna Mae, born February 9, 1946, is now involved with the S.A.W. Adult workshop and lives in Summerside.

Their father Clifford died in 1979. This end the stories about the descendents of Samuel, the carriage builder from Crapaud. We now go on to the families of Sam's younger brother, William, who's wife was Margaret Williams.

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William Sherren
William Sherren

 The fourth child of James and Sarah was William, who married Margaret Williams and had seven children. The first of these was Hessel, who was born in 1885 in Tryon. He died when he was 42 years old on June 25, 1927 from Brights Disease and kidney failure. During his life he worked for the Railroad as a machinist in Charlottetown, and married Mary Doiron from Hope River PEI. They had a family of six:

Clifford, born on February 10, 1910 who married Marjorie Coyle from Charlottetown. He worked for the Department of Highways on PEI as a foreman and supervisor. He also owned race horses as a hobby. Clifford and Marjorie's four children consisted of twin girls:

Shirley, was born on May 20, 1930 and who died April 1987. She moved to Truro, Nova Scotia. Joan, also born May 20, 1930 and died in October 1987. She moved to the United States.

Michael, and Patrick, who were both adopted by Clifford.

The second in the family was Pearl, born on September 3, 1915. She lived in Kingston, Ontario with her husband Harry Emerson. They have one son Wayne, who stays close to home to help with the care of his mother since she became inflicted with cancer of the spine.

Hessel and Mary's next child was Arnold, who was born on June 22, 1913. As well as driving a taxi, he worked for the department of highways on a part time basis.

He married Laura Gallant from Rustico on September 7, 1937, and they had a family of five which also included a set of twins. Later in life he developed TB.

The first Sylvia, born January 7, 1940, married Albert Peters. They have two children, Glen (July 10, 1962) who was married to Monique Doucette. Kim was born on January 16, 1964.

Sandra, born on January 16, 1944, married Charlie Gauthier and have three children. Their first, Lee (August 7, 1964) married Beth Corney. Their other two children were; Tanya, born July 27, 1968, and Troy, born May 7, 1973.

Barry who joined the armed forces was born on December 21, 1947. He married Pat Hughes, on August 14, 1971. They have two children, Wade (August 22, 1976), and Chrissy (July 30, 1981), who are both living in PEI.

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 Gary, a twin brother of Barry, was also born in 1947. He married Meejon Schoute. He enlisted in the army and is serving in Germany. His children are Richard, born March 3, 1975, and Michael, born March 16, 1977.

Cliff, born on May 2, 1950 and works as a salesman. He is married to Linda Mallard and they have two adopted children, Christopher (February 6, 1964), and Cody (September 30, 1986)

Leroy, born in 1918 in Charlottetown worked for a number of years with the Railroad in the machine shop. He married Bonnie Gauthier from Rustico where they later moved and owned a motel called the Pines. They did not have any children.

Hessel's fourth child was a daughter named Alma. she was born on February 22, 1922. She married George Petterson from Charlottetown who was a champion PEI boxer. They had one child:

Ronald (Ronnie) born in 1947. After completing school he went to work for the Provincial Government in the Highways Division. He was also a very accomplished guitarist and singer and played in a number of popular bands. He is married to Fran Curtis and they live at RR # 5 Mermaid with their adopted children.

The youngest in Hessel and Mary's family was Ruby, born on April 7, 1925 and married to Cleaver (Seeky) MacLean. He worked on the Railroad in the C.N.R. office. This couple had a family of five boys including one set of twins:

Hessel, born May 6, 1945, is a salesman and married to Daryl Roberts. Their children are Robert and Mark.

Harold, the twin brother of Hessel is in the grocery business and married to Maureen Cotton. They have two children, Christine and David.

Allison, was born on May 2, 1952, is a bookkeeper and is married to Sharon Carragher. They have two children Bryan and Brianne.

Kevin, born on August 17, 1956, works as an audio technician at Confederation Center is also very musical. He is married to Lorna Mullen and has two children Malcolm and Alexandera.

The youngest in Ruby and Cleaver's family is John. He was born on July 20, 1957 He is a school teacher in Summerside, PEI.

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The third in the family of William and Margaret was Morson Walter who was born on August 12, 1887 and died in 1945 at the age of 57. His occupation is noted on the certificate of marriage with his second wife, Alice Butler, as a sailor. However, it is also known that he worked as a carpenter most of his life. He settled in Charlottetown where he continued this craft. Later in life he also worked at the Falconwood Hospital as a nurse. He was considered a very handsome man and a very accomplished violinist, having had taught others, including his son Stanley and the entertainer Percy Groom.

Morson was married three times, the first time to a local red haired girl named Elizabeth McLean from Long Creek who worked as a nurse. From this marriage came six children:

Althea, who was born in 1909. She died as a young child in 1919, shortly after the death of her mother as a result of influenza which turned to pneumonia. Her father, who was very saddened by her passing, always said that she was an angel who was sent from heaven and then returned home.

Walter, was born on September 09, 1910 in Long Creek, PEI. He worked in the carpentry profession and as a cabinet maker, first in Halifax, Nova Scotia during the war; later moving to Niagara Falls, Ontario. While living in Ontario he worked at a number of professions, including working on the Great Lakes as a sailor.

In 1933 he married Gertrude Spencer from Bredenbury, Saskatchewan. She was a homemaker and raised the family of one son and four daughters :

Reginald Walter Alexander, born on February 26, 1934 in Charlottetown, P.E.I. He later moved to Ontario, where he was a member of the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) responsible for Highway Patrol. He also worked as a carpenter and with the Ontario Hydro company. He lived in Niagara Falls for a few years, then moved with his family to Ajax, where he continues to reside. Reg is also a very active member of the Shriners and is part of their famous oriental musical band.

In his spare time Reg practices his craft of fine woodworking and furniture making. In 1955, he married Anne Hoeppner from Morden, Manitoba. Reginald and Anne have a family of four:

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Spencer Reginald Issac, born November 9, 1955. He works with the Power Screen Company as a foreman in their mechanical division.

In 1980 he married Sue Binning from Ajax, Ontario who stays at home and raises their children. They now live in Little Briton with their two boys:

Christopher Malcolm, born in March 1984 and Kevin Spencer, born on November 1987.

Walter Guy, born December 23, 1956, also works at Ontario Hydro as a warehouse man in systems maintenance. Walter is also active in sports and participates in ball playing and hockey.

In 1979 he married Wendy Temple. They were divorced in 1989. They have one son:

Darryl Walter, born in December 1982.

The third son of Reginald and Ann, is Raymond Roy, born on March 18, 1959. He also works at Ontario Hydro and is involved in the restoration of cars and playing sports. In 1984 he married Wendy Reid who works at the Bank of Montreal. They have one daughter, Maddison.

The youngest in the family is a daughter Tina Lynn, born on December 1, 1962. She now lives in Toronto and works with Air Canada in their Air Express division. She is also very heavily into sports and participates in ball and ringette.

The other children of Walter and Gertrude are:

Nelly, who married Ed Kasper and raised five children: Cindy, Edwin, Donna, Darin and Kurt.

Charlotte, married Bill Comnack and have four children: Brenda, James, Robert and Jean.

Shirley, who married Don Stirtzinger and raised a family of five: Susan, Diana, Reginald, Brad and Maclean.

Billie, who married Howard Gough and had three children: Carla, Jody and Mark.

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Margaret, the third child of Morson and Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1912, on Elm Avenue, Charlottetown, PEI. She has worked at many professions over the years. Some of them include being a child’s nurse, and owning a General Variety Store on a beach. She was self-educated and a very hard worker. In 1942 she married Douglas K. Martin from Grandby, Quebec. He worked for the Minor Rubber Company as a systems superintendent and later with the Department of Highways in Ontario prior to retiring. Doug died during surgery for an ulcer when the doctor mistakenly cut his liver causing himto bleed to death. This couple was very much in love and Doug’s last words to her before going for his operation were "I love you".

Doug and Margaret lived in Stratford, Ontario with their two sons:

Richard, born on May 23, 1945, works as head of a Lab at the Standard Products Company. He is married to Patricia Doherty and has three children: Tory, Robyn and Wendy.

Jamie, born September 20, 1949, earned a PhD in Education and works for the Federal Government in Ottawa. He married Guillerma Lim Abremica from the Phillippines.

Margaret and Douglas also adopted a daughter, Vivien, who is now a nurse in Winnipeg. She is married to Robert Thomson and has two boys, Jeremy and Ryan.

Margaret, who was looking forward to attending the family reunion, unfortunately died on March 28, 1990 at the age of 77 years. She is buried at St Luke's Anglican Church Cemetery in Pine River, Ontario.

I would like to say here that throughout the process of doing research for this book I have enjoyed meeting and corresponding with many of our relatives around the world. However, one of the most enjoyable evenings I spent was with Margaret and her sister-in-law Miriam (Mrs. Roy) Sherren. She was full of enthusiasm about the project and sincerely excited about hearing of all the Sherrens.

Arthur William, the fourth in the family was born in 1914 in Crapaud. He started work at The Guardian newspaper, then when World War I broke out he enlisted with the RCNV. After the war, he returned home and went back to work with the newspaper office in Charlottetown as a printer operator.

In 1938 Arthur married Mable Alberta Fraser from Montague and had a family of seven children.

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Marian Ada, who married Stuart Drummond and had a family of five: Rocky, Monty, Stephan, Dana and Heather.

Austin William George, known as Bill, born on March 29, 1940, also served in the RCN from 1956 to 1961 in Korea after the war had ended. when he returned home, he took up the trade of bricklayer. There is a story I was told about when he was young. He, like many Sherrens, left home at an early age. However, he was only thirteen years old when he and a friend ran off to Montreal. They were tracked down by the police and returned home on an airplane. Needless to say it was some time afterwards before he was able to comfortably sit down.

He married Lorraine Martin from Tignish and had four children. They were later divorced. Bill lived much of the time in Toronto, Ontario.

Joseph Clovis, was born February 10, 1963. He remains in the Charlottetown area and works as a seam filler in the construction trade.

Brenda, born on March 21, 1964, works in Toronto as a legal secretary as well as working part time at the A & P grocery store. She also enjoys travelling.

Arthur William, born May 25, 1965 became a cook and is active in sports such as hockey.

Michael Rennie, born on June 25, 1973 enjoys fishing with his father.

Mabel Elizabeth, became a licensed nursing assistant. She later married Ralph Gregory and had three children. The first was David, who married Nora Richard and had two children; Joshua and Gillian. The second, Arthur Brian, married Patti Carson from Ontario and has one son Robert Blake. The third is a daughter, Lori Ann.

Donna Gertrude, became a legal secretary and married Averd Clow. They have three daughters: Linda Darlene (who also has a daughter Donna), Sharon Lynn, and Tara Dawn.

Beatrice Ann, who is a nurse, married Dale Morrisey and has a daughter Jodi Lynn and a son Jason.

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Gail Kathleen, also became a licensed nursing assistant and had a daughter born in July 1989.

Wendy Jean, the youngest in the family of Arthur and Mabel was born June 9, 1959. She left home at sixteen to marry Gus MacPherson from Hamilton, Ontario, who works in the automotive business. Wendy is very versatile and has a strong love of horses. They live in Brampton where with their daughter Candice Rhea, born April 10, 1979.

The fifth in the Morson Walter family was Francis. She was born on August 16, 1915, and raised her family of seven children. Francis was married to Arthur Smith from Charlottetown, who was in the Army at the time of his death. While on leave during the Christmas holiday period, he was hitchhiking home, bearing gifts for his family, when he was killed by a hit and run driver. Francis and Arthur had a family of three:

Richard (Rickie), died as a result of a tragic shooting accident. It is said that after a day of hunting, he returned home, where he dropped his gun on the floor with the barrel facing upwards. The gun accidentally discharged and he was killed.

Elizabeth (Betty), was a noted musician and competed and won local beauty contests. She now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband Mark Rafuse who is also a musician. Betty had eight children: David (who died in a car accident), Trudy, Derek, Mark, Cindy, Justin, Troy, and Troy’s twin brother who died at birth.

Helen, an extremely intelligent girl was pursuing a career in business when she was killed in a tragic auto accident in 1963 near Montreal. This accident also took the life of one her twin sons, Richard, as well as her nephew David Rafuse (son of Betty Rafuse). Her two daughters Christine and Kimberly, as well as her other twin son, Anthony James, survived.

After the death of her first husband she married James Wright in 1941. He was a member of the Royal Air Force and stationed near Charlottetown. Jim was an airplane mechanic and a test pilot during the war. It was necessary for him to go overseas in 1942, where he served until the end of the war. After returning home, he became an automobile mechanic and worked in top name garages, as well as owning his own business in Montreal. He and Francis raised a family of four:

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John, born on December 3, 1941, who very early in life worked in printing industry as a camera operator. He left this trade to join the American Army in 1963 and served in many parts of the United States and Germany. After leaving the forces he returned to Montreal and worked as a camera operator. During this time he also had his own five-piece country band. Later he went into the security field working with Sears of Canada as their Supervisor in the Computer Control Center. In 1987 he also recorded an album of top country songs.

In 1971, John married Lorraine Levasseur from Nicolet, Quebec. Loraine is a school teacher with the Brossard School Commission where she teaches English as a second language.

Eleanor was born on February 17, 1947. She is married to Donald Gallagher. They have two children: Christopher Keith, born April 11, 1969, and Kimberly Dawn born December 14, 1972. Donald was the manager of the Biftheque Restaurant in Montreal and is now the administrator of their butcher shop. Eleanor works for Eatons of Canada as their supervisor in the children's department.

Catherine was born on February 15, 1951 and married Michael Pincombe. They have four children, twins - Helen and Jennifer born on March 26, 1970, Christine born on February 1, 1973, and Adam, born on December 15, 1973. Helen resides with Eddy Fogharty and has a son Thomas Edward, born on May 9, 1990. Michael works for the Canadian National Railway, where is a train inspector. Catherine, in her spare time wrote crossword puzzles which she sold to an American magazine. She also worked as a bartender in Montreal.

Dawn-Gaile, born on November 17, 1955, married Richard Pharand and have three children: Eric (October 26, 1979), Robert (March 26, 1981) and Patrick (February 11, 1984). This couple is now divorced and Dawn-Gaile is soon to be married to Claude LaCoste, a foreman for the City of St. Hubert, Quebec.

Francis died in 1961 after returning home to Montreal from a vacation to her native Prince Edward Island. Her husband Jim died in 1981.

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In 1919, shortly after giving birth to their youngest son, Morson's wife Elizabeth died at the age of 30, due to blood poisoning, caused by an injection with an impure needle. The infant, William, also died of poisoning through nursing.

One year later, Morson married Alice Butler, a Roman Catholic girl from Pouch Cove, Newfoundland. Alice traveled to Halifax with her mother and her sister Jeannie. In Halifax Jeannie met Gordon Williams who was Morson's first cousin from Crapaud, PEI. Gordon took both girls to PEI with him, and he married Jeanne.

There, Alice met Morson, now a widower, and they were married in 1920. In addition to his previous family, Morson and Alice immediately began raising Alice’s three children - a son and two daughters: Margaret (Smith) born on July 28, 1914; Jean, born September 22, 1919, and James, born 1916 who drowned in 1928. Together, they also had a daughter, Lillian, who was born May 4, 1921.

It is thought that Alice had not been legally divorced from her first husband. She clandestinely left Morson in the night taking their daughter, Lillian, and returned to Newfoundland. On June 9, 1939, Lillian gave birth to a son, Charles Preston Sherren, a grandson Morson never knew. The marriage between Morson and Alice was later annulled.

Charles grew up in Newfoundland and went to work for the Provincial Government in the Department of Highways. Charles married Pauline Julia Burton from St. John's, who was also a public servant with the Newfoundland Government. They were married at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist, Roman Catholic church, on July 30, 1960. They have two children :

Paul Charles Sherren, born May 23, 1969 is now attending Memorial University studying Business and Engineering.

Mary Alicia Sherren, born May 9, 1971, plans to go to memorial and major in Psychology.

While researching this piece, I came across the death certificate of Morson who died on December 19, 1945. This document has his name listed as "Wallace" Morson Sherren (Sailor) who died at the age of 60. Also on this certificate is the signature of Roy Sherren (20 years old) beside the word "return".

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A pencilled in number on both this document and the certificate of his marriage to Alice Butler, which has his name as Morson "Wallace" Sherren, is "653-945". It is thought that it may be an I.D. number which he used in the Merchant Marines.

After the departure of his second wife, Morson married again. This time to Florence Foster in 1922, who was from Swinton, Morsley in the County of Lancaster, England.

He and Florence had a family of nine. This makes a total of seventeen children for Morson. This family of seven sons and two daughters:

Norman, born on November 14, 1924 was noted for his woodworking. After serving in the Navy during WW II he returned home where he took up the trade as a carpenter and later moved to Cambridge, Ontario. In 1944, Norman married Hazel Auld who is the sister of his Uncle Henry's wife, Clara, from Fort William, Ontario (now Thunder Bay). In additions to her fine baking skills, Hazel is an avid collector of salt and pepper shakers and has over three thousand sets. Norman and Hazel raised a family of three children. Norman and Hazel now winter in Florida.

Their first was Norman Louis, born on April 18, 1945 who lives in Cambridge Ontario. He married Gloria Elliott in 1966, had I three children and are now divorced. Brian Christopher, (adopted) was born in 1965. He married Terry Paterson in 1988 and works as a mechanic. Norman and his second wife, Jean, have two children.

Ronald Douglas (Ronnie), was born October 10, 1947. He followed in his father's footsteps and became a carpenter in Paris, Ontario. He is married to Trudy Durdle from Newfoundland. Ronnie and Trudy have three children: Donald Lauren (June 6, 1972), who is entering the plumbing trade, Amy Doreen (July 22, 1977), and youngest is Jeremy Justin (December 1, 1978).

Hazel Judy, was born January 3, 1951 and works in the assessment department for the Provincial Government. She married Dave Galloway in 1972, but they have since parted.

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Stanley, the second in the family of Morson and Florence, was born before his twin brother, Roy. They were born on October 19, 1925, in Saint Avards, a suburb of Charlottetown which is now known as Parkdale.

Before starting full time employment, he worked with Louis H. D. Sherren as a plasterer's helper for a few years. He then joined Canada Packers in the meat processing plant where he worked for twenty-seven years. Stanley, a very accomplished musician was able to play the fiddle, mandalin and guitar and often entertained at family functions. In 1948 Stanley married Margaret MacInnis from Southport, a community across the river from Charlottetown. Their family consists of:

Barbara, was born on December 16, 1949. After the completion of school, she enrolled in nurses training program. She is now with the Department of Agriculture working as a secretary. In 1969, she married Melvin Burnes from Charlottetown who works in the insurance business. They have a daughter, Angela, born on November 14, 1974 and have since parted.

Debora (Debbie), born October 30, 1951, works in the insurance field. In 1971 she married Rodney MacInnis and have three children: Janna (1975), Johnathon Stanley, (1980) and Susan Pamela (1983). Debbie and Rodney have since parted.

Irene, was born on March 18, 1954, and pursued a career as a teacher. She is living in Southbrook, Newfoundland, and in 1975 she married Evert Burton. They have two children. (girls)

Pamela, was born in 1956 and works as a teacher. In 1979 she married Wayne Strickland and they now live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, with their adopted daughter, Carolyn.

Roy, the third son of Morson and his third wife Florence, was Stanley's twin brother. He was born on October 19th 1925 in Saint Avards, Prince Edward Island and died in Laval, Quebec in 1977 due to heart problems. Roy placed a high value on being fair and just to all people. This is displayed in the following story.

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He started working in the newspaper business at an early age by selling The Guardian on the streets. Since the family at this time was going through difficult times, his mother said that he would have to give her a half of his earnings. On the first day he made thirteen cents. He was in a dilemma as to how to divide this amount equally. He went to the local corner store and bought two hard-hats (a candy) for one cent. He returned home and gave his mother six cents and one of his hard-hat candies.

Roy served in the Royal Canadian Navy during WW II as a 1st Class Seaman. On his discharge he came home to Charlottetown where he worked as a lino-type operator at The Guardian newspaper office. Later he moved to St. John, New Brunswick and after a short stay, moved to Montreal, Quebec. Here he went to work for the Montreal Gazette as a computer operator and was soon promoted to foreman.

Alter a long courtship (due to religious differences) Roy was finally married to Miriam Girard from Bathurst, New Brunswick in 1952. During this waiting time, Miriam left Canada, and traveled extensively throughout Europe by hitch-hiking. Two years later, at Roy's insistence, she returned to Laval and they were immediately married. They had two children:

Roy Anthony, was born on March 30, 1954. He attended Waterloo University, where he received his degree in Engineering. He now works at the INA Bearing Company in Ontario as their General Sales Manager. He spends his leisure time playing squash, surfing and listening to classical music. In 1979, he married Louise Ouimet from Glengarry County, Ontario. She is a school teacher who has a degree from the University of Ottawa. They have three children, Melanie, born March 3, 1982; and Patrick James born April 26, 1985. The youngest is Stephanie, born in 1990 shortly after Sherren reunion.

Mary Lynn, born on June 22, 1956, also became a teacher. she received her B.A. Degree from McGill and a degree in Psychology from Lakehead University. She is married to Marc Sauve who is also a teacher, and their family consists of Raylene Sherren Sauve (June 20, 1982), Jenna Jessica Ann (February 13, 1985) and Jordan Roy (May 8, 1987).

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Next came Lawrence, who was born in Charlottetown on November 19, 1926 (d. 1978). He originally enlisted in the Army during WW II and later worked as a machinist in Cambridge(Galt), Ontario.

He married to Dorothy Roff from Nova Scotia and from this first marriage had five children:

Andrew, who lives in Cambridge, Ontario.

Robin, who is married to Francis Marchand, and now live in Edmonton, Alberta with their two sons.

Bonnie, lives in Cornwall, Ontario, where she operates a restaurant business.

Lori, who is married to James May, and has a family of three: Jessica, Amanda and James.

Jamie, who works at Allen Bradley, which is a manufacturer of electrical equipment. Jamie has one child, a boy.

Larry was married to his second wife, Jackie, when he died after heart surgery in 197_.

Morson and Florence's fifth child, Robert Morson, was born with a terminal illness and died two months later.

The sixth in the family, Jack, who was born on September 22, 1930, seemed always destined to be involved with the horses. After finishing school at grade seven he left home looking for adventure. His independent nature and determination led him to leave home against his family's wishes. However, it was this determination that led him to the success he has now achieved.

He first entered the horse business, specializing in harness racing. Starting in New York, then to moving to Florida, before finally settling in California, where he spends his time breeding and training top racing stock.

Jack was married twice, the first time in 1953, to Ruth E. Bullard from Kansas. She had a daughter from a previous marriage. She was killed in a tragic automobile accident.

Jack and Ruth raised two children

John Morson, was born on September 7, 1956, in Stockton, California. After completing his education at Lennox, he went to work at Douglas Aircraft Industries. John makes his home in Long Beach, California.

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Collette Rebecca, who lives in Merritt Island, Florida, was born on June 23, 1958. She married Harry Raymond from Panama. Their only child is a beautiful red haired girl, named Kendal Ruth, born on March 22, 1984.

Jack then later married Ann Zaza, from New York, who had three children from a previous marriage. Debbie, who lives in Syracruse, Tony and Frank. Jack later adopted Debbie and Frank.

Frank became very close to Jack assisting him with the horses, and took the name Sherren. He also continues to work in the horse business. Frank has two sons. Jack is very attached to these boys and spends much of his time being a grandfather.

The first daughter of Morson and Florence was Hilda, born on August 2, 1928, and raised on Gerald Street in Charlottetown.

While still a very young girl (14 yrs old), she acted as mother to her younger brothers and sister after the death of their mother in 1942 and her father in 1945. Brother Stanley also played a key role in raising all of them.

In 1948, after the birth of her son Robert William, she was hospitalized with tuberculosis for a long period of time. During this period, it was necessary to put her son into an orphanage. Hilda was first admitted to the sanitarium in Charlottetown, and later transferred to a facility in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Hilda's son, Bobby, was taken out of the orphanage by her brother Jim and his wife Mary. They later adopted him because it was believed that Hilda would not recover.

Hilda remained in Ontario where she met, and married, Cecil Robert Fulton, from St John, New Brunswick. Cec was an electrical engineer. While with Harneshphagear Cranes , Cecil spent quite an interesting time in Iran just after the U.S. hostage situation. He was working on a project at their copper mines repairing equipment, wjem he was introduced to Rafchanganie (the existing Prime minister). Not understanding the local customs, when introduced, he squeezed

the leader's hand instead of kneeling, and quickly found a number of rifles pointed towards his head. The mistake was quickly explained to the Prime Minister and tension was eased.

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Hilda and Cecil lived in Milwaukee with their daughter :

Grace Lorraine (Fulton) born March 29, 1961. She married Brad Williams, a counsellor for people with addictions. They have four children Evan (December 31, 1983), Trevor (April 19, 1986) and Hillary Grace (June 10, 1990), and Luke.

Althea, the youngest girl in the family, was born on January 26, 1933. She was raised in Charlottetown, and later moved to Galt, Ontario. She married Ernest David MacLeod (b. 1926 - d. 1975) from Cardross, PEI. They had four children:

Janet, born in PEI in 1952, married a second time to Malcolm Kendall. They live in Victoria, BC. Janet works for the Provincial government and Malcolm is a private computer consultant. Janet has one son, Charles Peter MacDonald (Sept 1975). He resides in Rice Point, PEI

Ernest David (Dave), who lives in Mount Stewart, PEI. David is an Environmental Technologist and is married to Patti Lutz. They have two children Connor Lane born in 1988 and Rebecca Elaine born 1992

Dorothy Lynn born October, 1960. She is single and resides in Victoria, BC.

Randall Scott born November 1963, resides in Cambridge, Ontario.

Althea and Ernie were divorced, after returning to live in Prince Edward Island. She then married Reg McGuigan from St. Mary's Road, PEI.

The youngest in the family of Morson and Florence was James David, who was born on January 16, 1936. He has spent much of his working life in the wholesale grocery business, and has been with Atlantic Wholesalers for many years.

James married Mary Carr from Charlottetown who works in the retail business. They have a family of five:

Their first boy, Robert (Bob) William Sherren, was adopted. This was the son that Hilda (James older sister), had to put in an orphanage because of her debilitating illness. He was born on October 8, 1948 in Charlottetown and had lived in an orphanage for almost ten years. In 1969, Bob joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, beginning at the Police Academy Depot Division located in Regina Saskatchewan. Since then he has served in a number of areas in that Police Force, such as the Protective Subdivision as a Uniformed officer on parliament hill. He has had responsibility for the protection of the Bank of Canada, the canadian mint, the Governor General and the Prime Minister's residence.

He moved to the General Enforcement in the "0" Division, located in the Peterborough Detachment. He has also served in the Toronto and Missisauga Drug Squads as a N.A.R.C.

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He also spent time in the National Criminal Intelligence Section (NCIS) which is the enforcement section, dealing with organized crime. From there, he went in the V.I.P. section where he was responsible for protecting dignitaries such as the King and Queen of Spain, England's Prince Andrew, Ronald Reagan, our Prime Minister, Pope John Paul II, and other heads of state.

In 1972 Bob was married to Barbara Lyle McMillan from Quesnel, BC.. They had two children, Robert James (Jay), born September 19, 1975; Jay married in 1998. Michael Patrick, born April 4, 1979.

Robert and Barbara were separated in 1981 and she moved to Peterborough, Ontario. They were divorced in 1989.

Bob remarried Karen Campbell from Sherwood, PEI, on August 24th, 1990, in Toronto. They reside in Crapaud, PEI.

The second in the family of James and Mary is also named James David. He works at Tim Hortons, and is married to Ellen Costaine. They have two children, Mellesa and son, also called James David.

Margaret Catherine (Cathy) is married to Bruce McLean, They have seven children. Five of their own and two adopted children.

Elizabeth Jean (Betty-Jean) is married to Les Morse.

Richard Shane(Ricky), works at Atlantic Siding as a carpenter and is married to Debbie Gillespie. They have two children, Lee and Lisa.

Morson died in 1945. His wife, Florence, predeceased him in 1942. They are buried at the Peoples Cemetery located on St. Peters Road in Charlottetown.

This completes the very large family of descendents of Morson Walter.

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Returning to the children of William and Margaret, next came Hudson, who one day while still a young man, appeared rather sullen one day. He got up quietly, went off to get cleaned up, then in the middle of shaving said good-by to his mother, went to the kitchen and laid down on the couch to rest and died in his sleep.

The first of of William and Margaret's two daughters (and older sister of Morson) was Bessie. She looked after her nieces when the family was in need of help. She was never married, however, she did live with, and look after the household of Percy Groom. She was inflicted with angina, and died quietly in her sleep one peaceful afternoon.

The next daughter, was Gertrude. She was a very pretty girl married Joe Soucey, but she died very young and did not have any children.

Then came William Henry(Henry) born on August 15, 1902 in Crapaud. He worked for the City of Charlottetown with the Public Works (streets) Department. He also worked at the Charlottetown Driving Park, which holds the Standardbred Harness Races. In 1930, he married Clara Auld from Fort William, who was the sister of his nephew Norman's wife, Hazel. Their two children are:

William Elvin Milton, born August 17, 1931. He worked in the plumbing trade and was employed with Bevan Brothers in Charlottetown. In 1952, Elvin married Shirley MacKinnon from Clyde River who worked at Sears in their order office. Their children consists of two boys and five girls:

William Gary, born September 30, 1953, and works as a motor mechanic in Parkdale Field. He married Janice Godkin from Charlottetown in 1977. They have one daughter Jennifer Ellen who was born on August 17, 1981.

Kevin Wayne, born November 25, 1954, and works at the Universal Truck Parts company as their Service Manager. In 1965 he married Charlene Duffy from Fort Agustus and have one daughter, Shirliana.

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Norma-Jean, born July 4, 1955 is a nurse and lives in New Annan. In 1981 she married wade Waugh of New Annan.

Lorna-Mae, born on November 12, 1957, married Alan Spence of Hunter River in 1979. She is a kindergarten teacher in Winsloe. Their children are; Kelly Lynn (February 11, 1983), Angela Dawn (July 25, 1985), and Derek Alan Trevlyn (July 8, 1988).

Wendy Dianne, born January 10, 1959, married Michael Doucette of South Rustico. She is a French teacher who lives in Warren Grove and has one son, Nicholas Joseph.

Shirley Dianne, born September 23, 1960, married Shane Fradella in 1984 from Texas, USA. She also established nursing as her career, and now lives in Texas raising her two children, Allyson Dianne (April 21, 1986), and Justin Anthony (October 4, 1987).

Clara Violawas the second in the family of William Henry Sherren and Clara Auld. She was born on June 18, 1933. She married Roland Vernon MacDonald from Fortune in 1954 and they have the following four children:

Vernon Henry, was born on March 27, 1955, and married Carole MacPhail of Charlottetown. They have two children: Sherren Ann and Shauna Louise, who are twins born on January 22, 1985.

Stirling Wayne, born on March 27, 1963 married Eileen MacDonald and has one son Jeremy, born on June 14, 1987.

Clara and Roland's two youngest are: Christopher, born May 28, 1969, who died as an infant. Dale Edwin, born September 30, 1971.

Collin was the youngest in the William and Margaret. He worked with the railway in Halifax as a machinist and was doing very well until he was caught between two trains and crushed. He was married twice, the first time to Ida Matthews from Long creek, and the second time to Verna Brookfield from Nova Scotia. Collin did not have children from these marriages. I understand that Verna had two children from another marriage, Ruth and Betty Crow, who live in Belmont, Nova Scotia.

This ends the families of William and Margaret. We will now go to the families of George who is the next in the James Trowsdale Sherren and Sarah Cairns family.

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View Family Tree of George Sherren m. Christen McFadyen, - Page 99 -

George was the seventh son
of James Trowsdale Sherren
who had the seven children
on the following Pages.

George Sherren

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George and Christine's had seven children:

A daughter named Laura Jane. she was born on June 11, 1883. On May 15, 1907 she was married to Donald A. MacLean and went to live in DeSable where they raised eight children:

Christine, born July 1908 and died in 1985. She married John Inman who died in 1952. They had a family of two; Gordon, born in 1927 and Isabel, born in 1952. After the death of John, Christine was married again to John MacKinnon in 1981. They did not have any children.

Russell, was born on July 31, 1909, married Eileen MacDonald. Their family was:

James, was born January 4, 1947. He married Earldine MacDonald and had three sons; Russel, Stanley and Earl.

Laura, was born on December 18, 1947. She married Clarence Cole and had two daughters, Cathy and Cindy.

Wanda, was born January 29, 1955. She was married to David MacKenzie and had two daughters; Roselanne and Gayle.

Garfield, the youngest child of Russel and Eileen, was born on October 3, 1965 and is presently single.

George, born March 2, 1911, and died in 1985. He was married to Elsie Gass and had a family of two:

Everett, born October 8, 1934 is married and has two sons.

Marion, born on October 31, 1938. She married Kenneth Ferguson and have four children: David, (now deceased), Dale, Danny and Nancy.

The fourth in Laura and Donald's family was John (Johnnie). He born on April 25, 1912 and died in 1982. He married Helen Bill and has three children; Albert, Arthur, and Hector.

Evelyn, was born on July 26, 1913. She married William Campbell and had a family of:

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