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In 1936, Edward married Ella May Todd from Rose Valley and in 1937, purchased a house from Joseph MacDonald (the son of Joseph and Amelia) for which they paid $125.00. It cost them another $65.00 to move it from an adjoining farm to it’s present site. Over the years they renovated and made additions to it. Edward remained at this location throughout his life farming the land and devoting his life to his family.

Ella, born on July 11, 1918, was the second daughter of James and Christina (Thomas) Todd. Prior to her marriage she was employed at the Protestant Orphanage then located in Mount Herbert.

In the late 1950s, she furthered her education by taking a business course in typing & bookkeeping. After completing this she went to work for Boyd MacDonald Produce Ltd., a potato dealer where she stayed for over twelve years. She retired in 1980 so she could spend more time at home with Ned, who was in failing health.

Ella has been a active participant in the church. She has been a member of the choir and various women’s organizations. She served as President of the PEI Diocesan Board of the ACW for a period of three years representing it at national conferences.

Edward and Ella had a family of six"

Hazel May

1937 – 19

( )

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Myron Robert

1939 – 19

( )

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Gordon Bell

1942 – 19

( )

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Irene Rose

1944 – 19

( )

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James Wilfred

1946 – 19

( )

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Charles Edward

1954 – 19

( )

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Ned was also known to be very fond of horses. There is a story that he would often go out to the barn late at night before retiring to give the horses a little bedtime snack.

He died in 1982 at the age of 78 from Myleo Fibrosis. His wife, Ella remained in at their homestead and developed a tourist business known as "Frog Country Crafts". She makes and sells P.E.I. souvenirs to tourists from her shop which Ned built on the home property where she has remained.

Although she does much of the knitting herself, she takes goods on consignment from her many fiends, relatives and neighbors, she enjoys her clientele and has customers who visit, and return from Europe and Australia.

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Ella has also been the person who has been most helpful with the writing of this family history. She has been a great source of information and has devoted much of her personal time assisting me with research.

William D’s only daughter, Agnes Amelia was born on a cold January 26, 1907 in Crapaud. She was baptized in the Saint John’s Anglican Church and attended the two room school in Crapaud. She remained at home, assisting her parents with the farm chores, before marrying Alexander Stuart Dickson.

Stuart was born in Kent County, England on June 3, 1899. He Stuart served with the Imperial Army during World War I and spent a year (1917 – 1918 ), in a German prison camp. In 1920 he came to Canada for health reasons. During his life he held a high interest in Church work, focusing much of his volunteer time working with young people.

After coming to Canada, Stuart became very well known in the broadcasting field as an announcer at the Island Radio and Broadcasting Company. This radio station was known as the friendly voice of the Maritimes and later called CFCY. In 1966, he was awarded a membership in the Twentieth Century Club of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

He was also very involved in golf and tennis and in 1934, went on to become the Island’s champion tennis player. He participated in the amateur dramatics and directed "The Sinking of the Titanic" for a radio play. For a few years he also wrote and produced a radio broadcast service for the Armistice and the Remembrance of the War Dead.

In 1940 he was commissioned to Captain in the 6th District Signals, Canadian Army. He also served as vice-president of the PEI Command of the Royal Canadian legion, British Empire Service League.

Agnes was very active in church work and was a member of the Anglican Church Women’s Group, as well as the Order of the Eastern Star and Rebeckah Lodge. While maintaining her occupation of resident housemother at the PEI school of nursing for twenty five years, she also traveled extensively making many trips overseas.

Agnes and Stuart have three daughters:

Alice Florence

1930 – 19

( )

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Agnes June

1936 – 19

( )

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Gladys Alexandra

1946 – 19

( )

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Stuart died in 1973, and Agnes later retired to a senior citizens residence in Sherwood, Prince Edward Island.

William Fenton, the 8th son, died when he was four months old. Unfortunately he caught a bad case of pneumonia and whooping cough.

William Douglas Jr. is the youngest member of this family. In 1937, he married Florence Strickland, who was born in 1915. They had two sons:

Hubert Douglas

1938 – 19

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Harrison Blane

1941 – 19

( )

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He enlisted with the Canadian Artillery on January 5, 1941 as a Lieutenant. He served in England that same year and landed in France shortly after "D-Day". He was promoted to the rank of Captain and saw action in Normandy, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. He was mentioned in numerous dispatches and on March 15, 1945, was awarded the M.B. E. with this citation: "for a most valuable contribution in designing special equipment for use by Survey Regiments in the field".

He worked hard at building up an excellent troop, which throughout the whole campaign had done noteworthy work. It is said that his contributions ultimately helped bring about our final victory.

Captain Sherren’s name is famous in all Survey Regiments as he produced many technological improvements. Even in Italy a great number of enemy guns were located by means of the "Sherren Plotter".

On April 25, 1945, while on a reconnaissance mission in Germany, he was mortally wounded by a German mine and died three days later, on April 28,. He is buried in the Canadian Military war graves cemetery near Groesbeek, Holland. The Roggeveen family from Rochussenstraat 53, Nijmegen, a family whom he befriended, looks after his grave.

After Bill’s death, Florence moved to Halifax with her, sons where she remained until her death in 1967.

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Newspaper Articles about Capt. W. D. Sherren

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View Family Tree of George Edward Sherren m. Elsie Spicer - Page 130 -

The eldest son of George Edward is Douglas Henry. He was born in Charlottetown on September 20, 1920. Very early in life, he showed a talent for music, art, literature and poetry: and things mechanical. He is the author of many poems, a number of which have been put to print.

He was educated in the Charlottetown school system; and later went on to the University of King’s college School of Divinity in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was awarded the Diploma, Scholar in Sacred Ministry.

In 1948, he married Dorothy Alice Adams of River Hebert, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. They met while she was a teacher at Havergal College. In Toronto, Ontario.

Dorothy’s qualifications for teaching were gained at the nova Scotia Teachers College in Truro. She also obtained a Graduate in early Childhood Education and Certificate of teaching from Columbia University, New York, U.S.A..

In 1950 he was ordained to the Priesthood of the Church of England. Douglas is a "Scholar in Sacred Theology" (S.Th) and was a rector of the Anglican Church of Canada in Guysborough, Nova Scotia for many years. He spent much of his time at the Parish of St. Mary’s Church, Bayfield, (commonly called the Parish of Antigonish, Nova Scotia), and the Parish of Maitland, Hants County, Nova Scotia. He has served the Anglican Church in many capacities for over 40 years.

Other accomplishments of Douglas include, being the President of the Guysborough and District Board of Trade, and Officer of the Nova Scotia Federation Home and School Association. He was also a Master Mason, Deputy Grand Chaplain of the Ancient Fedd and Accepted Masons, Past Secretary Saint George’s Deanery, and Member of the Executive Council, Diocese of Nova Scotia.

He joined the Officer Cadet Corps, Dalhousie Kings University and the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals District NO 6 RCCS. He has been the recipient of the ‘Applicant for Enlistment’ badge Canada Department of National Defence as well as the Bronze, Silver and Gold badges awarded for marksmanship by the Dominion Rifle Association of Canada.

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Douglas and Dorothy have three children:

Douglas Michael was born on January 2, 1950. He attended school in Guysborough and obtained his Bachalor of Arts (History Major-Cum Laude), at the Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

He also gained his Master of Education, specializing in School Administration at Saint FX and the University of PEI. From here he joined the teaching staff of the Cobbequid Educational Center in Truro where he became the head of the Department of Social Studies CEC.

He is now a Curriculum Consultant, for the Department of Education, Colchester East Hants District School Board.

His other activities include being the Director of the Student Cooperative Society Antigonish, and a Zone and District Officer and President of the Kinsman Club. He is the author of the Kin Educational Manual (which was adopted by the National Associations of Kinsman Clubs), past President of the Truro, United Way Appeal, being the youngest to ever hold this office.

In 1973 he married Helen Hazel Quartermain a daughter of the Reverand H. Clifton Quartermain and Helen Hutcheson, RN. Hazel obtained the degree, Bachelor of Science from Saint Francis Zavier and her Bachelor of Physical Education degree.

Doug and Hazel have three children, Michale Benjamine (born March 17, 1977), Kristofer Daniel (born September 9, 1978) and Natelie Cristin Quartermain (born December 11, 1979).

The second of Douglas and Dorothy’s children, is Paul Christopher. He was born on the 12th of November, 1954. After his initial schooling, he went on to complete his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education also at Saint Francis Zavier as well as his Bachelor of Education in Teaching.

After graduating he secured a position teaching mathematics on the East Hants Regional High School where he has remained. He also participates as an active member of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, on be half of member services.

He married Deborah Maureen Larkin from Toronto, Ontario, and they have three children, Christine Elizabeth (June 21, 1979), Allison Ann ( September 23, 1981) and Kathryn Maureen (April 12, 1985).

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The youngest in this family is Lynne Anne, born February 19, 1957. She also was educated in Guysborough and Antigonish, and went on to gain her Bachelor of Arts (major in English) and Bachelor of Journalis (M Cum Laude).

She also has a two year graduate degree, a French language comprehension proficiency and is presently the Regional Communications Manager with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency on Prince Edward Island. Here she provides strategic advice to the Minister and executives on policy and program decisions.

She also prepares speeches, ministerial correspondence, organizes news conferences, briefing sessions and ensures effective on-going liason with the Provincial and Federal departments. Prior to this she m has also been a staff reporter for the Journal Pioneer, freelance journalist, Student Placement Officer and a Public Relations Officer.

She has been the Vice President of the Internal Association of Business Communicators, founding director of the Atlantic Agricultural Hall of Fame Society and has received various awards for outstanding service.

In 1983, she married Maurice Frederick Rodgerson, son of LeRoy Rodgerson and Emma Kelly of Southport, P.E.I..

Douglas and his wife retired to the Province of Prince Edward Island where he continues his active life. Since retiring he has received a Master Gardner Certificate from the PEI Department of Agriculture.

This family is also listed in the Social Register of Canada.

The next in George and Elsie’s family is Helen Patricia, born November 23,1921, who is a graduate of Secretarial Arts from Prince of Wales College.

She is employed with Hyndman and Company in Charlottetown and has been active in much voluntary work. She is a Cub Scout leader, a leader of the Junior Auxiliary of the Church of England, and a Sunday School teacher.

She is married to William McKeller McCormick, the son of Alan McCormick of Ottawa and Isabella Lees of Maybole, Scotland.

Their children are Richard William (November 12, 1945), David Michale (September 21, 1948) and Patricia Elizabeth (January 9, 1953).

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Ivy Elizabeth, born December 13, 1922, attended Charlottetown Public School and graduated from Secretarial Arts at Prince of Wales College.

She worked for David and Fraser in Charlottetown and also devoted much of her time to voluntary organizations such as the Cub Scouts, Girl Guides, and as a Sunday School Teacher.

On May 24 1948 she married Ross Colton of Toronto and they have three children, Janet Elizabeth (1949), Jean Marian (1951) and Catherine Diane (1953).

The fourth in this family was Thelma Florence, born April 4, 1925. After graduating from Prince of Wales College, she went on to become a registered nurse.

She married George Edward Jones, the son of Layton Jones of Pownal and Anna Matheson of Oyster Bed Bridge. They have 3 children, Deborah Sherren, Allan Douglas, and Robert George.

The youngest in the family of George and Elsie is William Dudley Leonard. He was born in Charlottetown on October 19, 1927. He attended West Kent School as well as Prince of Wales College where he completing the four year program in three years and won the Royal Air Force Dursary.

He also graduated from Dalhousie University with his Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Science in Chemistry. As well, he completed post graduate studies in Business Administration at Queens University and the University of Western Ontario.

He has held various positions such as research chemist, technical group leader and product development manager. He has also been the vice-president of Technical Development, a member of the Chemical institute of Canada and Chairman of the technical Committee, Canadian Carpet Institute.

His other interests include serving in the Army Militia as Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Artillery. He has served in local parish churches in various capacities such as warden, treasurer, ect.. He is active in sports, and especially enjoys tennis and skiing.

Over the years, he has also travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America, both for business and pleasure.

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In 1960, he married Irene Janet Hamilton from Vancouver, BC, who is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with her Bachelor of Science Degree. Bill (from the East) met Irene (from the West) while both were working in Quebec and made their home in Ontario (the Centre).

Bill and Irene have two children:

James William, corn July 9, 1961, in Brantford who graduated from the University of Toronto (Trinity college) with his bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He is presently employed as a Pharmaceutical Chemist. His hobbies are tennis and literature.

John Hamilton, born March 27, 1963, graduated from the University of Toronto (Engineering) with his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree. He then went on to graduate from Queens University with his Master of Business Administration Degree.

He won an athletic letter playing inter-collegiate tennis for the University of Toronto, and continues this as a hobby. As with many Sherrens, he is also involved with music and is skilled at playing the drums.

John has computer experience, being proficient with the Lotus dBaseIII, Multimate, and Minitab programs. He is a trained programmer/Operator and also a trained radio broadcaster with on-air experience.

He has worked with companies such as Ontario Hydro, CTS, and Ford of Canada and is presently employed as an operations-Financial Manager in the Manufacturing industry.

Prior to settling down, both James and John travelled together for four months by car throughout Europe and North Africa.

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Unfortunately I have not been able to contact any member of the family of Percy Clark Sherren and Joyce Tildon – Smith and have had no reply to the correspondence which I sent to them. Therefore the information I have is very sketchy. I have also asked relatives if they know their where-abouts. I received an address to which I sent a letter. This was subsequently returned to me.

I do know that Percy Clark and Joyce Tildon- Smith had four children. The first was a son, John (Jack) , who attended a boarding school and lived in Hastings, which is 45 miles down the coast from Dover.

He also owned and operated a farmers shop (Deli) where he made and sold his own sausages, pies, etc.., with the help of his wife. I have been told that he died in May 1989, but this has not been confirmed.

Their next child was Michael, who also attended boarding a school, and went into the Property Business (Real Estate). He lived in Cambridge, England.

Their third son, Richard, who came to Canada in the late 1960’s, visited around Toronto and Hamilton and vanished in the 1970’s.

The only daughter of Clark and Joyce is Jean. After completing school, enlisted in the Royal Air Force where she stayed for four years, specializing in photography.

After discharge, she initially took up farming, but later became a civil servant with the English government. Here she was in charge of the Government Auto Service, a division which looks after all the cars and drivers used by the ministers and government officials.

After four years of this she decided to start her own business. With the help of a friend, began a transportation service for animals. It was called "Animal Taxi & Pets Travel Agents". They specialized in picking up animals coming into England from the ships and planes and taking them to the quarantine kennels. Some of their business also included shipping animals overseas.

She made her home in Dover, and her flat was just under the famous "White Cliffs".

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View Family Tree of John Stephen Sherren - Page 137 -

The first of John Stephen’s two sons was Donald Patrick, who was born on June 20, 1938.

After finishing school, he initially worked at a number of professions in Charlottetown before going to work with the Government of Canada in their post office. First he was with the Charlottetown division on Prince Edward Island, then latter moved with his family to the Halifax office where he was promoted to the position of Rural Services Officer for the Atlantic Division.

In 1959 he married Shirley Downe whose family was from Charlottetown. She worked at the Bank of Nova Scotia until retiring in 1986.

Pat and Shirley have four children:

Patricia Maureen, who was born in February 1960. She married Wayne Bruce who is a chef. They have two sons, Brian Andrew and Michael Wayne.

David John, was born in September 1961. After completing his education he went to work in Charlottetown at the Conferderation Arts Center, as Manager of Ticket works, involved with their computer.

Nancy Ann Sherren, was born in January 1966. After completing school she first moved to Toronto, Ontario. In 1989 she moved to Vancouver, BC, where she works for the Guardian insurance Company in their data control area. She married Christopher Vessey, who is involved in the music and entertainment industry.

The youngest in the family is Susan Elizabeth, born in March 1968. She works as a hostess for Ranch and Ree in the Halifax area. In 1989 she married Earl O’Brien who is in the security business.

Pat enjoyed spending time at his hobby of gardening until his death on May 31,1989, at the age of 50, which was caused by a massive heart attack. Shirley remained in the Dartmouth area for a short time and then returned home to live in her native Prince Edward Island.

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Pat’s younger brother, John Peter, was born October 12, 1942. He pursued his education by enlisting in the Canadian Army R.O.T.P. program, and completed his Science Degree with honors in chemistry.

He first worked with the Atomic Energy Commission. Later he joined the Senstar Corporation where he worked in the Marketing and Research divisions. Eventually, he was promoted to the position of Director of Internal Sales.

In 1969 he married Simonne Chaisse from Lake Baker, a small town near Edmunston, New Brunswick. Simonne, a high school teacher, is presently working in Nepean, Ontario.

Their two children are:

Michele Lynn, born on November 1, 1969, is now a student at Carleton University in the Arts program and plans to follow a career in journalism.

Nichole Anne, born on January 8, 1972, presently shows a strong interest in engineering.

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View Family Tree of Louis Henry Sherren - Page 140 -

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Winona, the first child of Louis and Dorothy, was born on August 6, 1936. She attended school in Crapaud and Prince Street School in Charlottetown. She was fairly involved in sports and showed a strong interest in music. When she was young, she taught herself to play the piano and guitar which provided entertainment for family and friends.

In 1954, she married Donald Craig from Tryon, a village which borders on Crapaud. They took up residence with his parents, maintaining the Craig farm until the passing of Don’s father.

Looking for adventure, they moved west to Alberta where they lived for a short while. Missing their families, they went home to PEI settling in Montague. Here they opened their own hair styling salon and barbershop. During this time, they also became involved in politics. Don was a delegate for the Conservative party and Mary a secretary. They retired from this business, moved to Charlottetown where they purchased the home of Mary’s parents.

For diversity, Mary and Don decided to start a tourist business. They purchased Bayside Cottages, which was located in Stanhope Beach.

During this period Mary also wrote the General Educational Exam to obtain her Grade 12 Certificate. She also worked at the Pickard Machinery Company, responsible for operating their computerized inventory control system. Mary and Don raised two daughters and one son:

Dorothy Katherine (January 2, 1955), is married to Floyd Gormley and lives in Harrington on Brackly point Road with their three children; Julie Elaine, Karen Louise and Nicolas Floyd.

Lillian Louise (September 6, 1957), married Michael Coneen. They presently reside in Cardigan with their three young children; Benjamin Michael, Katheryn Grace, and Isasc Craig.

Donald Mitchell (March 16, 1967), who attended UPEI, is presently working as a correctional officer with the Sleepy Hollow Correctional Center. In the past, he has been a parole officer and service station attendant. He works primarily with young people having problems. In June 1990, he married Margaret Rose McClosky.

A third daughter, Constance Elizabeth (May 23, 1956), died in infancy of dysentery and heart failure. She is buried in the Crapaud, St. John’s Church Cemetery.

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John Louis (Jack) was the eldest son of Louis and Dorothy. He was born on July 17, 1937. He also attended Prince Street School and Crapaud school, where he completed his

Grade 10. Jack chose to give up his education to help maintain his parent’s farm. At the same time, he worked at some of the neighbouring farms to help supplement his income. He also worked with his father in Charlottetown mixing plaster.

Jack was fond of sports including baseball and hockey. He and his close friend Boyd MacDonald, were quite popular around the village known for their fun loving attitudes. Jack was interested in horses and purchased a race horse which provided his family with some exciting rides.

Jack joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1954. LAC Sherren served in Camp Borden, Ontario; St Jean, Quebec and Bagotville, Quebec, as an airframe technician.

On October 19, 1956, he and three of his comrades were killed in a tragic car accident, just one day before being transferred to Cold Lake, Alberta.

Newspaper Clipping:

Island Airman One of Four

Killed In Quebec Accident

"LAC, John Louis, (Jacky) Sherren, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. D. Sherren, 18 McGill Ave., Charlottetown, was one of four airmen killed on Friday in a car-truck collision about five miles east of Chicoutimi, Que.

LAC, Sherren, who enlisted in the R.C.A.F. two years ago, was born in Crapaud, P.E.I., 19 years ago and after attending school there as a child, continued his studies at Prince Street School when the family took up residence in the city.

Surviving Relatives in addition to his parents are sisters; Mrs. Donald Craig, (Mary), Tryon, P.E.I., Edith, school teaching at Borden, P.E.I., Dorothy, attending Queen Charlotte High School, and Pauling, attending West Kent School, also brothers Alfred, attending Q.C.M.S., Joe attending W.K.S., and Alan, age 5 years."

LAC. Sherren

The Late LAC Sherrin

Leading Aircraftsman Sherren was given a full military funeral at the St. John’s Church in Crapaud. His body was escorted home by his close friend, Ernest Newfield.

Jack was a hard working, sincere, young man who was full of life, and touched the heart of everyone with whom he came in contact.

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Edith Amanda, born on February 11, 1939, was recognized very early in life as having a strong interest in the area of academics. After completing her education at Hampton School and Prince of Wales College, she began teaching at the early age of seventeen.

She taught school in Borden, PEI, before moving to Toronto, Ontario, where she married Carl Flood. His family was from the Lot 65 area of Prince Edward Island. She and Carl were divorced after their move to Kitchener.

Edith returned to further her education, attending Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. She completed her bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She then went on to receive a specialist certificate as a school librarian through the Ministry of Education. She later received her "specialist certificate" as a special education teacher from the Universities of Western Ontario in London, and York University in Toronto.

In 1986, Edith married Wolter Von Schilling. Wolter is an engineering technologist and is employed at Canada Blower. He adds three children to the family: Alexandra, Bodo and Caroline.

Edith is now teaching in Kitchener-Waterloo as a Special Education Teacher and Teacher Librarian. She and Wolter enjoy camping, renovating their new house and square dancing. Edith has four children:

Sharon Carol (February 14, 1959) completed her Bachelor of Arts at Wilfred Laurier University majoring in Psychology. She is presently doing Social Work for "Parents Resources", a center for families with young children. She now lives in Toronto with her husband Marc DeSerres and their sons, Joshua James (February 24, 1988) and Jacob Michael (March 18, 1990).

Janet Margaret, (February 19, 1961), has shown a strong interest in business. She has owned two of her own enterprises; one, store selling lingerie, and another teaching aerobics. She worked as a stockbroker before retiring to care for her son Zachary (October 22, 1989).

She stays active in shape by teaching aerobics as a sideline. Janet resides near the Newmarker, Ontario area with her husband, Greg Osborne who is also in the sockbroker business with the firm Merchmant and MacKay. His family is from Thornbury, Ontario. He is very athletic and is involved in a number of sports.

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Donna Marie (June 17, 1965), lives in Vancouver with David Brow. She has a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education degree from the University of British Columbia. She has completed a Vancouver International Marathon. She is now working as a medical technician in Vancouver.

Douglas Carl (September 12, 1971), is attending Humber College studying film and television production.

Alfred Douglas the fourth child of Louis and Dorothy was born on January 1, 1941. He died on march 22 of the same of year of crib death when he was only three months old. Up until that time he was a healthy happy baby boy.

Alfred William was born on January 19, 1942. Because his birth was so soon after the death of Alfred Douglas, the older siblings thought it was the same baby who had returned, so he was given the same name.

During his early school years, he continually astounded his family and friends with his unusual intellect. He also displayed common sense and an analytical ability that was far beyond his age. He was also able to impress friends with his great feats of strength and earned the nickname "super" by which he became known to his many school friends.

After completing Grade 12 at Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown in 1959, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. He took his training at the RCAF Electronics Base in Clinton, Ontario and graduated as a Radar Technician. He then served at the RCAD stations in St. Margarets, New Brunswick; and later at Yorkton, Saskatchewan. During this time he also completed a computer course in Beloxi, Mississippi.

After his discharge from the RCAF in 1964 he worked for three years in Cambridge Bay, North West Territories, as an electronic technician on the D.E.W. line.

In 1968 he returned to Toronto and worked for six years with Philco Ford, and then three years for Northern Telecom.

In 1977 he semi-retired; leaving the industry and Toronto life and settled on a small farm on the North Shore of PEI. Here he worked part time in the field of television repair and later in the automotive restoration business.

- Page 144 -

While living in Toronto he met and married, Mary Hyde, who was originally from Cornwall, PEI. She was working with a jewellery form and apprenticing as a goldsmith at this time.

When they returned to Prince Edward Island, Mary joined a jewellery store where she became known as the "Islands only Goldsmith". Later she opened her own very successful store specializing in custom design and jewellery repair.

Alfred and Mary have one daughter, Penny Verna (July 21, 1965) who was form a previous marriage of Mary. She lives in PEI, and is employed with the Home Hardware Company. On July 29, 1989, Penny married Boyd Newman from Charlottetown. They now have a daughter Sarah Mary, born June 19, 1990 and reside in York, PEI,.

Dorothy Louise was born on February 24, 1944, and was well known for her independent nature and her determined attitude. She was always popular with her young friends and natural leader of her group. Her education consisted of attending Crapaud School, Queen Charlotte High School, and Prince of Wales College. After graduating from high school and continued her education completing commerce program, specializing in secretarial and book keeping skills.

When she was in school, she displayed musical talent in the field of highland, step and tap dancing. She often won medals in competitions at local fairs and exhibitions. Later she also became proficient at Adajio, and acrobatic art involving great balance and physical stamina.

Dot, as she was called left home at the age of 17 looking for adventure. She travelled extensively throughout Canada and Europe spending a large part of her time in England and Italy. She then returned to Canada, and after a short stay home, moved to Toronto, Ontario. She worked as an office manager for a mortgage and insurance firm until moving to Kitchener.

In 1972 she married James Campbell, also from Prince Edward Island who had been a friend of the Sherrens. Jim works in the field of commercial refrigeration and is employed with a large Ontario firm.

When Dot’s children were young she stayed at home to look after them and enjoyed her hobbies of sewing and camping. When they were older and in school, she returned to her profession in the field of book keeping.

- Page 145 -

Dorothy has three children:

Michelle Lisa (August 4, 1966), graduated from the University of Waterloo and majored in Kinesiology and recreation. She is currently apprenticing as a pedorthist in Waterloo. Throughout her school days, she was actively involved in many sports. These included track and field , all star soccer, swimming, varsity basketball, volleyball and down hill skiing.

On May 7, 1988, Michelle married Wayne Douglas McCrory, who is also actively involved in sports and is pursuing a career in sales.

Matthew James (December 18, 1974), attends high school in Kitchener, has been actively involved in many sports and hobbies. These include select hockey, baseball, basketball, downhill skiing, swimming, painting and animal care.

He is also a gifted artist and hopes to be a comic book illustrator. In the past he has earned money by working part time delivering the local newspaper.

Belinda Jane (December 15, 1976), does well in school and enrolled in the French Immersion Program in school. She is also very active in sports. She is involved with the All Star Ringettes, baseball and basketball and swimming teams. Although her favourite hobby is caring for tropical fish, she also reading, acting, camping, and baking. She hopes to be a marine biologist.

On April 13, 1947, Joseph Clark was born. Shortly after birth he suffered from a disease called dysentery, which was taking the lives of many babies.

Very early in life he displayed creative talents for music and business. Through his school days and as a young man he entertained with various folk and country music groups. He provided entertainment at business functions and family gatherings. He also volunteered his time to entertaining children in hospitals and at home for senior citizens.

During his high school days, he assisted in the management of his father’s store. He also formed a partnership with a local merchant, and maintained an enterprise selling shoes and clothing to farms and industries around Prince Edward Island. This provided much of the funding for his education.

- Page 146 -

After completing school he travelled throughout Western Canada working in various locations and positions which he hoped would further enhance his business experience. Some of his jobs included driving a truck for North American Van Lines and managing a night club on a part time basis. During this time, he also took an accounting course through correspondence from Queens University, in Kingston, while working with the chartered accounting firm, MacDonald Currie.

In 1969, he joined IBA Canada Ltd., and has worked in many Canadian locations. He has also had a number of short-term assignments in the United States. His rounded skills and varied background enabled him to make contributions in the Finance, Service, Personnel, and Marketing divisions.

In 1972, during his assignment in Windsor, Ontario, he married Leslie Reeves, a divorcee. Joe and Leslie were divorced in 1982 in Toronto.

Joseph has three children:

Tracey Lynn, (April 6, 1968), from Leslie’s previous marriage, was adopted by Joseph. She has always had a very strong interest in the care and development of children and is pursuing a career as a teacher. She is presently attending York University and teaching on a part-time basis. She lives in Newmarket, Ontario with Mark Lacey.

Joey Christine, (January 5, 1976), displays high scholastic achievement, and shows strong interest in riding and the horse business. She works part time for a polo player, travelling to competitions with him. At this time she is interested in becoming a veterinarian.

Jonathon Louis James (December 23, 1977), who went through a difficult childhood being inflicted with a number of physical illnesses, is presently doing quite well. He loves baseball, fast cars and hopes to become a Police Officer. He has also displayed artistic talents which would help him in the entertainment field.

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Joseph later met and married Joan (PJ) Griffin, who is from the village of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. She also travelled extensively as a young woman. After completing her education at the University of California, she joined IBM in Toronto, spending twenty two years in various management positions. She resigned from IBM in 1989 to pursue a career selling real estate for Family Trust Corporation Realtor, in Stouffville. Joe also obtained his real estate license and works in this field on a part-time basis as an independent contractor. Joe and PJ specialize in selling horse and country properties.

Joe and PJ share a mutual interest in all animals, especially horses. In 1987 they moved to a property in Cedar Valley, a community north of Toronto, where they could raise their horses. The children of Louis and Dorothy at the time of the 1990 family reunion held in Ontario

The children of Louis and Dorothy at the time of the 1990 family reunion in Ontario.

Family of Louis and Dorothy


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Pauline Joyce, born May 17, 1950, showed a natural talent for dancing. When she was in high school she became very proficient in the area of marksmanship, winning awards for her contribution to the local rifle team. She also won a gold medal for her achievements on the school gymnastic team.

After completing school, she took time to travel and broaden her life experience prior to settling down to a career. She visited many cities in Canada, Europe and Africa, where she participated in a variety of activities, including riding a camel across the Sahara Desert.

After returning to Canada, she completed the secretarial Science program at George Brown College. She then opened a clothing and lingerie boutique in the well known Yorkville area of Toronto. She was very successful in this enterprise, and clients included some well known personalities.

From here she moved west to Edmonton, Alberta, working as a marketing representative for an industrial safety and supply company. Her territory included much of Northern Alberta.

In 1981 Pauline returned home to PEI and purchased a house on Covehead Road, close to her brother Alfred, and her sister Mary. She met Leigh Moase, a close friend of her niece, Kathy Gormley (Craig). They were married during that year and immediately began raising their family.

Leigh works with Palmer Electric, and specializes in the commericial Electric field. Pauline and Leigh spend much of their time restoring the home they share and raising their children. The two oldest, Lori and Tracey, are daughters whom Leigh brought to the marriage.

Lori Ann, who throughout her school years displayed a talent and interest in hair styling. Lori hopes to open her own styling shop in the future.

Tracey Lynn (May 17) shows a strong aptitude for mathematics and accounting. She plans to pursue a career in that field when she completes her education.

David Leigh (July 21, 1982, was born with a strong will and stubborn determination. At this time he appears to have talent for art and painting.

Joyce Dorothy (April 26, 1985) who was born the year of the first Sherren family reunion. She was named for her mother and grandmother.

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Alan Wendel, was born December 28, 1951, on a wintry day during the Christmas period. Alan was always very quiet and well behaved.

When he was young, he showed great interest in fast motor vehicles; owning boats, motorcycles, and fast cars. He still continues this hobby into adulthood and enjoys his motorcycles and snow machines. He spends much of his leisure time travelling with his family in their motor home, camping and biking in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter.

While living in Toronto, Alan completed his pipe fitting apprenticeship in the field of automatic sprinkling systems and fire protection. After working with Vipond Automatic Sprinkler System Company Ltd. for six years in Toronto, he moved to an acreage west of Edmonton, Alberta, where he continued with Vipond for a further six years.

He then opened his own company called Universal Automatic Sprinkler Co. Ltd.. His firm specialised in commercial sprinklers systems, that he and three partners ran successfully for a number of years. He returned to Vipond and is presently in a management position with them.

In 1972 Alan married Louise McMillan from Montreal, Quebec. He met Louise, a close friend of his sister Pauline, when they were both working in Toronto. Louise worked for a number of firms as an executive secretary. She continued her career in Edmonton for a while, then decided to stay at home to raise the children. She also assisted Alan in their business. She later returned to her career and is currently manager of the Alberta Snowmobile Association.

Alan and Louise have three children :

Jeffrey Alan (May 19, 1977), weighed nine pounds two ounces when he was born. Jeffrey is strong willed, determined, talented in the arts and a logical thinker. He some day hopes to be an airplane pilot.

Andrew Douglas (October 21, 1978), was also a very large baby weighing nine pounds eight ounces. Andrew is shy, determined, strong willed and a kind hearted boy. He also loves motorised sports like his father, as well as swimming and baseball. He is undecided about what he will do when he finishes school.

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