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We are sad to announce that David Hunter, founder of The Island Register, passed away on July 13th, 2021. As a tribute, we will preserve this website in its current state for the foreseeable future. No further updates will be made. Thank you for your understanding.

- Linda and Jeff Hunter


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Welcome to Prince Edward Island!

The "Island Register" is your "Number 1" on-line source for P.E.I. Genealogy, with over 1164 P.E.I. lineages, and 4500+ documents online. The Register's finest assets, are its users!

  • What's New! - Listing the Latest Updates on the Register!

  • PEI Lineages - Index: Our #1 Feature !
    This choice will send you to a listing of many Pioneer P.E.I. families, with information on how they arrived on the Island, and on their descendants. Many "New" lineages are being added each week!
    Old Photo
    This photo shows some of my Great-Great Grand Father, Samuel Hyde's family. To see full size with legend and information, click on photo. This is one of our many featured P.E.I. lineages!

  • Books, CDs & More - Index
    Online books, book and CD Reviews, and Related Information!

  • Censuses, Maps, and Related Documents - Index
    Censuses, Directories, Church Records, Historical Maps, etc.!

  • Noteworthy Documents - Index
    Fenceviewer and Sheriff Lists, PEI Letters, Parliamentary Lists, Budgets, & other Historical Documents on the Register!

  • Our P.E.I. Databases - Index
    Land Record, Postal, Family Bible and Will, and other databases!

  • P.E.I. Resources / Info Pages - Index
    PEI Resources on the Register - Reunions and Upcoming Events, PEIGS, Abegweit Branch UEL Assn., and more!

  • P.E.I. Ship Information - Index
    Index to Passenger Lists, Shipping Info, Mariners, PEI Ships Database, and more!

  • Other Feature Pages - Index
    Other Features and Documents, including Cemeteries, Fortune River Project, Stray/Obituary books, Glenaladale, Scrapbooks, PEIR, and more!

  • Diaries, Family Histories, Memoirs - Index
    Interesting Diaries, Family Histories, Daybooks, and Journals!

  • Services, Guides and other Helpers - Index
    FHC holdings of PEI data, PEI Churches & Community Museums, Communities of PEI; Past and Present, Postal Codes, PEI Newspaper Repositories, Forms and Gizmos, and PEI Genealogists!

  • Institutional Links
    PEI Archives, Government, Libraries, Maps, and Museums, and a link to order P.E.I. Visitor's Guide and Maps!

  • Our Main Links Page
    Links to Great PEI Home Pages, Search Engines, and to Pages Across Canada, Weather Links and forecasts for travelers!

The Island Register Queries Page!

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Please feel free to use this book to enter queries pertaining to P.E.I. Genealogy! Please take the time to read the book and its archives, someone may be looking for your family!

Our Archived Query Files!

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